Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weekend Recap - Tuesday Style

Friday: It was supposed to storm, we didn't get much at all. Right after work I headed to a location I wanted to scout for photography. It was nice:

But didn't have all that much to offer and it wasn't what it used to be.

Saturday: When I woke up it was raining and dreary out, not that I am complaining as things are starting to green up again, but I had a photo shoot planned. Luckily they were willing to wait it out and I am soo glad we did! By the afternoon, the weather was perfect. The shoot went well!!

When I came home I decided to have lunch in the pool, as I was hot from shooting and starving, as my shoot took longer than I had anticipated, but it was totally worth it! After I cooled down, M and I decided to tackle the photo wall!
Here is a sneak peak:

Saturday night I just worked on editing photos from the shoot:

Sunday: M and I went and got some groceries and then finished the photo wall for the most part, with the exclusion of 2 letters being put up because we have yet to figure out how to hang them! I also ordered all the pictures for all the frames! Have I ever mentioned how much M hate hanging pictures, I am sure it is male-typical, but here is the last frame being hung... he was impressed I swear!

(maybe he will hang some trim around the closet soon? I won't push my luck and ask him about that right now!)

I will post a picture once my newly adopted friends and family are no longer framed and my actual family is in!!
Yesterday I went to Exeter for the business to pick up parts and then spent the day lounging by the pool:

We had girls night last night and I got some super sweet cuddles from baby T!! Better get them while I still can! They grow up waay to fast!

Today is Aunt Ash and Hannah hang out day!!! Can't wait!! I miss her too much!! I haven't seen them since I got back and word is that Brandon is up to 18 pounds!!! Hard to believe he came into this world soo small and is now soo big!! Hopefully the weather will hold out and H and I can goto the park and do some swimming!!

Happy Tuesday friends!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Road Trip Day 8

July 9

Today was a nice and laid back day! Just what we needed before starting up our travels home!

Mike went hay bailing with Brent's Dad while Brent went to a council meeting and Jenna and I went to town for water and to get the mail.

We all met up for lunch.

After lunch Mike and Brent went to cut hay with Brent's Dad. Jenna and I decided to attempt bathing their new dog. It actually went over well, she didn't seem to mind! She is a pretty good dog and with some behavioral training and socialization I think she will work out just fine!

After we finished bathing her we decided to make the boys some fruit slushies and take it out to the field for them! It was neat to see the three of them cutting hay all at once!

On our way back home we stopped to see some big horn sheep! And then some deer and baby sheep, as well as some new fawns! We also stopped into to visit some of Brent's family!

Everyone we have met here are so kind! Very friendly place! I even got to meet Brent's grandparents! They were soo sweet!

My sunburn is beginning to feel a bit better, my upper back was definitely the sorest!

The boys actually beat us back for dinner, but Brent wanted to show Mike the excavator! This gave us time to get dinner going, actually gave Jenna a chance! I stayed out if the way! Jenna sure knows her way around the kitchen! All of the meals we had were fantastic and for the most part home-made!

I ate pork, moose and elk!

As we waited for Mike to come up with the excavator the dogs finally let loose and all four of them began to play! Sooo cute!

After dinner I showed everyone some of the pictures I had taken! Brent went bailing and the three of us decided to race over to the canola field for pictures with the sunset! We missed the sunset! But the pictures were still nice!

I had a shower and could not believe the dirt that came off of me!

After that M and I packed up, so we were ready to go.

Friday, July 27, 2012

High Five For Friday!!

Today I am linking up with Lauren!!

 I am loving that I am finally working on my photo wall!! I have figured out all the sizes that I will need, which frames will be my focal points, etc. I brought down my frame collection and put them on the dining room table! I hope to have M hang them this weekend! Then I will fill them!!

We have finally got some rain!! I also hear that there is more coming today and possibly tomorrow! I am still under the impression of I will believe it when I see it!

I love my new twitter background! Be sure to pop by! You can find me here!! You can also find me on facebook!!
I am loving the snuggles Jazzy has been giving me lately, especially during the bad storm the other night!!

I am wearing a maxi dress to work today and the necklace Alison gave me!! Love it!!

I have scheduled another photo shoot for Saturday!! Hopefully the weather holds up!!

