Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Picture Post

You might just get a two post blogger today!!!

Here is my blog swap gift from sweet Alison, I hope I photographed it all!!! (I forgot the soap)

Excuse the phone picture, it is all I am able to use right now... but the quality is much better than my old phone!!

LOVED EVERYTHING!! The cats even loved the elastic around the cafe mocha jar!!!

Here are the typography photos I did:

They were soo much fun to do!!!

Excuse the curtains, we had just begun tearing it apart when I realized I didn't have any before pictures!

the rug was even already pulled up!

Naked window

Outside looking towards the patio

Standing on the patio looking in!!

and now....

Naked, but wow, what a difference. Now I need to get on the curtain painting!!
I have put on the old ones for now!

I forget what else I needed to post pictures of, but this will do for now!! I hope to be back for what I am loving Wednesday and Oh So Pinteresting, depending on how my day is of course!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away - Come Again Another Day

Wow we are getting a TON of rain, but I am more than happy it is rain!!! Snow and I don't get along. Although I heard we may get some of that tonight :(

Sorry I missed blogging again yesterday, I ended up doing some typography for a client! They ended up looking something like this:
Pinned Image

This was the first typography project I did and it was a lot of fun!!! I will try to remember to post the ones I did!!

I also ended up getting my new phone:
BlackBerry® Curve 9360

It is sooo cute!!!

And last night ended up being bath night for the dogs!!!

Let me think back to what my weekend was like...

Friday - M and I chilled at home. With him working Saturdays it kind of kills the social life lol, but that is okay!

Saturday - I went shopping with my mom and H. We tackled my sisters 3 page grocery list.... yes 3 pages... with a toddler.... in Walmart!!! I think we are crazy!!! H was totally done by the end of it! I will admit I was shopped out too!! Have I ever mentioned how much I hate shopping at this time of the year? Mini rant: People need to be patient and less rammy! Don't park your cart in the middle of an isle so no one can get around you! Don't ram your cart into the back of my heels! Okay, I will stop there.... you probably all know what I am talking about!!

M attempted to make the same dinner I made last Friday and FAILED...

I watched Marley and Me Saturday night, which only stirred up soo many emotions!!! Why do I do this to myself?! I LOVE the movie, but it had me in tears. I can relate to that movie sooo much!! Not to mention Diamond looked like Marley, especially in the end!!

Man I miss her!!! M had come up to bed by the end of the movie and we were both in tears!!! We laid in bed and reminisced about her!!

She was such a good sport!!!

She came to the wedding... okay the pictures portion!!!

Loved boating and had mastered the I can sleep sitting up!!

Although we had rescued her and didn't have a destructive dog, I think Lily's puppy stage made up for that... and Dimey had to put up with her....

Miss you Dimey!!!

Sunday - we headed to KW and hit up Costco and Henry's! I am trying to choose between the Canon T2i and the Nikon 3100!!

That was pretty much our weekend....

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! I will hopefully get caught up on blog reading soon!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

November... Where Did You Go?

Wow, I can't believe it is only a MONTH until CHRISTMAS!!! Where the heck did November go?!

Yesterday we got our new window installed in the great room, what a DIFFERENCE!! I will be honest I was a bit scared that it would make the room look smaller, since we didn't get a bow window, we got a picture window with a window on each side that opens. If anything the window almost opens the room up more and we now have a GREAT view of our backyard!!! The cats are not soo happy that their lounge spot has disappeared, but I'm over it! There is still a sill for them to sit on! Pictures to come when I find my ghetto old camera....

Everything went smoothly in London as well yesterday, except for the Christmas shopping :( I sucked at that part big time!!!

When I came home, I found 3 shipments at the post office, two of which were gifts I had bought for people and 1 was my blog swap gift!!! I was absolutely SPOILED!!! Thanks Alison!!!! I will do a post on that soon too... mission this weekend will be to find my old camera!!

I feel like I have sooo much more shopping to do!!! I am running out of time!!

I also need to get camera shopping... all my lovely friends who take pictures - what camera do you have?! Or - what would you recommend??

I am happy that Canada has stepped on board with the black Friday sales, not to the extent of the states, but more so than before!! Now we just have to get the day off!!! haha!

I hope all my American readers had a great Thanksgiving and continue to enjoy the weekend festivities!!! And for us Canadians - I wish us a warm and fantastic weekend!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Typical Wednesday

Granted us Canadians had our Thanksgiving in October, I must admit I enjoy reading about the American Thanksgiving traditions!! It seems that you go all out for Thanksgiving, more so than us Canadians, or maybe it is just a lot different than the way we (as in my family's) celebrate! Doesn't help that we missed our family's thanksgiving this year either...

So I am loving how grateful everyone is at this time of the year! I wish it lasted all year, but we all know that isn't the usual case. I am working really hard on accepting both the good and bad in my life and trying to be grateful no matter what! After all I do have soooo many things to be thankful for.

