Friday, September 30, 2011

Special Thanks

Today I just want to take a second to reflect on what blogging has brought back into my life.

As I go on day by day, I realize how much my life has changed, some for the good and some for the bad. However, I have found that having this blog has done soo many things for me. It is soo easy to find inspiration to get through the bad things and feels great to be able to share the good things. This blog has followed *most* of my journeys. Yes, there are some things I do not talk about on here, but rather reach out to those privately in blog world! I have created sooo many friendships, found some sort of faith again and I have found a part of me that I have grown to love.

This blog challenges me to be a better person, find strength from deep within, and has opened me up to a whole new world!

So I want to thank you all for your support, your kind words and comments, good laughs on your own blogs, messages, meanings  and challenges and allowing/making me see a different perspective.

Thank you!!!


I don't really have too much on the go today, just loving being home with the dogs! I am hoping the rain will hold off so I can squeeze a walk in with the girls... aka dogs lol.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Plans and Seriously... It's Okay...

I am ready to fully commit to an exercise and eating plan! This is going to be really hard, but I will take it one step at a time!

The rules:

 - keep a daily track of exercise and food intake.
 - exercise at LEAST once a day
 - limit salty food intake to once a week - this is going to be killer!
 - limit sweet food intake to once a week
 - drink 8 glasses of water
 - No carbonated beverages for 21 days. After 21 days limit intake to a minimum. (this started on Monday!! I am going on day 4 - no pop)
 - Eat 1 vegetable/fruit per day. This is going to be hard - hence why I started it at one!
 - Cut back on processed food, eat more fresh food.
 - Pasta - only twice a month.

After tracking myself on Spark People, I know I don't over eat my suggested calories per day, but where I get my calories from are the troublemakers!

Soooo I am going to do this! Starting October 1st, 2011. I am going to run a mini-trial until then! I might post some updates on how I am doing with this challenge!!

Wish me luck!

Now on to :

Seriously! I haven't had pop in 4 days!! I was tempted with Ginger ale last night and went with Iced Tea instead!! 17 more days to go!!

Seriously? My cats have 50 million toys and they are trying to tell me that they are ALL under a piece of furniture? Toys are toys... play with the ones that are still out...

Seriously! I LOVE my newly refinished antiques!! They make such a difference!!

Seriously?! Everyone is switching to Iphone?! I still like my blackberry!!

Seriously - skin it is time to calm down... I get that you are just trying to keep me young looking and all... but acne is NOT cool - no wrinkles is!!

Seriously! My bedroom satellite receiver decided we didn't need to watch it anymore, which then led me to call Bell last night at 10:30 PM, to have them tell me how to fix it, which I was going to do myself until M suggested I call...

Head on over to Becky's site to link up!

Its Ok Thursdays

Now on to It's Ok Thursday...

It's Ok that I missed my SUV and I am happy to have it back!!

It's Ok that I am working today instead of tomorrow, because this means I get a 4 day weekend!!

It's Ok that I am trying not to think of where we might travel to this winter! I'm a planner and Expedia keeps emailing me..

It's Ok that my window is in and I am now just waiting for it to be installed!!

It's Ok that my dogs have a routine and happen to know exactly what time they should be going outside before I go to work.. and God forbid if I am a minute late, they start the pacing... Why are Golden's sooo stinkin' smart?

It's Ok that Teen Mom is over... that show was driving me batty anyways.. not that I HAD to watch it...

It's Ok that I just watched X-Factor for the first time last night and only 15 minutes worth... it wasn't that it was bad, it was just that I fell asleep!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pin Loving

It is getting harder and harder to pick new titles for Wednesdays!!

I am doing the usual Wednesday blog:

Sooo I will start with what I am loving:

  • I am loving my husband. He shows more and more love and strength everyday!!
  • I am loving that it is almost October!!
  • I am loving this quote:

  • I am loving this song:

Love the lyrics!!

  • I am loving this hairdo and wish my hair could do it:


  • I am loving these curtains and want to try to make them myself for my great room - they are PAINTED!:

  • This just cracked me up - soo true!

  • This is sooo TRUE:

I think I will leave it at that for today!!

You can find me on Pinterest by clicking the link on my sidebar!!

Have a great Wednesday!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DIY: Dresser Refinishing!

Here are the before photos of the dressers:

Excuse the dust!!

We also attempted to change over some of the hardware before hand..

