Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Rewind

I feel like I just posted my weekend recap! Seriously time is flying and I know I mentioned that last weekend too.

Friday night we ended up driving to London buy our crib!! We love it! We grabbed dinner afterwards at Jack Astors! Delish!

Saturday I woke up feeling refreshed after sleeping the whole night, a first in a long time. I woke up feeling like a new woman! We celebrated with homemade waffles!!

Then we went straight to work, no play! We finished cleaning the windows (I wasn't able to do the outside or to get some of the screens out, so now we have squeaky clean windows and M had a new chore he likes to do:

We cleaned the main floor of the house and then headed back upstairs to my office. We tackled a bit up there, but then we had to get ready to go for dinner with N & M at Milestones in Cambridge. So of course we hit up target! I found a cute yellow and grey tank and a maternity t-shirt spending a total of $10! Great deal! We didn't really have time to rummage, and the maternity clothes were all in with regular clothes, so I just stuck with what I happened to find!

Dinner was great! It had been a while since we had hung out, so it was nice to catch up! Dinner was good too! We were home by 9 and settled in on the couch and watched No Strings Attached! That movie was great even the 2nd time around.

I lucked out with another great night of sleep, I did get up a few times, but woke feeling rested. I did some more housework, laundry, you know all that fun, while M was helping a friend install a sewer line.

He was home just in time for my cousin to stop in for a visit on her way home! She is a pilot for Air Canada, so she is away often, so it was nice to have a chance to catch up! M took the back-hoe back to the farm, so I packed up the girls in my car and headed over the farm and we took the dogs for a walk to the back of their 100 acre fields. Always a nice walk back there and the dogs love it! Although they have free range when we go there, they get excited to go back with us.

We came home, sat down to relax for a bit and sure enough, just as dinner is just about ready M gets paged out for a medical call. I swear its always when have company, heading somewhere or having a meal - but whatever, duty calls, I wouldn't trade a thing.

After dinner we did end up relaxing.

Today I am off to London again to take Mom to an appointment!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Friday Friends

The last weekend of September is here! I feel like September flew right on by! 

Last night we went an picked up paint swatches for the nursery! I have found the perfect teal, now we are choosing a grey! I want something warm since the teal is brighter. I have a few options, but it's hard to pick the right one! 


I'm hoping to cross a few more things off my to-do list since this is the last weekend in September. The crunch is on!! We have some work to do upstairs in my office and the nursery! 

We have dinner Saturday night with N and M at Milestones! 

M is going to be helping a friend on Sunday install his sewer line, so I am hoping to tackle a few more projects here around the house! 

The windows are all clean! M just has to take some screens out that I couldn't do to wash them and I will wash the window behind them! Crazy the difference clean windows make! 

The cats and dogs all got paw-dicures today! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013


I just realized it has been months since I have posted one of these, so I feel it's time for update on my current status.

I am reading: The Memory Keeper's Daughter.... I am only on page 52... hopefully I will get back to it now! Oh this is still the same! I totally suck at following through with reading!

I also read Oh The Places You Will Go weekly to the baby! Does this count? lol

Listening to:
One Direction: Little Things
Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran - Everything Has Changed
Thinking About: Getting organized. I've going on and on about this, but I have been brainstorming various ideas on how to implement changes.
Loving: This sweet baby inside of me. My loving husband and our crazy animals!
Drinking: Water and a lot of it. I'm loving milk again and orange juice.
Watching: Chicago Fire, The Voice, PARENTHOOD, Grey's Anatomy, Law & Order SVU, X Factor. Love the fall TV line up!
Missing: I'm not really sure, I am really happy with where I am in my life right now!
Need to: clean windows, clean the bath tub, organize the mudroom... my list is ongoing.
Cooking: I just want everything sweet! It's bad. I'm trying not to bake anything. Although I made Jello last night and it was tasty!
Very Grateful: For where I am in my life today. I am grateful to come out of my struggle with infertility feeling entirely blessed. Infertility will always be with me, but knowing that there is a sweet baby growing inside of me despite the odds and numbers against me, I will only encourage those still struggling to never give up, even when you are about to consider it. I was there and here I am pregnant. Always have HOPE!
Looking Forward To: Seeing the baby next week with our ultrasound. Getting the nursery together and getting organized.
Creating: some projects for the baby. I'm thinking of starting a blanket, crocheted or quilted, can't decide!
Chevron quilt tutorial
Chunky Striped Modern Crochet Baby Blanket by OfMoonAndStars
I really want a chevron one for the baby, but I am going to have one made, because I cannot figure it out.
Planning: Putting up the kitchen back splash! Decorating the nursery after we pick a paint color. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday Loves

It's Wednesday already! What? I swear the weeks seem to go by quicker or something!!
Happy Anniversary goes out to my sister and BIL:
Crazy how young we look:


I'm loving that TV is back for the fall season! I loved me some Chicago Fire and X-Factor last night and I'm super excited about Greys Anatomy and Parenthood are back this week too on Thursday!! 

