Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Happy Leap Day!!

A long weekend for us, as it was potty training weekend for Noah, on top of having an OB appointment Friday that M and Noah tagged along for! So we will rewind all the way back to Friday morning:

We left the house by 9, after Noah helped me dry my hair:

We hit up Costco first, then headed to Toys R Us to return a humidifier and the fish Noah got for his birthday because he didn't charge. We managed to replace both things and I'm happy to say they both work! We also left with a new ball and the little people's airplane - which we will give Noah as a big prize after successful potty training. 

The dollar store was next to gather prizes and supplies for potty training! I also bought myself an adult colouring book, since Noah is taking more interest in coloring lately. We grabbed some lunch, stopped at my moms quick and then headed to the hospital. I had an ultrasound first, which was fun seeing the baby again, it was also neat seeing Noah's reaction to the baby on the screen! He insisted it was a girl and was sure to tell anyone else we saw that day! The doctor was next - more on my appointment in this weeks bump date. Then we headed home, ended up having to drive around a bit since someone fell asleep later than planned and we hoped for him to get in at least half an hour! 

First things first, check out the new book he picked out at Costco:

Then we had to watch the fishy swim in the sink and before we put him away until bath time, he had to give him a kiss:

The rest of the afternoon we just focused on playing and family time! When it came to bedtime, this little guy was soo excited to have a tub with his new fish! 

After he went to bed, I decided that I would head out to lens mills and get the fabric I needed for a few projects coming up. I also hit up the grocery store. Apparently my phone was on silent and M thought I was gone to long, forgetting I wasn't just grocery shopping and began to get worried. I walk in the house for him to tell me he reset my Apple ID because he couldn't remember my password and wanted to track me down to make sure I was okay. 

I watched a few episodes of Fuller House and went to bed! 

Saturday was all about potty training, I managed to get some house work done, got the baby clothes soaked and laundered and then during naptime I finally made my valances for the kitchen window and foyer door while watching more Fuller House. 

We had homemade pizzas for dinner which were delicious, thanks to our serious little chef:

After Noah went to bed, I needed out of the house, so I took Gracie for a nice walk. When we got home, I folded some laundry and watched more Fuller House - I'm kind of torn on whether or not I like it. I mean I liked the show as a child and now I'm watching it as an adult, so clearly it's a different experience, but I mean I keep on watching more, so I must not hate it.

Sunday morning was an early start thanks to potty training, but we will take it. So I managed to get all the baby clothes washed and put away in the nursery, M muddled the wall in the nursery, and I generally just got more things put away and organized, but there is still soo much more to do. 

Clearly we had no plans this weekend because of the potty training, and despite my to-do list ever growing, we were really limited as to what we could tackle while Noah was awake, as we were giving him our fullest attention. During naptime though we managed to rearrange the great room and put the fireplace back in storage, since I'm pretty sure the coldest days of winter have passed. Our two week forecast looks pretty amazing. 

When Noah woke up, we decided to take advantage of the amazing weather (14 degrees) and played outside for a bit. I sent the boys and Grace out ahead of me so I could get the floors washed with ease and started some laundry before heading out! We were outside one minute too long and ended up with an accident, but he did really well and we all just needed some fresh air. It's hard to let these days pass us by without taking advantage of them. 

That pretty much sums up the "weekend", even though today we are on Day 3 of the Potty training. It has been a good family time project, which I find myself craving more of before this baby comes. Wish us luck today, every day has been better, I don't know that he will be 100% trained by today, but we are soo much closer and will keep it up, as he is doing well with it. I think part of it is that he just turned two, however he was queuing he was ready, so I don't regret trying now despite the negative comments people have given us for doing this "too soon". I've just gone into it all with the mindset of if it works, great, if not, he's only 2! But we are pretty committed now and I don't see is going back to diapers anytime soon! Each day is better and overall he is happier out of diapers. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

33 Weeks with Baby V2

How Far Along: 
33 Weeks 

Size Of Baby?

Maternity Clothes?
Yes, but any chance I could to stay in my pjs this week, I took advantage of! 

Stretch Marks?
Nope, trying to remember to put oil on at least once a week.

We will find out in April!! 

We will share in April, our names are pretty much set, I did add in one more girl name that M is in love with, but I'm on the fence! 