I hope everyone has a fabtastic weekend!! I know I am planning on it!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's Okay

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Okay:

- That we got a crazy storm over night - it finally brought some rain! Not that there is any hope left for my front lawn, or some of the plants in my garden! We are supposed to get some more storms today! On the plus side we haven't had to cut our grass in over a month!

-  That I finally finished my photo book, now onto the photo wall!! My plan is to bring down all the frames from upstairs so I can see all that I have! Might even get on the ordering train to get pictures to fill them!

- That I slept in until 11 this morning!! Crazy I know, but I actually feel refreshed!! I have not been sleeping well at all lately! Plus, I was up during the storm last night and it lasted for over an hour! Two little kitties were not impressed a bit on edge!

- That I have like 7 camera/photo editing apps on my phone and I love them all!!

- That I don't get to see my sister, niece and nephew today. Amy is still sick and actually went to the hospital today for IV fluids and antibiotics. She seems to be fighting some type of intestinal infection! Hopefully she feels better soon! 

- That I have a huge load of towels to do. I will buckle down and do it tonight. I hate time of use. I would rather do my laundry in the day when I am home!

- We won our ball game again last night!! This makes me a happy camper!! Our team played soo well, although I hit like crap! Back to the batting cage if I keep this up!

- That I love the new games I have on my phone - Words With Friends and Hanging With Friends - anyone else playing? I'd love a challenge!! Still loving my new iPhone!

Happy Thursday Friends!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's Wednesday And I Love It!!

I just cannot help but to do a "What I'm Loving Wednesday" even though I know I need to finish my road trip recap!! It will happen - just not today! Okay? Okay!

Soo here we go...

- I am loving our pool!! It is pretty awesome I must say!! Even M thinks so!

- I am loving this bedding set at Target!! I blame it on Ruthie, after showing her home tour on the blog, she showed the cutest yellow bedding set, so I had to go look for myself (online because we are not cool enough to have one in Canada yet..) and I found one I like even more!! I know I need another bedding set like I need a kick in the butt... but I would take a kick in the butt for this!

How cute is it?! I am IN LOVE!! You can find it here!

- I love that I was finally able to open the windows last night and take the dogs for a nice long walk! The heat wave has broke a bit, or at least the humidity wave has, it is still hot!

- I love that I just ordered my Road-Trip Photobook from Shutterfly!! Can't wait to get it in the mail!!

- I am still reading 50 Shades of Grey - nothing has happened yet. Just got to Chapter 6, but I hear things will be taking a wild turn soon!

- I hope my sister feels better tomorrow so we can hang out!

- My heart must be pretty big, I am pretty tall:
Pinned Image

- How cute is this idea? Doesn't even look like a pallet!
Pinned Image

- Love this sink!
Pinned Image

- So true:
Pinned Image

I will finish off with some quotes that I am loving this week:
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

If You Really Knew Me

 I saw this floating around last week and since I was still recapping my trip I couldn't join in. I know I still have to finish recapping, but I miss regular blogging!!

So here we go:

If You Really Knew Me:

- I sleep with my "binki" still... aka my baby blanket. I cannot give it up! I have 2, but one has been retired. It got too many holes in it, and I promised my Grandma I would put it away. But I had a back up and it is in bad shape now too!! I NEED a new one badly!! Any knitters out there? Please?

- I love to sing. You will always find me singing along to the radio, rapping, you name it I have probably sang it! I also used to be a part of the church children's choir!

- I bite my nails - hence why I pay $45 bucks a month to have pretty nails, because otherwise I have none!! I thought having the gels for over a year would break my habit, so I stopped for 2 months and I just got out of control again!!

- I am a picture finatic!! I love pictures! I love having them, I love taking them, I love editing them, I love everything about them and I always have!!

- I can drive a tractor, not well, but I can get it done!!

- The bottoms of my legs do not have pigment. It runs in my Mom's side of the family! I'd say I have my Dad's skin from the knees up! However, I have been working on establishing some color. This year I just had to put on bug spray and I now have a tan, but I don't expect that to last long!

- I love curling my hair! Infact I prefer my hair curled over straight! Although I have become pretty lazy with my hair lately...

