Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Farewell 2014

I actually believe saying goodbye to this year will be one of the hardest things to do. I usually welcome a new year with open arms, and I do look forward to 2015, don't get me wrong, but 2014 has literally been one of the best years of my life and I am sad to see it go. 

Obviously welcoming Noah into our lives tops the chart for this year, but so does health, happiness and strength. Little did I know just how much more love my heart was capable of, not just for Noah, but for M too! Each and everyday I am constantly reminded how precious each and every moment is, especially watching Noah grow. Unfortunately they don't get smaller, they get bigger and smarter, heck even cuter! 

2014 has been filled with blessings. M and I's relationship has grown and flourished if anything else. We are stronger today because of all that we have been through in the past and I can see that now. Seeing M as a father is just as I pictured it. Noah is one lucky little boy! We are both lucky to have M in our lives! Dreams really do come true, they just don't happen as we expect them to, but the results are pretty accurate! 

2014 brought on motherhood for me, a role I have dreamt about since being a child. I will never take this role fore granted. It is actually easier (so far) than I expected, but Noah is also a super chill baby and I have a hands on husband, so I believe those two things are huge factors. I will be forever grateful for my miracle baby, an answer to soo many prayers I used to think got lost. But clearly God was listening and man did he fill my prayers with an easy baby (thus far). 

2014 was filled with moments I will never forget: 
- the birth of Noah
- bringing home Noah and sitting down with M holding our blessing and crying together because it finally happened! We are parents! 
- seeing where friendships lie, who you can count on and who is by your side
- more crazy renovations
- seeing our fur babies with Noah
- celebrating each and every milestone with M and Noah! 
- unfortunately saying goodbye to my grandma. 
- celebrating Noah's firsts
- making memories each and everyday! 

I know 2015 will be great and I'm intrigued to see if it can top 2014! 

Happy New Year Friends!! Wishing you the very best for 2015!! 

Christmas Family Photo Shoot

Just in the nick of time we were able to get in a mini session with a local photographer! I could not be happier with the pictures and products she gave us! Noah rocked the entire shoot, only getting fussy towards the end!

Here are the pictures:

This photo we had mounted on wood:

Needless to say I love them all and bought them all because she did such a great job at capturing US as a family!! 

The photographer we used was Shauna Towers Photograhy

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!! 

Our 2014 Christmas Card has been revealed!! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Noah - 10 Months

16 lbs 11oz - 37 weeks
17 lbs 3 oz - 39 weeks
18 lbs 6 oz - 41 weeks
18 lbs 11 oz - 42 weeks

29 inches
Sleeping: We have finally bounced back to self-soothing when it comes to nap time and Noah will put himself to sleep. He has also started taking longer naps (finally) but it is still unexpected! Bedtime - is a whole new story. He sleeps all night for the most part, waking the odd time because of his teeth, but getting him to sleep lately at bedtime is a huge struggle that we are working on. So far only Daddy has the touch. But it still takes him a long time since these teeth came I to the picture. So we are working on self soothing at bedtime! This past weekend and week he let me put him down without Daddy, so we are making progress. I think it was just during that bad teething time, that he wanted what he is used to only, which makes sense!

Feeding: Noah started out this month (9 months) only nursing 2-3 times a day now and we have started to talk about weaning him on to homo milk, which we started this month. He has no problems with it at all! Now he is down to a feed first thing in the morning and a feed at bedtime. We also give him a bottle after I breastfeed him, so he is getting used to having the bottle at those times as well! He loves eating solids and is actually pretty good at chewing up chunks of food instead of puree's!  He eats 3-4 times a day. He is not so keen on water yet! Although little does he know his apple or pear juice is only once ounce of juice and 4 of water!

Foods Noah tried this month: 
- bread
- Homo Milk
- cantaloupe
- grilled cheese
- broccoli 
- beef
- French fries with ketchup (thanks Grandpa)
- Turkey
- Rice Pasta

Clothing: 6 month onesies and everything else is 9 months! Mainly because I just pack away the other sizes all together for the sake of not having to sort it out later! I bought his Christmas outfit in 12 months, so needless to say it will be a bit big on him, but I think he can pull it off! 

Diapers: I ended up purchasing another box of 2's when he turned 9 months, but he is now ready for size 3's! We have like 20 diapers left of size 2's, so we are finishing them off, although we are getting more leaks. We are still using Pampers Swaddlers! 

Looks: Blue eyes, and light brown hair. He is starting to look a bit more like Daddy!

What The Doctor Had To Say: We saw the pediatrician and he of course wasn't all that concerned with Noah's weight! He did mention that Noah has a big head, which is true, but that's a family thing, so we are not overly concerned, but he said he would keep an eye on it. We go back in 3 months!

We also saw the family doctor and she was happy to report that Noah has stepped up into the 25th percentile now for weight!! She is not nearly as concerned anymore and we don't have to see her until after his first birthday!! I did think he was coming down with something as he started to get a cough, but turns out it was just from the dry house! 

