Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

Today I am linking up with Shannon for a much needed So What Wednesday.

So what if I bought 110 mini chocolate bars for the less than 10 kids that will come to my house tonight for Halloween!!

So what if I only dish out a couple per kid and keep the rest for M and I?

So what if I broke into the box last night, I have had them since Sunday - that is will power!!

So what if I had 2 mini chocolate bars after working my ass off at Zumba? I am sure they wouldn't count against me after that work out!

So what if I find myself laughing at others during Zumba class... I am sure if I could see myself I would be laughing at myself! But then again I have moves like Jagger! Ha!

So what if I was actually bummed that some of my shows were not on so far this week because of Hurricane Sandy... I  feel bad for those who it affected, but I got my power back and can therefore watch TV!

So what if I didn't accomplish near what I had expected to yesterday? I did work on photo sessions, my blanket and put away some laundry, but mainly had a pretty lax day! Tomorrow will be better!

So what if I woke up really grumpy this morning - sorry hun, I am trying!

So what if I have banned Lux from the bathroom... the little bugger gets up on the toilet, into a shelf which holds q-tips, and steals them. He then plays with them until he loses them under the mat and then gets another. I seriously thought M was missing the garbage and I was getting kind of annoyed until I caught the little fur-devil! He always looks soo cute when he is in trouble... why!?

So what if I finished making my cookies yesterday and they burnt? What the hell was the difference? Why did the first batch not burn!? Sometimes I swear my oven HATES me!

So what if I am finally sleeping at night? It is great, but I really hate getting up in the mornings still!

So what if I had chocolate chip cookies for breakfast?

So what if my nephew is soo cute in his walrus costume:

What are you so whating today?

Oh and I just wanted to share these three quotes:


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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

See Ya Sandy!!

We survived the "frakenstorm". We did lose power over night, but it was restored by the morning. In all honesty, I don't think it was a bad as they said it was going to be. It was definitely windy, but the rain amounts weren't that bad, although it is still raining. The wind has tapered down a bit though and we have no damage. I know that is not the case for some!

I think this is the first hurricane that has affected Southern Ontario. One lady died in Toronto from flying debris. So far that is the only casualty in Ontario from the storm. There are also numerous people without power.

I hear New York got hit pretty bad! One of the hospitals lost power and their generator failed, so the nurses had to carry the patients down the stairs to waiting ambulances. Craziness!!

Last night I baked 2 batches of cookies and still have some left over dough to make today!!

Today I am considering bathing the dogs, then cleaning the tub and the floors! I would also like to get the 2 photo sessions edited today, but even if I get one done I will be happy!

Last night I also met a tight deadline and got a promotion with Scentsy to Lead Consultant!! It was a lot of work, but I am soo happy to have accomplished it!!

If you are thinking about ways to make extra money, join my Scentsy team!! Control your own pay cheque easily!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Good, The Bad and The Dressed Up!

Yup that title basically sums up my weekend!!

Friday night started off great, M's Mom sent home a lemon meringue pie (my favorite). However, then we learned that our freezer died, but luckily caught it just in time and didn't lose anything! However we had to do an emergency run to the farm and made room in their freezer for our stuff.

Our freezer didn't owe us anything - it was bought used for $50 when we bought our first house. The timing of it all just sucked! Luckily we bought a new one yesterday and the freezer will be filled up tonight!!

Saturday didn't quite go as planned either. We ended up in London for longer than planned, however I got gas for $1.12!! I was thrilled!
I was supposed to a photo shoot in the afternoon, however the rain caused some interference and that got postponed. I ended up dying my Mom's hair instead.
Saturday night we had a Halloween party. I went as Binx and M went as a Wal-Mart Greeter.
Sunday our morning started with a medical call that M was off to, so I got up and made our grocery list! When he got back we went into town and got some groceries, as well as our new freezer!
The shoot I postponed on Saturday, we decided to do indoors, so we did that yesterday afternoon. When I got back home, M had some of his friends come over to hoist the old freezer out of the basement and the one in.
Our weather here is about to get CRAZY! They are calling this storm we are supposed to get a "frankenstorm"- I kid you not! We are supposed to get a portion of the hurricane Sandy. The rain and winds we are supposed to get is supposed to be insane. We will see... Needless to say, it is supposed to rain ALL week!
Today I am heading back to London to hit up Costco.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Letter's

