Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Weekend Rewind

I know another weekend Rewind??? I promise I will share something else other than my weekends soon! Like my fab-fit-fun boxes or some reviews. I just need to take some time to do it, it's just been busy around here and by the time evening rolls around and we get the kids down, I'm ready to just veg! This stage of life is soo busy, but soo fun, with a side of frustrating if I'm being honest haha.

Friday, M had ball. 
 Saturday Em and I ran to Costco while the boys got some work done in the yard. Actually that's pretty much all M did all weekend was yard work and pool stuff. We got the pool heater set up, the pool fencing around as well as the back of the yard tidied up a bit.
It was a busy, yet productive day! 

Noah had fun playing with the neighbours and Em discovered she can climb on the table!! She is climbing everything these days!! 

We did manage to get dinner in outside again before the next rain storm pushed through. We had crazy weather this past weekend, one minute it was sunny, the next it was raining or storming. 

Saturday night was "book club" aka wine club haha. It was a much needed fun moms night out!  
 Sunday morning Em stayed inside with me to do some housework while the guys were back outside working. She did manage to find a cookie in the diaper bag that she helped herself too!! She was pretty proud!    

 I ran into town twice on Sunday... still managed to forget some stuff.  My Dad and Cindy came later and brought dinner along with them. It was a nice visit but got chaotic quickly with my dad's dog and Maggie! I think Maggie thought she was a cat (she is a small dog) and wouldn't leave her alone. 

The kids had fun paying with the new toy table I set up outside with dinky cars and dinosaurs with a few little people I got for free from someone giving it away!! Well I had the table, but she was giving the toys away. 
 After supper we took a trip to the park to play! It was all fun and games until Noah fell and gave himself a shiner... 
 After the kids went to bed, my Dad showed me how to do glass engraving. Here is my first attempt

This was a test cup, we just kept doing different things all over it, as you can see more engraving through it on the other side. 

Here is my second attempt I did yesterday:

Noah sure does hate saying goodbye to Grandpa, but he has soo much fun when they are here!! 


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Weekend Rewind

For a weekend that was supposed to be stormy everyday... it was beautiful!!! Couldn't ask for better weather!! 
 Friday night M invited K and J over with the kids for a swim before supper, we had a late supper and let the kids stay up a bit later while we did some work outside. M had ball on Thursday instead of Friday, so it was a nice change having him home. 
 Saturday morning we did decide to skip his last gymnastics class, and he didn't even miss it! But we were outside playing and swimming.

 I also managed to get the house tidied up a bit, as far as cleaning all the floors, dusting, etc. But I will be honest it is hard to get stuff done inside when it is soo nice outside!!  

 When the kids went down for a nap, I decided to run over to the pool store to pick up a solar blanket reel. While I was there I inquired about the gas heater they had sitting there and I am pretty sure, we are going to take the plunge! They are soo expensive, but we have gas back there already, it will lengthen our swimming season big time and allow us to use the pool everyday and overall just make the pool even more enjoyable! We are still researching it all, but the biggest issue we have with solar is that we have to run the pump in the day and hydro is actually pretty expensive here and we aren't getting the proper return back to the pool.  
Of course when I left the pool store, I managed to jam my finger soo stinking bad. Man it hurt! I managed to pull the skin off cuticle (the wrong way). I went back in the store for a bandaid, and then got on my way to get groceries. I guess there was a tornado warning out for us - not sure how I missed that, but it made grocery shopping a breeze with no line ups!! obviously there was no tornado for us either, but I guess one touched down about an hour away?   

 When I got home it was raining a bit and the kids had just woke up, but by the time we got the groceries in it had stopped and the kids were itching to get back outside! M wanted to get the reel set up, so after he finished that we all went swimming. 
We are lucky enough that the pool has been right around 80 with all this heat we have been getting.
 After the kids went to bed M ran back into town to pick up a life jacket for Emilya that someone was selling for $3! That was a steal and just the size we need now!! 
 Sunday was lake day! We have M his Father's Day gifts before we left, but main request was a lake day!!  The weather was hit and miss, and it really wasn't a great boating day with watches and warnings in pace, but we still made it fun. Grandpa and I took Noah to the beach to play for a bit before lunch. It looked like it was going to storm, but we managed to get a good play going and the water wasn't too bad. 

