Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Rewind

Friday night M got a fire call while bathing Noah, so I took over the bedtime routine, which I will just say how easy it is getting now that Noah is putting himself to sleep!! Hopefully that doesn't jinx us, but there is no struggle right now and I am loving it!! Luckily M wasn't too late and they were able to get it under control, but I am pretty sure I still went to bed early.

Saturday we headed to my Moms in London to help her pick up her new fire place. I made a super short trip to Winners and grabbed the new Batiste Dry Shampoo: 

Now I haven't tried this one, but volume is never a bad thing, so I am looking forward to trying it!! If you have never tried the Batiste Dry Shampoo - go to Winners (it's cheapest there) and try it! You will not regret it!! Best Mom find - when you don't have time to wash your hair but want a fresh look!! I also bought a package of receiving blankets for my next rag quit project! Unfortunately I did not find Noah bedding for his big boy room... The search is still on!! 

We were at my Moms longer than we planned, but we scored a lazy boy for Noah's big boy room and had to drop off a couch at my sisters. 

Little helper: 

Just like Daddy:

When we got home we finished watching the Jays game and then M and Noah went outside to cut the grass and I got some housework done. We still weren't hungry come dinner time because we had pizza for lunch, so we fed Noah and after he went to bed I had an egg mc muffin and M had a bowl of cereal! We watched the movie:

It was actually pretty good, but I am also a Diane Keaton fan!! We also enjoyed some popcorn along with it and then off to bed I went, while M stayed up to watch something else. 

Sunday morning we enjoyed waffles for breakfast and then got to our busy morning. M was taking Noah to go surveying with him and I had to head to N's to take pics of her baby and visit of course. Turns out I locked M out of the house when I left, since I have to use his truck right now and therefore his keys because my SUV is broken, to the point it needs to be put on a trailer to get it into town - something about a hose from my transmission was rotten. Luckily M found a way in. 

Noah loves his kobota rides!! 

I got home shortly after them, M put Noah down and went back to work and I got right to work on finishing my photobook!! I finally edited Noah's birthday pictures, so you bet that post will be coming to the blog soon!!

M and Noah bathed Gracie and by the time they finished it was dinner time. 

The boys took the truck and trailer back to the farm after dinner while I worked more on the photobook!! 

It was bedtime when they got home and we had on tired happy boy on our hands who went right to sleep:

I finished the book by 8:30 and man did it feel like such a relief and huge weight off my shoulders!! No more tight deadlines for a little while!! Up next will be getting caught up on laundry and start emptying Noah's big boy room and sorting through his clothes! 

Did anyone see that moon last night? I got up to use the bathroom around 1 AM and our backyard was lit right up as if a light was on! It was crazy bright! 

Today is rainy, but we have playgroup this morning to help distract us! 

Friday, September 25, 2015

High Five Friday!!

Wow, we survived that week with some of the best days and some of the most challenging!! Life with a toddler is no joke. On to the 5 and our weekend plans:

1) Noah was a champ getting his needle yesterday!! He cried of course, but as soon as a cookie was offered, he was all good! His weight has held still around 30 pounds, but he is now 35 inches tall!! His head size is no longer a concern, so we don't have to see the paediatrician again. Needless to say around his usual witching hour, of course while I'm trying to get dinner ready, it became my goal to just keep this kid alive... If he wasn't on the dining room table, he was doing this:

He is such a daredevil and makes my heart skip a beat to often. You bet he was trying to get on that truck!! Of course M got called to a car accident at home time, which really meant survival mode because I was done and Noah was done and he was going straight to bed when M did get home! Luckily everyone was okay and he was home by 7! 

2) another Fall TV topic... Greys was on last night, along with Saving Hope, not nearly as dramatic for season openers, but still happy to have them back!! Law and Order SVU was good on Wednesday too!! 

3) mommy win - Noah and I were showered and dressed by 8:30 this morning! I'm also looking forward to a bit of mommy time getting groceries this morning while Noah hangs out with Grandma!! 

