Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What I Am Loving: Christmas List Style

Sooo I have finally found what I want for Christmas and guess what? It is sold out everywhere!!! Apparently a lot of people watch CityLine and got the same idea!! Damn!! So what is it?

It is the Quo by Orly Gel Nail System - its a DIY gel nail kit! So you know how I was all upset with my spa and have NOT gone back? Well I can have pretty nails again, without paying $60 a month and without having to go back and forth into town because the nail broke for the 7th time in 2 days... soo not impressed! The kit comes with everything I would need including the light!! Score and for a small cost of $90 and the polishes are only $10. Score!!! Check out the colors here!!

Soo I am praying beyond belief that this ends up wrapped under the tree!!

I saw this pretty fantastic idea at Chapters:

Peel & Stick Chalkboard Set of 2

Pretty genius and waay easier than painting!! Only $11.99. I don't know that I need two... but I suppose I could make it work!

A Cake Pop Maker!!! Genius!!

Babycakes™ Cake Pop Maker

I would also like to get another curling iron with a clip. I love my curling wand, but it does take more time, so if I want to curl my hair quickly and without burning myself, I feel one with a clip would be good. But it MUST have temp control!! The Hot Tools one looks good!! But I am not really picky with brand, just want one that works really good!

I would like to get a remote and flash for my camera as well!!

That is all I can think of right now! What is on your list!?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Officially Christmas-a-fied!!!

Sooo just as I promised, here is a break down of the Christmas decor that is floating around the house!! Iphone style because I need to find my memory card for my camera - those things are soo easy to lose!

The tree
The train in the tree... aka M's pride and Christmas Joy
Diamond's ornament
Ernie - one of my childhood ornaments and of course one of M's - The Blue Jays.. lol
Snoopy's ornament and an ornament my Dad hand etched of Hannah, I have one of Snoopy as well!
Christmas Balls (kind of blurry picture...)

One of my favorite Christmas decorations, my nativity scene that has scripture on each figurine.
The foyer is wrapped in garland and my other favorite decoration is this Santa!!
Martini glass full of Christmas Cheer - the non alcoholic version haha!
We have more decor up, but these are some of my favorites!!
We still have to put up the outdoor decorations!
Are you ready for Christmas?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Manic Monday

Wow, that weekend flew on by!!!

Today I am in the office and wanted to share the Chritsmas-fying of our household, but I am unable to take pics of what all went down, so I will do that tomorrow and share my weekend with you.

When I left work on Friday I drove home in Freezing Rain, which then turned into snow ALL NIGHT!! It was disgustingly pretty... that is the nicest thing I can say about snow! I don't like it and I find it really hard to pretend to, although I did admit that it put me in the Christmas spirit! After dinner we headed home, changed the room around again and put up the Christmas Tree. When I say we changed the room around, I mean we had a really tough time trying to make the room work for the Christmas tree and I am a visualizing person, so we had try all options and finally shoved the tree in the corner and called it done, until it almost fell on Mike when he was shoving it back. I am pretty sure I pulled something when I shot off the couch to catch it...

You are probably all wondering how Lux did? Well the poor little guy was shocked when he walked in the great room and saw this bright tree in our house. He was cautiously curious, but warmed right up to it. In fact I missed the perfect photo op, when he sat under the tree at the very back and just looked up at all the lights, turning his head back and forth as if he was mesmerized!

I stayed up until Midnight trying to finish that Shutterfly Calender they were offering free. The site was ridiculously slow, but I got it done just in time. I also managed to snag some Black Friday Future Shops sales online as well!!

When I got up on Saturday, I let the dogs out and found waaay too much of the white stuff!! The dogs were thrilled!!

And after Gracie refused to come in when I called her because she was too busy frolicking around in the yard, she begrudgingly came in because her feet were soo cold:

Maybe next time she will come when I call her, but probably not!

Saturday M worked in the morning, but then we had to get ready to go to a funeral. M's Uncle Hudson passed away after a long battle with various illnesses. He will be missed by many. It was nice to see the family though all in one place sharing various memories.

