Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Noah - 7 Months

13 lbs 12 oz - 6 months
14 lbs 3 oz - 26 weeks
14 lbs 11 oz - 28 weeks
15 lbs 9 oz - 30 weeks

26.75 inches

Sleeping: Sleep is still going well and nap time is starting to get a bit better - when he has them!! He sometimes decides to forgo naps, which makes for a long day, especially when most of your day is spent trying to make him nap! But other days he has an hours long nap, sometimes 2 hours!! Bedtime is around 8-8:30 and he sleeps until 6, unless Daddy wakes him up around 5:30 depending on when he has to work, at which time I feed him and then M puts him back down, where he will usually sleep until 8 AM, sometimes 8:30! 

Feeding: Noah is nursing every 2.5-3 hours, sometimes 4 hour stretches, but more consistently 3 hours when he has cereal! Typically it is 3 hour stretches in the morning and 2.5 hours in the afternoon and down to 2 in the evening. I am trying to pump twice a day, just before bedtime, and once in the day time, but sometimes the daytime pumping is a no-go, as it depends on Mr. Noah. He loves eating solids! As time goes by, nursing in public settings or around others is getting to be pretty challenging, as it distracts Noah. I understand that this is 100% natural and if anything it will make him transition a little easier when it comes to weaning him.

Noah is not a big fan of green beans, prunes or watermelon. He gets very upset when you try to feed them to him! Of course I made a bunch of green beans, so I will have to find a creative way to get them into him!

Foods Noah tried this month: 
- watermelon
- apple juice
- pear juice
- apples
- peaches
- green beans
- peas
- zucchini
- apricot
- nectarines
- blueberries
- mango
- wheat
- prunes
- butternut squash

We also tried the mesh feeder! At first he wasn't sure, but he warmed up to it and now loves it!! I also have him a few Rice Krispies to try, but he wasn't too sure of them! However after trying to get him to feed himself a second time (the first time was a no-go), he fed himself some bananas! He will also drink from his sippy cups on his own too!! Mr. Independant!! 

Clothing: 6 month sleepers, although about 3 of these are starting to be too short. Baby clothes are soo inconsistent! The 9 month ones are nowhere near his size yet though! He had some 3 month onesies that still fit, but I packed them up with the 3 month stuff, figuring the 6 month ones will fit soon enough. He has some 3-6 month that still fit. 6 month pants are just starting to fit, but most are too long or big in the waste, so we kept the long 3 month ones out. His swimsuit is still 3 months, shorts are 0-3 or 3 months, as the 6 month ones are too big. 

Diapers: Noah is still sporting size 2's! 

Looks: Blue eyes, and light brown hair. 

What The Doctor Had To Say: We didn't see the doctor this month!!

Nicknames: Stretch, No Nap Noah, Captain, Mr. Magoo, Little Man, Toots, Mama's Monkey. 

Likes: His hands, his fleece blanket, his lovey bears, snuggles, his turtle, his exersaucer, mamaroo, walks in the stroller, the bouncer, jolly jumper, Lux, Jazz, Grace and Lily. Noah loves seeing himself. Noah wants to stand all the time now or sit. He loves eating!! His mobile in his crib!

Dislikes: Green beans, prunes and watermelon. He also hates being done eating! Even when he is full, he still cries about it! The boy loves his food! Teething is also no fun!! Poor guy has been battling them coming up and going back down! His gums are rock hard, but no pearly whites yet!!


Fur Baby Update: Noah loves spending time with his fur siblings! And Gracie is especially loving Noah, especially now that he can sit!! Lux loves snuggles in the nursery chair and believe it or not but Noah is actually really good at petting the pets and is pretty gentle! 

Personality/Events: Noah had his first swing ride at the park! He was a little small for it, but we improvised and he loved it!! Noah also enjoyed a day at the lake (finally)!! We are pretty sure Noah's first word is Hi! He "says" it often, although I'm not sure he knows that he's saying it, but with that being said a little girl told him to say it and sure enough he did... So maybe, but it's not said on demand consistently. 

Noah just wants to do everything himself these days!! Watching him this past month and seeing the changes that 6 months to 7 months, he has come soo far this past month! 

He is now sitting up on his own and loves standing assisted of course. He still hates tummy time and just rolls when we try, but within the last few days he will stay up on his arms extended before rolling over! Little bum! 

Noah also went to his first Jays game! Too bad they lost, but that's okay, not like he will remember the game! 

