Thursday, July 23, 2015

Couch to 5K

Just last week, I was invited to join a start up group here in our village to do the Couch to 5K! We are mostly beginning runners, so starting off slow is just what we need and this program we are following does just that! Our group is made up of 22 moms here in the village of all different ages!

I will be honest I was really nervous to commit, not knowing how my knees or hips would handle it, but I am loving it!! It is a good challenge and we have a goal in mind towards the end to run a 5K race!! We have a couple in mind to do, so it will be exciting to sign up for those! 

This first week we are doing 1 minute running to 2 minutes walking. We focus on that mainly and the distance we cover is random depending on our pace. Most runs should be around 30 minutes. So far both nights we have had about 15 ladies running and with it being a group run, we don't leave anyone behind, during the walking periods we turn back to collect anyone behind and all start again together. It really is a nice system! We had to commit to 3x a week and if we can't run with the group we need
to make it up ourselves or team up with someone else. 

I plan to track my progress after each run on Instagram, as well as recap on here - maybe weekly. This is an exciting adventure I am endeavouring on and I know it's only going to get harder each week, but I'm loving it!! 

Our first run: 

Our second run, was a bit longer, further and faster! At a few points we had the run/walk ratio reversed which made it a bit tricky and we we went down a different road this time! When our 30 minutes is complete we typically walk back to the starting point as our cool down, but last night we did some extra running and then did a 5 min cool down. 

With that being said we know what 5k feels like now, granted still walking/running, but it felt good and we know it is doable!! My muscles are screaming a bit more today, but it hurts so good!

On the off days, I will still do the 21 Day Fix. 

I haven't quite set a time for run 3 yet, as Friday night I won't be running with the group because M has ball, but I will either make it up in the day with Noah or maybe Saturday night or early Sunday morning before we goto the lake. 

All my friends who run, give a girl some advice on gear... Shoes, bras, underwear, clothes. Let me hear your favourites!! I know a lot of people don't tend to wear underwear when running, but I'm not sure I am there yet, but want a pair that stays put! 

So here we go!! Couch to 5K!! 


Murdock's mama said...

Good for you! SO exciting! I need to get my booty running again! It's just SOO hot here! My favorite shoes are Brooks & my favorite tops come from OldNavy.

PS...I hate that we're on different units {& I'm too lazy to calculate it!}

Leigh said...

Way to go! I don't wear undies when running...too much to irritate or bug me. Favourite sports bra is Juno by moving comfort...I just hate things bouncing when they shouldn't and this stops it! I'm also a big fan of lulu tank tops of Nike dri fit shirts to run in. You can get the shirts at winners for under $25

J and A said...

Good for you!! I hope you love running. I love lulu tank tops as they are super supportive, I like Old Navy Sports Bras (I wear 2 when running).


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