Dear Followers and Friends:

I am sorry about the lack of blogging lately. Instead of carrying on about how bad of a blogger I am being and making promises I am not keeping, I figure I will just be upfront with you all. If I am being honest, I really just have too much going on and not enough time to put into blogging. Hopefully things will slow down soon and I get back on schedule. I have been busy with Scentsy and Photography, plus everyday life! So forgive me please. I will still try to stay caught up on every one's blogs.

Dear Sleep:

I am really not loving this relationship we have developed. I enjoy sleeping throughout the night. Last night was an improvement, but let's make sleeping through the whole night consistent please. It would be much appreciated!!

Dear Face:

I see we are having issues again. Let's just make an agreement to clear up. Some days you make me feel like leaving the house with a bag on my head! Just sayin'. No one wants to feel that way!

Dear Lily & Gracie:

I love how sweet and well-behaved you have been lately. I love we are beginning the stages of trusting you more on your own and so far you haven't failed us. I wouldn't mind not having to leave you in your room vs. free range!! Soo keep up the good work!!

Dear Binx:

I am sorry you were locked in a bedroom for 24 hours. But maybe, just maybe you shouldn't sneak into rooms you are not supposed to be in!! I did love how sucky you were when I discovered you.

Dear Lux:

I am totally on to your game. I know you think it would be awesome to be locked in the bedroom all day, but it's not going to happen, at least not on purpose. So in the meantime, I will catch you when you least expect it in the morning and shut you out before everyone else, it just saves me the headache after. I will no longer use your laser to try to get you out, because that is like rewarding you.

Dear New Blanket:

You are really coming along! However you are slightly distracting because I just want to get you finished, when I have other pressing matters on the go! I hope to find some time this weekend between photo editing, Halloween partying and hopefully photo taking (weather dependant) to work on you.

Dear M:

After finishing our 5 Year Anniversary Book last night and reminiscing through all the photos from the last 5 years, I was reminded how lucky I am to have you by my side to call my best friend. So thank you. I am still not sure how I got soo lucky, but I promise to not take my luck forgranted and just love you everyday.

One of the old gems I came across!!


Happy Weekend Friends!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I know I am a bad blogger... I missed yesterday, but I was not home and when I was, it wasn't for long. Not to mention the fact that I have clearly procrastinated again with another photo book. I have one from photo book Canada to do that expires Friday and it is 60 pages... and I have finally decided on a theme, I will be doing a 5 year anniversary book, but I have yet to get my pics organized!! Not to mention the fact that I haven't figured out the program to do it yet! I love shutterfly, this is soo different. Maybe by the end of this one I can say I love photo book Canada. We will see!

I can't even say I was doing that last night though, I was editing this past weekend's photo session, watching Parenthood - another tear jerker, and having dinner! Then I was off to Zumba, came home and worked on this... I say with shame, because as much as it is a priority, it is really a distraction until the photo book gets done!

This is going to be my new blanket. Remember I said I sleep with a baby blanket still... well needless to say it is in REALLY rough shape, like might not make it to the new year... I have been asking for a new one for YEARS and no one has come through, so I have buckled down and it is happening!

Ok now let's get on to what I am loving...

I am down over 7 pounds now!! This seems like a big accomplishment, although I know when I get to 10 I will really be pumped!!

I am loving Gracie and Lily - they crack me up constantly. They got their barkbox in the mail yesterday and were soo excited to open it up! I will go into more detail about it tomorrow! But they got one toy in particular and just love it. heck the cats do too!!

I love how wild Lux goes over his laser toy. I am going video tape it one of these times, he is like speedy psycho cat!