 I ended up talking myself out of my first ticket!! The parks people came around and I didn't pay the parking because we were only thee for such a short time and it was one rate of $14.50 for the day. When we stayed at the cottage, we never saw a parks person once, so figured my chances were good. Well there he was. I left Noah with Grandpa and went running over. Luckily he hadn't ticketed me yet, so after talking to him for a bit and explaining why we were there, he said no problem and let me off!! Success!!  
 We got back just in time for lunch and Emilya had just finished. The little Miss has a hard time making it to nap time without having a morning nap lately, but goes down for her nap much easier. So the goal was to nap both kiddos on the boat at the same time and we succeeded, although Noah was mostly asleep, he still needed Grandma to come cuddle him because it was "her" bed. 

 While the kids were napping, we took the dogs over to the beach. Technically you shouldn't have dogs on the beach, although people do, but since I had already pushed my luck with law that day, we went away down at the end where nobody goes. M found a small path that turned out to be quite swampy - disgusting, but after we got through that we were excited to send Maggie off on her first swim!!   

 It was a success! She loved it!! We figured she would and she did get a funny look on her face when she realized she had to swim, but it didn't hold her back!! And Gracie was loving the water again, which of course just melted my heart after seeing how depressed she was last year. She was fetching sticks again and playing. It was a nice little date.   
When we got back Em had just woken up, which meant short nap for her. M tried to get her back down, but it was a no-go. Noah at least had an ok nap!! 

We went for a boat ride before supper and everyone including the dogs enjoyed that. Just as we were about to sit down for supper it poured out, but it didn't last long at least. 

Their shirts were part of his Fathers Day gift!! 

 We left shortly after supper and managed to beat the rain home. Maggie was dry by the time we got home, as she stood hanging out of the back of the truck the whole time. We have her leashed for safety, because we just never know, but she definitely loves the wind in her face. We also had both kids awake the whole ride home!! Within 5 minutes of unloading the truck, it poured. So we really timed that right!!       

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Emilya - 14 Months

It's been a while since I have updated on little Miss Em, in fact I'm pretty sure there isn't even a 12 month post? Lol. But a lot has changed with Emilya in such a short time. 

Sleeping: Emilya is completely sleep trained now! We don't rock her for naps or bedtime now. We are in the process of cutting out the morning nap, which somedays is harder than others. She might have 1-2 morning naps a week, but otherwise we keep her busy, as she tends to get fussy by 11 AM otherwise. Both kids have a nap between 1-3:30, sometimes that varies for her, but typically that is how it works. She will go to bed between 7:30 and 8 and really struggles to stay up much past that. Emilya starts her day usually by 8 AM, sometimes after, but not much before.  
She is my snuggle bug and I love this more than anything!!

Eating: She gets it from her mama on this one... picky!!! If she could live off of apple sauce, oatmeal, yogurt, puffs and arrowroot cookies, she would!! Currently she is teething so she is even more pickier and won't eat cheese, bread, is picky on the fruits she will eat and no day is the same. One day she will eat blueberries, the next day she won't. We ended up buying squeeze tubes again to get veggies in her. It can be soo frustrating feeding her, but I can usually get a half decent breakfast and lunch in her at least, but supper is the biggest production.

 She has 3 bottles of homo milk a day and the amounts are varying depending on what she eats that day, but she will have a 7-8 ounce bottle when she wakes up, 5-6 ounces before nap and 6-7 before bed. Otherwise we have completely transitioned over to the miracle 360 cups for water and juice.