We used the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations - feel free to click on the link to find out more about the process and how EASY it was!

The sad part is that you cannot buy this product in Canada yet... but it is worth the trip to the states!

Here is the finished product:

We managed to give it the distressed look we love soo much, allowing the antique finish through a tiny bit! We still wanted that extra character!

We are in love with the new finish!!! It has changed the whole look of the room!

We also switched the two dressers around in the room ;)!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Manic Monday

Coming to you from my office at work... remember I had to work today? Apparently my body forgot too as it dragged all morning long!

What a super busy, yet productive and low key weekend!

Friday: Headed down to the ball park to watch a local baseball game.

Saturday: M went in to work in the morning and then in the afternoon we started refinishing the bedroom dressers! We decided against doing the bed yet, since we have figured out what we want to do yet with the headboard! I took better pictures of the before, but here is a glimpse of what they no longer look like:

This was from before we even did the floors! Check out that hardware! These antiques needed some love! However, we were terrified to refinish them because they are antique and we are the 4th generation to have them in our family!

Then along came good old Rust-Oleum:

Granted we weren't doing cabinets... it worked almost just as well on dressers and provided an alternate solution to refinishing them.

I will be doing a post to explain just what we did, along with before and after pictures. But I will say that we are definitely happy with how they have turned out!!

The whole process is timed and we managed to finish last night! We even filled the drawers back up and put on new hardware!!

I managed to cross a few things off the good old to-do list!

Sunday we had to take my SUV back to the dealership to get the cruise control fixed - we knew about this when we bought it. So we stopped at Costco on the way home.

We also managed to sneak in a walk before it really rained - it was spitting during our walk.

So today I drove the beast aka the explorer to work. - I am sure I have mentioned before that it hates me...

I also found a few more to-do's on Pinterest over the weekend!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall To-Do List

So let's try this listy thing again... I might have to go back to do monthly lists, I seemed to have better luck at completing things that way, but we will give this another shot.
  • Get and set up wardrobe in mudroom.
  • Pick wall for the wardrobe in the mudroom
  • Fill wardrobe in mudroom
  • Refinish bedroom furniture with Rustoleum
  • Get spa pedicure - (TOP priority I tell ya!)
  • Build bench for mudroom
  • Flip doors in mudroom
  • Finish mudroom door ways
  • Figure out a curtain idea for the window in mudroom
  • Make camera strap cover
  • Find other camera to take a picture of the camera strap
  • Cut back gardens
  • Plant new peoni bush
  • TAKE PICTURE of CAR for BLOG... it's on the list people!
  • Take some pictures to play around with photoshop
  • Get new picture window installed in great room
  • Put away lawn furniture
  • Fill hot tub back up

I think that is a good start for now!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Its Officially Fall!!

So fall is now officially here and it is raining! I would have loved to ring in the first day of fall with a nice walk, but that just won't be happening!

Soooo I bought my new rug! I am LOVE! - Oh and the rug is a big hit in the house! Remember how I was complaining about how Gracie won't settle without a bed, well she thinks this rug is her bed! She is in LOVE! We are all in LOVE - even M!!

Last night I ended up staying up a touch after 11 because I wanted to finish watching Grey's on my PVR, headed to bed, M comes to bed and is humming. Now I am sure I have mentioned that he is vocally challenged! I asked him what he was humming because I definitely could not "name that tune" - so he SAYS the words... he was singing:

Oh and it sounded nothing like that! Ohhh how I love my man!

I am going to attempt another new link up today:

Boob Tube Babble

I am linking up with Neely for Boob Tube Babble:

Where shall I start?

DWTS: I was surprised by Chaz Bono and David Arquette, did not love Elizabetta, but I am definitely rooting for Kristin!!

Sing Off: I don't even know why I like this show! I think I am just amazed that they can make music without instruments!

90210: I am not really liking Adriana... she is up to something and Naomi is sooo clueless sometimes...

Teen Mom: Amber drives me batty! I am sad for Caitlin and her boy - I wish they had better families! Oh and while I was watching Teen Mom this week, M asked me why I was watching trailer trash!?

Parenthood: Kristina looks awesome pregnant! I hope Haddie sticks by her man! My heart aches for Julia...

Up All Night: Hilarious!! Soo happy I found this show!!

Glee: Don't know if I am feeling it anymore!

