Monday, June 29, 2015

Well That Was Wet

Our weekend did not exactly go as planned to say the least! We did get our solar heating system done for the pool, but haven't really had the chance to try it out yet because it rained ALL weekend.

Friday evening we had friends come over with their kids and trailer for the weekend, as the guys were in a ball tournament! I threw together a pasta dish for dinner and then we decided swimming was necessary after we waited for our food to settle a bit first! My mom was over to watch Noah for us, because the first ball game for our team wasn't until 9:45 PM. So M put Noah down and we headed to the park around 9 for the dance and beer tent. I did enjoy a few somersby's before the game and then switched to palm Bays in my tumbler at the park. B ended up taking her kids home earlier, so I stuck around and was texting her updates. I had to tell her about the dinosaur she was missing, at which she thought I was seeing things at this point, so I took a picture because sure enough some guy dressed up as a dinosaur:

The guys lost her game, but we stayed after for a beer and then walked home where we ran into more friends heading to the park just after 11. So we stood out front and chatted with people, enjoyed watching the "drunk crawlers" as some were beyond walking at this point. It makes for good entertainment! Then we went outback and sat around chatting, drinking and snacking - oh and
zapping bugs!! It was 2 AM before we knew it and this mama was surprised she lasted that long!! 

Saturday morning we had a big strawberry and waffle breakfast, which was amazing and then got ready for the parade. M was in it of course, so B, the kids and I headed down. The rain held off for the most part, with a few sprinkles, but it was manageable without an umbrella! However we got home just in time and then the crazy rain started! D was out in the shop getting it ready to entertain down there, because we were going to need it!! When we got back we went and helped tidy it a bit too. 

M got home and sure enough Noah was ready for a nap, which I regret doing soo early, and then they cancelled the whole ball tournament. We decided to still invite everyone over anyways, we had planned for a potluck BBQ and we were bound and bent to have fun! The drinks were cracked, people were showing up and fun was had - rain or shine. 

Noah went through a few outfit changes because of the rain, but he was in pretty good spirits for all the people over, teething, and a short nap!

We made the best of that weather! The kids still swam, we played kan-jam and washers. It was fun. We bbq'd and enjoyed lots of food and more drinks! I failed at picture taking!! 

Everyone headed home by 6:00 I would say, so we headed inside with B, D and the kids and relaxed before watching the soccer game! K came over for a visit afterwards too, which is always nice! We had a few good laughs and maybe a spilled drink lol.

This collage pretty much sums up the whole weekend! 

Sunday morning we had the fireman's breakfast and shortly after that our company left. M got home around 1 from helping out and we had one lazy day. The rain was still coming down. It hasn't rained like this on the long weekend in years!! They ended up cancelling the fireworks too! 

These two sure did get lots of attention this weekend! The kids loved them!! Apparently it was exhausting: 

So there you have our very wet weekend. I did watch The Longest Ride last night, which was another Nicholas Sparks movie! They never disappoint!

This weekend will always be so special to us! Crazy to think 2 years ago our lives changed forever in the best way possible - we found out we were expecting after 4 long years of infertility! We are so blessed with this little man: 

Today we are enjoying some family time and packing for the cottage!! So blogging will likely be scarce again, unless I find some time to schedule some posts, as I still haven't covered Noah's first birthday! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Fun on Friday!!

Holidays officially start today for this little fam-jam!! Just in time for the long weekend, which happens to be a big weekend in the village with all sorts of activities going on!!

Last night we finished the pool railing and set up the yard just like we wanted!! We are really happy with how it turned out!! Noah is complaining either!! 

You can see the fabric gate I just rolled down for the picture! We need to put a dowel in the center of it because it sags a bit in the middle! But it works for now and does the job! Here is the one for the small stairs! We can use it at the top or bottom of the stairs which is handy!! Thank you Pinterest!!

We used a heavy rubberized back canvas to help withstand outdoor use! Then trimmed it with left over chair fabric for a pop of color!! 

Noahs play area all set up! We still plan to get AstroTurf for under it, depending on the cost of course because cutting the grass around it is pretty tricky! And the pool just kills the grass anyways! 

Can you find Noah in there?? Lol! 

I will snap a few of the full yard soon!! As I mentioned we plan to deck the patio area now instead of attempting to make it smooth! We just love how the stairs turned out!! 

While we were pruning the front garden this week we found a giant toad, so of course we had to show Noah!! He was fearless and wanted to touch it right away!! Luckily it kept jumping away from him! At one point he was crawling in the garden after it!! 

Mid jump! 

This weekend was supposed to be super nice but now they are calling for rain all weekend!! Boo!! Mike is all ball tournament tonight and tomorrow! We will be hosting the ball team as well, so I'm praying they are just exaggerating the weather - wouldn't be the first time!! 

Tonight there is a dance at the ball park which works well with Mikes game time! My mom is coming down to watch Noah and then tomorrow there is a parade and various activities going! 

Sunday we the firemans breakfast and fireworks! 

Hope everyone has a safe and fun long weekend!! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Butterfly Conservatory

Yesterday was another busy day starting at 2 AM with an intense storm! When I went to bed we had a tornado watch and  the radar wasn't pretty! So of course I awoke when the storm hit! Nothing like 2 AM texting with my sister and watching a crazy light show from my bed! Luckily it was just an intense storm, but it is tornado season now that summer is officially here! I fell back asleep by 4 AM, so needless to say I was starting my day tired!!