I am loving that we had our first winter storm last night and we lucked out with mostly rain!!! There was a bit of freezing rain, but no snow!!! I wasn't happy to come home to a DARK house last night, as the wind knocked the power out, but we took our dinner to the farm and cooked it there!!

I am loving that my new window is supposed to come tomorrow!! I know I said that like a month ago, but it was the wrong size! One man's mistake is another man's treasure - as the window fits M's parents, who had been thinking about getting a new window for quite some time! So tomorrow we should both be getting new windows!!

I am hoping everything goes smoothly tomorrow for both the window and my trip to London.

I am loving that my sister continues to do well!!!

I love this and believe it would solve a lot of issues in our bedroom!!! M actually agrees that it would work and it is now on that LONG to-do list for the house! The only difference would be that our bedroom window is MASSIVE, like 6 panes, but if anything I think it would look better!!

love window seats. and all the storage space.

- idea for bedroom window!!

I love these for headboard ideas:

Pinned ImagePinned Image
via                                            via

I am tempted to try this, but I am not sure yet...  it says that you can use oil pastels in hair sections and then coat with hairspray for temporary color, but what if it doesn't work and it gets stuck or what if it stains your clothes?! Either way I love the style:
Pinned Image

Speaking of hair color, I am running out of time to dye mine!!! I must get M - my personal stylist ahaha - to help me color my hair!!

I love these and I would like to attempt to make them!! Anyone else with me!?
Burlap and sharpie.

I also love this for my photo wall - I could do one for the dogs and one for the cats!!:

Pinned Image

I also couldn't NOT leave you with some of my favorite quotes:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

I hope everyone has a great day and all my American readers - Have an great thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday's Tid Bits

Yup, I missed Manic Monday again this week.... I was at my sister's yesterday watching H and visiting with my sister. She had a pretty calm weekend, and has an appointment today to see how everything is going so far!

My weekend looked a little something like this:

Friday night I made an amazingly awesome dinner - no joke!! I made pesto chicken, with alfredo and bacon sauce and it was DELICIOUS!!!  I also went over K's to play some domino's and skipbo!!!

Saturday M and I got some more Christmas shopping done when he was finished work and before the Santa Parade in town! I also waited in a drive thru for waaay to long for an hot chocolate! I also almost felt like an extreme couponer, with all the money we saved and without a coupon!!! I wish we could do that in Canada....

Sunday M and I tidied up the house a bit, and then headed to the farm to help his mom make pastry!! We also managed to get dinner out of it as well!! Then we came home and I attempted to watch the AMA's.

Yesterday I went to my sister's and on my way home I decided I deserved a hot chocolate, so I went through the drive thru off the highway and she filled the cup waay to full, added the whip cream and passed me the cup leaking the fluid out of the top, I commented, she wiped it and sent me on my way. I figured I better open it before getting back on the highway and it poured all over my lap - it was almost like it was under pressure... not impressed! And then to top things off I burnt my tongue!!!

I think I need a professional organizer to come and organize my house and pay for the organizable storage...

I also hate when people say things they shouldn't!

My new window is supposed to come on Thursday - it better be the right size this time!!

Oh - Canada is stepping up in the big online shopping world... we can shop online at Wal-Mart now and for only 97 cent shipping!!! Watch out Sears!!

I hate that I am planner sometimes... it absolutely sucks to not be able to plan somethings. I hate this wait and see BS!!

I hate that my camera is broken... and that I haven't found my old piece of crap camera to use in the mean time!!! My pets keep doing the cutest things I miss it!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thank You & Finally Friday

This week has been a whirlwind, that is for sure!!! I also have a feeling that things are not going to slow down, even when I need them to!!!

Funny how when we make plans, God laughs at them!!

Update on my sister: She and baby are doing well, baby is still inutero, where we hope he/she will stay for a LONG time, but the next two weeks will be the hardest! She has gone home, for how long we do not know yet. If the baby stays put, she will go back in at 24 weeks until she delivers! Soo quite a few things are up in the air, but nothing we can't continue to pray for!!

I just want to say a special thank you to all of you who have said prayers and checked in for updates, your thoughts and prayers have blown me away and I cannot thank you all enough for your continued support! I have been blessed with so many people in my life!! Even people I have never met, knowing that extra prayer is there makes such a difference!!

Sorry I didn't update yesterday, I had little Miss Hannah all day yesterday! I kept her pretty busy, she enjoyed a much needed 3 hour nap, a dancing/Christmas singing aunt driving her up to see Mom and Dad - the cars surrounding me may have thought I was CRAZY!! - The things you do to impress kids I tell ya! Heck, she even went to bed for me! I know this can't be easy on a soon to be 3 year old, but she is doing pretty good!! She at least understands that Mommy is sick! We even colored some pictures for both Mom and baby!!

I did not sleep the best last night, and feel that I am running on fumes today, but the weekend is here and I am ready to catch up on some much needed sleep!!


Thanks again!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Praying for a Miracle

Today, I continue to pray for a miracle.