Revenge: Was confused at first, but liking it soo far!

Grey's Anatomy: I love that it was a 2 hour episode, but was soo sad by the end of it! They deal with such hard topics!

X-Factor: Should I watch this? I don't know if I could stand Simon!

I hope everyone has a fantastic productive weekend!!

Happy First Day of Fall!

Blog Hops Everyday Friday Blog Hop

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seriously... It's Ok!

So today I am going to try 2 new link ups!! I am linking up with Becky for:

- Seriously?!  I just vacuumed and there is hair on the rug already... what is it about a freshly vacuumed rug that cats love to roll on?

- Seriously?! I have to work on Monday... I know I said yes, but who would I be to say no? 

- Seriously - Gracie you do not need a dog bed in every room. You need to stop pacing and understand that they need to be washed every now and then.... and no you cannot have the cat bed!

- Seriously - Mike just made his first batch of Jello that actually turned out... soo proud that my man that can cook the most complicated meals, can now - just maybe - make JELLO!

- Seriously? There is another blogger named Ashleigh and she has a blog called Life As I Know It! How random is it that I found her? I am her newest follower!

- Seriously!!! Greys starts tonight!!!! Sooo pumped!!

- Seriously! - the frog jumped under my car and died - I did not run over it, but it did die!!
I really hope that by doing this link up that it does not rehash an old frequent saying that I used waaay to often - "Seriously, I'm not even joking"

I am also linking up with Amber for:

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok that my vacuum ate my rug this morning and now I need a new one!! I am actually kind of excited about this because after switching rugs and using one that Mike had picked out from the old house (I don't even like it), there was a little string that the vacuum just happened to grab and suck in and around... and now the corner of the rug is missing! This means I can get the one I have had my eye on!

It's ok that I have no idea what this Erin Condrum is all about? Who is Erin and what did she do?

It's ok that I found a loonie in the washing machine, which then reminded me to check the little trap to see what else I could find, much to my luck... I found a lot of water pouring out when I opened it and nothing else.. except for a mess that I now had to clean up!

It's ok to want to paint my great room/kitchen AGAIN (did it less than 2 years ago) after seeing an awesome color on Pinterest... right?

It's also ok that Pinterest is going find me the end of my marriage at this rate with all the projects I want to do now... M now HATES pinterest!!

It's ok that pinterest is like porn for women... OMG I just used the word porn on my blog... my stats are going to go crazy!

Have a great Thursday!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sheep and Pin Love

So before we get started with What I Loving and Oh So Pinteresting I have a story for ya - a real life story - people can't make this shit up I tell ya!

I was on my way home from work last night, there has been construction on the highway, so I have been backroading it, which I love at this time of the year anyways - aside from getting stuck behind tractors. I was just singing along to my ipod when I happened to notice something on the road ahead. I slow down and realize its a sheep!

I will admit, this caught me off guard a bit. Sheep are not all that popular around here. I drive by this sheep farm every day, yet they look sooo much bigger up close! I was surprised by the size of it!

So I slowly drive my car behind the sheep and it runs a head of the car and into the driveway, so I drove on to the next house, which I believed was the farm house - no one was there! I look back to the drive way and there are now a couple of sheep heading back to the road. So I turn around and drive my car into the driveway, chasing the sheep in further. I stop and realize they are not even penned in - there was no wire up. So I notice a car at the back of the property so I drive on back. I get out of my car, phone in hand - in my work shoes and clothes might I mention.

I start hollering "Hello?" All I can hear are sheep and these cute little cats. So I walk around the barn to find more sheep. These ones were bigger then the last. I don't know very much about sheep, there is sheep shit everywhere and I am trying not to walk in it, yet keeping an eye on these damn sheep. I notice a very elderly man inside, so I try to get his attention - no luck! I guess some sheep got out of their pens in the barn and he was using a board to guide them back in. So I have learned that sheep are quite stubborn. So I move some caging and pop my head in the doorway, trying not to startle the man, as he is elderly, I don't want to scare him into a heart attack... I finally get his attention and he says "okay, just be quiet a minute". So I stand there waiting for these sheep to co-operate with him and he comes over and asks me what I need. I told him that he had sheep on the road. He seemed confused, and questioned as to who I was. I explained that I was driving by and noticed his sheep on the road. So he walks over to the driveway and sure enough the 2 sheep I chased in were coming down the driveway. He said he would shake a can of corn and they would all come running... I said okay, well I just wanted to let you they were loose. I go to leave and the damn sheep block me in, he asked me if those were the ones... I said yah, I think so, it was one with less hair. He walks over to my car and says, "it's wool dear", thanked me and sent me on my way.