- I have really picky feet! Takes me a long time to break in a new pair of shoes, especially if I get blisters after the first wear, there is the possibility that I will not wear them again! Sandals are the worst!
- I also do not wear high heels! I am tall people!! So not only do I save myself from breaking an ankle and being uncomfortable, but I still manage to have height as well!! Thank goodness hubby is tall too!!
- I actually enjoy reality tv shows, for the most part that is! I don't even know why I watch Teen Mom - it drives me batty, but I like The Bachelor/Bachlorette/Bachelor Pad, Love in The Wild, Texas Women, the odd Real Housewives, Jennie Garth's A Little Bit Country, etc.
- I can't watch scary movies anymore!! I used to love them, but not anymore and neither does M! Jeepers Creepers scared both M and I and we haven't watched another scary movie since!
- I am afraid to drive beside transport trucks! It freaks me right out. They never drive straight. When passing one I will drive on the rumble strip if necessary!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Rewind

What awesome weekend we had!!
Friday night we have Mike and Nicole over for dinner!! We hadn't seen each other in waaay to long!!! It was nice to finally have some time together! We also made our first dairy/wheat free meal. We did Italian Chicken, rice and fresh green beans!! It was delicious!! Nicole brought a gluten free cherry pie. This was my first gluten free experience and I will be honest.. soo happy I am able to eat normal food! Not my thing! The pie filling was good though!!

Saturday we celebrated our 5 year anniversary! We did not do too much, just enjoyed a relaxing day together outside by the pool! M gave me the sweetest bouquet of flowers (filled with my favorite flowers, as well as some of the same from my wedding bouquet!!), as well a really pretty bracelet!! He loved the video I made him!!

The bouquet also had the coolest roses:

We went and got some groceries and ice cream with friends in the evening!!

Sunday, we decided would be the perfect lake day!!!

And in deed it was! We took our friends boat down for them, and all packed into the truck and headed down! The weather was perfect and the water was warm!!

When we got back to the dock, Gracie decided she couldn't wait to get onto land and attempted to jump onto the dock, when the boat wasn't quite close enough and ended up falling in the channel! YUCK! The water is soo gross in the channel!! Grandpa hauled her back up on the boat:

She ended up getting a bath!! Luckily he Grandma let her borrow her blonde shampoo!!

 Little stinker!!

We had the dogs in the box of the truck, however the weather was beginning to change on the way home. The skies were getting darker and it began to rain. I checked my phone for a weather update and there was a tornado warning, as funnel clouds were reported in a nearby town. So we pulled over and moved all of our stuff in the cab, as well as the dogs. We still all managed to fit!! The weather only got worse as we got closer to home! It was a crazy storm, but luckily no tornado!!

I also didn't lose my satellite so The Bachelorette PVR'd just fine! I am glad Emily chose Jef, but felt horrible to Arie!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend as well!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Special Letter


Today I am writing a special letter, to just one person instead of several today! Today I am writing to my husband!!

Dear Mike:
Tomorrow we celebrate 5 years of marriage!  5 whole years - where did the time go? How perfectly does it fall? A hot Saturday in July 5 years ago and now tomorrow!! To be honest, I would be willing to put my dress back on, dress you up in a tux with a pink vest, invite all our friends and family all back to the farm and do it all over again tomorrow!! There is just one thing missing and he can not be replaced - your Grandfather! I miss him. He will forever hold a special place in our hearts, but I know he is smiling down on us and would marry us again, but from heaven!

In 5 years we have been through soo much! We lived in a tiny little house and started our family there with 1 cat and 2 dogs, from there our family blossomed! Many people define family by the amount of children you have. We became a family as soon as we said I do, whether it be just you and I and all our crazy animals, it is perfect! Our kind of perfect! 

We sold our first house, leaving many memories behind, but we have moved into our HOME. We have poured love, sweat and tears into this house and we are both so proud of all that we have accomplished! I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work. 

We've been through soo much in the last couple of years and I am lucky enough to have you by my side! Our strength together can conquer more than I know. You have taught me soo much! You have given me the strength to stand when I have fallen. You have wiped my tears and put a smile on my face. You have found a positive in my negatives. You have held my hand and walked a journey with me, picking me up as I stumble, teaching me to dance in the rain. You have shown me that I can do things I never imagined. In sickness and in health, you have been by my side and have never failed me. You have made me smile when I cannot find a calm in the storm. You have shown me what strength is. You have taught me to look fear in the face and conquer it. There have been soo many opportunities where we could have just given up and we haven't, we push through, we find laughter in our sorrows, and we find strength in one another! We have fun despite the storms that pass our way.