My sister's water broke yesterday morning and she is only 21.5 weeks! Luckily there is still fluid around the baby, she is only dilated to 1 cm and having very few contractions! We are praying that the fluid stops leaking, she does not dilate or contract anymore and that the baby stays put for as long as possible!! The hospital will not do much for the baby at this point, as they feel that at 21 weeks, it would not be viable, but the baby has been a fighter since day 1 and has a strong heartbeat!! Please pray that Amy will be able to keep the baby in for as long as she can healthily. Please pray for strength and understanding for both Amy, Eric and Hannah, as well as the baby!! I pray that God wraps them up in love and sees them through this!!

I love how much our family pulls through in these kinds of things!!

I love all of the support being offered to Amy during this time!

I wish for more answers!!

I love that technology has come this far in detecting what is going on and monitoring the baby!

I love these quotes:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crazy Tuesday

So I skipped Manic Monday and have decided that today is going to be a crazy Tuesday!!!

Please pray for my sister!!! Pray that she can hold on to this pregnancy a little longer!!!

This weekend was busy!

Friday night we had a quiet night, as M is working pretty much every Saturday up until Christmas. They are super busy!! So our social life is taking a hit, which isn't so bad at this time of the year!

Saturday, M worked until 2:30, as I worked away at laundry. While I was doing laundry, I just happened to break my freshly manicured nail all because a certain someone keeps putting things out of my reach, like laundry baskets on top of the wardrobe... In fact, we have had many conversations about putting things out of my reach in the kitchen, and in the laundry room, so you can imagine how not impressed I was. You can also imagine the conversation on the phone after it happened, where I also informed him that he needed to be home on time, as I had an appointment to get this nail fixed! I could have gone in myself, but figured we would do some Christmas Shopping and groceries! Luckily he did not put up a fight and was home before I expected him!

We got a few more things off of our list of gifts for others! We grabbed dinner while we were in town. We ended up going to N and K's later on, which was good!!

Sunday we decided that would spend the day tackling the to-do list! The gardens were cut back and the leaves were all raked into the garden, now we just have to clear the gardens of all the trimmings and leaves! We also resituated the basement furniture! I even cleaned out behind the bar!! We had ribs for dinner, which are always delicious!!

Monday I made some Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins, worked on more laundry, gave the dogs mani and pedi's and ended up having a coffee date with a girlfriend!!

Oh yah, I also have a winner from the Lovable Labels give away!!!

#14 - Sarah is the winner!!!


I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


I am just reminding everyone to get in on the GIVE AWAY from Lovable Labels!!! Hurry, because it is coming to an end soon!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Friday, November 11, 2011


May we never forget the things that have been done for us by the hero's that fight for freedom!

"In Flanders fields the poppies blow, between the crosses, row on row, that mark our place; and in the sky the larks still bravely singing, fly."


These videos are all touching.

When you think your life is "hard", remember and be grateful for what we do have!!

Never forget, forever grateful!!! 11/11/11

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thoughts On Thursday

Wow, tomorrow is Friday, this week has flown right on by!!

So how many people watched the CMA's?
I did and I loved it!!!

Did Kelly Pickler look a bit off last night? Did she have some facial work done? I mean don't get me wrong, she looked good and all, but different!

We had crazy winds happening here last night, to the point that part of my fence has blown down...

I might pop into town to do some Christmas Shopping this afternoon!! I'm running out of time for trying to get it done before December!!

I *might* have made brownies this morning... and may have eaten one already!!!

I am considering bringing the blog to facebook!! Anyone have an opinion on this? Is it worth my time and effort or will it be more work?!

Don't forget to enter my give away - enter here NOW!!!! Great stocking stuffers...

I wanted to do another shout out to one of my new favorite blogs:
Me 2 We Est. 2011

I am a newer follower, but love how down to earth and real Nikki is!! Oh and she has a great sense of style and 2 adorable puppies!!

Head on over and check her out!!!

Does anyone else look back on past blog posts of their own and feel inspired? Because last night I did...

I also found some more great quotes to share:

Pinned Image

True statement!!

and last but not least, a secret I have:

Pinned Image

Yup.. that is right!!!

Have a great Thursday!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I Am Loving

I could not resist listing a few things that I am loving today as well!!

Aside from hosting a great give away - which I am loving, I am also loving:

- Dirty Soap - a show I just learned about on E! It is a bunch of my favorite soap stars on a reality TV show! Genius!!

- I am loving that the CMA's are on tonight!!!

- I am still loving my hot chocolate maker at home - it really does make the best hot chocolate, I am also pretty sure that I will be buying some of them for Christmas Gifts this year!!

 Well said.

- These words mean soo much right now, so I love them!!

 - Sooo true!!

Pinned Image

- This picture reminds me of Gracie and Lily and their love for water and tennis balls! I heart Golden's!!

- I love my hair today!! I took the time to curl it and it looks wicked awesome and my hairspray held!!

Happy Wednesday!!!


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