We did some Christmas shopping afterwards as well as groceries, came home had a bowl of soup and watched some of the many episodes of The Kardashians I have pvr'd. I don't even know why I watch that show, but it does make me laugh out loud at some of the antics.

Sunday morning we were up by 8:30, back to the farm for 9:30 for a pancake breakfast. M helped his mom make pie pastry, while I phoned Bell and made some Christmas arrangements!! We came home, had some lunch and officially started Christmas-a-fying!!!

If you follow me on Instagram then you will have seen the sneak peak of the tree, but stay tuned tomorrow for the details!

I will be honest I haven't found myself any amazing cyber Monday sales yet at all? Did you? Let me know!

In the meantime, Lily wanted to share a picture with you all!

I am soo happy she is here with us celebrating this year. Soo blessed!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Black Friday!!

Sooo  I am back!!! Well officially on Monday, that is! It has been one heck of a week and needless to say I cannot wait to get back to blogging, although I know life is about to get crazy with work, life and Christmas!! I will try my best to blog as regularly as I can!!

As you all know being Canadian can kind of suck on Black Friday - the Americans get all the good deals, well Canada is starting to step it up a bit!!

Shutterfly is offering Free Calenders!! Score!! How did they know I needed one!?

Old Navy is having one pretty sweet deal this weekend!! I may have filled one cart up today already, Lord only knows what tomorrow will bring...

Those are just two of the awesome deals I have hopped on!! Go Jane is having a deal, American Eagle, etc.

I am looking forward to putting up the Christmas Tree and decor this weekend. Praying this little runt doesn't think the tree is his own personal jungle gym. I envision him thinking it is JUST for him and a challenge none the less!

Here is how is gunna go down:
"I'm all cute and adorable and wouldn't do anything wrong"

"Wow... look at that thing!! What is it? I'm not sure but it looks fun"

"Is that stuff hanging on there? They are challenging me!! I must get all those cat toys down!!! It is like a giant cat toy!! They love me!! They really love me!!"

"I am soo ashamed... they don't love me, they hate me! I ruined Christmas - whatever that is? That is what they told me! Maybe if I look all cute and innocent they will love me again? A Christmas Miracle maybe!"

Let's see how it goes!! Be prepared for an update Monday!!

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lovable Labels SALE

Lovable Labels, Disclaimer, Facebook Page, Twitter, Contact, Label Me Crazy, Pinterest, You Tube
Just wanted to share this awesome Black Friday Sale that Lovable Labels is having!! I plan to be back to regular blogging soon!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Just A Heads Up

Life As I Know It will be taking a mini blog break, but will be back next week!!!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday & Tid Bits

Another day with an early start, but a good start!!

Today I got caught up on Parenthood - seriously, this show is soo relatable and literally makes me cry every show!! Maybe I am an emotional mess and just hate to see people go through things, but emotions seem soo real on the show!

Watched Teen Mom - why!? Why do I watch this? Anyone have a logical answer for why I torture myself with this!?

Did some more shopping on the phone with my sister. Last night she bought M a Christmas gift for me and 5 packages of burlap for $1!!! She also bought me some wood letters! The Wal-Mart where she lives is closing and is having a sale!!

Then tonight she found me fabric - fat quarters for $1!! Score!!

Today I ordered myself some Dairy Queen blizzard cupcakes!! Bring on Friday!!

Brandon also wanted to share his shirt on my blog:

In case you can`t read the writing around the lightening bolt, but it says ``My Auntie is Awesome``.

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Weekend of Shopping

Remember Friday when I said I had bought a new coat, vest, shirt, etc. And then how I had heard about Go Jane?  I couldn't help but to buy some boots. Yes, some as in TWO pairs!!

I couldn't beat the prices here in Canada!! Soo bring on the shipping!!!
I am now just about ready for winter!!
My blanket is just about finished!!!
Friends of ours had their baby on Friday, we managed to meet the new little guy yesterday.
I purchased some rolo ice cream, only to sit down and enjoy the caramel goodness and it was the peanut butter one... let down!
As nice as our weather was this weekend, heck even this morning, but it is quickly turning! It is raining and the temp is dropping rapidly!!
Now that November 11 has past I am now looking forward to Christmas!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Free For All Friday

Yup, another random post for you all!!