Nicknames: No Nap Noah, Little Bird, Sir, Captain, Mr. Magoo, Mr. Man, Bunny, Little Man,  Mama's Monkey. 

(got the walking video to work) 

Likes: Walking, getting scared by Mommy or Daddy, waving, clapping, his tractor and dump truck, music table, fire truck, his lovies, blankets, remote controls or phones, various toys, his steering wheel, mega blocks, eating, the dogs and cats, singing and dancing. He loves bath time and gets one every night before bed!

Dislikes: Tummy Time, falling being told NO, he does not like his stackers stacked and rips them apart as soon as you assemble them back together!

Fur Baby Update: They are starting to get more and more attention wanted or not from Noah now that he is moving about. Lux still loves Noah, but is a bit more cautious around him and Jazz loves laying beside Noahs play mat and watching him play. 

Personality/Events: When Noah turned 9 months old, we found he was getting his two front bottom teeth!! He uppers have disappeared, so hopefully these ones will stick around!! It was pretty funny to find them on his 9 month birthday! Noah also learned how to "blow kisses" - soo cute! He is a constant chatter box these days and loves making new noises! Noah also learned how to clap, which he thinks is pretty exciting and we think it is pretty cute! Crazy how proud you get when they learn something new!! He will wave now too!Noah met Santa for the first time this month and also ventured to take his first steps (with help of toys) on his own! Noah also went to see Daddy at work for the first time (in the field). He loved the new machine just as much as Daddy and Grandpa!

Mommy & Daddy Update: 
Noah is getting quite the personality and it is soo much fun watching him develop!! We are soo blessed to have him as our son and he is constantly making us laugh with his antics. This is such a fun age! 
He also rocked our family photos!! Which I will share soon!

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Social

Yesterday a few girlfriends and I had a complete Mom's Day out and it was such a such a nice break, although if I'm being entirely honest, I missed my baby boy, but I knew he was going to have a great day with Grandma too! S was able to get us tickets to go and see The Social live in Toronto.

It was an early start, leaving the house at 8 AM, but we were all ready and beautiful:

Although clearly we need to work on our selfies haha! 

We headed to Burlington area and hopped on my first train ride ever and headed to Toronto!! Big city, here we come:

Apparently I had crazy hair, but what I do want to point out is - see that purse I'm carrying? First purse since having a baby!! Now of course I picked one I could shove toys and diapers in, but it is a purse not a diaper bag!!  

The train ride was fun, about an hour long, but we had great conversation and company, so it went by really fast!! We arrived at Union Station in Toronto and then walked to Queen Street where The Social Studio is and right across the street was the cutest little restaurant called Cafe Crepe! 

I had the best Cesar salad and then enjoyed my first crepe:

You bet it was filled with fresh strawberries and it was really good!! A full day of firsts for this mama! We headed across the street took a few more selfies while waiting for the show to start:

The show was great, I didn't really care for the lingerie portion, as there was nothing that really appealed to me, but over all the show was funny, and it was just a lot of fun and afterwards we got to meet the hosts:

After the show we walked to MAC so J could get her new eyeliner and then we headed back to Union Station and caught the 3:13 train! Which put us back to Burlington area in good time to miss traffic! We were home by 5:30! A great day was had by all and the smile I received from Noah when I got home was priceless and just warmed my heart: 

Last night we got our family photos back and I am in love with them ALL!! I will post next week! I will also hopefully get pictures of the living room/kitchen done this weekend! But no promises, as we have big plans this weekend!! 

M is working Saturday morning and then we are heading to town to take the dogs into get bathed! On our way home we will pick up our pictures and gave a nice quiet night! Sunday we have family Christmas with my Dad's side of the family. 

I cannot believe Christmas is NEXT week!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Meet and Greet

Yesterday was a busy, fun filled day with meetings and greetings!!

We started off at the library and saw Santa one more time before Christmas! He came to visit at our Songs and Stories! He wasn't as smiley this time because I took his bottle away for the picture! But still cute!

"Hey I remember you"

"Santa all I want is my bottle back"

He was also flirting with Mrs. Claus in the group photo that I will refrain from posting on my blog!

When we got home my cousin from out west was at my place waiting for us! Which meant I finally got to meet Miss Briar!! What a doll!! 

Oh and Noah is pretty much in love with her and asked if we could keep her!!! Check out his expression haha: 

We had lunch and then headed out to the field to drop of Brent to work with Mike for the afternoon and then Jenna, Briar, Noah and I headed to my sisters!

When Hannah got home from school, she dressed Noah up as a firefighter:

He made out better than Briar, who ended up with a cape and bonnet.

We had a good visit, loud and crazy, but it was fun and I am soo happy to have finally got to meet Briar and can't wait to snuggle again on Sunday! 

Today I am headed to Toronto to be part of the audience for The Social! So keep an eye out for me!!

Have a great day!!


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