Thursday, February 28, 2013


We are 4 days into our Yeast Free Cleanse and we are still alive! This cleanse is super challenging!!

Day 1 was really rough, we were hungry and I think going through a bit of a sugar withdrawal. For dinner we had ham/pineapple/bacon kabobs! No glaze, but in all honesty we didn't need one, the pineapple flavored them both. We will make this recipe again.

Day 2 I found some snack we could have! These have made a huge difference!! I think the best thing with all of this is not only the weight we are losing already, but it really makes you think about the food we are eating! I'm not exactly committing to this cleanse for life because let's be honest I miss cheese, ice cream and sweets!

Day 3 we tried Brown Rice - wasn't a big fan, but M says he could tolerate it! I am willing to try it again. I missed my juice in the morning so M squeezed me 2 oranges and I got a shot worth of juice lol. We also tried juicing an apple - it was pretty awesome!

<<<- -="" and="" apple="" orange="">>>
We also made our very first spaghetti sauce from scratch - absolutely no preservatives!! We will be having that tonight with brown rice pasta.
On another note, poor Binxy spent the night at the vet last night. We found blood in her urine on Tuesday night, called the vet and had an appointment to bring her in yesterday. We locked her up in the bathroom Tuesday night and Lux spent the whole night on the other side trying to break her out! M took her to the appointment, as I was working, and they couldn't get her to pee and her bladder wasn't full enough to draw out a sample so they decided to keep her over night. He thinks it is just a UTI (urinary tract infection) but doesn't want to treat it blindly.

I got an update on her this morning, she did pee, however she kicked her litter box empty so they couldn't gather it. So she got an IV and they were going to draw out the fluid. She is still eating and drinking and her temperament is good. I hope to pick her up this afternoon with some answers. Hoping she is okay and that it is just a UTI.

Lux is miserable without her, but in all honesty we are all missing her, including Gracie who has been looking for her! They are best buddies!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Little Things

I thought it was about time to share some of my favorite songs with you all!! There has been a good mix lately!! So here we go:

Gary Allan - Every Storm
Lee Brice - I Drive Your Truck
Eli Young Band - Say Goodnight
I know these have all been country so far, but I promise they aren't all country!! A lot of them are though, but the lyrics are amazing!
Jerrod Niemann - Only God Could Love You More
This one I just love the lyrics really:
Amelia Lily - You Bring Me Joy
Let's Slow It Down a Bit...
Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man
Eli Young Band - Even If It Breaks Your Heart
And one of my top fav's to finish it off:
One Direction - Little Things
If I could go back I would make it my wedding song!! M and I totally relate to this song!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Jamaica Recap

Hello Friends!! I am back and it feels great, although I can not lie, it would feel better in Jamaica!! My weekend was pretty boring as we were trying to get somewhat organized and unpacked on the weekend, so I figure today I would go over just what went down on our vacation, or shall I say what did not go down!!

We woke up late on Thursday, leaving me no time to curl my hair before heading to Toronto. When we arrived at the airport we checked in, went through security and then had some breakfast at a restaurant in the airport - surprisingly not bad!

Our flight down was problem free and into the Jamaica airport we were. I don't know if any of you have been to Jamaica - we flew into Montego Bay, and it was super creepy to be landing when all I could see out my window was the ocean. It seriously looked like we were landing in the ocean. Clearly we didn't...

We were staying in Ocho Rios which is about 1 hour and 45 minutes away. The bus ride there was crazy, not to mention they drive on the wrong side of the road!

Our hotel was truly amazing and in all honesty we did not even leave the resort once!! There was plenty of opportunity, but we just decided to literally lay around all week!! The pool was freezing! The only time I went in it was when I did Aquasize. Love water aerobics! Otherwise we swam in the ocean. M went scuba diving, I had no desire and learned that was good thing because of my ears I probably wouldn't have been able to anyways.

I had my first ever massage!! Amazing!! We did a couples full body hot stone massage and it was awesome!! Why the heck have I not ever had one done, although the concept still creeps me out.

Our whole vacation was super relaxing!! We participated in the resort activities, won a gold pendant with palm trees and obviously had our pics taken. That pretty much sums up our vacation.

There are a few other things that I will touch on in another post, but for now I will share 3 more pics! I haven't had much time to deal with any pictures yet, so I will do a picture post at another time.

One thing that was pretty amazing despite our travels home was seeing all my fur babies!!! Oh how much I missed them and based on our arrival home I think they missed us too!! Melts my heart to feel soo much love from pets!!

