Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ready For The New Year

To say I am ready for a New Year would not even cover how I actually feel! This year has been hard, for reasons I have not exactly disclosed on my blog. Yes, there have been some great things that have happened, but I feel as though the bad may have overcome the good.

I am ready for a fresh start, especially after my day yesterday, and this past week. Yesterday my sister started bleeding and went into labour for the whole day. Luckily the baby has decided to stay put, but so has the bleeding. Labour is on and off at this point and no one has any answers as to what is actually going on. She will be 28 weeks tomorrow. I cut 4 inches off my hair, which still leaves it pretty long actually, crazy how long my hair was! M and I were on our way up to the hospital yesterday and we got in an accident on the 401. Luckily no one was hurt and the Torrent only ended up with a scratch, can't say the say about the Ford that was involved. The lady was American and just wanted to get home, so no cops were called, we exchanged insurance info and went on our way. We are still unsure of how it even happened, as M was switching lanes, and there was no one around, this lady appeared out of no where and was driving waay to fast. We are soo lucky it wasn't worse.

I just have to get through today, for this year to be over. I pray that 2012 is better for us!

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Recap

Wow, I suppose it is about time to get back to the blog before this year is over!! Time is literally flying by!!

Christmas was great!!! My dad popped by on Christmas Eve day for a visit and then we headed over to my sisters - as they let her come home from the hospital for the weekend. Dinner didn't quite go as planned, as the turkey was still not cooked by 8:00 PM - but the pie we made was delicious!! We ended up just carving some turkey off and cooking it... M got a game for his X-box, a subscription to X-Box magazine and 2 shirts and I got shoes, a buffet server, a monogrammed hand towel and a gift certificate for some spa treatments.

Christmas Day was nice and low key. The dogs enjoyed opening their stockings - I wish I had got that on my NEW camera!!!

t21 21 610x406 $750 Canon Rebel Camera Giveaway This Way

A Canon Rebel T2i with lens kit!!

Such a happy girl!!! It is soo awesome to be back behind the lens!!

M and I got lots of kitchen gadgets and serving ware. M got a lot of clothes, a new watch, a saw, a tool chest, a shop vac. I also got picture frames for my photo wall. It is soo hard to remember what all I got when most of it is already put away!!!

We were totally blessed with gifts this Christmas.

Then we just happened to check out the boxing day sales and found ourselves a new TV!!! We bought a 42 inch Sharp Aquos!! It was such a great deal we couldn't turn it down and it was exactly what we were looking for!! Soo pumped for it to get here!!!

We enjoyed a great dinner with M's parents and Aunt and Uncle and topped it off with cherry cheesecake!!

Yesterday I went to London to visit my sister in the hospital, unfortunately most of our visit was complicated with contractions, but they stopped!!! Stay put baby!!

I also joined the twitter... yup I am crazy! I don't know how much I will actually tweet, but I am enjoying getting the scoop from my favorite stars!!

Does anyone know how to get those fancy connect buttons for facebook, pinterest and twitter?! I would love some!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas



I hope everyone has a great weekend filled with love and Christmas surprises!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Trip Down Old Christmas Photos Lane

Soo today I found this super old pic of M and I during one for our first few years of dating at Christmas time:

Look how young we look!!

I also found this one:

This one was from M's commencement - so this one would have been a year into our relationship! Look how tint M looks! Haha! I look tiny too... too tiny! This would have been taken the year before the first photo, a couple weeks before Christmas!

Another old one!

2007 Christmas card picture:
Look how tiny Jewish looks!! I miss Diamond and Copper!

Ripper and Diamond opening their presents in 2008 - They sure did love opening presents!!

H's First Christmas 2009:

First Christmas Family Photo:

Binx's First Christmas/my Christmas present from M:

Our First Year Hosting Christmas Morning:

Gracie's First Christmas:
(7 Months)

I don't have access to 2010 right now... and I will be sure to get some for 2011!!

I hope you enjoyed a trip down Christmas memory lane!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So What/Pinteresting Wednesday

Today I am going to link up with Shannon!! It has been a while since I have done so...

SO WHAT: if I woke up a bit bitter this morning... I am usually a pretty good fireman's wife - but today I am a bit whiny because I was sleeping soundly (finally - first night in a long time) and M got a chimney fire call at 1 AM and from that point on sound sleep went out the window!! Don't get me wrong, I love my hero and wouldn't have it any other way!

SO WHAT: if I went to bed with wet hair again last night and now my hair is curly - where did these curls come from? So today I have gone for the tousled curls look... Ha!

SO WHAT: if when I saw this quote:
Pinned Image
I did not know it was a song, yet alone by my friend Rascal Flatts:

Although I had heard the song and loved it... I didn't put the two together!!