Mommy & Daddy Update: The amount of joy this child of ours has brought into our lives is unreal! We are getting into more of a schedule come daytime and nighttime, which makes life a bit easier in predicting what Noah's needs are! As much as we can't just get up and go like we used to, we try! Most often we forget a few things, but nothing we cant survive without! Soo much planning has to go into outings and we aren't the best planners! We end up throwing everything in the bag and then have to look for something and it's in the bottom!! We also need to learn to give ourselves extra time, loading up the car is no short task! I've learned that one pretty well, since I do it more often, but Daddy struggles a bit with this one! It did crack me up when M made a comment about having to pack food for Noah now that he's not just strictly breastfed and how it's more planning there too now! 

I have been loving making our own baby food for Noah!! 

I cannot imagine life without this sweet baby boy! He is the happiest baby I know! We sure are blessed!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Warriors

Yup - no doubt that is what I am nick naming M and I on this Monday morning after completely a crazy long to-do list, that I didn't actually think we would complete having Noah with us all along the way! But we managed - somehow, someway! No doubt come Sunday evening we were beat!

The list: 

After reviewing and coming up with a game plan, we decided right off the hop that we would not be completing the toy room! This weekend was gorgeous and the toy room is a project for a rainy day! But fear not, we threw in some extra projects to keep us outside, like close the pool, and bath the dogs. 

Friday night we made some last minute plans to visit some friends, however, we ended up cancelling last minute because we could not get out of the house without Noah crying. Poor guy was out of sorts because of this damn cold! I even made cherry cheesecake. M ended up running to town after we got Noah to bed and surprised me with McFlurries when he got home! 

Saturday morning I had a little sleep in, we had some family time before starting the list! It was soo funny that both M and I really enjoy crossing things off the list! Needless to say I will be making weekend lists more often! 

We started with Noah's pictures, which you will see tomorrow in his 7 month post (better late than never), which reminds me I have soo much catching up to do on this little blog of mine... Newborn photos, Naming our Son, finish recapping our trip out west this summer, the renovation updates, etc. We decided to divide and conquer a few items and then we got ready and headed down to a birthday party around the corner for our friends little guy who turned 1! We only stayed a few hours because Mr. Noah was in need of a nap! 

I have actually started putting the phone off the hook when Noah naps lately because we have found it to wake him. Nothing is more frustrating than waking a sleeping baby, who doesn't go down easy for nap time- especially when it takes me over an hour sometimes to get just 20 minutes! 

When we got home, we put Noah down and got right to work outside. Of course his nap was short lived, so we set up the pack and play outside and he played while I vacuumed the pool and M weeded the garden and cut the front lawn. 

He didn't last long in the pack and play either! Once again he is just out of sorts with this cold! So I brought him inside, fed him, while M cut the lawn. We decided to try another nap, which we had more success, so I hung laundry out and M continued working on the yard! S and W stopped by for a quick visit as well, which was a nice surprise! 

We managed to cross off a few more items off the list before bath time and then bedtime. We ended up eating some cherry cheesecake, as our back up plans fell through with our friends again when their little guy got a fever.

Sunday we spent more time together, closed the pool, put away laundry, made baby food - side note pureed chicken is nasty!!

Look at that grin over blueberries!! He LOVES them! 

We took this sweet picture:

Then we took advantage of the warm weather and bathed the dogs!! All in all we got soo much done, yet spent soo much time together at the same time! It was great! Here is how the to-do list ended up:

And a few add ons:

Overall it was a great weekend! We were happy campers come 8:30 Sunday night when we sat down to relax! We were sure Noah was going to have a rough night with his cough, but he finally settled when we went to bed!

Today we are enjoying nice weather again, although I think groceries will end up being done today too!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

{3} Things

Noah has his first cold ever! It started with a "fake" cough that turned into his first fever. Poor little guy! There is nothing worse than seeing your baby sick and helpless!! We gave him some Tylenol and that took care of the fever right away. Now the little man is out of sorts, but still pretty happy for being under the weather! The snot sucker is not his friend right now, but no complaints with the boogie wipes! At least they smell like grape!!

The weather is gorgeous again! Just in time to close the pool this weekend!! This weekend is going to be jam packed with housework, yard work and family time! The dogs are also going to get one more bath outside while we can. 

Tonight is a big night!! I have a jamberry nails party to goto and can't decide which wraps to get! I like too many!! Some of my faves: 

And it's a big TV night tonight with Parenthood, Greys, and Saving Hope! 

It's also my sisters anniversary!! 10 years!!! Hope you guys are having a great trip in Vegas!! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

So What Wednesday

Ugh I've become a slacker on the blogging daily lately and to be honest, I don't have an excuse! 

So what if my child mooched more off of me yesterday and tried chicken for the first time! The kid loves to eat! I had no intentions of giving him chicken yet!

