Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 2-4

This long weekend is never all that exciting over in these parts because M works it. 


 Friday night M did not have baseball!!! The kids had monster naps, so we let them stay up late and played in the backyard instead. We showed Noah how to play baseball and he is actually quite good at it!! We knew the kid could throw, but he is actually pretty good at hitting the ball too!!! He swears he is going to be a blue jay when he grows up!!  

Em wasn't all that keen on staying up and it didn't work in our favour for Noah either because he still woke up at 6:20. 
Saturday morning we opted to skip out on gymnastics, since I didn't have any help with Em and she won't just stay in my arms anymore - miss squirmy wormy! But you know what? We didn't even miss it!! 

We had a nice low key morning, good afternoon naps and some fun outside!!
 Em has come up with a new hobby... dirt eating! Yum!!

After supper we decided it was time to reward Noah for saying good bye to pull ups officially. He will still wear them to bed, but not for outings anymore. He said been ready for a while, but we either forgot to give him his gift or M and I just didn't feel like ready! But Noah was excited about the decision! And he loves his new loader - it came with a tool to take it apart and put it back together!! 

Sunday morning Mr. Noah helped Daddy with breakfast:

We also had swimming! Noah did pretty good listening, but they let him have toys in the class and that can be soo distracting to three year olds. 

Em did great, she went under water this week with no complaints. We are trying to teacher her how to blow bubbles, but it's kind of a joke at her age!!

  My sister and I went shopping in the afternoon, we hit up Costco, where I found this yummy smores pie. It's hard to turn down anything smores!!!  

I also got some pool floats, a float/lounger, shorts for Noah, groceries, etc. We went to Michaels looking for shrinking plastic and apparently they are sold out Canada-wide. Amazon to the rescue!!          It was a nice afternoon out, and it turns out I found new flooring that I love!! It's going to change our whole main floor (as we are going to redo the foyer, kitchen, great room, dining room, and master bedroom). We NEED to replace the great room/kitchen area for sure because of when we had the roof off the house, the moisture damaged the floors. Our bedroom floors are from my sisters house and the dining room is hardwood that we don't love. I think it will just look soo nice to have the same flooring mall throughout! 

 BUT! The change doesn't stop there.... if I go with this new flooring, it will not match my kitchen cupboards, so I will also be painting my cupboards white. I've dreamed of a white kitchen for soo long and considered this change for years, but painting wood scares me! But we are going for it!! I'm a little scared, but I think it will look great!! 

Mikes Dad came over dinner and played with the kids after supper and next thing we knew it was bedtime. 

 Mike was working on Monday, so I decided to be brave and take the kids to the Victoria Day parade on my own. The only trick I came across was when Noah said he had to pee.... I ended up asking the people beside us to watch our things and I took Noah to go pee in the parking lot!! I was grateful for a boy at that moment haha. We all enjoyed the parade, I am glad I went and will go again!!


Oh and we actually figured out why Noah is waking up soo early - he has to pee!! Sooo I can't really be mad about that, but we take him to pee and then he has to stay in his room until 7AM. 

After nap it was playtime outside before dinner. 

Em sure does love truck rides!! 

And that was our long weekend!! 

Tonight we are off to get our new flooring!!! 

Thursday, May 18, 2017


{making} I'm collecting supplies for upcoming kids craft for Father's Day!! Soo excited to try it!!! 
{cooking}  I'm soo over cooking these days... I think tonight will be chicken
{drinking}  water like it's my job... it kind of is these days!! 

{reading}  Still Alice for book club
{wanting}  longer weekends these days. With M working Saturdays right now, it makes for short weekends and less family time. 
{looking} forward to summer. Something tells me it is going to be soo much fun!!! 

{praying}  for health... it's been rough around these parts and I'm hoping we can all just be healthy for the summer now!! 
{planning}  our family weekend getaway this summer at Darian Lake... Luke Bryan is definitely involved!! 
{giggling}  constantly at my children. Noah's been have a rough go lately, but Em's personality just shines through and leaves us all laughing. 

{wishing}  there was more time in a day, because it's getting hard to get everything done these days. I know it's likely the spring rush.
{enjoying} getting back into shape. It's hard, but working out again is an excellent outlet for daily stress. 
{waiting}  to see Luke Bryan in August... 2nd row seats, VIP Private concert... you bet I can't wait!!
{liking} my new skin care routine the kids got me. The Arbonne RE9 is leaving my skin feeling soo good. Crazy the difference I notIce already!! 

{wondering}  when Em will start walking full-time. She's still cautious, but getting braver and will walk across the room now. 
{loving}  this sudden burst of summer weather we have!! 
{hoping} Noah adjusts soon to Daddy's new schedule and that he starts sleeping back in until 7! Poor guy just has soo much going on! 

{needing}  to work more on Maggie's training. Leash training is going great, but we need to work on basics too! She's got sit figured out. 
{smelling}  my Citrus Bliss essential oil diffusing. 

{work out} 21 DAY Fix! I'm going all in, except calorie counting instead. 
{wearing}  SHORTS!!! And a tank top!!! 
{noticing}  Old Navy Jeans, tank and cardigan!! 