Isn't great. When I wake up my body doesn't feel rested. I think I'm just at the general uncomfortable pregnant stage. I tried the snoogle pregnancy pillow - glad I didn't pay full price because I hate it! I got tangled up in it soo easily, which only ended up waking me up. I've been napping when I can as well, but I am still just tired. I did manage to stay up until 1:30 AM for the firefighter wing night, but I can tell I'm going to regret that for days! Soo tired! 

Swiss Chalet for Noah's birthday dinner was soo incredibly yummy!! Skim milk is a must lately and obviously this week has lots of cake in store for Noah's birthday celebrations! No complaints from my sweet tooth! Water is also an instant goto. Heart burn is hitting around the same time each day. 

Yes and just when I think I haven't felt a kick in a while and pay attention for them, the baby is sure to kick to give me reassurance 

Weight Gain:
25 pounds! Granted I do feel like I'm at a stand still as far as belly growth goes for the last few 
weeks! I did start the Beach Body in Demand Pregnancy work outs this week. My goal is 3x a week, although I feel I could do more, the doctor didn't reccomend it. 

Pretty good overall. Every night around 7/8 PM I get heartburn or something like that, along with some reflux, so tums are my friend, which I also take one before bed too. I am still tired and going to bed early most nights, luckily Noah is back on his normal schedule, so early mornings aren't a concern now. Nose bleeds and dry nose have started, but likely from the house being dry despite having the humidifier on! 

What I Miss?
Warm weather!! 

Items Bought for Baby:
I've been behaving, but we also don't need much for this baby, but I did order some leggings! 

What the doctor had to say? 
 We don't see him this week, but will have an ultrasound next week and hopefully set our c-section date. 

Celebrating our little boy this week - can't believe he is two. 
I got some work done in the nursery! We actually ended up changing the furniture around, which made the nursery feel "new" for this baby! I sorted through some gender specific clothes (hand-me-downs) and sorted through the gender nuetral. Now I just need to get them washed up! We will need to change around the wall decore big time. I'm thinking gallery wall over the dresser, name eventually over the crib and maybe some wall decals for above the change station, as we learned picture frames aren't overly practical haha. 

Belly Button?
In, but I will say it is getting shallower!

Bump Pic:
This is totally one of those shirts that will be retired until after baby!! 
Check out that exhaustion written all over my face! 

Looking Forward to: 
Working more in the nursery! Maternity photos are just a few short weeks away! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Today I am trying a new link up I found some other bloggers doing that I thought looked like fun and it's been forever since I've done a link up of any sort!! You can find this one over on Mix and Match Family

What we are eating this week?? 
Dinners around these parts are literally just being thrown together. I'm not wanting big meals at all right now. Meal planning has been out the window and we need to get back on track. 
Tonight is chicken with something... Lol we have chicken out and we haven't decided what we are doing with it. 
Last night was pork chops, potatoes and green beans and Monday was taco salad. 
I think we need to find some new favorite recipes to start incorporating! 

What I'm remininicing about?
I'm still getting over the fact that I have a two year old now! Where did time go? The fact that we will be bringing another itty bitty baby into our world soo soon leaves me reflecting on the new born pictures that I took of Noah! Something I will treasure forever!! 

What I'm Loving?
I was loving our weather we were getting, but today we are getting a storm that involves ice and snow and the future forecast looks like more snow, even though we just got rid of it all!! 
I am also loving that M is starting work at 8 for a bit, giving the mama sleep ins. Luckily Noah is back on his normal schedule, getting up between 7/7:30 AM, so I am loving that too!! 

What we've been to?
Yesterday we hit up the park for some fun! 

Otherwise we just finished celebrating the little mans second birthday!! 

What I Am Dreading? 
This winter storm and snowy forecast! Even though our winter really hasn't been that bad, I am over it!! 

What I am working on?
Getting the nursery ready! Crazy to think my nursery was already done by this time with Noah! I'm 
also hoping to pull out my Cricut and try making some onesies! I have a sewing project I need to complete too!! 

What I am excited about? 
Seeing Baby V2 again on Friday and getting our c-section date hopefully! 

What I am Watching?
The Bachelor, Chicago Fire/Med/PD, Law and Order SVU, Grey's. I am also looking forward to watching the NetFlix series of Fuller House!! 