Friday, February 22, 2013


I am officially back!! Yikes! 
Our trip was fantastic!! Probably one of the best trips we have had!!
I highly recommend the resort we stayed at: The Jewel Dunns River Resort and Spa. It was truly amazing - we were treated like gold!! The food was great and that is coming from a picky eater (not me...). The entertainment was awesome, just overall one of the best trips! Don't tell M, but he picked a good one!!
We had some pics taken while we were there: Here is a sneak peak!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Yeast Free Cleanse

Today I am going to tell you all a bit more about this cleanse M and I are doing. As I have previously mentioned I went and saw a Naturopath. I had a live cell microscopy blood test done where they actually look at your blood cells and blood as a whole. Livecell Microscopy is different from conventional microscopic blood analysis because it looks at the whole blood, immediately, in its natural state. It can detect free radical damage, atherosclerotic plaque, parasites, Candida/yeast/fungus, digestive deficiencies, hormonal imbalances. B12 deficiencies, iron deficiencies, risk of gout, toxic heavy metals, poor circulation, cell size and shape, organ stress.

I had mentioned that they had also found that I was Vitamin B12 and Folate deficient/anemic. Whenever I had any blood work done at a lab, my levels were fine, yet in this test I could actually see the damage to my blood cells through the microscope (they put it on a screen for you to actually see). More than 50% of my cells were hypersegmented showing the damage. It was text book. The other interesting fact is that I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few months ago. Hypothyroidism and B12/Folate anemia go hand in hand. They present with the same symptoms of fatigue, and soo many other symptoms.

They also found yeast in my blood, not a lot, but enough to make it worth while to do a cleanse. So they did an allergy test on me to find out what was basically feeding my yeast right now. So the results of this test will not necessarily mean that I am allergic to the foods I am cutting out, just that I am sensitive to them right now with the yeast in my system. Interesting fact with a little TMI: Never had a yeast infection, yet there is yeast in my blood.

Soo the allergy test revealed I am very much allergic to any dairy products, which include milk, cheese, ice cream and yogurt, I am also very allergic to any "sweet and low" sugars found in crystal light, diet beverages, sucrose, etc. Peanuts and mushrooms also appeared on the list. I have a mild allergy to any type of yeast, so breads, oats, rice, alcohol and baked goods are out of the picture. Chocolate and sugars - not allowed!!! This one will be hard!!

What I can have: Goats milk, goats cheese, almond milk, almond butter, yeast free rye bread, potatoes, brown rice pasta, brown rice crackers, cheerios, quinoa, brown rice, fresh fruit and veggies, and 2 litres of water/day.

This is going to be difficult, but I plan to document various things we try as we go through this. I can only imagine the weight we will lose as we do this. The benefits of this cleanse are numerous.

M will be doing the cleanse with me since yeast is transferable.

Our supplements

Oregano 8

The cost: The blood test was $90 and the allergy testing is usually $70, but I only had a half test. The supplements were $150 for a month supply and the B12/Folate Sublingual tabs were $28 for a month.

Start date: February 24
Next Blood Test: March 25

It is going to be a long 4 weeks without sugar or cheese and those are the two things I think I will miss the most!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

         Best Valentine's Gift EVER!!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tid-Bit\Birthday Tuesday

Today's post is filled with randomness for you...

- My appointment with the Naturopath was great!! I cannot believe all the information I learned about myself. I had a blood test done which looked at my whole blood, my cells, etc. It was pretty much amazing to see my blood cells up on the screen. What did I learn? I am B12 and folate anemic. Craziness and the worst part is I was born that way... passed on from my mama's genes without her even knowing! This news hit my like a brick wall.

I also learned that I have some yeast in my blood! Easy fix... haha I laugh at the ``easiness``. M and are going on a yeast free\dairy free\sugar free cleanse. I think this might just be one of the hardest things I will have done as far as diet is concerned. Just for 4-6 weeks starting when we get from vacation. I will do a post as to what is involved with it.

- Got my new cell phone case in the mail!!! Love me some chevrons...

- It is little Miss Hannah`s 4th Birthday today!!! Where did those 4 years go

Meeting her for the 1st time.

And then she was 1....:
And 2...

And 3...

And now 4....

Happy Birthday to the sweetest 4 year old today!!! Can`t wait to celebrate with you soon!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Update

This weekend was pretty good.

A lot of it was spent doing laundry... not soo fun.

Packing... - it really wasn't as fun as it sounds, but the fun part being in the fact that vacay is literally around the corner.

Watching TV because I need to get my PVR cleared up so shows can tape while I am gone. I am not even sure when I got soo far behind...

So it was pretty laid back, pretty much on the boring side, but I am okay with that because I will be swamped with work this week!!

