Sunday, July 4, 2010

Canadian/Innerkip Festivities!

What a great weekend! I was done work on Wednesday, managing to have a 4 day weekend! The village that we live in has a big Lions weekend, which happened to fall on the long weekend!

Thursday we worked on the patio and then went to my sisters place to celebrate my Mom's birthday (which was Canada Day too).

Dad, Randy and the dog moved back to thier place, so we are house-guest-free!

Friday we headed down to the lake (Turkey Point) and checked out the in-law's new SHIP! I call it a ship, because it is HUGE!! 37 feet! It is great and they really deserve it! So we spent the day out at Pottahawk, had dinner at the dock and then came home. Then we went down to the "family dance" and mingled for a bit!

Saturday was the parade, my Mom, Sister, Eric and Hannah came down! It was Hannah's first parade and she seemed to love it, or at least parts of it! With Mike being a volunteer firefighter in the village, he was actually in the parade. The parade was on our street for the first time, and it was kinda nice being able to sit on our front lawn and porch! We went down to the park afterwards for some lunch and got Hannah a balloon and they headed out. I stayed at the park with the dogs and went and met up with Mike, who was running the Fire Muster, which is an activity for the kids to play with hoses and fire trucks and do a course they set up! It was great seeing Mike playing with the kids! He just loves doing it and seeing the smiles on all thier faces! We headed home and my aunt called and asked us to come up to the cottage, we hummed and hawed, and decided to go for it ( it was 3:00 and an hour away (to Grand Bend)). We sat in the sun, and Mike was playing on the seadoo, had dinner and went back down to the beach for some fireworks! What a great show up there! They were all over! We were tempted to stay over, but Mike had the Fireman's breakfast to help with on Sunday morning (early), so we came home and were in bed just after 12:30. Then Mike was back up at 1:30 for a medical call!

Today was the breakfast, we ran into town for groceries and then had ice cream and gave the dogs a bath.We are heading to the park to watch a ball game and fireworks!

Back to work tomorrow, and hubby is off for the week! I probably won't be getting any holidays for the summer, which is fine, we didn't have any big plans!


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