If you don't watch Parenthood, you should, it's pretty much my fav! It deals with everyday issues with family, friends, sickness, etc.

Revenge and Keeping Up With The Kardashians starts back up on Sunday!! 

Today I get to hang out with C!! She's down to spend time with her family, who came down for her wedding! I pretty much jump at the opportunity to hang with her when she's down from up North! 

Yesterday I had my blood work done to check my thyroid, which they watch closely during pregnancy and not only did the guys jab the needle into my arm, but then scratched me with the needle when it pulled it out of my arm! Not impressed!! 

I got the rest of my photos yesterday, love how they turned out! I will post more soon! 

I also finished editing the engagement session I did 2 weeks ago and delivered that yesterday! Happy to have that off my to-do list! 

Can't wait for my toe to feel better so I can walk the dogs and take advantage of this nice weather!! 

Happy Wednesday Friends!! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

15 Weeks

How Far Along:
15 weeks
Size Of Baby?
Maternity Clothes?
Mainly wearing mat jeans, aside from yoga pants at home and pj pants still fit. Tank tops I have from before are still working, a few shirts from before I tried on and they were too short... my bras are getting too small again. Thank God for sports bras! My dress for C's wedding fit!! It only started to get snug by the end of the night and by the next day Baby V was bumpin' out like crazy!! 
Stretch Marks?
None yet.
We will find out in March!
Small improvements. Still napping less, although I find I sleep the best during a nap.
Eggs are still a big no. I am loving orange juice over apple juice. Apple juice has been making my mouth feel funny inside. I did make M stop and grab me a cheeseburger after his ball game this week, because someone mentioned a cheeseburger at the game and that sounded great! But with that I am not loving fast food.
This week while checking up on the babe, I could hear it kicking and *may* have felt one, but still have no idea what I am feeling for! At the wedding when the music started I felt half an hour of twinges and feelings I have never had!! Still not sure if it's baby, but it could have been!

Weight Gain:
According to my last doctor's appointment, just 1 pound!

Great, still some cramping here and there, and headaches are more frequent. My nose is like a tap! 
Going maternity clothes shopping. We hit up Buy Buy Baby in the States and found soo many things we will want for Baby V!  Finding a stroller we love:

Bumbleride - Indie

Carries wedding!! It was awesome!! We had a great time! 
Baby V received his/her first bit of mail!!
 Thank you Alison!! We love it!!!

Belly Button?
In - if it comes out I will be shocked!
Best Moment of the Week?
Carries wedding again would be probably one of the best moments. Slow dancing with M felt entirely different with a bump between us now! M couldn't help saying how different it felt, but both of us loved it! 
Picking out baby items with M was definitely fun! I loved hearing is input as to why he liked certain item over others haha.

Crazy Pregnancy Moment:
Spilling on myself 3 times in one day in one outfit! First OJ all over my shirts and car, then water all over my jeans while trying to clean up the OJ, then lemonade down the front of my shirt! I swear if I spilt one more time I would have had one of those crying over spilt milk moments... Such a clutz!!
Bump Pic:
We actually didn't get around to taking an official bump pic with being at the wedding this weekend, but this one was taken: 

Looking Forward To:
October 4th!!! Can't wait to see baby V again and meet with my new OB!! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Wedding Weekend Rewind

Our weekend was great!! The wedding was beautiful, probably one of the best we have been to and it was awesome celebrating two people we love!