Clothing: Em is pretty much wearing 18 months in everything. I had to buy t-shirts for her because somehow out of all the hand me downs and stuff I had bought ahead, she had one. But I bought size 2T. They are roomy on her, but will fit her for a while - I hope. She will still wear 12-18 month shorts. She wears a size 4 diaper and we switched from the pampers baby dry to the pampers cruisers. They seem to work better for her long body.        
  Size/Features: Only because we just had our 12 month shots done (because she had an ear infection for soo long) she weighs around 26 pounds and is 31.5 inches tall. Emilya's hair is slowly growing- at the back haha. But it is getting thicker on top and is pretty blonde. Her eyes are still blue.  

   Speech/Hearing: Em is saying a few words including Mama, Na-Na (Noah), Dada, Papa, dog, hi and she will bark like a dog haha. She's doing really well with her language and is very vocal and often rambling on about something. She also has no problem telling off her brother or letting you know when she doesn't want something. 

Her hearing is sitting around the same, although we don't really get accurate testing at this stage, so that can be frustrating, but it's not any worse, so that's as positive as we get. We are in tricky phase as far as her hearing aid goes. I've had to start clipping it to her and making sure she is very busy while she wears it because otherwise she tries to eat it! She also loves pulling it out on me too, but luckily getting it back in is pretty easy for the most part.      

Walking: in the last month Em has really taken off and is pretty much full-time walking within the last week and a half. I love this stage!! She was only crawling outside, which was just wrecking her clothes, but she has recently figured out uneven ground and is doing really well with it!! This summer is going to be soo much fun!! 

She's come a long way in the last 12 months, she was just taking a few steps when she turned 12 months and now she is just going full tilt! Crazy how quickl they learn! But with this new milestone, come the bruises and face-plants. She is learning to put her hands down, but sometimes they don't get there quick enough and will get quite a few bloody lips.     

Teething: Emilya is working on her 10th tooth. She has 4 on top, 4 on the bottom, her left bottom molar and is getting her left top molar. She's breezed through teething but these molars have not been fun, she has required lots of extra snuggles at bedtime, and she has taken on serious tone to her personality- which is just hilarious watching her try to keep a straight face.      

Personality:  Miss Em has quite the personality, she is pretty much happy-go-lucky, but I love watching her personality develop. She has a sense of humour and has just figured out fake sleeping in the car, which is the funniest. She is quite good at it, but will eventually crack with smiles and eventually belly laughs. 

 Emilya is shy with new people at first, but as long as people let her warm up to them and don't get in her face too much to quickly, then she will turn into her typical bubbly self! For the most part, she is pretty laid back and chill. 

 She enjoys sitting down and actually playing with toys, which is a foreign concept to her brother. She loves to dance, loves her babies and stuffed animals, she will play with her little people and vehicles, loves keeping up with her brother, playing in tents, ride on toys, pushing her brother on ride on toys, play food and the little kitchen, reading, snuggling, the dogs and climbing.

 She is super easy to please for the most part and overall doesn't fuss much unless there is a reason. Emilya can get quite fired up when she is mad and as previously mentioned, she is good at letting you know what her problem is.

 She loves swimming, and did really well with her first extra-cirricular activity as swimming lessons.
 I just love watching the two kids together and watching their relationship grow. Of course they have their spats, but for the most part, they are getting along great!! Noah's pretty good with her for the most part and she will tell him off now if he takes a toy or hits her, but she thinks he is the best thing ever and really looks up to him! They have the sweetest bond.

 She does well without him as well for the most part. 

On Thursday's Noah goes to the farm to hang out with Grandma, which gives Em and I some Mommy/Emilya time, one on one and Noah was really missing his one on one time with Grandma, so it is a win/win. 

 I'm really looking forward to summer with the two of them!!    

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hot Weekend

The heat has finally arrived and it's been soo much fun!!! The pool is up and running and is officially in use!!! 

 Before M wet to ball on Friday night we put the solar cover on the pool and by Saturday afternoon we had it from 68 to 72 - a little too cold for me haha, but the kids all loved it. 

