Friday, May 30, 2014

Five Things Friday

1} the weather is gorgeous and we are off to a productive start of the day all before 10:30 am! What have we accomplished? We are both dressed (not showered because I will do that later), we have both eaten, I pumped, he has played and napped (20 minutes), we have been for a walk with the dogs, grabbed the mail, and I cut the front lawn, but ran out of gas and time for the back. I was also bit by too many mosquitos in the back yard. I hope to get Lily bathed outside this afternoon if I have co-operation from all parties lol.

2} we have a family wedding and a funeral this weekend. We not a funeral per say, more of a burial and celebration of life for M's god mother who passed away at Christmas. So our weekend is going to be jam packed with family this weekend. We were also supposed to goto a birthday party, but there is no way we can fit it in as well!

3} I'm trying not to stress out while waiting to find out if our roof damage is covered or not! Hopefully the structural engineer comes next week! Fingers crossed it all goes well! 

4} Our dishwasher is broken again and hitting it is not working like last time. I think we actually need to repair it properly now! So I either need to find a repairman or a new dishwasher. I'm leaning towards the repairman, even though I hate the dishwasher. 

5} I started watching The Good Wife on Netflix - it is soo good!!! I've been watching it on my iPad and it just dawned on me that I could be watching it on the tv with the wii!! 

Ps. Be sure to pop over to Alison's blog, who is reviewing my sisters jewelry!!

Have a great weekend friends!! 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What's Up. Wednesday

What's up?

Well my roof is still standing, although apparently we didn't realize how bad it was. Thanks to my sister whose basement flooded and she called her insurance company, it dawned on me that we should call our insurance company regarding our roof damage due to the snow and ice amounts we received this year. We have never made an insurance claim before, so I had never thought of it, but this is why we have insurance for when these things happen.

We figured we had a couple of broken trusses and were just going to fixit ourselves, however last night they came out with a restoration specialist contractor and refered to our roof as collapsed. Awesome.They figure the tin on our roof and our patio door wall are what are holding this addition on our home up. That could explain why when M went up on the roof to shovel I could see the ceiling moving. It could also explain the noises we heard during the thaw of wood creaking and popping. 

What is next? A structural engineer is coming out to further assess the damage, as they don't want to cut a hole without being advised where it may be safe to do so or where they need to see best to make their assessment. 

Glad I called. Our addition includes our kitchen and great room. 

So now we wait, but you bet I will keep you all informed. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Look Alike?

Noah is changing every day, so I thought it would be fun to share some baby pictures of both M and I, and let my readers be the judge. We constantly get mixed reviews on who Noah looks like, sometimes it is M and sometimes it is me! 

Personally I can say I see us both in him with various expressions that he makes and somedays I wake up and think he looks like daddy or others I think he looks like me.

So I figure this week I will post the pics if both M and I and you guys can be the judge and then next week I will pair them up with Noah! 

On with the pictures. We do not have a lot of M early on, as most were blurry, but we do have some! Here we go: 

We will start with Mikes: 

And myself: 

Ok let's hear your thoughts!! Daddy's look-a-like or Mommy's look-a-like?? 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Today's weekend rewind is coming at you from the deck, where I am soaking up the heat and sun as the baby naps!!

Fridays night was ball - they lost again but they are getting their groove back!! Noah struggled with bedtime, but once we got him to sleep, he slept all night.

Saturday M worked all day, so Noah and I went yard saling in the village! I originally planned on having a yard sale but there was no way I could get organized with the way M's week went! So we bought some books and baskets, two things I learned you can't have too many of! I got some laundry done and some organizing done too! 

When M did get home, we decided to head to London to the mall to exchange a girl outfit we were gifted and bought Noah some cute boy things instead!! 

We also stopped at Target where I got some sundresses! I think it will be a summer of dresses because it's the one thing I feel half comfy in! 

We came home just in time to put Noah to bed, which was another struggle!! 3 books later and some rocking in the rocking chair we finally got him to sleep again! But he slept all night again. 

Sunday rolled around, M let me sleep in again, which was amazing- although Noah slept late too, but M was up early and just relaxed the morning away! We had breakfast and some much needed family time, as M has had a crazy week and we hadn't really spent any time as a family! 