Friday morning we drove up 5 and 1/2 hours north to North Bay. Traffic was crazy the roads were literally closing with accidents and we had just enough time to get off before getting caught in swarms of traffic for hours. The drive once we got far enough North, away from the big cities was breath taking with colors, and just truly beautiful! We made it there, visited for a while, before heading to the location which was in Mattawa, about 30-45 minutes further north. The location was just as breath taking as the drive up. It was being held at the Canadian Ecology Centre, in case anyone has been in the area. Amazing. We decorated the hall, rehearsed, had dinner, said goodbye to the boys who were staying in the cabins there that night, and us girls headed back to Carrie's in the rain. We had a typical girls night, C tried on her dresses to see when she should wear which one. It was great.

Saturday, we squished a few issues with the decorations via texting the boys, and what not, and headed to the hair salon to get ready. We all had our hair and make up done, picked up the flowers, grabbed lunch and headed back to Mattawa to get ready in our cabin.

The rain was just coming down and we were losing hope of it actually stopping for the ceremony which was outdoors. We did pictures inside, with a few outside before the ceremony. M called and said he was going forward with doing the ceremony outside, so they mopped the chairs off as people were arriving, as the rain was just beginning to hold off.

We drove down to the ceremony site which was right on the river, absolutely beautiful! Just as I was starting to walk down the isle the rain started to drop again, but stopped just as C was coming down the isle. I give M some great photo credits! He took most of the pics all weekend!!

Needless to say the rain held off in time for the ceremony and pictures after. It was perfect.
How cute are these two?
Us and the brand new couple!!!

After the ceremony and pictures, we got C changed into the reception dress, hard to believe this girl got 2 dresses, one of which was made for $400!!! Waaay under budget and she looked gorgeous in both!!
The rest of the night was great, a lot of fun, great food, a lot of dancing. We had a great time. The only hitch for myself was I stubbed the crap out of my big toe on the E-brake in the flex. I was a bleeding mess (luckily M was able to clean it up for me) and it was sore for the rest of the night, just throbbing, but I wasn't going to let that hold me back from having a good night! M and I called it a night around 1:30 ish and headed back to our cabin. I was beat! 
Sunday morning we went for breakfast with everyone and headed home from there. We were home around 4:30. Our drive was actually pretty easy. 

When we got home, we cleaned my toe properly, which did not feel the best, got into our comfy clothes, made a quick dinner and relaxed all night long. The dogs came home around 5:30 from the lake with Grandma and Grandpa. Sounds like they had a good weekend too!

Today I am going to try to stay off my feet, as my ankles are retaining some fluid, which I am not surprised by, with how busy my weekend was. Dinner is in the crock pot and I have some photos to edit.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

This and That Thursday

Today is a busy one, soo much to get done and soo little time!! So here is the bullet break down happening in my mind today:

- C's wedding is this weekend!! I cannot wait to spend the weekend with her and her hubs to be!! 

- my dress still fits!! Remember I got this away back in April and was going to have to have it taken in because it was too big? Well guess what, no taking it in, the dress just fits!! Crazy how things have a way of working out!! 

- had a nice impromptu coffee date with J today! It was great to catch up, I feel like I've been so busy with my own life that it was nice to take a break and chat with a good friend!! 

- I need to pack for the weekend, and with it being up north, I'm not even sure what to pack, the weather is soo different up there. 

- I'm trying to come up with organization strategies, my lack of organization over the last I dunno 10 years of life is finally catching up to me. I've come up with the idea of making a bill binder, instead of a filing system. I've been keeping utility bills for years, why?? Lol! I thought I had to! Now I plan to just keep a year at a time! I told M that we literally have 4 monthes to get our lives straight. That sounds like I'm a user or something, but it has just dawned on me how unorganized we are and how habitual it has become. Now with me home, I thought it would get better, but I am in over my head! 

- I need to do my gel nails! I bought this super cute OPI mini bottle that is super neutral, yet has no name! I literally feel ripped off, I love the names!! 

- I updated my Ipad with the new operation system for apple. Not sure how I feel about it! Big change!! 

- I'm actually starting to feel a bit better. My nose hasn't been dripping nearly as much so far today!! 

- our weekend starts early!! M is off tomorrow because of the wedding!! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! I'm sure we will!! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

14 Weeks

How Far Along:
14 weeks
Size Of Baby?
Maternity Clothes?
Yes and no. I am still wearing a combination. I did start wearing my mat jeans more often, but I am still wearing my regular shirts.
Stretch Marks?
None yet.
We will find out in March!
We will share in March, our girl names are pretty much set, but we go back and forth with the one boy name we have! We haven't agreed on a back up or found one we like!
Not great! My allergies are the real culprits behind this, just when I think they are getting better, they don't.
The cheesies are still great!! I am wanting milk all of a sudden? Aversions would be red meat, spices, and eggs.
I don't think so!