I love my hubby, although I feel like I haven't seen him, but mainly just because he wasn't home last night. When he did get home, we were both tired and ready for bed!

I love that on Tuesday night I slept through the whole night! This is BIG! I have been waking every morning at 4 AM since I started my thyroid meds. It sucks because then I can't get back to sleep. It happened again last night, but didn't feel like as big of a deal since I got a full night Monday night. It is crazy how good a whole nights sleep feels like!!

I am not loving the fact that my iPhone is failing me... the sound is sucking, I never get notifications, or sounds, heck I am lucky if it even rings if someone calls! I need to take it in to get it repaired!

That's all I got for now, because I am at work and actually have stuff I should be doing...

They are calling for some nice weather tomorrow!! I feel like it has rained for a week, I am sure it hasn't been that long, but it has been pretty dreary and drap the last 2 days at least! Not to mention we had a CRAZY thunderstorm Monday night. But tomorrow is supposed to be 21 and I am looking forward to it, although I will be working on my photo book and doing a photo shoot!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday!

Another weekend has come and go and not much happened on my front.

Friday night I watched October Baby - it was actually really good!!! I thought I would have fallen asleep in it, but I was intrigued to see how it all played out. Some parts were pretty raw, but it was none the less a great movie.

Saturday we had a bank appointment to go over our 5 year plan and what not. Our new banking lady is great! We had soo much in common and it was great to talk with someone soo knowledgeable in soo many ways!! We were there for 3 hours!! We did our groceries and I finally bought a new mop - the rubbermaid reveal! I like that it has a washable pad on the end and I can mix my own cleaner! Score!!

Sunday I had a photo shoot and we just did some yard work and laundry.

Today I picked up some new yarn to make myself a blanket and I have worked on getting that well on it's way. I was happy to get J's shower gift to her today and I also took the girls for a nice long trail walk. This afternoon I have K a tutorial on how to make a hat and I worked on my blanket.

Pretty laid back weekend!!

Tomorrow I need to get our 5 year anniversary photo book done... why do I leave things till last minute?!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Finding Time on Tuesday

I have got a to-do list a mile long - grant it is all things I want to do vs. have to do right now... but still.

I started one project - make baby hat. It didn't go so well... I have a giant circle...

I haven't quite figured out how to make it go down, instead of it expanding... lol But S is coming over tonight before Zumba and will help me out!
I also have some sewing to do. Hopefully I make it up there today.
I made some chocolate chip cookies and decided I need new baking sheets! They are burning my cookies because I put them in for less time and watched them like a hawk! They still taste good!
I sorted out the latest scentsy order, but still need to vacuum!
I have also decided that I think I will attempt making my own blanket. Wish me luck! I have no clue how many balls of yarn I will need, but I am gunna give it a go!!

I am thinking of maybe hosting a blogging pinterest party.... you would pick a project off of pinterest to complete and then post it within the  week. Anyone interested?

Happy Tuesday friends!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Rewind

I am happy to report my weekend went better than my week! Here is how it went down:

Friday night:

M colored my hair for me!!! Best hair colorer ever!!
Outfit selection (my hair was not done yet)
Hair didn't even end up mattering... it rained all day/night!!!
Headed to pick up my sister, on my way I was lucky enough to see a breast cancer parade on the highway!! We are talking pink transports, cement trucks, you name it I probably saw it pink! I thought it was a really neat way to raise funds going towards an excellent cause!!
We decided to do some shopping first, luckily I finally got some new sports bras from Old Navy, as well as a swimsuit cover up, shirt and dress. I love a great deal!! 
My Mom wanted to go to Home Outfitters, where I found a super cute shower curtain! No pics yet, because I just remembered it is still in the car... ooops!
After checking out I came across this jem:
This was by far the best deal of the day!! Can you guess the price? No? Well it was $200 and I paid $30!!! Yup, you read that right!! I'm a little nervous of the color, since it is soo light, but I am sure it will wash well!!
Then we hit up the mall, where I treated myself to a little Starbucks!! Yum!
I was serenaded by an old man in clothing store. It was awkward. They called security, couldn't find him, but none the less entertaining!!
My sister fell in love with this dancing Halloween dude in the Hallmark store... she literally watched it for like 5 minutes!!
We went for dinner at:
I will be honest - it sucked! The service was slow, menu was bland and food was bad. They didn't even want to seat us because we were a party of two instead of four! I ordered the Cesar salad and nachos. I asked for just cheese and beef on my nachos - they put everything on it. It was super hot and spicy - which as we know I don't like spicy things. Luckily they didn't charge me for it!
Then we get to the concert. Our seats were not bad, we could see the stage great, we were just kind of far away... the security guy told me I couldn't use my camera... not impressed. Luckily my cousin was coming and we were able to get box seats, which gave us a better view, I could use my camera and fun was had!!
The Eli Young Band and Little Big Town opened for Rascal Flatts. It was an excellent concert! Highly recommend it!!
This morning was the fireman's breakfast:
Here is hubby cleaning up!
I was supposed to have a photo shoot today but the weather was threatening. It was raining and wet, but then cleared, but the wind was raw. I decided we were best to reschedule!
So I decided to take some pics around the hall while I was waiting for M to finish up:
M's fire number!
The rest of our day was spent doing laundry, changing the hot tub water and putting away the patio furniture and then relaxing of course!
Overall a pretty great weekend!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Oh Friday:

Wow the end of the week is almost here, which means my date with Rascal Flatts is TOMORROW!! Pretty pumped and cannot wait for him to serenade me!! Haha! His songs are just soo meaningful and it is just what I need in my life right now. I literally could get lost in his lyrics, I love them soo much!!

What else is going on? I don't even know lol! Like I said this week has been a disaster and I cannot wait to put it behind. At least it was a short week! I plan to get back on track with my positive thoughts and grateful heart.

So I will end this post off with some quotes:

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hectic Times

Sorry I have once again been MIA, life has been crazy lately. Clearly this is not my day, no scratch that my week!

Today I was driving and boom, rock on my windshield:

You can bet my reaction was not "awesome".

Then I get a call from my doctor... turns out Lily and I have a medical ailment in common... Hypothyroidism! Great! It does explain why it has been soo hard to lose weight, why my skin is a mess, and soo much more, but it is really just another thing to top off my week. So hello Eltroxin - let's be friends.

M has a cold, which I am trying my darnedest not to get.

I am super behind on emails - sorry friends!

Could anything else go wrong this week? I am considering cancelling the rest of the week. Except I have a date with Rascall Flatts on Saturday!

I loved Chicago Fire - anyone else?

Bachelor Canada - can we say AWKWARD... not just the people on it, but even watching it. Maybe it will get better?

In all honesty life is moving super fast right now and I feel like I am lagging behind trying to absorb all these new challenges in my life. All while at the same time remembering to be grateful and trying to see the positive side to everything!

Speaking of gratefulness, I am soo very grateful for my friends and family for being soo supportive of me right now! You all know who you are, but thank you, it means more than you will ever know!! I enjoyed my visit today with S, it is nice to just unwind and we will do it more often! Promise!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sorry I Have Been MIA...

Sorry I have been MIA, I have been busy celebrating Thanksgiving!! What a great weekend, although the weather was pretty cool!!

I also finished my second dish cloth this weekend!! Look how square and straight it is!!

I also finished editing a fall photo session!! Feel free to pop over and *like* Ashley Vance Photography!!
I managed do a photo shoot and finished editing all in one weekend for another, but I have not posted pics yet.
Today I did my sister's fall photos. Sneak peak? Okay!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I had a great weekend and that I survived it!! I hope to get caught up on everyone's blogs tomorrow!! Take care ;) 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Being Thankful

It is Thanksgiving this weekend in Canada!! So I figured it would be the perfect time to go over the things I am thankful for.