What I am listening to?
Country music. Luke Bryan will never get old, but mainly just the country radio station! 

What I am wearing? 
Maternity clothes when I have to go out:

Otherwise it's pjs or comfy clothes at home and if we are being completely honest my belly is most often peeking out the bottom of my shirts.

What we are doing this weekend?
Attempting to potty train Noah!! Noah has been pooping on the potty consistently since before Christmas, with the exception of vacation. He will also pee on the potty, but that is the part that is not consistent, so we are going to give it a go! 

What I am looking forward to next month?
Being ready for baby! Possibly meeting baby even! Otherwise we have very little plans next plans, aside from prepping for baby!

What else is new?
Not a heck of a lot! We are in the home stretch, so my main focus is getting ready for baby, trying to be comfortable and spend lots of quality time with my little family before we add the littlest V! 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Wow, another weekend zoomed on by and it was nothing short of fun fun fun! 

Friday night was low key. I ran into town to get a few groceries and cake supplies and came home to a child-free hour since M took Noah out with him to do running around. M came home, got Noah ready for bed and then in bed and headed back out to finish running his errands, aka socializing haha. Pretty sure I was in bed by 10:30.

Saturday morning involved a sleep in for me, even though I didn't wake up feeling rested after trying a new pregnancy pillow that I officially hate. I headed up to the nursery and took down all the wall decor so we could see any holes needing to be patched and went through a few bins. Fingers crossed next weekend I get the baby clothes freshly laundered and put away. M and Noah went outside for a bit,  managed to finally get the Christmas decor down from outside. 

Saturday afternoon I decided to take advantage of our double digit temps and sunshine and hit up the hot tub for some vitamin D! 

Gracie enjoyed laying on the grass since the snow miraculously melted overnight!! Love warm days in February and I'm soo ready to be done with winter and snow and bring on spring!! 

I made Noah's cupcakes and my Mom showed up just in time to help tame our wild child... He was just hopping from one thing to the next... A little reading one minute...

Cleaning the next, which I will never complain about! 

He had a melt down when M left to help set up for the firemans wing night, which set off a huge red flag for when I was going to leave. Ever since Florida Noah has had some huge separation anxiety issues. When it came time for me to leave he had a huge melt down, blocked the door, hugged my leg, turned down my bribes of peppa pig and smarties, etc. It was horrible and there is nothing worse than leaving your child soo upset. I finally made it out the door, forgetting my ticket on the fridge... Which I wasn't going back for. I drove around the block for about 5 minutes and called the house to see if it was safe for me to goto the wing night. He had just stopped crying, so off I went! It was fun! Even with M being there, it ended up being more of a girls night out for me because M was busy helping. This baby loved the music and dancing, but I will tell you the amount of Braxton and Hicks I felt that night was insane!! I feel like my belly was constantly tight and I did feel soo uncomfortable. 

Believe it or not I made it right till the end and didn't get to bed until after 1:30 AM!! I am still paying for this now! Soo tired and my body is just feeling rested after sleep these days. Noah had a great night with my Mom, which was good to hear despite the rough start. M popped home to put him to bed and brought my Mom some wings. 

Sunday morning despite wanting to keep on sleeping, I was up by 9, knowing I had my sisters fam coming over around 10. I had to vacuum yet again because Gracie is shedding like a beast these days with the weather bouncing back and forth. I also had to get the cupcakes iced!! I decided to do peppa pig cupcakes, granted they ended up looking like pigs, not exactly peppa, but Noah got the idea! 

I decided to try to use up all my icing and ended up with these swirl cupcakes as well!! 

Needless to say we had a great morning with family, it was nice and quiet and peaceful, the kids all played well and was great quality time!

Noah loved his gifts as well! He got the IKEA train sets, a fish to swim in the bath tub (but it didn't work, so we will exchange that on Friday), he got a Gordan track master train and a bus! He loved all of it and enjoyed playing the day away with them all! 

His reactions were just the best this year and I'm kind of sad that the birthday celebrations are done because this year he really just enjoyed it all! 

We did grilled cheese for lunch (Noah's request of course) and everyone left just shortly after 1, just intime for Noah to have a nap - oh and me too!! 

Noah just played the afternoon and evening away with his new toys:

We took advantage of a Sunday Family Selfie. Squinty, tired eyes for this mama!! 

