Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday's Five

1) I am so incredibly proud of Noah for how quickly he has picked up swimming!! He was blowing bubbles yesterday, kicking and swimming on his own!!

2) I head out west next week...4 days to be exact... And guess who hasn't packed a thing?? Oh that's me! I do have some mental notes going at least! This week has been super busy with a lot of unplanned things popping up! 

3) Just when we thought Gracie was feeling better, she has had accidents in the house every night this week. Clearly her tummy is not well... Therefore making mine not well either!! We gave her rice last night hoping it will help! I think maybe it was because M was giving her too many dental sticks too often and it was too rich for her system. Hoping she is on the mend soon! Luckily last night she was accident free!! 

4) today I am heading in to get my nails done! Crazy it's been 8 weeks and I only broke one off!! I am also purchasing a boba wrap today that I am pretty excited about. I managed to find a used on in great condition which will save me $60!!  I am ever hopeful this will help in the airport. Here we are trying out my friends:

5) this weekend is pretty low key, just packing, enjoying family time and housework!! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sleep Training

I've never hid the fact that Noah has been an amazing sleeper since Day 1!! He was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old! Now he goes to bed around 8 PM and is waking around 8/8:30 AM on a daily basis. We have established a pretty good bedtime routine of bath, pjs, bottle, book, then bedtime.

But he has not been a great napper! Good news is that has changed now that we are down to just one nap a day! Can I just say how much easier one nap a day is instead of two?? Soo much more freedom for planning the day now without having to be home and his nap schedule! The transition wasn't easy and it took a few weeks, but now instead of two 30 minute naps I get one 2-3 hour nap!!

The newest transition in our house was not putting him down asleep, and allowing him to soothe himself to sleep without being rocked. We have been trying this for a few weeks now and are really making progress now, which is perfect for heading out west next week. We started with doing nap times and the first few days were frustrating, but he figured it out! Once he was going down easier for naps we introduced the new plan at bedtime. I think this was harder for M than it was for Noah and we definetely had a few nights where we ended up rocking him to sleep because he was overtired and just too upset. Bedtime is M and Noah's time, so I totally get how M misses that time snuggling and rocking him to sleep, but it is best for Noah to be able to do it himself! Now putting Noah down is a lot easier for this mama, who doesn't mind putting him down at night, but Noah is used to Daddy!

Just this past weekend he surprised us and put himself down at the lake this weekend in his pack and play. We just put him in it and sure enough within 5 minutes he was asleep down in the boat! M and I were surprised, but he is finally getting it! 

The book I half read was The Sleep Easy Solution. But if I'm being honest, I skimmed it and got the idea! 

So now Noah is capable of putting himself to sleep and if we have to rock him the odd time, it is a more of a treat haha. 

This little boy amazes us each and everyday as he gets older and shows us all that he is capable of. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weekend Rewind: Tuesday Edition

Our weekend was pretty great! The weather we are getting is HOT and amazing!! I love the heat, especially when we have air conditioning haha.

Friday night M had ball, they lost, but they only had 9 players and actually kept the score close! Noah is super busy at the ball games now, refusing to sit still on his stroller now! I did get to try a friends baby carrier and I really like it! She was kind enough to lend it to me next week while we are away - more on that towards the end of the post. I was considering getting an ergo, but then found out about the boba and I think I like it more and it's better for toddler wearing, not to mention super easy to put on!

Saturday morning I went for my run and it was super hot at 8:30 in the morning, but I got my best pace yet of 7:35/km, however the down side was my knee took a beating and is still sore! I didn't bother running last night with the group because my knee is still swollen. I'm hoping I don't fall to far behind, but I really don't want to wreck my knee and just need to take it slow!

Later Saturday morning we had Party in the Park here in the village to celebrate the grand opening of the new park! I felt bad for M, he had to wear his fire uniform and it was HOT! Noah had fun dancing to the music, playing with the bubbles from the bubble machine and he got to put his "mark on the park":

Saturday afternoon Noah went down for his nap, meanwhile M and I enjoyed the pool in peace! Our neighbours behind us came over for a visit, when Noah woke up. Noah and Brook are just over a year apart, but they actually played really well together! 

We went to a neighbourhood BBQ afterwards together and I was happy to steal some baby snuggles with her 1 month one little boy! We were home a little later than we planned, but Noah still managed to get himself to sleep!! Pretty sure I was in bed by 10! 

Sunday morning we packed right up and headed to the lake for the day!! 

The dogs were all ready!!

Noah put himself down for his nap!! First time doing it all on his own while we weren't home!! So proud!!

First swim all by himself!! "No hands"!! He loves his puddle jumper!! 

Yesterday we ran some errands and did some crafting!! Last night while watching The Bachlorette - glad she picked Shawn!! I finished Noah's 0-6 month photo book!! I have 6-12 to go and need to get it done by the end of August! 