I had a wedding shower I was supposed to attend, but decided last minute to drop off the gift and come home to be with my family! We got some much needed gardening done, laundry, play time, I got Lily's hair trimmed, now she just needs a bath! M cut the lawn and sprayed the weeds. 

We went and grabbed groceries and dinner as well and then settled into our normal evening routine of bath time, feed and then cuddle time with Daddy before bed! I also managed to sneak in someone vacuuming too! 

This weekend we also started training the dogs to goto the bathroom in one part if the yard! Lily has it figured out, but Grace is being stubborn about it! Hopefully by the end of this week they will have it figured out! They used to do it before we got the pool and had dirt in their area, spit shan't be too complicated! Luckily it's supposed to be gorgeous this week, so taking the out isn't too bad like it would be in the rain. 

Today is going to be laid back, staying cool in the house! Hopefully at some point this week we will get the lawn furniture out! This weekend will be super busy, as we have a wedding and a celebration of life for M's Godmother who passed away at Christmas.

Friday, May 23, 2014

K8T Crochet Review

Happy Friday Friends!! Today Noah wanted to share one of his newly favorited shops from Etsy called K8T Crochet!! 

Kait is a fellow stay at home mom and Canadian!!! She offers free and fast shipping, which of course is a bonus!! 

Kait makes a variety of hats including all of these owl hats:
Free Shipping in Canada, Crochet Owl Hat, Cotton yarn, Infant to Child

or these minion ones:
Free Shipping in Canada, Crochet Minion Hat, infant to child, cotton yarn

She offers a variety of sizes from newborn to toddler!!

Kait also offers these adorable booties
Free Shipping in Canada, Crochet Slippers, infant, crocodile stitch

and womens boot socks:
Free shipping in Canada, women's boot socks, crochet

Of course I loved the owl hats and it was really hard choosing which one to go with, but I ended up choosing this one in 3-6 months

It fits Noah a little big still, but that just means we will get a bit more wear out of it. However we really love the hat! Noah is quite picky when it comes to hats!

(it is getting harder and harder to get him to sit still anymore when he is awake!)

Overall the hat is made really well. I personally know just how hard these hats are to make, but overall for the price I was just better off buying one instead of making one. I might make one myself when he is older and it will fit for a longer period of time like as a child. I am also far from fast at making them and don't have the time

Noah offering a little sass:

Be sure to pop over to Kait's Etsy shop HERE and give her some love!!

You know you want to!! 

Huge thanks to Kait for sending me this hat to review!! We couldn't be happier with the hat!! It was great working with you!!! 

Have a great weekend friends!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Our weekend was pretty good, despite being a long weekend, it wasn't for M, as this is the one long weekend he works, but we still managed to get stuff done around the house!!

Friday night was ball, another loss for the team. 

Saturday M worked, then we opened the pool - well took the cover off, we didn't hook up the pump yet, but soon. We discovered we must have a hole in the liner, and we have an idea where and it should be patchable. Either way it's a slow leak, so we filled the pool up. 

We did laundry, vacuumed, put laundry away, you know - all those fun jobs that don't seem to get done on their own. M cut the grass and I must say I am loving the bag on the mower, I have yet to see a blade of grass tracked in the house!! 

Sunday we put away more laundry (I am not even going to tell you how much we had in baskets... But it was bad!!) Noah was a handy helper!

M hung my new scarf holder in the closet so I can now have proper scarf storage. It is really an ikea towel multi-bar, but works great for displaying my scarfs. 

Noah wore jeans for the first time!! I will admit I have been waiting for these to fit for a long time and gave up, as they are still too big, but we are over it! 

Sunday afternoon we headed to my sisters for a family BBQ with my parents, and grabbed strawberry plants. I don't think we will end up with berries this year, but here is to hoping!! I did manage to sneak a pic of these two snoozing!! 

We grabbed groceries on the way home and settled into our bedtime routine with Noah. 

Monday M worked, but Noah and I did some more laundry and hung the sheets out on the line, and then we wiped down my car interior and cleaned it out, however we didn't get it vacuumed out, as Noah lost his patience by the end of it. He was having a very clingy day and I got a lot of use out of our baby carriers! 

