Friday, April 28, 2017

Another Weekend Rewind

Ok almost caught up in the way of weekend posts that is! I still have birthday posts, vacay posts and other life updates to do, but one thing at a time right??  

I seemed to think that this past weekend was going to be less busy, but in all honesty it was busy.    
 Friday night I had book club, and well let's just say I didn't home until 2AM!! I don't let that happen very often and my walk home was a chilly one, but it was a fun night!!      
 Saturday morning came early, but it was pretty low key. We did a market run right before gymnastics and then headed straight to the gym. I've decided I'm not a fan of our coach this season, she really has no control over the kids and just doesn't watch them all that great. This past week, a little girl fell and started crying, while that was going down, Noah ran out of the gym and into the complex, where I found him. The coach was just alerting the gym owner when I went in the gym. The owner apologized and asked why he ran out and I said because he was scared because the other girl was crying. We will finish this session, but I likely won't put Noah back in for a few sessions. It's a hard enough age.  
 After the kids nap, we packed up and headed to London for the Peppa Pig show. Noah had no clue where we were going until he saw the stage and was super excited. Both kids LOVED it! 

Check out my Instagram to see video. It was a lot of fun!! We managed to keep both kids awake on the way home and got them in the tub and then bed right away.  
 I stayed up late again Saturday night but for no apparent reason, but I did manage to sleep in until 9 and the kids slept in too, just not that late.      
 Sunday morning we had swimming. Noah did much better this week and well Em just loves it all!! After swimming we had 2 quick stops to make before heading home for lunch.  
     It was such a nice day out, instead of working in Em's disaster of a room, we worked and played outside again!! 

When it came to bathtime, we decided to give Noah his Easter bath bomb that had a paw patrol figurine in it, much to his surprise!! He was soo impressed!!! 

I will have to recap this past week next week, because it's been busy. My Dad has been down all week.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Easter Weekend Rewind

Soo we will rewind all the way back to the Thursday before Easter. I ended up taking the kids in for an appointment to get their colds checked. We just can't seem to shake whatever we have. Noah turned out fine, but Miss Em had a double ear infection AGAIN!! Soo frustrating, because she just got off antibiotics just before her birthday, so either it didn't resolve or we got a whole new one. Our audiologist noticed it a bit pink on Monday and told us to follow up with our doctor at the end of the week. So more antibiotics for her. I also had her check a lump on Noah's neck. I assumed it was a lymph node, but it hasn't gone down since he was sick in October. It hasn't grown, but it hasn't gone away even when he was healthy. She said it could either be a lymph node or a cyst, but an ultrasound would determine that. It wasn't a big concern, but enough to get it looked at.   

 The ultrasound clinic called with a cancellation that night at 7 PM, that meant staying up past his bedtime, but we made it happen. He did pretty good, the hardest part for him was to lay still without talking - the kid doesn't stop talking and wanted to know what he was doing, what he was looking at, you name it - I say he got that part from his mama, but the non-stop talking is from Daddy! Haha. 
 The appointment was quick. When we got home he had a shower with M and then I promised him an episode of Bob The Builder. The Blue Jays were also playing, so we let him watching an inning with some Lux snuggles too!      
 Good Friday we spent outside working on the front garden and Mr. Noah had been bugging to ride his two-wheeler for a few weeks, but he struggled with it so much last fall we just kept putting it off because he was getting too frustrated. But we decided to give it a go and much to our surprise, he could do it!!! One little push and he was off pedalling. It will be a while before we can take the training wheels off, but we were soo proud of him!! What a difference a few months makes.      
 Em really just liked crawling around on the porch and pathway. As long as she is outside, she is happy!!      
 After nap we were all back outside working in the yard and next thing we knew it was supper time and we hadn't got anything out!! So these two went and picked up take out from the restaurant!! Nothing beats delivery from these two cuties!!     

 Saturday morning was rainy, we had originally planned to go to the village Easter egg hunt, but with the kids being sick, we decided to take an impromptu trip into town to the market and to pick up a few last minute things we needed for Sunday. We even stopped at McDonalds for breakfast and this guy had the whole play area to himself!!     

 The rest of the day was spent either playing or tidying up, or both.     
 Oh and little Miss Em decided to take her first steps!! We were all surprised and soo proud of her!! I love watching the kids experience their first milestones, being a parent can be soo trying at times, but by far the most rewarding!!     

 Sunday morning of course Noah slept in!! Stinker!! We ended up waking him up, so we could stick to our morning timeline since we were hosting Easter. He did a little egg scavenger hunter with his sister, which was tricky to separate the candy eggs for him and puff eggs for her!      