{knowing}  this spring rush won't last forever and things will slow down again soon. Although life doesn't seem to slow down anymore. 
{thinking} non-stop these days about having another baby. I'm not sure where I stand. 3 was our number. 
{feeling} content

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

Friday was pretty laid back around these parts, we had fencers come to start the fence and let's just say, they are not all that quick. They managed to get some of the fence posts in... They were supposed to come back on Saturday, but they didn't, so we will see if they show up today!  
 It wasn't the nicest day out, just gloomy and windy. When M got home, the kids went outside with him, while I took Maggie for a walk. I started using the haltie and she walks sooo much better on it, granted she isn't a fan of it at all, but it works. M had baseball, so we got the kids to bed and the rest of the night was spent relaxing and catching up on my shows. I also did some reading before bed too. 
 Saturday morning wasn't off to a great start. It was the first Saturday M had to work and we had one little boy who wanted Daddy. He also no longer wanted to listen to Mommy, so that was fun. We managed to make it to gymnastics, but as I mentioned before we really are not enjoying this season. Noah did pretty good considering, but we did have some issues. M's Mom came to help me with Em and they had a much better time this week!!  
 On our way home, we noticed a lot of smoke towards home, turns out M got a firecall for a structure fire, which meant he was going to be later. The kids and I had lunch, played for a bit before naptime. I got the clothes hung on the line, and did some house work while the kids napped. M was actually home in decent time. When the kids woke up, we went outside to play!  I really just wanted the kids to get some Daddy time, so I cut the grass while they played. Em discovered she can climb up on the wicker couch:

We headed into town afterwards to get groceries and pizza for dinner!! After dinner we went for a walk/bike ride for this guy:

I cant get over how well he is doing soo quickly!! 
After we got the kids to bed, I took Maggie for a walk (she can't do family walks yet, because she gets too distracted and I can't risk setting back our training success at this point). My feet were awfully sore, so I decided to bust out the foot spa and have a detox soak. 

Sunday morning was an early start, but Noah was just too excited to see me! They got me flowers, a card and my new skin care line!
After breakfast we got the kids ready to go to swimming. It was review week and so far Noah is right on track and is able to do just about everything required to pass. He just needs to work on floating - that requires staying semi still lol. 
Em enjoyed her class as well:

Even the life jackets weren't all that bad, but she was not a big fan!!

We had a few quick errands to run before heading home with lunch. We had thrown togetehr some super last minute plans and had my mom, Mike's parents and my sisters family come for dinner. 

We put the bouncy castle up for them to play and they all had fun playing. We had a nice steak dinner with yummy DQ ice cream cake!!! 

After dinner we made my one request for the day was to get a picture of myself with the kids:

It's crazy how chaotic life can be, but I wouldn't change a thing!!

I had a great Mother's Day! I am honestly soo grateful for my children. I can't help but to remember how lonely this day can feel. Being a Mom is the most challenging job I will ever have, but it is the very best. 

We are currently transitioning to M's busy season and Noah is having a hard time with not seeing Daddy as much. So it's making for really long days!! I think as much as M counts down the busy days, we do too, just for different reasons.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday's Faves

It's been a while since I have talked about some of my favorite things, so here we go:  

 Succulents: I bought one over a month ago to see how we would make out, because I thought it would be something cute I could do with the kids and I'm happy to report we have kept it alive and we still have flowers!!!   

 So I think I will get some more and make a little succulent garden or get a nice bowl like these:

Not to mention, the cats seem to have no interest in this greenery!! 

Let's talk make up. It's  been a while that I have been using new make up (since November) and I can happily say I love the Arbonne line!!!!

The primer is my favorite and leaves my skin feeling soo soft and light:

And the CC cream is another must have! I used to use the Nuetrogena brand, but this doesn't even compare!! Not to mention it isn't horrible for your skin!! 

I am currently trying their new RE9 skin care line and LOVE it as well!! 

Moving on to the kids, I loved these shoes with Noah and my love continued on with Emilya! But girl choices are soo much more fun!! We love Parker and Posie!!! Now that Em is walking more and more, she is wearing shoes all the time because she slips with socks on and well we all know how annoying baby socks are!! I just got these in the mail in the next size up and I can't wait for them to fit her!

We are also completely on to the Munchkin Miracle 360 cups!! Soo happy Em finally switched because I hate leaky cups!!

Now granted, she will ONLY use the pink cup because she thinks all the other colours are her brothers at this point, so we had to buy a few more pink cups. If we give her another colour, she takes it to Noah. We are working on that with her haha.

I have been loving working out during naptimes, well if I'm being honest it's a love/hate relationship!! Obviously it's my only down time during the day, so as much as I would like to have lunch, sit and relax for a bit and tackle a job on the to-do list, I manage to get in my work out and not have to do it in the evening, on top of walking Maggie! I do find I have more energy to get through the work out!

Oh and let's talk chatbooks!! I have been working on making the kids photo a day albums now that they offer 365 page books. Obviously they have more than one photo a day, but I'm just soo happy to have a hard copy of all my pics of them the house! I got in Noah's first book and couldn't be happier!!