So what if I had to call my mother-in-law this morning to come and kill another giant intruder...aka a spider with a cross on it's back?? I've never seen one like it! Apparently it is spider season around here? It probably doesn't help that I watched an episode of Flipping Vegas and it was full of tarantulas - I may have told M's Mom that it looked like one of those, just smaller and not hairy...

So what if I had to leave the room when she killed it with a giant zapper, but still needed to see that she really did get it... I've been like that since I was a kid! I needed proof that it was really gone and it had to removed right from the house just incase it came back alive or wanted to tell it's friends... No one wants to be a spiders enemy...

So what if I fed Noah carrots, peas, apples and kiwi all mixed together with some rice last night. Doesn't that sound good to you? He loved it and honestly it smelt yummy too!

So what if my nose is soo raw from blowing it and wiping it all day long. I'm sooo over it! My allergies have turned into a full blown sinus cold or infection. At least It is entertaining Noah now instead of scaring him every time I sneeze (which is a lot).

So what if we tried the mother goose class in town for the first time, arrived late, Noah fell asleep on the way there... Luckily he woke up when I stopped the car and seemed to enjoy it, although I was surprised how busy it was! Can't say I would want to stay for the whole class next time, maybe just the first half, as the second half was geared towards older children and was quite noisy during free play. 

So what if I went to Zumba last night and it did kick my ass this week thanks to this sinus.... Whatever you want to call it... 

However despite the sinus whatever... I could still smell the horrible smell of a skunk that must have been too close to home because the smell was soo strong it burned your nose... So what if I was actually afraid to walk around the corner to Zumba in fear that I would also get sprayed! Could you imagine?? 

So what if I am actually really happy that TV starts this week.... The Voice, Chicago Fire, Greys, Parenthood, the list actually goes on...

So what if despite being soo excited to watch The Good Wife on Sunday, I fell asleep and my pvr screwed up and didn't tape the whole show. Uber frustraing! 

So what if I have told myself that I would take a nap when Noah naps this week and much to my surprise Noah has been a super napper thus far and guess who hasn't taken myself up on that nap? Oh that's me. 

So what if my kid slept in past 9 AM today.... And I was up... Not like we could both sleep in that late??
So what if I am not going to post pictures this post... All I do is take pictures of my kid and my dogs and the odd picture of my cats. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Another super busy, yet fun-filled weekend has gone by and luckily it was mostly warm, yet crazy windy! The leaves are starting to change colors here as well, which makes sense since tomorrow marks the first day of fall!!

Friday night we had a nice low-key night, I finished getting caught up on the good wife! I also went to bed early because my allergies seem to have turned into a sinus infection and this mama is still feeling rough!

Saturday morning we did some housework, and got everything ready for Noah's first full afternoon/evening without us. So we had his food ready, bottles, clothes, pjs, etc., all ready for my Mom who arrived around noon. M and I quickly got ready, and put Noah down for a nap before we left.

We headed to Niagara for a wedding at one of the wineries. The day was perfect, super windy, but warm at least! It was great being apart of G and L's wedding day!

After the wedding we went on a wine tour. The Riesling was nice, but that was the only one I enjoyed, whereas M loved the red! We enjoyed some appetizers and mingling while the bride and groom did pictures.

Us with the bride and groom:

And a little pearl power from Emmie Mae Boutique:

Noah had a great day, up until bedtime when he cried himself to sleep... poor baby! Needless to say that broke this mama's heart and I couldn't help but to sneak in a snuggle with him when we got home!

Sunday M ended up playing ball, so after my Mom left, we went down to the park to watch. It was such a nice day, as much as I had a long list of things I wanted to get done. I caught Noah having a snooze at one point... there is just something about a snoozing baby:

Then later in the afternoon, we went to my sisters for dinner and I finally found an excuse to make cherry cheesecake! Yum!

It was nice to spend sometime with my whole family! 

We got home, bathed Noah and got him in bed and that is when I had planned to watch the good wife season premiere and fell asleep and my pvr screwed up and only taped half of it... not impressed!! 

So today is low key, because I am still not feeling soo hot and I've got a lot of housework to do!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Follow Up Friday

This week was just as busy as I thought it would be, but it's been a good week all in all!!

Today I am remembering one of my most favorite women in my life, my grandmother. It has been 9 years today since she passed away. To say I miss her like crazy doesn't quite cut it, but I don't know that there are words to describe my feelings. I soo badly wish that she was able to meet Noah and that Noah was able to know her and how strong of a women she really was. My childhood is filled with her memories and I plan to make sure Noah knows the same kind of fun we used to have!!

Wednesday we met with the minister at the church. It went great! We set the date we wanted and the minister was open to all of our ideas to make the service as personal as possible.

Coming home Noah was overtired and lost his cool, which made for a long 15 minute drive home! 