He found a way to p,any with all his new toys at once!

He also tried to play with the fishy that didn't work! Hopefully he forgets about it until we can replace it! It is supposed to swim around in the tub with him! 

And there you have it! We are back to Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Family Day Weekend/Birthday Week Rewind

Clearly I should have typed this up closer to the weekend because I am drawing a blank on Friday night!

So moving on to Saturday - we had a nice low key morning. Noah colored a picture for Hannah's birthday with M. I managed to get some much needed work done up into he nursery!! 

I attempted to color my hair to be rid of the blonde, but it really just toned the blonde down, which is fine, enough of a change, as I was really getting tired of the blonde. When Noah woke up from nap we headed to my sisters to celebrate Hannah's birthday! 

Love how much fun these two have together!! They are both just the best of buddies when we get together! Hannah is like a mother hen with him and Noah is just in love with her and calls her "Haha".

My cousin sent me his pic of my sister and I when we were little. I think it's safe to say we have little twins:

I was thinking Noah was starting to look more like M, but then I saw this and realized he is still my little double! He definitely still has his moments when he looks like M for sure though! He's just a good mix! 

Sunday morning we did some Valentine baking - of course Noah managed to eat two halves of a heart cookie dough... Little bum! 

We all went up to the nursery to rearrange the furniture, which Noah thought was fun! I love that it 
has provided enough of a change to make me feel like nursery is "new", however it also means we need to switch around the wall art and rearrange how I'm going to have the walls displayed now. But it will be fun! 

Sunday afternoon I had a baby shower to attend for my cousin, who if due a few weeks ahead of me! I also stopped and picked up a tractor cake pan to rent for Noah's birthday cake. I stopped at the grocery store to grab milk before going home.

M made a nice roast beef dinner for us. We had attempted a loaf of bread in the crockpot that I found on Facebook and it did work, it just didn't taste that great... We will stick to our bread maker! My little ham and I:

Monday we headed to the farm to clean out my car and transfer stuff to my new vehicle - a Ford Flex! Much more room to get everyone around. Now we just have get my Pontiac Torrent up for sale! Here's Noah jamming in his truck to Luke Bryan on the radio, he did much better with driving it this time!!

We are officially a Ford family now! Noah also wanted to help check my tires for air:

Such a little helper!! After lunch Noah went down for his nap and we decided to set up one of his birthday presents for him a bit early so he could play with it on his birthday! We got him a CAT train set and he loves it! Unfortunately there is no picture, just s video that I don't know how to post without uploading it to YouTube!

The afternoon was spent playing! We had an easy dinner of eggs. I also got Noah's cake baked and the icing colored! 

My baby went to bed a 1 year old: 

And woke up as a 2 year old!! 

He had a great day - including a sleep in, no melt downs and lots of fun with his new train!! Whenever someone called and sang Happy Birthday to him he would say "where's the cake" and followed that up with "with Daddy" because I kept telling him we had to wait to have cake with Daddy after dinner! 

During naptime I got Noah's cake decorated! It only made we want to take a course even more on cake decorating! It was nothing fancy, I only used a knife to ice it instead of my cake decorators, but I am happy with how it turned out:

M brought home Swiss Chalet for dinner which was delicious and Noah was a huge fan! But his reaction to the cake was ultimately the best!! 

He as truly just amazed with the cake and was soo happy it was a tractor:

It *may have* made me tear up seeing the excitement and wonder in his face! How is my baby 2?? 

Then we had one more birthday present to give him and he was pretty excited about that too:

Noah and Daddy built it before bedtime and he got to play with it a little before it was time to get ready for bed and read On The Night You Were Born as a family:

I love that this one of his favorite books!! 

Another sleep in - it appears that Noah is back on his normal schedule now! He was soo excited to come down and play with his new go go smart wheels set!! He was going back and forth between the train set we moved to the basement and coming up to play with this!! Soo cute! 

We headed to library and stopped at the post office to find 4 packages ready to pick up, once being addressed to Noah!! 

He loved his gift from Audrey and Leo! Thank you Nicole!!! Once again a video accompanied the gift... It is on Instagram, but I don't know how to upload video easily! 

It was a pretty low key day yesterday which was nice and now we are gearing up for more birthday fun this weekend!! 


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