SO WHAT: if I had a major blond moment yesterday.... I didn't realize there was a time change between Alberta and Ontario... and I am Canadian!!! Thank heavens for a patient Alberta friend.... lol Alison!

SO WHAT: if I am considering changing Lux's name to Lucifer permanently. He seems to answer to it and I tend to call him Lucy often, along with Lucifer.

SO WHAT: if M and I have discussion about what our pets would sound like if they could talk. We also decided it was best that cats can't talk, especially Jazz - her looks say enough - I can't imagine much positivity coming from that cat unless it was dinner or treat time! Or bed time. I swear though, she is a *SWEET* cat! See:

She's the gray one... and yes both you and I know that the bed is only meant for one cat... but c'est la vie!

SO WHAT: if I can operate a complicated camera and shoot in raw, yet I cannot seem to take a decent photo with my new phone, which has a 5 MP camera (which I know isn't great, but better than what I had) and it has a flash and I still suck!!

SO WHAT: if M and I are making caramel corn this year as the goodies we give out to our friends this year. He asked me why OUR baking projects turn into HIS baking projects. I told him it was because he was better (boost his ego a bit more). But come to think of it - I made the cookies last year and I decorated them too! I will be sure to remind him of this tonight when I read this post to him - he loves So What Wednesday posts and believes they should happen everyday for me!

SO WHAT: if I agreed to work Thursday this week and I already wish it was Friday!! I also had to cancel my much needed hair cut appointment I had made for Thursday.

Now for some:
Head on over and link up with Michelle!!

I love this headboard!! Soo rustic looking!!
Pinned Image

I find this VERY handy!! I might actually have to print these out:
Pinned Image

I love this hair style and I think and hope it might just work for Christmas this year - as I plan on curling my hair! (I would also like her eye make up)
Pinned Image

I am still struggling with some aspects of forgiveness:
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Soo True:
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

I think Gracie would LOVE this dog Popsicle with toys frozen inside!!

Pinned Image

Have a great Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ho Ho Back To Work I Go

I am back at work this week and my desk is FULL of requisitions!! My boss was not able to sign in to my computer while I was away because my password was not what I thought it was... kinda funny! So I was trying to sign in to my computer this morning and finally clued in to the problem - when I reset my password before I left (the computer made me) I didn't realize the Caps Lock was on! Opps!! So my password is super smart for the next 3 months!! Haha! My boss got a kick out of it!

Brrr it was cold out this morning, but fear not, it is supposed to warm up this week! I actually had to scrape the inside of my car windows this morning! I'm guess a window wasn't completely sealed? But thank heavens for heated leather seats I tell ya!

As much as I am loving Christmas movies, I miss my week night routines!

I did end up doing some sewing yesterday, until I bent the needle. I decided that Mike will have have to fix that, because I don't remember how to and then suggested that HE hand sew the part that bent the needle, as it didn't quite fit. M doesn't mind hand sewing, although I am sure he would rather sew with the machine, but I suck at hand sewing! I still want to attempt the 2nd project... I have 4 days!

We are going to attempt our 2nd batch of caramel corn tonight and this batch is going to have waay more caramel - the last batch was like "lightly buttered". I hope to be delivering them all Thursday night!

Getting up this morning was NOT fun - for anyone in the house aside from Mike!

It is still soo hard to believe that Christmas is in 5 days!! I don't know where December went! Nice that I will be working 2 more days this week and then off for another week!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Manic Monday Before Christmas

The last weekend before Christmas has passed!! Crazy to believe that Christmas is this coming weekend!! But guess what - I am ready!!! The presents are wrapped and under the tree!!

M and I wrapped presents both Friday night and Saturday afternoon!!

We did our last grocery run Saturday morning, we also picked up a few new things as well - like a new humidifier - aka Snore Stopper!! Yup M doesn't snore nearly as much when its on! We made our first batch of caramel corn - its good, but I would like more caramel!

Sunday we popped over to the farm, had a visit with M's Aunt and Cousins, came home and got ready to go for Christmas dinner at M's other Aunt in Woodstock! It was great seeing everyone!! I definitely love the holidays because it brings everyone together!

We got snow this weekend, but I am happy to announce it is melting today!! And it is supposed to be in the positives this week!

My sister made it to 26 weeks!!! She is still hanging in there and doing well!

I don't really have much else to report today! I hope to get back to a regular blogging schedule this week!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lazy Day Thursday

Today I am having a lazy Thursday!!! I have hopes of getting some sewing done today and maybe some gift wrapping.

I was all excited for lunch today, until I realized I had no cream cheese to have with my "Great Canadian Bagel" - we picked some up yesterday for a sweet deal.