Weight Gain:
According to my doctor's appointment, just 1 pound! I was shocked to hear that!

Great, still some cramping here and there, and headaches have started. I have started to nap less, but find I end up going to bed early on those days.
What I Miss?
Nothing! I am seriously loving being pregnant! I guess one complaint would be not being able to take my allergy meds to make myself feel better.
Love seeing my body transform soo far. Had a check up with my family doctor and I am done seeing her now and will be seeing my OB now! Our pictures being done!!! Here are the sneak peaks I received!! I love them!!

Belly Button?
In - if it comes out I will be shocked, but I definitely noticed my belly button felt strange this week?
Best Moment of the Week?
Having our pics done was pretty awesome!

Bump Pic:


Looking Forward To:
Our first appointment with our OB!! And our next ultrasound!! Oct. 4th!! Just a few weeks away! Buying mat clothes.

(this is last weeks bump date, as I am 15 weeks this week. I plan to post these on Tuesdays here on in)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend REwind

We had a great weekend!!!
Friday night I watched The Big Wedding - it was pretty good, with a cast loaded with potential! No complaints!
Saturday M went into town and got our groceries done, while I started emptying the bedroom, folded laundry, and figured out our outfits for pictures.

Dress was from Giant Tiger (I lucked out, as I don't shop there often at all and it was only $15)

He then went and did an oil change on my car afterwards at the farm and cleaned it out for me!! Sweet husband!!
We changed the bedroom round, it may have taken us waaay longer than I care to admit, because we couldn't get our furniture to fit just right, but we made some compromises and got it done. And during the two nights we have had it switched I have slept soo much better. My allergies are starting to lighten up a bit, a small improvement that I will take!
Our pictures went well, I can't wait to see how they turn out! The sunlight was soo co-operative.

When we got home, we finished working on the bedroom and called it a night! I knew I had to get up early the next morning!
Sunday we were off by 9, instead of 8 because we couldn't find my updated car insurance forms, so we had papers everywhere when we came home, which I am dealing with today!
Our shopping trip was great! I got some great deals:
- 2 pairs of maternity jeans $30
- 4 packs of maternity underwear - $20 - should have been $40+
- 1 pair of black khaki like pants - $12
- 1 tankini top - $7
- 4 maternity t-shirts $35
- 2 dressier shirts - $45
- 1 pair of amazing leggings - $20
- 3 jugs of raspberry lemonade - $6
- Starburst Candy Corn (yum!!) - $4
- some gifts for someone special coming soon....
Baby V didn't get very much, nor did M, but overall we went for maternity clothes and that we got!! Plus I got to show M what I might look like in a few months with the bump simulator. I definitely caught him off guard! haha.
We had Chili's, for lunch and Cheesecake Factory for dinner, oh and for breakfast haha that cake is delish and I barely made a dent in it!!!
We found a stroller we love love love:
Its called a Bumbleride - Indie.
Reasons we love it:
- super lightweight
- folds compact
- compatible with our car seat
- great for all terrain
Oh and it's super cute! I was thinking I would end up getting 2 strollers, one for all terrain and one for shopping/traveling with that was lightweight because most all terrains are heavy and don't fold small. This one had it all!!!  
Our trip back home was long!! I guess there was a Buffalo Bills Game on yesterday and that just packed the border right up, plus construction = a very long 1.5 hour wait! We were supposed to get home at 9:30, and arrived at 11 PM!
I was beat! M was beat, and luckily M's parents had let the dogs out in the afternoon when they got home from the lake! We were soo worried about them!
Then poor M slept through his alarm and didn't wake up until after he was supposed to be at work... Good thing he works with his Dad!! Family business perks? LOL!
As for me, I have a lot of organizing to do, something I am not great at! I totally need a personal organizer to come into my home and show me how its done!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!
Aside from the fact that we just went from 30 degree plus humidex weather to 10 degrees today dropping to 2 with a wind chill of 0 tonight... Maybe we just skipped over my favorite season of fall?
1. We have our photoshoot tomorrow!! I am pretty pumped about this! I have nailed down my outfit to the coral lace high-low dress, brown boots and belt with a jean jacket!! Plus my sister gave me a necklace to wear, I just need to make sure it matches!
2. We have decided to change our bedroom around sooner than later, due to my frequent bathroom breaks and tripping over the dogs in the bedroom. So I am going to have to bump something off my to-do list... because this is getting done tomorrow. We weren't planning on changing the bedroom around until closer to the baby comes to set up for the bassinet to be in our bedroom. But my bladder wins.
3. Shopping in the US this weekend also excites me, as my wardrobe is changing everyday with this baby bump that seems to go up and down in size as of late! Speaking of wardrobe I need to try on my dress for the wedding next weekend. I tried it on a few weeks ago and it went from being big, to having just a little extra room in it, so I am nervous about it is going to fit next weekend!
4. This cracks me up! I find it soo very true and I am not a fan of the pumpkin:
5. This is not a great thing from this week, maybe the worst thing of the week... while I was away last night taking Hannah to dance class (which oh my goodness - so cute) M decided he would cook hot dogs in the house. Now I may not have mentioned this on the blog before but the smell of hot dogs boiled in the house makes me gag on good day... thank you food poisoning from them as a teenager, I still to this day cannot eat them, no matter how they are cooked. I came home last night and could smell the nauseating smell, he even had our scentsy going to try to mask the smell, but I could only smell these boiled hot dogs - it was soo bad. Pregnancy nose only makes smells stronger. He will not be cooking hot dogs in the house again... maybe on the burner on the BBQ, but not in the house. Lesson learned!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

