Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Emilya's 1 Month

I am happy to say we survived our first growth spurt and I will admit it is much more demanding on time and my body this second time around. Having a toddler and newborn is no joke. But it is the best all at the same time and I wouldn't trade these days!! Crazy how much faster the days go by now! 

I've decided to add in up to 6 weeks with this post since that is when we had our last check up with my OB. 

Eating: Emilya is such a good nurser, even during the growth spurt, she did great. If she goes too long between feeds she cannot keep up with my milk, so I end up pumping and she will get a bottle. I am pumping every day usually once in the middle of night, sometimes before I go to bed to after wake up depending on when E ate last! I am pumping up to 8 oz in the middle of the night, something I was never able to do even after a full day without nursing Noah. So my milk supply is soo much better this time around and I am soo grateful for that!! 

Sleeping: This is the one department I don't like to say too much on because it is going that good, that I don't want to jinx it!! She has set herself one heck of an amazing schedule and we go with it! Emilya pulled her first all nighter and by all nighter, I mean she SLEPT ALL night!! A full 8+ hours! It was amazing! Generally speaking, she will wake us up maybe once a night around 4 AM, so she is still doing long stretches, which makes the worlds difference for M and I! Tandem napping happens most of the time, which gives this mama a much needed break or nap! Emilya tends to only nap in the mamaroo, if I put her in her bassinet, she wakes up right away. She will also nap with me in my arms, but this doesn't happen all that often, as I fear falling asleep with her in my arms for too long. 

Clothing: She is pretty much in size 3 months! 0-3 months in some brands does fit, but baby girl is long!! The newborn stuff is all packed away - insert sad face! Emilya is growing so much quicker than her brother did! 

Let's talk headbands!! I LOVE them!!! Now that Emilya's head has grown a bit, they are starting to fit her better and aside from when you first put them on, she doesn't mind wearing them!! She is just not a fan of the really big flowers! 

We have moved her into size 1 diapers, and they fit really well, but baby girl is crazy pooper and will blow out often. Messy girl - soo not used to this problem!! 

Bathes: Emilya is loving her baths now!! Noah loves helping out with the baths as well, so typically she gets a bath before he does and it is working out. About once a week, I will shower with Noah, while M baths Emilya, but this is more at Noah's request more than anything, if I am being honest I prefer a shower during a peaceful naptime haha. 

Skin and Hair: Her hair appears to be lightening up already. Emilya is also losing quite a bit of her hair on the top of her head, but there is still quite the party going on in the back! Thank goodness for headbands!! Baby girl has quite the bout of baby acne. It looks soo sore, but I know it doesn't bother her! I just wish there was something to help speed it a long, but I know it has to run its course! 

Weight: Week 2: 8lbs 7 oz
             Week 3: 9 lbs 3 oz
              Week 4: 9 lbs 8 oz. She is also 22.25 inches long now! 
             Week 5: 10 lbs 6 oz 
             Week 6: 10 lbs 12 oz 

What The Doctor Had To Say: Emilya has a clean bill of health from both my OB and our family doctor. She did however fail her second hearing test with her left ear, so we will be looking into that more with a referral to an audiologist. It is likely just a mucous blockage/build up, but we will have it looked into!

Nicknames: Emma, Em, Emy, Baby, Little Miss, Littlest Squish, Baby girl, Baby Bunny

Big Brother Update: Noah is an awesome big brother and is always trying to make Emilya smile. He calls her Baby Emma and insists on kissing and hugging her goodnight. Generally her asks to hold her at least once a day, but more often than not he is bringing a toy of his to "play" with - even if it just sits beside her, he thinks she is playing! He will lay with her on the play mat, bounce her in her chair, loves helping bathe her, etc. He will help with throwing away diapers or bringing blankets or toys. I was in the kitchen getting him a snack and Emilya was sitting propped up in her pillow and I look over to see Noah lifting her up. I quickly, yet cautiously sprung over to collect her without scaring Noah and then explained that lifting Emilya was an adult job! 

Personality: Emilya is super laid back and a heck of a lot more patient than she needs to be at times. She does not like diaper changes or burping. She is getting better with her car seat, but still isn't a big fan until we are moving. Emilya is a super smiley girl and is pretty good at self soothing or putting herself to sleep. As mentioned above, she is an amazing sleeper! She is loving her baths now as well.

My Recovery: Has went well! I was given the all clear the resume regular activity now! I do have some swelling still above my incision, but my OB said that is to be expected this time around because of having a previous csection and chasing a toddler, I am not resting as much as I was able to the first time around. My incision looks great and he didn't have any concerns. My blood pressure is also much better. 

I cannot believe how much better my milk supply is this time around! It has been soo nice being able to pump over night and E only gets up once typically, so it is really allowing M and I to get our sleep. 

I am beginning to feel a lot more confident while parenting two children now, granted Emma is pretty easy, having a toddler makes up for that fact! 

We haven't quite worked out a solo bedtime routine yet and that is something that M and I will begin working on once things slow down at work for M and when Noah isn't teething - damn 2 year molars!! 

I can honestly say I absolutely love being these kiddos mom!! These really are the best years of my life!! 


J and A said...

Such a sweet girl!! She seems so chill. SO fun dressing a girl right!! ha ha I actually love dressing a boy just as much. Bowties galore. :)

purpun said...

So sweet! Love the photo of you and your two little cubs. :)
And headbands are so much fun.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

LOVE this update!!! Emilya is such a sweetie and it looks like Noah loves his role as Big Bro! So glad it's going well for everyone and the adjustment has been smooth!


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