Oh the things I do.... and the lessons I learn...maybe just maybe you can't take the city out of city girl... I might die trying!

I am loving the weather we had yesterday... today it is supposed to storm, but yesterday was perfect!

I am loving some of the great blogs I have recently found!!

I am loving some of the friendships I have made via blogging!!

I am loving my new followers ;)

Oh - I am loving this sneak peak at the pictures we had taken by Stacey Hanlon on Sunday:

Can't wait to see the rest!!

I am also loving that man in the picture ;)

Grow and conquer

Hahaha! I would love to use this!

Must try making these!!

Such a fantastic idea - I hate trying to make the fitted sheet look nice!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tell Me Tuesday!

Have I ever mentioned how much I miss Top 2 Tuesday? I am thinking about starting a link up for it! I miss it that much!!

So yesterday I had mentioned making Apple Crisp - I was pretty sure you can't screw it up, however, it was not the same recipe I usually follow and I don't love it as much! But it is totally tasty and edible! Ohh how I love apple season!! But my roast beef turned out amazingly!!

M built my wardrobe last night!! Now I feel motivated enough to clean out the the foyer closet! It is just about time to transition it all over to the mudroom!

Thanks to all that damn rain yesterday and the fact that it decided to rain extra hard during DWTS - I need to rewatch 2 dances, one of them being my good old friend Kristin Cavaleri! I would like to be team Kristin, once I see if I think she has what it will take. I was actually surprised by a lot of people last night!

I am looking forward to taking the girls for a nice walk tonight and then settling in for some TV Tuesday!! Yup, Tuesday is my official night of television! It is actually hard to manage all the shows that are on a Tuesday! Thank heavens for my PVR!

Last night was hilarious! Sooo Gracie is one of those dogs who NEEDS a dog bed - she will not settle without one unless she is beat. So last night she had gotten out of her bed and Lily went and stole it! Gracie was trying all tactics to try to get Lily out of bed, including pretending like she found something special on the floor, playing with the cats, seeking attention from M and I, pacing, going over to the chair with the cat bed and nosing it, etc. The cat bed was vacant, so I asked Gracie if she wanted that, because I hate having 2 beds on the ground in the great room, especially because Lily will lay on one every once in a while. So M put the cat cushion on the ground and sure enough Gracie managed to curl herself up small enough to fit on it and was quite content! I should have taken a picture! It lasted all of 5 minutes before the cats were in the room and wondering what was going on, so we decided we would let it slide just this once that we would cater to Gracie's needs and bring in the bed from the bedroom! Now everyone in the house was happy, content and cuddled up!

Here is an old picture of Lily in a cat bed! I think she thought she was a cat... she became fond of that mouse by her mouth as well! Crazy dog...

Oh the things we do for our pets!

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Kind Of Monday!

Hello readers!!!

It is a rainy Monday out there - not exactly what would make MY kind of Monday, but the sun can't shine all the time right? So I am making the most of this damp and wet Monday.

It is beginning to feel more and more like fall out there, even some of the leaves are starting to change! This weekend M spent the weekend helping his friend M roof his garage and house. I managed to pick up our wardrobe for the mudroom and some frames for the photo wall. I also picked up some work clothes for M and some new fabric for some sewing projects. I really wish we had a Joann's or better fabric stores!

Last night we had an impromptu photo shoot with a nearby photographer! I cannot wait to see the pictures!! Here is a sneak peak self-portrait we snapped before the shoot:

Today I am planning on making some Apple Crisp!!! Oh I cannot wait to savor that flavor! One of my favorite things about fall!!! So I am off to make that!

I am looking forward to M coming home, enjoying a roast beef dinner and then cuddling on the couch and watching Dancing with the Stars or The Sing Off!!

Have a great day!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

And The Winner IS:

Julie from The Smitten Mintons

Congrats!! I will be contacting you soon!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Finally Friday!!!

Wow, this week seemed a bit longer than usual?!

I am totally looking forward to getting my nails done after work tonight!! I am long over due!! I am thinking gold sparkles, not a lot, just a little to give them some glimmer!!