I secretly hoped stroller boot camp would be cancelled, but it wasn't! I forgot Noahs soother at home, which is our savings grace these days with these molars! He fussed a few times but as long as I kept him moving he managed! He enjoyed playing with the other kids during yoga though! And aside from being tired, it felt really good! 

We went home for lunch and then  packed back up again and went to the butterfly conservatory in Cambridge! Luckily he fell asleep on the way!

We met up with my cousin Melissa and her son Gabe who is 5 months!! We were both surprised with how small it was, but it really was an experience! 

They literally just fly all around you, often at eye level!

Looking at them all:

Of course he wanted in the water!! Silly boy! 

The venue was really small though, I'd say we walked around it 5 times or so and we're still only an hour and that was with sitting on various spots too! But it was something special to see! 

Afterwards we hit up the $200 club... Aka Costco.... I did manage to get Noah a new life jacket, oh and a $5 jumbo bag of jujubes! Everything always adds up at that store!! 

It really cooled off last night, so we when we got home we changed Noah into some pants and a long sleeve tee and he played outside for a bit with Daddy! M also got the solar boxes done and started hooking them up!! Pool heat is coming soon!! 

This morning Noah is getting his 3rd hair cut! Man his hair grows fast!! I'm also hoping to get lots of housework done today and I need to go get a highlight kit to fix my roots!! I also get to meet our friends new baby this afternoon, which will be fun!! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Fathers Day Weekend Rewind

Another great weekend has passed us, granted we did spend the whole weekend together, and managed to get quite a bit accmplished!

Friday night we kept Noah up a little later and get some more yard work done, mainly we got the weeding finished. I will comment on the difference our lawn has had since fertilizing it, we have seen very little weeds since!! 

Saturday morning we all slept in until 8:30 - thank you Felix, which means the cat didn't wake us earlier. My sleep has been crumby lately, but I managed to get a full night of sleep and I felt great!! Noah went to the farm with Mike and bright home the back hoe with some dirt in it for the garden. 

Noah stayed back and helped Mike work on the solar boxes while I headed into town to meet my sister, who found railing on sale, so I picked that up from her and watched Hannah's last gymnastics class!

I had to stop at the hardware store in my way home, but then went straight outside. Noah went down for a nap shortly after, so we managed to get the garden by the pool filled with plants we just transplanted from the other garden.

Our gardens need some help... But that isn't this years goal! We trimmed some trees, vacuumed the pool, and Noah woke up just in time to help us with the railing on the stairs! 

After supper we went t to finish what we could, but turns out we needed a box of longer balusters for the top, so that will get done this week! Noah went with Daddy to do a backhoe job before taking it back and I headed to a buck and doe for a bit. 

I got home just in time to see Noah to bed! I was tired from being outside all day, so headed go bed around 10, at which time M's pager started going off. He ended up with two calls between 10:30 and 1 AM. 

Sunday we headed to the lake! Noah, M and the dogs had their first swim of the season, the water was way to cold for me at 65!! I will just let the pics from the day do the talking:

On our way we stopped at a strawberry stand and found these delicious donuts: 

Noah had a 2 hour nap on the boat which surprised us since he hasn't been sleeping well in new places - granted he was down last year so maybe it was familiar! Then we headed out on the boat!

The dogs had lake baths!! More like boat bath and then back in the lake to rinse off! The water is high this year!!

I swear he has a neck lol! Makes his face look soo different lol! 

He had a blast playing on the swim platform dumping water on himself! 

More please:

Daddy got his rest on our way back in to the dock! 

We had a fantastic dinner and then headed home! Of course Noah fell asleep on the way home, we headed outside for a bit when we got home to make him tired again!

 He was in bed by 10! And weren't far behind!! 

This morning Noah had his chicken pox vaccine!! He handled it like a champ!! Cried a bit after but overall wasn't too bad! However he is a bit more irritable now! 

Turns out little man had quite the growth spurt and is now 34 inches long!! No wonder he's taller that older kids! 

We have a busy week ahead so I will try to keep updating when I can! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Apparently blogging daily is falling by the wayside around these parts as summer is approaching because we have been super busy, that and my kid is keeping me on his toes with his new stunt double practices.

Noah turned 16 months old yesterday and in his mind he turned 26 and is practicing all his daring moves all of a sudden! In a blink of an eye, he can now crawl up on the couch and the bench, however it is not to sit on, it is to stand and walk around on. When he isn't doing that now, he is standing on his firetruck, you know the things that has wheels. So needless to say my intentions to blog yesterday were there, but my son was just too busy being wild! 

I did manage to sneak away for a manicure while Noah was napping! My MIL came over to watch Noah, and not only did I get my nails done, she did my eyebrows too!! It was a nice hour and half!! My nails didn't quite last 6 weeks because I failed to file them down in time! 

Monday we had a few little visitors and then were invited to head to the park in town for a picnic! So J ran home to get their stuff while I watched the kiddos! 

Chloe started to fuss, so of course both boys went running over to dote on her!! It was adorable!! 

And the boys played well too!! 

Noah enjoyed the park. It was his first time playing on the equipment at the big park, be there were accessible equipment, so he had a blast running all over them! It was great! He is a bit young for most of it, but he had fun. After lunch and playing we decided to go feed the ducks and geese. The boys had a lot of fun with this and of course Noah was fearless. 

He did not want to leave! 

Apparently the day after we were there they put a notice out to stop feeding them because they are too messy! Granted we were feeding them corn not bread.

And now this post is done because I am apparently a toddlers jungle gym now that he can crawl up on the couch. It's fun times over here with this new found trick I tell ya! 


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