Tuesday night we had girls night and ended up going to the movies to see The Other Woman. I don't even remember the last time I went to the movies but it was over a year and half ago at least. We had the whole theatre to ourselves, we even asked for them to turn the volume down, since we were the only ones watching. I'm not someone who laughs a lot in movies, but this movie I found myself laughing a lot. It was a great girls night!! 

Yesterday Noah had his first play date at S's house. It was great, 4 babies no more than 2 months apart, good food and company! Of course Noah and Harper share a birthday, so it is always a pleasure seeing the two of them together!! 

Today we are off to the doctors office. It's been a busy week, but a great week!! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Noah - 3 Months

9 lbs - 8 weeks
9 lbs 1.8 oz - 9 weeks
9 lbs 7.6 oz - 10 weeks
10 lbs 2 oz - 11 weeks
10 lbs 11 oz - 12 weeks

His head is measuring at 40 cm at 8 weeks!

23.75 inches

Sleeping: I hate to say this out loud, just in case it jinxes me, but he is a GREAT sleeper!! We put him to bed around 10 and he wakes at 4:30 on average, feeds and then sleeps until 7 or 8. We have had a few nights where he sleep right in until 6 AM! I am finding that he gets a little tired earlier, but I am afraid to put him to bed too much earlier. His last feed is around 9:30 usually and I don't want him waking up in the middle of the night and him waking at 4:30 works for us, because by the time I am done feeding M is getting up for work at 5 AM. But even just this past week he has been sleeping 8 hours!! 

Naps in the day are very short, most of them being 25-30 minutes and only about 3 of them, with the odd one hour stretch. But he sleeps at night, so that is the important part! We are working really hard on napping in the bassinet, but in all honesty most attempts fail, but we are still trying! He hardly falls asleep on walks or car rides anymore!! Little man just doesn't want to miss a thing!

Feeding: He is feeding every 2 hours in the day still, but has just started giving me a few 3-4 stretches, but it is rare and most often if he naps and misses a feed. He is taking a bottle well and is less gassy now afterwards with the new bottles. Actually over all he is less gassy and we are using less gripe water and ovol. 

He is still using a pacifier every now and then. Just before bed or nap time and we always have it in the car. We often refer to it as the mute button. 

Last week the doctors office called and told us to start topping up his last feed of the day with formula because they felt he wasn't gaining enough weight, that perhaps my milk didn't have enough calories. So we tried it for the week with just an ounce added at night to my breast milk. However I was really on the fence with idea and didn't quite understand the problem, as he has never lost weight, gained steadily but slowly every week and is content after I feed him. The formula made him painfully gassy as well. So after talking to the health nurse at clinic, she didn't understand why either. So this week we are back on straight breast milk. I'm going to go in and talk to the doctor about it all hopefully this week! Clearly I only want to do what is best for Noah but how do I know? I just have to trust my "motherly instincts". 

Clothing: Noah has just now outgrown about every newborn outfit now. Some newborn onesies still fit, but this Mama is packing them up. We have a few 0-3 onesies but we are living large in the 3 month ones. Noah finally fits in his "going home" outfit from the hospital!! He is wearing 0-3 month sleepers now and they fit perfect! We don't have very many outfits that fit yet, just mainly sleepers and I refuse to buy more cloths at this point because he has quite the wardrobe coming up.

Diaper Changes: We are finally starting to slow down! We were averaging about 15 diapers a day, but now it is luckily less!! He still hates diaper changes. Sometimes it isn't bad, but other times it is dramatic. Noah is still wearing size 1 diapers. 

Looks: Blue eyes, and brown hair. His eye lashes have grown significantly and his eye shade is lightening up more and more. 

We are noticing he has a favorite side and seems to have a flattter spot on that side, so we are working on alternating sides to help this. This isn't a drastic flat spot, just one we happen to notice.

What The Doctor Had To Say: We don't see the doctor this month!! But they did call to check his weight as mentioned above. 

Nicknames: Stretch, Spike, Captain, Mr. Magoo, Little Man, Toots, Mama's Monkey. 

Likes: Car rides, his hands, his fleece blanket, laying on the couch, sophie, snuggles, baths, his play mat, walks in the stroller, the bouncer, Lux, Grace and Lily. He loves looking at pictures, the ceiling fan and his mama-roo.