I am only posting the pics from my phone, not the ones off my camera, so you aren't seeing the pics of the two of them in the truck together, but they did have a blast until Em started getting tired!!
After breakfast we headed over to the farm for an egg hunt. We brought Noah's truck, so Em could ride along instead of carrying her. Maggie pretty much scouted out all the locations. We visited for a bit before heading back home for lunch and nap before all of my family came over.

 My Dad and C showed up first around 12:30 and the rest of my family, including M's parents came between 2 and 3! Em was less than impressed to have a houseful of 19 people in her space again, but she's gotta get over it!     

 M smoked 2 turkeys and we did a ham and potatoes. We had everyone else bring either a veggie, buns or dessert. So we had lots of food and it was really good!! The house cleared out around 7 with the exception of my Dad and C, who were spending the night. After we got the kids down, the rest of the evening was forcing Maggie and my Dad's dog to work things out. 
Monday morning, Noah was pretty sad to see Dad and C leave, he sure loves his Grandpas!!! 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

Wow, this week has been long and trying, if I'm being honest, but I find the week after a holiday to be that way most of the time.   
 Em has been stuck between taking a morning nap and not taking one. If she doesn't then she gets super fussy by 11:30 and if she does than she is hard to put down for the afternoon nap! I will say today she is on a roll with no nap, but it's also not 11:30 yet haha.  
 She is almost done her antibiotics and I made an appointment to follow up on her ears to insure the infection is gone. Can we just all be healthy already???

 Also on the topics of Em, she has taken her first steps!! One of my favorite milestones to witness. She will just do little stints, as she is not confident of the new found skill yet!!      

 We also got Noah's ultrasound results back and it is a lymph node, it looks fine, she isn't overly concerned and we will just watch it!!

     He's been having the rough week!! Three is hard!! With all this time outside lately, he hasn't not been coming in great and only wants to be outside. He is also taking FOREVER to eat meals lately, especially supper. It's painful. His new line on repeat lately is "but mom, I want to listen" or "I want to be a good boy". I'm sure you can imagine the response going through my head... at least he means well right??   
 We have made great strides in the potty training. He had a major regression with preschool, because he doesn't feel comfortable telling the teacher and then since he was getting away with it there, he thought he could pull it at home, well one big threat of going back to diapers did it and we have pretty much ditched pull ups all together. He did almost a week without issue, but yesterday wasn't a great day. So we have a sticker reward system in place and big prize after 2 weeks accident free with nap and bedtime exceptions. 

 Maggie's training has beeen going much smoother. She is getting better with not jumping up on people, and walking is going much smoother. We tried a family walk and she isn't quite ready for that yet, too distracting. It's a good thing Gracie isn't too upset about missing walks. She hasn't enjoyed walks since we lost Lily. Maggie's nose was a little out of joint when my Dad's dog spent the night, so we have had some behaviour issues with that, but I think we fixed that last night with a LONG training walk. I booked her spay for next month.

 What else has been going on? Oh this weekend we are going to see Peppa Pig Live!! Noah doesn't know yet, so we are looking forward to surprising him!!  
 I need to get Em's room done, it's driving me crazy and it's just all piling up in there! So hopefully I will find time for that this weekend! 

And it is officially 12 PM and Em is still surviving without melt down!!! Yay!!  

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Last Weekend Rewind

I know... this recap is from LAST weekend, I will get caught up one day??!!    
Friday I nursed Em for the last time. It was bittersweet. I loved that time with her, but with her being one, I just knew I was ready to be done. If she had her way, we would have kept going I'm sure, but she was down to nursing once a day. She is super snugly and demands that one on one time snuggling still, so I'm happy we can still snuggle and cuddle a lot!!          
 I went out with my girlfriend shopping for the evening and that was about it. I can't even say that I bought anything too exciting, aside from a decorative box for Em's hearing aid and some make up organization sorters.         
 Saturday morning was gymnastics, Noah did pretty good with the separation anxiety, but not so great with the listening. I don't know  how the coach does it. One coach with 7/8 kids is crazy. It's like herding wild cats really. It seems as though just most of the, didn't feel like listening and well she didn't really have control over the class, so while it was sang entirely Noah's fault, we did have a talk after and he didn't get a special treat after that class.          

 After nap, we spent the rest of the afternoon outside. I power washed the deck, while M and Noah did some yard work. 

Oh and my 3 year old taught me how to drive the backhoe. Crazy the things this kid knows. I'm really not joking either. His instructions also included "be careful Mom, you can't hit anything" and when we approached the stop sign "you need to stop here and look both ways." When we got home, he gave me a big hug and told me I did a great job!! I love that kid... 

Miss Em enjoyed her first bubble bath!! 