Yesterday Noah loved up to his no-nap status, but with that being said he was actually in a good mood! We ran some errands, had him weighed, etc. 

I picked up this set from my sister that she made for me for the wedding this weekend!! Love it!! Check out her shop HERE

He also tried yogurt yesterday for the first time and loved it! 

Last night we went and picked up the toddler bed I bought used. It was in excellent shape until we went to go home and it flew out of the truck and dragged for a little bit! Luckily the damage was minimal. Why my husband didn't feel the need to tie it down the first time I'm not sure, even though I suggested it... Why he didn't tie it down the second time... Luckily it didn't get all the way out that time... I'm still not sure, but at that point I made him tie it down! 

I also went out with the ladies last night! It was loud, but fun! We all joked that we must be getting old because we were in the bar at Boston Pizza, the game was on, it was pretty busy, but we were totally yelling our conversations at each other and commenting how loud it was... But it was fun! 

Today Noah is working on catching up on some sleep he might have missed yesterday starting today off with an hour and half long nap! I was able to shower and get dressed and watch more of The Good Wife!! I'm almost caught up for Sunday when season 6 starts!! Luckily Noah is content playing while I continue to watch and fold laundry!! 

Wish us luck tomorrow leaving Noah for the longest and traveling the furthest away from him! I know he will be fine! Just a big step for this mama and daddy feels the pressure too!! 

Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday. Tid Bits

This week is going to be a busy one!! But with that being said I crossed a big item off my list!

First off Noah is actually dressed today, unlike yesterday when he stayed in his jammies all day!! 

Tonight Zumba Class and I am really looking forward to it! Although the timing may be a bit tricky with M working further away than normal, but we will see how it goes! 

Tomorrow night we meet with the priest to start planning Noah's baptism! Ideally we would have loved to have had this done sooner, but life got a bit hectic! I'm hoping to schedule it for the end of October! This was the big item I crossed off the list! 

Thursday night we go and pick up the toddler bed I just bought used for Noah! It is a little soon, but I got a great deal and we have the room to store it! Then I have girls night later that night! 

Friday night will be lowkey and I plan on snuggling with my baby because on Saturday we have a wedding! Unfortunately he is not invited, so my Mom is going to watch him. This will be the longest time we have left Noah and the furthest we have been away! We aren't staying overnight or anything, but M and I are both pretty nervous!! I know he will be fine, it's just a big step for us! 

Can someone tell me how this sweet baby is 7 months old today?? 

I love seeing the changes he presents each day. My baby really is growing up!! Wasn't this just yesterday??

But he sure did enjoy dumping this toy basket today:

His face lit up with excitement as the toys spilled out!! These are those moments I live for!! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Rewind

This weekend was great!! One wedding down, one more to go this coming weekend!

Friday night was our first night home all summer - no ball!! It was great! We celebrated with a nice comfy night on the couch, watching the good wife of course, while Noah has in bed by 8:30! I will admit, it was kinda nice being able to stay home and not go out, especially since the weather has decided to go all fall-like already! 

My allergies have been horrible! Ragweed has made my face and sinuses swollen, it is horrible! Of course I am trying not to take any meds, but I've had to give up and take Benedryl! 

Saturday morning M was supposed to go finish a job, but it was raining, so we lounged in our pjs all morning and had some good old family time! Then we had to get ready for the wedding that we had! The wedding was great, nice and low key, simple and filled with family! Noah was making strange with new people, all the lights, etc, but overall he did great! Not to mention how cute did he look??

And some family pics at the wedding: 

We were home around 9:30! Noah had a rough time settling after all the lights and excitement at the wedding, but finally gave in and slept all night! 

Sunday we headed to Toronto. My allergies were even worse, but I refused to let that hold me back from enjoying our day celebrating M's birthday. Yes of course it was in August, but I got him Jays tickets for yesterday's game! 

Our family picture (with Noah not looking...) 
(see swollen face... not fun)

The jays were not off to a good start, but with 2 out in the last inning, they decided to tie up the game and go into extra innings! It was pretty intense! 

But they ended up losing in the extra inning! 

It was a fun filled afternoon! We headed home right after and of course I ended up in the back of the truck on the way home, so this mama was feeling pretty carsick ontop of the bad allergies! 

We got home, fed the little monster and then just as we were about to head out for a family walk I ended up with a nose bleed, on top of my headache and my allergies hit the all time high. Defeat! I wasn't going anywhere! I could barely talk I was soo congested! So I got my Pjs on and settled in on the couch with a box of Kleenex, Vicks, Benedryl, and water! 

Luckily today I am feeling somewhat better! My face is still swollen, but my nose isn't constantly dripping - yet! 


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