First Trimester Recap (Weeks 4-13)

On June 28, 2013, I had taken a home pregnancy test - just a cheap internet one, in the middle of the afternoon, because just in case I was pregnant I didn't want to drink, as it was the long weekend. This test came back positive, but because of our previous month's scare, I didn't believe it. I showed M when he got home from work and we decided I wouldn't drink Friday night until another test confirmed it on Saturday morning.

On June 29, 2013, I had to pee at 5 AM, so I lined up 3 different tests that I just happened to have kicking around from cheapest to most expensive. After the first came back positive, I tested the 2nd one - positive and then pulled out the digital one (one I have always feared using because I hated seeing NOT PREGNANT) and sure enough it said PREGNANT 1-2. Something I had never seen before. My eyes filled with tears. I went into the bedroom with the digital test, turned on the light and tried to wake up my hung-over husband and told him I was really pregnant - this was really happening! He was happy, but managed somehow to go back to sleep. So I texted a few close friends and my sister. It felt like forever for anyone to respond, including my husband. I was wide awake and on cloud 9. Finally M came around and was just as excited as I was. I had to swear him to secrecy because we were around all our friends this weekend and I didn't want any slip ups. 

Week 4:
- Going to the doctor to have blood work done to confirm the pregnancy. Getting the return calls from the fertility clinic with excellent news! Something I wasn't used to!
- Telling my Mom and Dad, as well as a few close friends who were cheering us along this journey
- Celebrating Canada Day weekend in a way I will never forget
- on cloud 9!!! This is such a surreal feeling after waiting soo long and getting bad news after bad news. Not at all what I expected after hearing my AMH was worse.
- Blessed, excited, scared, so very grateful.
Week 5:

- first prenatal appointment with my family doctor
- Scared, as my Mom had her stroke this week. I was scared about losing her, or the stress impact that this could have on the baby. Luckily my family doctor had given me tips for handling it all, but it didn't take the worry away.
Week 6:
- telling M's parents when they got home from vacation
- excited about our ultrasound next week!!
- Tired. Not sure if its the stress catching up to me, or if its the pregnancy.
- Hungry all the time! Can't get through the night without needing a snack. Our bed is stacked with granola bars.
- Don't like eggs.
Week 7:
- Our ultrasound!! We videotaped the heart beating. It was soo amazing to see!!
- Baby was measuring one day ahead!
- Baby measured 1 cm long. Soo tiny!
- My eyes filled with tears when the ultra-sonographer told us you were in there.
- Listening to the heartbeat - I could listen to it all day long. Nothing short of amazing!
- Super tired.
- had my first bout of all day nausea this week.
Week 8:
- week 8 was rough. I had started spotting, very minimal, but still enough to scare myself.
- Scared. Our doctors didn't seem concerned, as there was no blood and it stopped.
- Tired.
- craving French fries
Week 9:
- 9 weeks ultrasound!! Seeing sweet Baby V wiggling around in there.
- Watching M's face and reactions to seeing the baby and how much it has changed. He was soo excited and it just melted my heart to see that. He was excited at the last ultrasound, but seeing the baby moving was something we will never forget.
- having our last appointment at the fertility clinic. After 4 long years going there almost monthly, sometimes daily, it was surreal to done going there. This struggle was over! Our doctor is very happy with how my pregnancy is progressing, and gave us the clear to announce it!
- Baby's heart beat was 179 and measured 2.4 cm and still a day ahead!
- so incredibly blessed. This baby is a true miracle.
- Hungry all the time!!
- Tired
- craving French Fries