So as I mentioned above, Noah and I are taking a little trip again this summer. This will be my first solo trip with just Noah and leaving Mike for a whole week! We have never been apart that long since being married, but it was too good of an offer to pass up! We are heading out west again to Saskatchewan to my cousins for Briar's first birthday!! As I've mentioned before my cousins are Air Canada pilots and they are allowing me to use their buddy system to fly down on for quite a significant discount. Why does flying across Canada have to cost soo much?!?!

I am pretty nervous to be flying with a busy almost 18 month old by myself, but we will manage! It's just 3 hours! I will also have my cousins there to help worst case scenario! Noah's pretty chill, I'm just not sure how he will handle sitting still for that long! 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Couch to 5K

Just last week, I was invited to join a start up group here in our village to do the Couch to 5K! We are mostly beginning runners, so starting off slow is just what we need and this program we are following does just that! Our group is made up of 22 moms here in the village of all different ages!

I will be honest I was really nervous to commit, not knowing how my knees or hips would handle it, but I am loving it!! It is a good challenge and we have a goal in mind towards the end to run a 5K race!! We have a couple in mind to do, so it will be exciting to sign up for those! 

This first week we are doing 1 minute running to 2 minutes walking. We focus on that mainly and the distance we cover is random depending on our pace. Most runs should be around 30 minutes. So far both nights we have had about 15 ladies running and with it being a group run, we don't leave anyone behind, during the walking periods we turn back to collect anyone behind and all start again together. It really is a nice system! We had to commit to 3x a week and if we can't run with the group we need
to make it up ourselves or team up with someone else. 

I plan to track my progress after each run on Instagram, as well as recap on here - maybe weekly. This is an exciting adventure I am endeavouring on and I know it's only going to get harder each week, but I'm loving it!! 

Our first run: 

Our second run, was a bit longer, further and faster! At a few points we had the run/walk ratio reversed which made it a bit tricky and we we went down a different road this time! When our 30 minutes is complete we typically walk back to the starting point as our cool down, but last night we did some extra running and then did a 5 min cool down. 

With that being said we know what 5k feels like now, granted still walking/running, but it felt good and we know it is doable!! My muscles are screaming a bit more today, but it hurts so good!

On the off days, I will still do the 21 Day Fix. 

I haven't quite set a time for run 3 yet, as Friday night I won't be running with the group because M has ball, but I will either make it up in the day with Noah or maybe Saturday night or early Sunday morning before we goto the lake. 

All my friends who run, give a girl some advice on gear... Shoes, bras, underwear, clothes. Let me hear your favourites!! I know a lot of people don't tend to wear underwear when running, but I'm not sure I am there yet, but want a pair that stays put! 

So here we go!! Couch to 5K!! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Date Night Recap/ Wednesday Loves

 Happy Wednesday Friends/Family

I have to share this restaurant we went to last night for our anniversary. It was called Borealis and we went to the one in Kitchener (for any locals) but there is also one in Guelph. The food served is all LOCAL!! There is just something about knowing you are supporting our local farmers! They know all their farmers on a first name basis and their menu will definetely have something on it to please everyone! 

With that being said we ordered the Bruschetta and their Romaine and Kale Cesar Salad to share for our starters! The salad was soo fresh and the dressing was homemade and not too strong, just perfect! We don't normally order bruschetta, but it did not disappoint! It was served on a flat bread, and once again not to strong and the perfect consistency. Of course I failed at taking pics of anything at the restaurant! The actual decore is beautiful too!! M and I did find it weird just being the two of us and being able to relax during a meal, not entertain Noah! 

For the main course Mike ordered the Cajun chicken which we said the flavour of was great! I ordered the 10 oz steak with garlic mashed potatoes and market veggies. The steak had a bacon cream sauce on it that was to die for! We didn't bother with dessert, because I had ordered a Costco cake a head of time, knowing I was going to freeze 80% of it! Now when I want cake, I can have just a piece! 

We did goto Costco last night afterwards, we stuck to our list mainly. We started buying the BBQ Ranch Kale salad there - it is delicious!! It's a meal in itself, we just add some chicken or steak. I also got 3 pairs of leggings there for running - more on that tomorrow. But they are really nice leggings and for only $12!! 

On to some other loves:

Gracie is officially feeling better and is pretty much back to 100%!! This makes my heart happy!! I will say she is still stubborn as ****, but that's nothing new and rather typical!! 

Love these two!! 

Noah is getting pretty clever... He turned his lawnmower into a riding lawnmower! He is his fathers son!! 

Daddy also spoiled him with an excavator ride: 

What else is new around here? I'm drawing a blank! So we will cut this post here, just in time for Noah to get up at 8:45 AM! 

Have a great day!! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

8 Years

Today Mike and I celebrate 8 years of marriage!! Crazy when you think about it, but at the same time it has gone by so fast and I couldn't imagine being with anyone else.