I am also going to run some errands tonight while I am in town because our wardrobe for the mudroom has gone on sale!! I love sales!! I am also going to start picking up picture frames for the photo wall!! Just wait until I post our fall to-do list!!

As sad as I am that summer has come and gone and the weather is definitely cooler, I am looking forward to fall! I feel like we just skipped summer all together this year because we were soo busy! Note to friends planning weddings - not next summer okay? Okay!

I am working soo hard on cleaning up my life right now in all aspects! I feel that by doing this I can just move on and past everything! Everyone needs a good cleansing right? Different things are getting done around the house, exercise is being done, healthy living is happening and healthy relationships are in the works! I basically feel like I am throwing my life into detox, clearing out and starting over! Somethings gotta give and hasn't been lately! More on this to come!

I had coffee with one of my bestie's yesterday and then we ended up having dinner too!

More season premieres are coming next week and I am sadly excited about this!

Give away is open until 8:00 PM tonight!

I have always wondered about how hot air balloons plan a landing and then on my way to work this morning I saw this:

Made me laugh!! Boy do those balloon chasers move fast! It probably didn't help that there were about 3 other balloons floating around, looking like they were getting ready to land!

Happy Friday! Stay tuned for a winner tonight!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall 2011 TV Line Up

Are you ready for this long line up? Thank God for PVR's and weekends because it is hard to keep up with all of them and I fear I may have forgotten some, but here we go:


Heartland - starts Sept. 18/11 at 7:00 PM


Dancing With The Stars - Starts Sept. 19/11 - 8:00 PM
Hart Of Dixie - Starts Sept. 26/11 - 9:00 PM - new show and it looks GREAT!!


Glee - Starts Sept. 20/11 - 8:00 PM - not sure if I am going continue to watch, but I will give it a shot!
90210 - 8:00 PM - already started!
Parenthood - 10:00 PM - already started!
Dancing With The Stars Result Show - starts Sept. 20/11 - 9:00 PM
Last Man Standing - Starts Oct. 11/11 - 8:00 PM - New show and I don't know if I will like it - we will see!
Teen Mom - 10:00 PM


Suburgatory - Starts Sept. 28/11 - 8:30 PM - this is a new show and I don't know if I will like it - we will see!
Revenge - Starts Sept. 21/11 - 10:00 PM - new show and it looks GOOD!!


Greys Anatomy - Starts Sept. 22/11 - 9:00 PM - Its a 2 hour special!!!
Private Practice - Starts Sept. 29/11 - 10:00 PM

Nothing on Friday and nothing on Saturday! Tuesday is a BIG TV night!!  What are you watching this fall?

I need to schedule my PVR to record all this!!

Last night M and I had a great walk hike! The distance wasn't too bad, but it was a route we had never taken and did involve grass up to our knees, a random corn field disappearance - which the dogs LOVED and a lot of running, oh it also involved rain!! I learned that everything sticks to yoga pants as well, at one point I could no longer move because these weedy things had bound my pant legs together!We learned that Gracie and Lily have separation anxiety with each other -  M and I split at the end of our walk, M took Gracie through the park and I took Lily through the subdivision and they followed along the fence with each other as long as they could and did not deal well with the separation for 3 minutes! They just kept looking for each other and then when they met back up it was a grand reunion! Crazy dogs!

Oh and the GIVE AWAY ends tomorrow - so get your entries in!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Love & Pinterest = Today's Subject

Soooooo are we ready for another edition of What I am Loving and Oh How Pinteresting? Ya? Great because those are todays topics and I don't think they will ever get old!!

Found HERE

and HERE

Sooo I am loving that I started my work out plan last night!!! Total session was an hour by the time I walked/jogged with the dogs!

I am loving that fall is right around the corner! I just wish my allergies would take a hike with summer!

I am loving that it is Wednesday already and I have tomorrow off!! I hope to get a lot accomplished at home!

I love that I finally have an appointment to get my nails done! They are BAD!! Now I just have to find a date to get my spa pedi done!

I am loving my GIVE AWAY for digitial scrapbooking software!!! Enter HERE!

Love Goldens!!! via

I want to try this for the dining room accent wall, but with Black!!:

I want to make these:

Ready for fall!!:

Just about time for a hair cut!!! I am almost ready!

Wanna find me on Pinterest? Find the button on my sidebar!!!

Have a great day!!!


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