Week 10:
- Telling all of our friends and family members!!
- Baby is considered a fetus now!
- We are in double digits now!! It wont be long before we are counting down to single digits!
- Finding the baby's heart beat at home on the Doppler!
- Baby is starting to bump out now
- like Baby V is soo loved and lucky to have our family and friends in the baby's life! Everyone's reactions this past week have warmed my heart. Feels great to share our little secret with the world!
- I am soo very tired, I cannot get comfortable for the life of me!
- still craving French fries

Week 11
- finding the baby's heart beat at home is soo easy now! I just love listening to the baby.
- seeing M now check out strollers as people walk by, trying to pick out the things he likes about them.
- Going to Baby-R-Us to get a pregnancy wedge and check out baby stuff.
- Baby bump is really starting to pop now!
- Gracie has started to figure out I'm pregnant. She sits in front of me and stares and wont leave my side.
- Baby received his/her first gift from a friend. A sweet book for me to start reading to him/her.
- Bought a belly band to wear with my shorts that are now not so comfy to do up!
- sleeping better now
- allergies are starting up - not fun!
- a few dizzy spells this week
Week 12
-bought a baby bjorn this past week.
- received some hand-me-down maternity clothes
- started emptying out the nursery and planning how we want it.
- spotted again this week, nothing major, still no blood, but found baby's heart beat and felt reassured.
- can hear the baby moving and kicking on the Doppler. 
- Allergies are horrible, not getting much sleep
- lots of aches and pains due to blowing my nose and sneezing
- a bit scared when the spotting came again, but felt better after I heard the baby.
- gave into a craving of A&W and it wasn't as good as my mind made it up to be.
- still can't do eggs, not loving red meat, pasta or spices.
- Craving waffles and apple crisp.
13 Weeks:
- Being in the 2nd trimester now!! Yay!
- still hearing you kick on the Doppler, M thinks it is pretty funny
- felt some flip flops that I have never felt before, I don't know that it was baby, but something to do with the pregnancy. Time will tell when I actually know what I am feeling for! I know it is too early now!
- Started wearing maternity jeans, they are still a bit too big, but more comfy than wearing my regular jeans with a belt because they are too big.
- The belly rubbing has begun from friends and family! Luckily no strangers.
- Decided on white furniture. M finally budged on something regarding the baby! Still will NOT budge on finding out the sex. He is adamant that we will not be finding out. I can agree with his reasoning - there are very few surprises in life.
- aches and pains continue. I'm thinking round ligament pain.
- allergies are continuing to worsen!
- still not sleeping, napping when I can.
- Cravings: Cheesies and cherry blasters made it home this week and man were they amazing!! Waay better than before, yet not something I would usually buy.
Next week I will start with 14 weeks (the week I am in now), so the bump dates will be one week behind. Just so I can fully recap the whole week.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What I Am Loving

I figure its been a while since I have listed some of the things I am loving as of late!

This weekend we have a photo session booked with a new photographer that I have found in the area. I am purchasing a small package which will give us just a few pictures, which is all I need and just enough to try her out. I purchased a coral lace high-low dress and I am torn as to wear my brown boots with it or my strappy sandals. I'm leaning more towards the boots.

It is super hot out again today, yesterday was too. I'm not complaining, just getting myself ready for fall!
We are going shopping in the states this weekend as well - which means I will finally be buying my maternity clothes!! I'm actually excited to go maternity shopping!
I had an engagement photo session on Monday evening and I am soo happy with how the pictures are turning out!! Here are a few of my favs:

We have decided on a theme for the nursery we think... we have both agreed on doing teal, grey and white, and although I want to incorporate chevron in some way, shape and form, here is an idea:

M finally budged on a white crib, as he wanted a wood finish.
Last but not least I am loving this quote about Baby V!! It is soo true, I have a smile on my face constantly lately!


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