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas movies, but I also love watching my regular TV shows too...

I am pumped for the new TV show seasons coming in January - One Tree Hill, The Bachelor, etc.

I can't believe Christmas is next weekend!!! CRAZY!!!

I am going to have to break down and admit I am becoming a fan of Michael Buble - I watched his Christmas Special last night and he was co hosting with Kelly today!!

It is 11 degrees (Celsius of course) here today!!! Rainy - but warmish - better than snow!!

I got skype!! My sister and I have been skyping and last night I got my Mom set up over phone - frustrating task - yes, but she has it now!!

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What I Am Loving Wednesday!!!

Today I have soo much to love!!!

Today was an awesome day!!! We met someone new and exciting!!!

I am loving how smoothly the month of December has gone soo far - crazy that Christmas is coming up in only 11 days!! I have a lot of wrapping to do!!

This week has been pretty busy, hence the lack of blogging... sorry!! Don't you just hate it when life gets in the way?!

I am loving the sales that Old Navy online keeps having!!

I am loving that my sister's baby is still staying put!! Only one minor scare this week....

I love that this picture looks like Jew aka Jazz, but as a kitten

Pinned Image

Love this look :)

Pinned Image

Love this treeskirt:

Pinned Image

And these words:

Pinned Image


I could go for one of these:

Pinned Image

Friday, December 9, 2011

Fantastic Friday!

Today has started off fantastic, I am just hoping it continues to go that way!!

Have I mentioned how much I hate getting up the morning, especially at 6 AM - I also hate the snow!! Yup we got a few centimeters this morning and they can take a hike as soon as possible please!

I just realized my initial sentence probably sounded sarcastic after reading the second paragraph! But it really was good!!

I have made a list of the last items I need to pick up this weekend for Christmas gifts and then I am done!!

Last night M and I had a pizza date night in, since I wasn't feeling so great!! Love our pizza date nights!!

We have the Santa Claus parade in the village tomorrow night!

I also want to get going on making my caramel corn for Christmas! Every year we present our friends with a little home-made something - one year it was pie, last year was cookies, this year I want to try to make caramel corn! Which reminds me - I should try to print some labels.... then I just have to scrapbook the rest of them!

Otherwise, not to much is happening this weekend that is blog worthy at least...

My sister is still hanging in there, as is the baby. One of her neighbours up there went into labour last night, which was scary, as she was a week behind Amy - in preterm labor as well. She had a baby girl via c-section. Soo far that baby is holding on, but please keep that poor family in your prayers as well!!  I guess these things happen everyday but for now it has been brought to my attention how real and scary this world can be sometimes. I guess we should pray for all the people who deal with these struggles not just today, but everyday. It is soo easy not to think about the bad things that happen in this world, so I think I will just pray in general for those struggling, no matter what their struggle.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Have a good weekend ;)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I Am Loving and Pinteresting Wednesday

I am going to quickly recap my weekend, as I did the wedding recap yesterday instead!

Friday night was Pie Night and it was fantastic!!

Saturday I grabbed some groceries and lunch with K and little G, took a nap in the afternoon and then got ready for the fireman's Christmas party. It went well too!!

Sunday M and I almost finished all our shopping. Just a few more small things to get ;) I have a few things to make and then we have to wrap it all up!

Monday I had an appointment in London in the morning and then went and visited my sister. She ended up in the hospital Sunday morning instead of the evening because she started spotting. Everything seems okay so far. Her ultrasound showed a healthy baby so far and it passed the biophysical test that day too!! Yesterday she hit another bump in the road though. In the morning she lost a significant amount of fluid (she is leaking small amounts normally). The baby's heart rate and movements showed decelerations on the stress test. So they decided to do a bedside ultrasound, which showed less fluid, but they could not find anything alarming on the ultrasound. But on a good note, today the baby passed the stress test! So it is going to be day by day for a while. She actually started blogging again last night and requesting prayers!!

Hannah seems to be getting better with the adjustment, but it is still a learning curve for everyone at this point!

So today I am loving:

- day by day progress for both my sister and myself!!
- I am loving my husband like crazy! He is soo supportive and is my rock!!
- I am loving my crazy cats and smart dogs!
- I am loving my new phone.
- I am loving friends and family and I am very grateful for everything they do! I am also grateful for all the people in my life!!

I am loving the following pins:

Love this verse. Actually it reminds me of this song that I have posted about before "Blessings" by Laura Story :


so true

Pinned Image

I think these are cool:

Pinned Image

I think this looks yummy:

Pinned Image
They are Golden Graham S'mores Bars

And these look festive and delicious:

Pinned Image
Strawberry champagne punch

I hope everyone has a great day!!! I know mine is off to a good start!!!


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