I am thankful for my husband. He is here by my side whenever I need him. He holds my hand when things get tough, wipes my tears when they tend to fall, kisses away my worries and makes me laugh everyday, no matter what. He encourages me to find strength from deep within and to face my fears with a smile on my face. He has taught me that no matter where we end up in life, as long as we have each other we will be perfect - our own kind of perfect and that is all that does matter.

(Photo courtesy of Whitney Cowan)

I am thankful for all of our pets. Each and everyday, they are there for M and I. Making us laugh daily at their antics, driving us crazy with their antics and of course the hair, but in the end we wouldn't have it any different. They are our family.

I am thankful for our families. Yes there are days where they drive us crazy, but they have helped form us into who we are today. They continue to support us in our daily lives with encouragement and love. Though we may not see each other every day, we know they are here for us and that we are there for them.

I am thankful for our friends. They continue to teach us lessons in life and love. Some friendships have been easier than others and some have been through hell and back - some haven't come back. They fill our lives with fun and laughter, a few tears, they encourage us to face our fears and how to handle various situations. In our life, we consider most of friends as family and we wouldn't have it any differently!

I am thankful for our surroundings, jobs, our home, our freedom and our capability to make choices. Hard to believe that people live differently than we do or to think when trouble crosses our door step that others have it worse than us.

I am thankful for all the things that haven't gone as planned. This is a BIG one - never would have thought I would hear myself say this. But this alone has taught a lifetime of lessons that some people may never understand. It has taught us strength and enhanced our growth in one another. Our hearts and minds have been opened up more to soo many more things and made us aware of the things that CAN and DO go wrong in life. It has put us in touch with soo many new contacts because of this and has allowed us to support others and accept support from others. It has reminded us in life that no matter what goes wrong we are not alone.

I am thankful for life. I know this sounds silly, but today marks the "anniversary" of almost losing my boss. It is hard to think back to this day, but luckily it ended up for the best. In fact we had a little laugh over it all this morning. Please remember to take care of yourselves. When life is hectic and stress levels are high - slow down. Ask for help. You are not alone! You never know what is waiting for you in your future.

I hope everyone begins each day with a grateful and thankful heart! To all my Canadian followers, visitors and such - have a great weekend with family or friends.

 Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Loves and Laughs

Ok so we all know fall is pretty much my favorite season. If only they could integrate summer weather with fall colors - I would be in heaven!

So here are some of the things I am loving:

- I love that I have my first FALL photo shoot of the year tomorrow!! And the weather is supposed to co-operate! Makes me a happy girl!!

- I love my husband so much! Especially when he walks into screen doors. You bet there is a story behind this. I had went out yesterday afternoon with K to Michael's - dangerous! I had the screen door shut, as it was really nice out. When I left the house, I had just shut the main door and was on my way. Later that night - like 11 PM, M opens the door to let the dogs out and went to go out on the deck and just walked right into the screen. We are talking face pressed sideways on the screen, full-fledged walk. I am lucky to still have a screen. To say I laughed at this would be an understatement. He was laughing too! It was humorous!! Yes, it was my fault but in my offence I had forgotten about it as well! Either way we both had a good laugh!

- I love Zumba! Had a blast last night and felt great afterwards!! Hoping I can make it to Yoga tomorrow night!

- We are having our thanksgiving dinner at the farm tomorrow night. I am making cherry cheesecake!! Yum!

- I am just about finished the dishcloth!! This is soo exciting!!

Now for some Pinspiration:

Pinned Image
How cute!!

Love this:
Pinned Image

I would like to try this to my hair:
Pinned Image

Makes me laugh:
Pinned Image

Dream closet:
--Not a huge skinny jean fan, but these outfits are cute!!! ;) via "The Skin Jean Syndrome" by esha2001 on Polyvore

And now my favorite part... quotes:

Pinned Image

words to live by

Pinned Image

And last but not least, in lieu of thanksgiving this weekend - love this prayer!!
Pinned Image


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