4) have you tried the Garlic and cheddar bagel from Tim Hortons? It tastes just like garlic bread - soo yummy!! Noah prefers timbits of course and was displeased when they stopped carrying the birthday cake flavour! Like his Mama, he prefers the sour cream glazed over chocolate! 

5) I am over half way done my photobook and crunch time is on for completion by Sunday!! 

This weekend we are headed to my moms to help her move some furniture. Sunday I am going to meet Nicole's baby and take some pics for her!! I'm also hoping to get a head start on some house cleaning and getting some boxes out of Noah's new big boy room that we need to get going on!! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What I'm Loving Lately

It's been such a long time since I put out such a classic post of my loves lately!! Remember when we used to do posts on Oh So Pinteresting, and combine it with What I'm Loving.. Well I miss those!! So here we go!!

1) I love how amazing my day was yesterday with Noah. I have to gush, because lately we have at least one major melt down over something and yesterday my child turned into an angel. No tantrums, listening ears on, he was just pleasant and honestly I was sad when it was time for him to go to bed... Which is a whole new love I will share in a bit! We went to the zoo yesterday with my cousin and her little guy and it had to have been our best trip yet. Noah walked most of the whole thing and was actually pointing to all the animals and was excited to see a few different ones (camel, tiger and mountain lions). 

We came home, had lunch and then it was nap time. I laid him down and much to my surprise he stayed laying and waved goodbye and went right to sleep!! I tried to nap too, but was cold and had to pee of course, so it was not successful! 

When we got up, my Dad popped over with Cindy and had a nice visit. Noah had fun telling them stories, reading books and showing them his trucks and diggers! 

2) I am loving how my child has picked right back up on the self soothing himself to sleep. M and I were a bit worried since his last month was spent rocking him because he was having such a hard time with his teeth, we were sure it was a set back. Well his teeth aren't as bad right now, so we thought we would start back up Monday and he has been a champ, crying for just a re minutes the first day, to no tears at all the second!! Soo proud of him! 

3) I am loving that I actually got a 4 hour stretch of sleep last night and woke up breathing through my nose. My allergies/pregnancy rhinitis has been horrible to the point that my nose is soo dry cracked and sore. I got up twice to pee and worried this was going to be an every 2 hour night, but I managed to get in a good stretch and I can feel it!! 

4) I am loving that fall TV has started back up!! Started with The Voice Monday and then I picked up 2 more shows: 

This one looks like potential to replace Parenthood, but much funnier I think! Do yourself a favour and at least watch the trailer and prepare to laugh!! The pregnancy one had me in stitches.

Not to mention Greys is back this week along with Saving Hope tomorrow and law and order SVU tonight.

5) this e-card makes me laugh:

6) I am loving this look for fall. I need to get my hair done and I am not quite ready to get rid of the blonde, but do want some darker tones back and I think this is the perfect combo! I just need my roots to grow out a bit I think. 

7) I am loving the cherry cheesecake I made for myself Monday night at 9 PM... Yup another crazy craving and I am not regretting it! I am also loving bagels and cream cheese for lunch. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Finding Out About Baby V2!!

This pregnancy came as a complete surprise! Yes, we had been trying since January and on meds monthly for the first quarter of the year and then switched to doing every other month based on my ovulation side. July was our month off of Clomid, so we didn't keep track of anything, we couldnt even remember when Day 1 was (we narrowed it down to 2 possible days). As the month came to an end we were trying to figure out when we would start Clomid worrying we would miss ovulation because I was going out west! Based on when we thought Day 1 was, I was expecting it on the weekend and there was no sign of it! We hadn't really talked about testing, but when I woke up Monday morning I decided to just test as a fluke, thinking it would bring on my period or spotting or something... It always works that way right?

We found out we were expecting on July 27th, 2015, exactly two years, 1 month shy a day from finding out last time! 