I am also loving that we are getting our new fence today and tomorrow!!! Couldn't have come at a better time since Maggie can't be outside as much as she would like since being spayed on Wednesday!! 

We don't really have big Mothers Day plans at this point or even nay major ones this weekend, which will be a nice change!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Weekend Rewind

The rain has finally ended and we have sunshine!! That was a long 4 days!!!

I'm going to rewind all the way to Thursday night! We were just finishing up dinner and saw an ambulance go by, which of course grabs any toddlers attention. Turns out it stopped at our neighbours!! They are an older couple, so M went right over to check on them. Turns out P had had a procedure earlier that day and is diabetic, he had passed out 3x and wasn't doing well, so they took him in the ambulance.

I ended up taking his wife up to the hospital so she didn't have to drive. Noah was pretty worried, we talked about it when I got home and he seemed better.

 As soon as he woke up on Friday morning he wanted to draw the neighbour a picture and give him a hug! How could I say no!! So he put this together for him, putting stickers on the back and all and I ran it over and taped it on their door for when they got home!

I was soo proud of him for wanting to do that.    
 Later that morning he had a shopping date with Grandma, while Em and I had a little girl time

Mikes ball ended up being cancelled because of all the rain, so I took advantage and did a few oil drop offs and ended up helping a friend make a diaper cake!! We did learn some new bow making techniques. 

Saturday morning was gymnastics and it did NOT go well. I think the rain had all the kids just wired. We decided to run a few errands afterwards, which went well as far as the kids went, but people were just miserable and impatient and didn't know how to drive!! 

When the kids went down for a nap, I decided to lay in bed, snuggle with Mags and start my book club book - Still Alice. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing in the basement. 

Sunday morning we woke up to sunshine!! What a pleasant sight after not seeing it for soo long!! We all had to get ready for Hannah's first communion. Somehow we forgot to do hair cuts on Saturday, so I ended up cutting both boys hair! I will say nothing is more haunting than hearing Noah say "look Mom I can do it too" with scissors in his hand... my bad! Luckily he didn't do much damage. 

Does anyone else iron kids shirts with their hair straightener? 

I had straightened my hair and didn't want to heat up the iron... I only needed to do the cuffs and collar. 

We ended up parking right by the old train station in Tillsonburg and Noah was obsessed with this caboose. Now granted we bribed him to sit through church like a good boy and he could go on it!! 

This is pretty much my new favorite pic of him!!! He is soo grown up these days!! 

We went back to my sisters for a little gathering before we headed home for naps! 

Why is taking family photos soo challenging??? 

After nap we had to get these kids outside while the sun was shining! It was cool, but cabin fever is a real things after all the rain we had!! I also had to get Miss Maggie out for a walk. She chewed her leash in half, so I had to use the extend-a-leash and let's just say our walk was horrible, that leash is only good for rollerblading or running with her. 

Monday I had to take Em to the audiologist and I am finally happy to report she is infection free!! Let's just say I couldn't be happier!!! 

This big guy had fun with Grandma while we were gone! 

And Miss Em had other plans for naptime while I was trying to work out. Cursed car naps... I did get the workout in!! Turns out she is also working on not 1, but 2 molars!! 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Weekend Rewind

Almost caught up on the daily life!!! Phew!

 So let's go back to Friday. M called me Friday around 5 PM to tell me that someone broke into his truck and stole his lunch pail with his wallet in it, his laptop, along with 2 other wallets and a cell phone from his employees. So needless to say, he was home late by the time he talked to the police, etc. What a pain in the butt!!   

 So Saturday morning M had to go get a new ID, health card, and replace his lunch pail, the laptop, etc. This meant I had both kids to take to gymnastics. 
Because of the issues last week at gymnastics, I wanted to stay in the gym with him, so we had M's Mom come to help watch Em, so I could focus on Noah. Em was not a fan of this idea, and was super clingy with being sick, on top of what we assume is teething. M's Mom ended up pushing her stroller around while she cried herself to sleep. Look at this pug face:  

 M met us to pick up lunch with Noah and we came home to eat and get the kids down for a nap. M went back out to finish his errands

 After nap, we decided to bring out the bouncy castle since the weather was decent!! Em LOVED it!! Noah did too, but now that Em is more mobile, she's a big fan, especially when her brother jumps!! 

My Dad took us out for dinner at the restaurant and it was actually enjoyable with two kids haha. 
After we got the kids in bed, I took Miss Crazy for a walk to run off some energy before I went out for the evening! 

A bunch of girls on our book club went to the village pub for karaoke night! It was super busy, but a whole lot of fun! This mama got home at 2 AM! Let's just say Sunday morning came early despite sleeping in until 8:00! 

We had breakfast with my Dad before he headed back home and we went swimming class. Noah sure will miss having him around. 

After swimming we went to the farm for lunch! This guy was pretty happy to have seen both grandpas on one day!! 

Miss Em is obsessed with this chair too!!

The rest of the day was pretty low key at home.

Now onto another weekend and it's pretty wet and soggy around these parts!! 


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