Sunday morning we had our first swimming class!! Noah did pretty good, he cried a bit, but worked it out and had fun. It was his fist class without us in the class with him!!  Em also had her first class and she LOVED it!! She pretty much smiled the whole class!! 


After nap, we had some friends come over dinner and they helped take down our fence on our driveway side. We haven't heard anything regarding our fence in the backyard- as you can see we are still sporting the snow fencing. I think I will miss the brightness.

We smoked ribs for supper, and the kids sure did have fun playing and they all played soo well!!  

 And since the deck was cleaned, that meant this little Miss could crawl around on it without getting too dirty!! She loved the new freedom!! 

Sunday night I started the dreaded leash training with Maggie. Holy heck it requires a lot of patience and stopping and correcting. I ended up figuring out a method for her and it got better as we went on. 


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tuesday Things

Sorry these weeks have been busy and we are all still down with this bad cold, add in nice weather means I am not finding time them sit and write. I have lots of posts started, but not yet finished!    I've been staying up too late for this body of mine and I am thinking after Easter I might just relax and slow down, well as slow as starting up the 21 day fix will permit that is! Yes, I am finally ready to make a change and get back on track! This mama wants her body back and we have officially stopped breastfeeding, so I have no excuses!! I am actually looking forward to it!!    So what have we been doing?    We took a fence down, we are training Maggie, Em got her hearing aid, lots of family walks, tonight I am hosting a dōTERRA make and take class, we are hosting Easter this weekend with my family - which I am looking forward to!! All my favourite people together celebrating at my house!! It's going to be fun!!   So what I will say is that I am trying to get back to this space of mine!!     

Friday, April 7, 2017

Emilya's Birthday Weekend

Wow, what a whirlwind weekend!! 

Friday night was spent working on Em's slideshow, we didn't really do anything exciting, yet somehow I stayed up past 11:00... only to wake up super early on Saturday morning.

  I was all about getting out of the house before 7:30, that way I could get to market early to get buns for the party. Well it was going good, I was gone by 7:30, got all the way into town, just about to go in the market and realized I didn't have my wallet. Happy April Fools to myself... ugh!!! If only there was someone to jump out and say just kidding... So I went in, ordered the buns, the lady was willing to hold them for me while I went back home to get my wallet. So it was after 8 before I got back to market, where I bought some lunch meat, the buns and flowers. Then it was off to run the rest of my errands. I finished right at 9:50 and of course Noah had gymnastics at 10:30 in town, so I ended up meeting them there.  

Gymnastics went much better today. He was welling up, but he pulled it together, I may have bribed him with a treat if he didn't cry, but it worked. He enjoyed his class, was able to understand was was expected of him and he did great! We were soo proud of him!!! 

I brought Em right home afterwards while the boys grabbed lunch. I unloaded the car, just in time for the boys to get home. We had lunch and then next thing we knew it was naptime!! Which meant more party prep time. I worked on the slide show of Em's first year. The rest of the day was pretty much spent tidying up the toys in the basement, playing, supper and then bedtime. Once we got the kids down, we decided to change the great room around and well, it was a big fail. We didn't like it at all!! I guess now we know? But a big waste of time. 

We also bathed Maggie before the kids went to bed- needless to say we had lots of help!!

I stayed up way to late again, and woke up super early again. But Sunday was party day!! Unfortunately Em wasn't feeling her best, her cold was back with a vengeance. We made her party a morning party, since that is when she does best, but either way it didn't matter, as she wasn't at her best. Add in 30 people and she was just not feeling it. She was pretty much just there, no smiles, just overwhelmed and happy to be held. Poor girl!! 

  I of course failed at taking before pictures, just as I did with Noah's, but it was cute!! Our theme was pink and gold unicorns. I'll let the pictures do the talking:  

We had all the kids make a handprint unicorn to take home:

I soo regret that birthday cake banner!!

All the cousins kiddos together:

The party décor - picture I took after!!

Her smash cake:


We were soo pleased to have soo many family and friends come over, heck my cousins from Saskatchewan made a special trip down. I was soo surprised and soo happy to see them and catch up!! It also gave Noah some time to play with Briar!! 

My cousins stuck around for a bit, giving the kids some one on one playtime and letting us catch up! Em was much happier with the smaller crowd and seemed to be back to her happy self! I think she was just overwhelmed with the large crowd, on top of not feeling the greatest!

After everyone left, we got both kiddos down for a nap. We tidied up and enjoyed some downtime ourselves before waking the kiddos to head to the park for some family fun, letting us take in the gorgeous weather.

We had a low key evening, just what we all needed after a busy day/weekend!

Monday was also a quiet day. These two had fun entertaining each other!


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