I took the test, not having tested in a long time, since in St. Martin actually, and right away there was a plus sign, but the dummy being myself, that didn't make sense, I was expecting two lines... I clearly was half a sleep, so I read the box and slowly out two and two together and instantly started shaking and crying (the happiest tears). I couldn't believe it!! I kept looking at the test, which was clear as day! I decided I would call Mike and see if he was able to home, but he was already busy, so I made up an excuse for calling, which was totally random... I happened to look out the window and see a hot air balloon landing in the park. His Dad actually confirmed it. I needed to tell someone, so I called my sister and when she asked me how I was I blurted out pregnant and cried again! 

I quickly came up with a game plan on how to tell M, but needed to gather supplies, so Noah and I headed out and when we got home and I put him down for his nap, I got to work and made a cute BIG BRO shirt. Of course I picked a busy fabric... I should have picked a solid...

I videotaped M's reaction when he got home - it was perfect and still brings tears to my eyes!! Now for more reason than one. Noah's excitement is the best part. I could watch this video on repeat, but to be honest it is really hard seeing my sweet Lily and Noah loving on her. Man I miss her.

M literally had to see the test to believe it and we lived in a state of shock for over a week! We tested with the digital and of course called the fertility clinic, who confirmed the pregnancy with two blood tests and an ultrasound appointment at 7 weeks! 

More to come on how we told our parents, ultrasounds and our confusing due date!! 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend Rewind ++

Since we decided to spill the beans on Friday instead of share about Noah's first trip to the farm show, I will include the pics from the farm show today!!

On Wednesday we spent the very warm day at the farm show with whole family. It was the guys goal to do every isle, which we just about did! Noah was pretty excited and behaved pretty well all day. 

There were balloons, fresh popped popcorn (which I had for breakfast), fresh lemonade stands and a whole bunch of tractors!! 

He even had a little nap in the late morning! 

Noah sure did love the Kobotas and insisted on sitting on everyone he could! But he found a few other toys he would like too:

Mom said no: 

He also insisted on trying out many tractors big or small and even needed Grandpas help to get up in a few and help him find the horn of course! 

We had some lunch, visited with friends, thanks to my pregnancy bladder I had to use a portapotty... We won't even go there... We are ice cream and saw some live animals and by 3 PM we were all ready to go home and much to our surprise the guys were okay with that!! Noah had a nice nap when we got home too. For every isle we walked he doubled it by walking across back and forth so he did a lot of walking!! 

Now onto the weekend! Friday Noah was crazy and just not listening all day. I wasn't sure how we survived the day to be honest!! Mike came home and after an hour he asked me how I did it and I'm still not sure... What I can say is no alcohol was involved unfortunately! So he took him for a walk with Gracie before putting him to bed! 

Needless to say I was in bed early! 

Saturday I got right to work on a special sewing project! I also tackled the laundry room! It was raining on and off, so when the boys could be outside they were cutting the gardens back and prepping the pool to be closed. 

We napped too!

For dinner we decided to make homemade pizzas! Noah was a huge fan:

Saturday night I stayed up way to late watching Kendra On Top... We all know I like some good trashy reality TV!! 

Sunday the boys closed the pool... Really Mike did, but Noah offered breaks and support! I did go out and help vacuum a bit and watch Noah while M pulled the stairs out! 

I vacuumed the house, finished putting together the special sewing project and worked on more laundry! I actually felt like we accomplished a lot this weekend which was something that hasn't happened for 8 weeks!! No energy!! Luckily 12 weeks brought on a bit more energy!! 

M cut the lawn and finished cutting the gardens down and then took the yard waste away with Noah. They got back just in time to head into town for a few groceries and I needed to get special scissors before the one store closed - we made it just in time!! 

Noah enjoyed shopping at Home Depot for the first time ever! Granted we were only getting an air filter and bee spray, oh and paint chips for Noah's new big boy room!! 