- I am loving my new iPhone back ground!!!

- I am also loving that it is supposed to warmish on the weekend here!! After reading everyone's posts about the snow, it might be a good time to get the yard finished for the winter clean up!! The patio furniture is away, but the dogs got a new pool and it is still out and I need to cut back my grasses and what not still! Oh and M might as well cut the grass for the last time!

- I am also loving the new site Alison told me about: Go Jane!! I love sales and they have cheap boots!! Score!! I may just need to order me some!!

- But I might have to wait because M might take away my credit card after he sees the shopping I have done... I may have purchased a new winter coat, a new vest, a new shirt. But little does he know I also snuck in a new sweat shirt for him and depending on his reaction, I may wait to give it to him for Christmas!!

- I swear I have been on the phone all morning today at work and have gotten no where with stupid tech support. Although with the last call we discovered another problem? I don't think that counts as progress!!

- Hmmm what else have I got?

- Oh I probably shouldn't even post about this, but I am totally going to... I am pretty sure my family should be banned off of facebook... one post made by a cousin turned into soo much more... I would like for this to be the end of the topic, but we all know it won't be and that conversations regarding how much this was all blown out of proportion will now exist at all family get togethers. I am still laughing about how dramatic this has been.

- I pray for strength, patience, positives for the upcoming days/weeks.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So What!?

Because this is how my week is going...

So What Wednesday

So what if:

- I am kind of over this whole American election - bring back my TV shows already!! Not all of us are American you know!?

- I decided to play Dr. Mario with my sister via the Wii wifi and she kicked my ass, not once, but 10 times!! I was clearly off my game and did not win once!!

- I went to get blood work done to check on my thyroid and I am soo awesome I got 2 needles instead of one! She put it in my left arm and nothing came out at all!! Not a drop!! Luckily the right arm co-operated! Luckily my levels are much more appropriate!!

- I feel offended seeing Christmas decor up already!! Wait until after Remembrance Day! Show some respect!!

- a squirrel got hit by the car in front of me and then rolled under my tire making me hit it as well! I am sure I put it out of it's misery... but it just makes me sad!

- I am the worst Mom EVER!! I thought I would make the dogs days, I went out and bought new nail clippers and decided to give the dogs mani's/pedi's. I cut not ONE but TWO of Gracie's nails too short and they bled! Bled like crazy - almost unstoppable! Poor girl! I am surprised she trusted me around her feet to make them stop! Then I thought I had it stopped for good, until she licked the baby powder off!! What a mess!! Then M bathed her and the one opened back up again! Not cool! I think it will be a while before I cut her toe nails again!

- I actually had to scrap the ice off my car for the first time this season! I could have sat in the car and waited for the defrost to do it, but I was cold!

- I saw my neighbour cleaning her window this morning and she was wearing a white one piece suit and goggles. It was like a science project happening in front of my eyes!!

- I had to miss out on Zumba last night and could hear the music and just knew what I was missing out on... it was kind of depressing!

- I was driving to work this morning and had thought up a bunch of so what topics and now forget them! UGH!!

- I cannot even see the wood of my desk because it is covered in paper - work I should be doing - work I am going to do now!!

Have a good day!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

That Was My Weekend

Well another weekend, including a Monday has came and went!!! Our weekend was pretty relaxing for the most part.

We were up early on Saturday, managed to get some birthday wrapping paper supplies. I stocked right up!! We should be good for a while!!

I went to some craft sales with M's Mom while M was pulling out a tree stump for someone. I managed to find myself a new scarf that I love love love:

I also bought a large roll of thick mesh ribbon in black and silver!

We had K's 1st Birthday Party on Saturday afternoon. Can't believe a year has gone on by!

We had ribs for dinner and then I played Dr. Mario on the Wii against my sister for the evening! I love that the wii allows us to play against each other!!

Sunday we enjoyed the time change and slept in a bit. We dropped the dogs off at the farm, and went into town and grabbed groceries and also tried out a new sandwich place in town. It was delicious!! will definitely be going back!!