 Saturday morning Noah had gymnastics and well I am pretty sure that was the last class he will be doing. Technically we still have one more week, but this week it took all that was in me to not go and tear and strip off of his gym coach. Mike was ready to leave after the first 20 minutes. Why?? Because Noah was actually behaving, listening, participating, doing everything right and she literally ignored him blatantly. She would help every other kid, but when Noah's turn came up, she made him do it himself. He would talk to her and she would turn away. Part of me wants him to finish the class, but in all honesty if that's how she's going to treat him... I won't have him be made a fool of! He's the only 3 year old in his class and he behaves typical of a 3 year old in his first class without a parent. But to see him actually doing everything right, just to be ignored... that's not okay!!

 During naptime, M went to go help a friend dig out a pool, while I sat out in the sun. Our friends he was helping ended up coming over to swim and we did an impromptu pizza dinner.   It was fun, aside from captain teething pants, who was starting to get grumpy by the time bathtime approached!!

 She had fallen earlier that day and bruised her cheek, had a bloody lip and sure enough we found a top molar coming through. That explains why she's been off all week!! 

 M ended up going to the movies that night after the kids went down.  

 Sunday morning the kids had swimming and it will also be the last weekend of that. They technically have one more week as well, but with it being Fathers Day, as long as Noah passed his class, then we would go to the lake instead like we do every Father's Day! Well Noah passed, no problem, and enjoyed his last swimming lesson. We will start back up in the fall!! Em on the other hand wasn't the happiest, her tooth was really bugging her, but we pushed through. 

Sunday afternoon we invited some friends over for a swim, we got the pool up to 76!! Still a little chilly for me! It's safe to say, we are considering a gas heater!!

After swimming, the kids had fun playing outside before supper and then after supper we went for our walks.
 I look forward to the day Maggie can walk with the family, so we don't have to go separate. We are really working on her training this month. 

 So it was a low key weekend, which is just what we needed!!   

Friday, June 9, 2017

Dads Birthday Surprise Weekend

How is it Friday already? 

Our weekend was really busy, but we did have a lot of fun!!    

Friday night M had ball.   

Saturday morning M had to work, so i dropped Em at the farm to play with Grandma while I took Noah to gymnastics.

 This week went much better, but I may have bribed him with a Home Depot trip if he was good. Luckily on 2 weeks left!! So we ran to Home Depot, stopped at the market to ck up fresh local strawberries - YUM and grabbed lunch to head back to the farm.         

 We had my Dads surprise party that afternoon, so after I got the kids down for nap, I started to get ready and lay out clothes. Luckily Noah woke up before I left and was able to try on clothes, because my original choice didn't fit him and then he was just picky about what he wore and how he wore it....      I stopped to pick up balloons before heading to the hall to help my sister set up! I'll let the pictures do the talking, but we pulled it off with the help of C! He was soo surprised and soo happy! It only took us 65 years to get it right!!   

The centre pieces we made:

And it wasn't a party held at a gold course without a golf cart ride for the kiddos!! 

 We managed to get a few pics of the kids when we got home before we put them straight to bed!! 

When did he turn into such a little boy?? 

After we got the kids down it was a little date night for us. We had a babysitter come over and we went to a birthday party bonfire. 

As we were on our way home, we were invited to another bonfire, so we popped over there as well. 

Sunday morning we rushed out of the house to go have breakfast with my Dad and C at the hotel before they headed out. Of course Noah fell in the parking lot when we left and was then worried his bandaid would cause him to sink at swimming lessons.. he did just fine!!  Miss Em was not a fan of swimming this week, she was just over tired, had been held all morning or in her seat, so we toughed it out but when we got home, the first thing she did was snuggle with Gracie girl! 

Sunday afternoon my intentions to get caught up around the house were out the window. My allergies were horrible, so I took a benedryl and apparently it makes me super tired now! I ended napping when the kids did!  I did manage to get Gracie shaved down before supper while everyone else was outside playing. M got the new grass rugs down in the play area (we needed 2 more),  and we got some laundry hung, but that's about it. After our walk, it was tubby time for these two:

Don't be fooled, that grin came from Daddy spraying Mommy with water... 

It was a fun weekend and I joke that we needed a weekend for our weekend. 

This week was busy, but not quite as bad!! 


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