We had dinner out, grabbed our groceries, played for a bit and then it was bedtime! Yay for not needing meds at bedtime! Noah's teeth have finally taken a break!! I finally got my photobook canada program to open and was able to start Noah's 6-12 month book!! I just love how his first one turned out!

Today we are going to work on self soothing himself to sleep again! He did wake up super early today so I'm not too sure how that will go! 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Noah's Got A Secret!!

Only child expiring April 2016!!

To say we were completely shocked and surprised is an understatement, but we are soo entirely happy and blessed with another miracle!! 

More details to come next week!! 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Daniel's Bib Shop

Today I wanted to share another little Canadian Shop that I found on Facebook initially called Daniel's Bib Shop!!

Joana and Mila are a mother daughter team who share a deep appreciation for all things handmade. With the birth of her son Daniel, it seemed only natural to create high-quality items geared towards the most important little people in our lives.

They run out of Toronto here and make the cutest bandana bibs, beanies, headbands and infinity scarves!

You can find their shops below:

I must say I love following on instagram and seeing the latest fabrics she has been getting! Like these:

The shop sent Noah a cute beanie to review and we have managed to wear it a few times! The hat fits perfect. I did send Noah's head size, because he does have a big head and they easily accommodated my request.

We picked the heater grey hipster slouch beanie:

I love that it is double lined, so perfect for upcoming fall days and not to thin and flimsy! It is very well made and look at these cute little tags on the back:

Do yourself a favor and check out this shop, you will not be disappointed with the product you receive and its the perfect time to place and order before the cool fall weather arrives!!

Thanks again to Joana and Mila - it was a pleasure working with you both.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Rewind

A chilly weekend was had over here this past weekend, but we still managed to have fun!!

It was Mikes year end ball tournament. It rained Friday night, so I finally got Noah to bed and watched the movie Hot Pursuit. It was good, but I thought it would be better based on the fact that I love Reese Witherspoon! 

By the time M got home (from losing) I was in bed! 

Saturday morning he played again at 9:15, so we went to the game! Daddy's last ball game of the season because they lost and were done! But Noah enjoyed playing with the other little boy and he was bundled up! 

After the game, we had the whole team back to our place to watch the Jays game - you know that game that never ended and went into extra innings?? Not to mention it was a double header!

We ordered pizza and wings and had the beer kitty... Which Noah loves to play with! 

We brought the TV outside and got all set up just in time for the game!

It was a great game, I will say. Noah enjoyed playing with the other kids, took a monster nap and just after the first game ended we headed to the restaurant for dinner... Longest service ever... So we quickly ate so we could get Noah home for our bedtime routine! 

Meanwhile M and I watched the game, I decided towards the end of the game that I would have a nice bath to warm up from being outside all day and then off to bed! 

Sunday we went shopping at a little shop close to home called Morrows - they sell everything from
food, tools, furniture, hardware, you name it - they likely have it! We went to look at a long board but it was a kids, but we did find Noah some new cars, tennis balls for Grace and Kleenex,moh and we can't forget my Russell Stover chocolate covered marshmallows!! Delish! 

We managed to get a big batch of potatoes made to freeze, a big batch of broccoli made and laundry done and we even put some away... Fear not there are still baskets in the laundry room waiting to be folded and put away! We got all the pet beds washed too, which makes this mama happy!! 

After nap time we went over to J's house for a little play date with the boys:

We enjoyed a nice chicken dinner, which Noah didn't want to eat at all. Yes he loves chicken. But he went around and sat in a big chair by himself and finished his plate like a big boy!! We played outside for a bit after dinner. Gracie was loving playing outside with her ball and even had a surprise visit from the neighbours dog, which she was also pretty excited about!! 

This morning Noah woke up at 6, then 6:30, which we let him work it out himself and then I went up to get him at 8:50!! Major sleep in and 50 minutes of quiet time for me!! 


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