I still have some last minute packing to do as well, like our carry ons, bathroom bags, etc.

I also made this scarf on the weekend!!! I am pretty much in love with it!!

Tomorrow evening I am going to my first Naturopath's appointment!! I am not too sure what to expect, but I have heard a lot of great things about them.

Friday, February 8, 2013


So that Albert clipper is still clippin'. I think I am still waiting for the Texas low... although rumor has it they have collided and there is no "low".
That snow is coming down out there and I am not even sure when it is supposed to stop!

I can't technically complain too much because we have not had snow fall like this in forever!!
What I will complain about is the driving conditions... it is almost as if the snow plowers have forgotten what a "real" snow fall can do.
The snow started last night of course when we went to Toronto to pick up M's parents from the airport. The drive there was dicey as in super crappy... the drive home wasn't bad once we got out of Toronto!
Overnight it came down...
This morning... I called into work because I was not willing to make the commute. I tried and it took me 30 minutes instead of 10 just to get to the highway! It is supposed to take me 30 minutes to get to work! I get it the weather is bad - it will take longer and I can handle a bad drive... but the fact that it is supposed to continue and the wind is supposed to pick up, it just wasn't worth it.
So I am home with two very happy dogs!!

This weekend I WILL be packing... and hopefully have the status of packed! Any packing tips?!
 Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Saw It.. Pinned It... Did It.. Take 2

I am linking up again with Steph and Katie for Saw It. Pinned It. Did It.

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.
I had given you a sneak peak on the weekend of what M and I had been up to this weekend and today I am soo excited to share it!!
I saw this and thought how perfect it would be for under the great room window. We used to have a bow window that we could sit in and miss having that extra seating area:
Pinned Image
Sooo while I was out "antiquing" I saw a similar shelf. M and I had been collecting foam, and M's Mom happened to have quite a bit!!  I bought the chevron fabric in the states more than 6 months ago and I have been dying to use it!! This was the perfect project for it!!! It's a nice heavy duty fabric too so it should stand up well!!
We bought the legs at Home Depot because there is a heat register under there!

Can I just say that stuffing the foam into that cover we made was HARD - it took M and I both to do it, not once but twice because we mismeasured the fabric and had too much foam!!
It is the perfect addition to the room. I plan to get some baskets for inside those cubbies eventually.
Soo happy to cross this project off the list and M only had to add the legs - he got off easy as far as building me one went!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So What?

So What Wednesday
It is just one of those weeks where I have to say So What:

- if we are supposed to get a big snow storm tomorrow... Alberta I don't your snow or clipper or whatever you wanna call it... I just don't!!

- If said in fact during that "snow storm" we are supposed to go to Toronto to the airport to pick up M's parents who have spent some time in Bali - you bet there is a story soon to come to the blog about this.

- If I really DID not want to get up this morning... It just wasn't a good morning...

- my face is not liking this weather one bit and after saying how happy I was to find my chin - gone again, just like that!! Note to self - I will NOT be mentioning when my face decided to co-operate.

- I was late for my Zumba class last night by just 5 minutes because I didn't feel like getting ready - it happens to the best of us right?

- I was also 5 minutes late this morning to work... its a trend I swear! I blame the other cars on the road this morning - some people just shouldn't drive!

- after Zumba class I rewarded myself with a DQ cupcake!! You bet I did! After all that hard work - it was well deserved!! My Fitness Pal said I could...

- if Gracie was MAD at me last night because I rolled her out of her new bed, invited Lily on it and laid there and cuddled. I also took her bone:
It is a pretty comfortable bed!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Post About Gracie

As many of you know, this is Gracie:

She can be pretty serious at times, especially when it comes to her bed.
This dog is routine!! When she comes home from the farm everyday, she comes running in the room, picks up her bone, circles 2 times and lies on her bed. If her bed isn't down (we put it up over night because of a certain cat...) she sits in front of the chair and sulks - literally no joke on the sulking! People may think dogs don't sulk.. Gracie definitely sulks!!
At bedtime, she knows when it is 11:00 - sometimes earlier - goes outside for a pee, comes inside and goes right to bed. She sometimes skips the whole have a cookie before bed and just runs right past!! It's bedtime you know!
Sometimes she might share her bed with Lily, but it is on her terms only!
She isn't a big fan of sharing with the cats...
In the truck she would be happy with a bed... but when there isn't one, she just uses Lily - literally...

Luckily on our road trip to Alberta, she got her way and was soo very happy:
But today, her face lit up like a kid in candy store.... she got a new bed!!!
Her life is content!!!


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