Dislikes: diaper changes, gas pains, outfit changes, hats falling on his eyes and hiccups.

Fur Baby Update: Gracie is really starting to get more involved with him as he is getting bigger and spending more time on his play mat. Lily likes to rest her head on the mat while he plays, but Grace likes to get right on it!! Silly girls! I think originally they were both afraid of how small he was, but as he's getting bigger, they are both growing more fond of him. Gracie is still protective of him. They are still doing great with the stroller and I have been using the mommy hook for their leashes and they haven't had any problems. 

Lux is still in love with Noah. He will "baby sit" while I'm in the shower by sitting on the toilet while Noah is in his bouncy chair and will amuse Noah by smacking at the things hanging off the chair, or getting down and bouncing the chair by rubbing up on it. He has tried to sit on his lap, but clearly that doesn't go over so well. He is constantly checking on him when he cries. 

Binx is being a brat with getting into his things and hairing them up. Brat cat! And Jazz could care less! 

Personality: He has the sweetest personality and seems to be the happiest baby - smiling and giggling often. He fusses rarely and only for a reason i.e. his diaper, hunger or tired. I love how snuggly he is when he wakes up from a nap, or when I go to put him down for a nap and go to check on him to find him smiling ear to ear and scrunching his shoulder up! He totally has me wrapped around his little fingers. I would give anything to make him happy. 

Mommy & Daddy Update: My ankle x-ray has finally come back clear, so I am going forward with working out now when I can. I am also getting back into 2 walks a day. I did try running while playing with the dogs and that will not be happening on this ankle for quite some time! My ankle is still swelling, so I ice it every night. I am most likely dealing with arthritis in it now I think. Stairs are not very much fun, but I just take my time. 

Otherwise I am feeling great! I am going to get my thyroid rechecked this week and see if I can get back on meds. I can feel that my thyroid level is starting to change again. 

Mike is working his busy season now so he gets home from work around 7, we eat, he has some downtime with Noah, baths him, I feed him and then M puts him to bed. He has also been working Saturdays lately too. Noah really enjoys his time with Daddy and by the end of the day Noah and I both can't wait for him to get home! The last hour some days can be soo tiring because he is usually bored with me, as I am trying to get dinner going. 

But in all honesty, Noah is a great addition to our lives and blends right in. We couldn't be happier! 
Events: Noah experienced his first Easter, of course he was a bit young to understand, but we had fun! He went to his first firemen's breakfast with Daddy. We left Noah for the first time with Grandma and Grandpa. He really did experience a full month of firsts!

I celebrated my first Mothers Day and it was amazing. Best feeling in the world being a mommy to this little guy. I sometimes feel like I am going to wake up from this dream - minus all the mess in the house, because that wouldn't be in a dream. I guess that is what makes me realize this is all real. The mess can wait, but time with my baby is changing every single day. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Crease Studio Review

Today I am going share a local shop - Sarah from Crease Studio is actually my sister's neighbour and a mother of 4!!

 You may recall she made my baby shower invites:

But that is not all she makes, she does various printables as well like these:

My Heart Is In London, Ontario,8"x10" Digital JPEG File, Chevron, Canada Art

She will also work with you to create custom designs:

Custom "Belly Belly Nice" DMB inspired Birth Annoucement Print, Digital, printable file, Dave Matthews Band

or if you see something you like, chances are she would be able to make it. 

Another awesome thing about her shop would be that she offers instant downloads - which means no shipping, you can just upload the image and print it yourself at home or your favorite print shop.  

But I also want to be sure to share Sarah's Year's Supply of cards which I personally have and love!

I absolutely love love love the metallic envelopes! They are my favorite and add soo much flare to a card. 

Soo glitzy:

 She also includes these little ones:

Overall Sarah's shop has a lot of great things to offer!! She is great to work with, mastering the right colors, easy to work with, bringing great ideas to the table! She does wedding cards, any occasion cards you need, plus the printables now. 

You can find Crease Studio on 

Be sure to pop over and take a peek at what all she has to offer!!

Sarah has offered 10% off to my readers, so don't miss out, use REVIEW10 as a promo code!! 


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