We came home, put the groceries away, folded laundry and vacuumed and washed all the floors!! I love my new mop!!! It makes life soo easy and I love that I can make my own cleaner!!

We headed to the farm for some family time, played a new game, which I will get more info on because it was awesome and made out of wood!!! It is officially on our Christmas list!!

We had a nice roast beef dinner and apple crisp dessert! Yum!!

Yesterday I finished editing another photo session, hoping to tackle the next one today!!

I also got our 5 year anniversary book in the mail. I ordered from Photobook Canada and in all honesty, I love shutterfly waaay more!!! I wasn't overly impressed with the book. In fact on of the pictures had lines on it, so I have contacted them to see what they are willing to do about this!

Last night we enjoyed girls nights with all of us girls in attendance which rarely happens anymore!

My blanket that I am crocheting is over 50% done!! I can feel that the end is near and in all honesty it is exciting me and I more than ever just want to finish it!! I have used up one ball of yarn so far! I don't think I will be needing 3, maybe one and half!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Where I am Today

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just wish you could be anywhere aside from where you actually are? That is me this week. Which then led me think of how far I have come.

M and I did a long distance relationship for 2 years. This not only taught us how to be without one another, but it made us soo grateful for the time we do have together. We survived one "break-up" for less than 23 hours all because the stress was getting to be to much, and then realized that if being together is what we really wanted then we would not only have to work hard to make it last, but we would have live each day to the fullest and never leave a day with out at least saying I Love You once. It worked, it got us through college. No more almost break-ups. It was pretty serious pretty fast.

I moved out my Mom's house when I was 20 and we bought our first house that same year. Man do I remember feeling like we were signing our life away. But it was soo very worth it. Our very first house was perfect for us. It was small, yet cozy. It was full of lessons. How to pay bills and get by when times were tough. Working at Wal-Mart didn't pay all that much and M used to get laid off in the winter and we would struggle. We made cut backs and learned how to budget better. We pretty much agreed that this was no way of living and would make compromises for it to never happen again. It was only one winter, but we learned soo much from it. It made us appreciate things soo much more.

We adopted Jazz and then Diamond. Diamond alone taught us patience - something we still struggle with to this day, especially myself. She taught us that life isn't always black and white, there is grey matter. There are also things in life that we cannot control, but if we work hard enough, pray hard enough things can change. Diamond came along way. She ended up being one of the best dogs I have had the pleasure to own! She came into our lives scared, broken and lonely and left our lives as a happy go lucky dog. We worked with her until she became comfortable with us and our lifestyle.

We got engaged! Had a nice 2 year engagement in order to get things done the way we wanted them and not going into debt while doing it! Favorite day of my life thus far! It truly was perfect and there are very few things that I would change.

We bought and sold vehicles, I got a new job in my chosen career path. It started off wonderful and ended horribly, but brought me to where I am working today. I can honestly say that I think some things happen to you in life to actually teach you lessons. These things teach you to be less naive, not soo trusting, to stand up for yourself. Simple lessons that our parents teach us, yet we forget until we get burned by them and then we truly learn the lesson.

It's funny, as a child growing up and establishing life skills, you truly become an adult when you learn from these skills. It is one things to know about the skill but until you have to use it, be abused by it and learn it, then you truly understand.

We bought our second Home. Yes there is a difference, our first house was a just a house, it provided us shelter and love and lessons, but our second purchase became our home. It was where we took pride in the furnishings and let go of many hand me downs, where we put some blood, lots of sweat and our hard earned money into each room and made this home just how we wanted it. We take pride in where we live and how much we have put into it. It is where we are today and could not be happier.

So when I look at the big picture, we have come along way, yet we are soo far from where we have yet to go in live. We will get there, but I just need to remember one thing at a time. Take many stops along the way and take it all in and remember each moment for what it is, whether it be good or bad, grow from it, learn from it and most importantly do it together hand in hand. Don't rush yourself, things will happen when they are supposed to. There will always be bumps in the road, embrace them.

So today I stand and reflect on all of this and appreaciate where we are today and how hard we have worked and arecontinuing to work to get where we want to go!


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