I could not have found anyone better to have by my side! I will forever cherish our nightly argument of who loves who more and why. (P.s - I win!) My forehead lives for your kiss goodnight and good morning!

I "promise promise" to love you forever. I hope that I am able to give back to you what you have given to me! I hope that you feel as much love as I do. There are not words strong enough to explain my feelings. Without you, I would lost.

It has been a crazy 5 years, but I am ready and willing to take on another 80!

I love you,

Here is a video I have made to celebrate the past 5 years! The songs lyrics match my hearts.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thoughts On Thursday!

I'm taking another break from the road trip recap... I will finish that next week!!
Here are the random thoughts and happenings of this week so far:

This is Lily after I came home from work and found that she had chewed a pair of my clean underwear! She had a whole basket to choose from and still chose mine! She totally gives herself up and punished herself! I found it soo hard to not laugh! I had to give her a time out in hopes to correct this behavior! I know she was just mad because this was their first day in over 2 weeks of being left home alone! She is too stinkin' cute to be mad at! She just kept wagging her tail, but cowering!

This is Lily sneaking out of her time out! At least she knows she was in the wrong!

- I was back to work yesterday and had soo much work! No complaints! But I actually have a lot of work to do Friday too!!

- I woke up yesterday on time, without help of the alarm clock! The volume was turned right down!

- After waking up yesterday and hoping to enjoy my last rice krispie for breakfast, M had taken it on me! Not impressed! Fruit bar it was!

- We played ball last night and won!! Broke us out of our losing streak hopefully!

- It is raining today!!! I wouldn't normally be happy about this, but we haven't had rain in like a month!! It is a nice gentle rain and smells awesome!!

- I am planning on making homemade perogies and today would have been perfect, but I don't have any bacon! I don't want to waste a trip to town for one thing!!

- We have dinner with Nicole and Mike tomorrow night! We have not seen them in waaay to long!! Where does the time go? I will be making my first wheat-free meal!

- M and I are celebrating 5 years of an awesome marriage on Saturday!! How awesome is it that it is falling on a Saturday too!! A letter will be posted on the blog to him tomorrow!! 5 years!!!

- M plays ball tonight! Hoping for a hometown win tonight!!

- I got mail today!! And it was just what I was waiting for!! My pictures from Whitney Cowan Photography!!! I love love love them!!!

- Not only do I have the pictures now, but Shutterfly is having a photobook sale!!! Perfect timing!!

Happy Thursday Friends!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Road Trip: Day 7

I am back at work today!!! Soo I hope you enjoy Day 7!!! We are just about finished with the recaps!!

July 8, Day 7:

This morning M and I managed to sleep in until 8! After we got up and realized that the dogs had not woke us up, but instead they slept in Jenna and Brent's room and Gracie woke Jenna up several times! Stinker!

After our pancake breakfast, we got the quads all ready to go to move the cows!

What a neat experience that was, except it took a while as the cows did not want to go! Once we got them out of the yard they co-operated a bit more!

After getting them to the new pasture, we headed out for a quad ride and Brent gave us a tour if the land around! The quad trails were fun! Us girls ended up with mud on our feet and legs and a few splashes on our clothes.

We stopped at the mountain peak and took in some fantastic views! We decided it was not the best place for our wiener roast and went to the cabin instead!

We roasted up some sausage and hung out! Jenna and Brent's friends Kevin & Christine came up as well! We had a fun time!

I found a couple of ticks crawling  up my leg! Yuck! I became paranoid and applied more musk oil! I don't usually wear a high spf sunscreen but borrowed some of Jenna's, but it didn't matter! I got burnt! I don't usually burn ever, but I am guessing it is because of the Musk-oil! I was glistening pretty good!

Before heading back to watch the Riders game Christine and I couldn't help but to comment on how dirty Jenna's shirt was! All three of us were wearing white tanks (and pink underwear which came into topic later)

Jenna fixed our white shirts on the way home! Christine and I were covered in dust! I was pretty much driving with my eyes shut! Once we arrived back at the farm and realized how dirty we were we couldn't help but to laugh and share a few more drinks!

A few more friends came over to watch the game. Brent brought the TV outside and we watched the game. According to everyone over here, M and I have accents, which to us they do! So much time was spent joking around about the differences! The language interpretation only got worse as the night went on!

The Rough Riders actually won!

It was a super fun day, aside from my intense burn!


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