In 8 years M has seen the best of me and the worst of me. We have struggled, we have conquered, we have mourned, we have cried, we have fell hard, we have loved deep, we have picked each other up, we have travelled, we have laughed endlessly, and most importantly we have been blessed in the most beautiful way. 

In 8 years, with 4 of those being the longest we will ever experience while struggling with infertility, during that time we supported one another, respected our grief after losing 3 known embryos after undergoing 2.5 rounds of IVF. This time was soo hard, but we held each other close, mourned together, and prayed together. This will always be one of the biggest accomplishments in our life - seeing infertility through. Becoming pregnant, with such a small chance on our side, never losing hope, holding on to every bit of positivity we could feed into one another. Infertility tends to break up a lot of marriages, because of the financial, emotional, and physical stresses it can put on a marriage. To not become one of those statistics is an accomplishment. In fact it had the opposite effect on us and made us stronger as couple.

Two years ago, we found out we were expecting, knowing that I was finally able to make our dreams come true with a body that was constantly failing us was in incredible high. Each and every day of that pregnancy I was grateful whether I felt good or not! There is something about watching the man you married turn into a father, something I still treasure to this day! My easy pregnancy took a turn towards the end, and as scared as we were, we were ready for whatever came next. 

I often say our life is perfect, even when it isn't, because it is all in the way you look at it. Could things be better sometimes? Yes! But we have a roof over our heads, a job that supports us, but most
importantly we have each other and with that we can see through anything. Now we have a sweet little boy who continues to amaze us since the day we found out he was coming. 

Last year we welcomed Noah into our lives and as stressful as parenting can be, we do it together and we do it well. When one of us is needing a break the other one is there to step in. We often tell each other we can't believe how "easy" life has become. We count our blessings every day! We can't believe we have son and find ourselves stealing extra snuggles, rocking him a little longer and just enjoying the pure joy effect he has had on our lives. 

8 years later, we still walk hand in hand and I wouldn't change it. He is my side kick, who has my back, who takes care of me. I look forward to growing old with Mike! I look forward to the future adventures to come! You never know what life has in store for you, but knowing I have him by my side, it doesn't scare me.

Tonight we are going out for dinner for the first time on our actual anniversary! Usually we make dinner at home, but we decided it would be nice to have a little date night! Noah is going to have dinner with his grandparents! 

Happy anniversary Mike! I look forward to celebrating many more with you!! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Rewind

So this weekend was officially the hottest of the year so far and it was pretty amazing!! Weekends are soo fun these days!!

Friday nights ball game was cancelled, so we made some last minute plans to go out for dinner with R&J, which happened to be R's birthday too!! We just went to the pub here in the village. Noah was pretty hungry, but he actually wasn't too bad for waiting around at the restaurant and they brought his food pretty fast! He ate soo much!! 

After dinner they came over to see the back yard and Noah suckered K into pushing him on the swing! He was super tired, but super happy to be on the swing! 

At about 2 AM Noah woke up and was not a happy camper! M ended up bringing him down to our bed where he cuddled with me for a bit. M got him some Tylenol, not sure if it was teeth or a sore tummy from eating soo much! So he stayed in bed with us for a while but wouldn't settle until M got up and rocked him to sleep. It's nights like this that remind us how lucky we are to have such a good sleeper becaus M and I do not communicate well at 2:30 in the morning!

Noah slept in until 9:30 AM! I headed out around 10 to pick up a shower gift and exchange the blinds I bought that were the wrong length! I also stopped at the health food store, grabbed some oils and chia seeds! 

I had N's baby shower in the afternoon, but when I got home it was family swim time!! I took soo many video of Noah! He is the happiest in the pool or water! If you have me on Instagram you can see them, otherwise you will have to wait until I figure out how to upload them! I took a few in slo-motion and live watching his full facial reaction!!

J and C came over for a swim as well and we didn't end up getting out until almost 7 PM! We headed to the ball park for dinner, knowing there was a ball tournament on! Afterwards we went to play at the park

And check out the lawn mowers!! 

Sunday morning Noah slept in again past 9:30 and anxious Daddy was rearing to get down to the lake!  
Noah didn't enjoy the car ride down, but he got over it after we stopped for the apple donut holes again!

He was pretty happy to see Grandma and Grandpa and enjoyed playing in a kiddy pool down there, it didn't take him long to soak himself dumping buckets on himself and eventually climbing right in! Good thing I brought back up clothes! 

We headed out on the water, and enjoyed a nice day spent with family and friends! 

Watching Daddy take the dogs for a swim to cool down!

The water is crazy high this year, so they don't really have a spot to touch bottom on! 

We came in to shore around 5 beating the storm and rain just in time! 

We enjoyed chili for dinner and then headed home, stopping for ice cream on our way home for national ice cream day! Everyone enjoyed it to say the least!! 

This morning we are off to try out a little splash pad in town with friends! 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Hey Friday!!

Yay for no ball Friday!! Apparently our game was cancelled for tonight, which makes me kind of happy!! Not that we have plans or anything exciting going on and I do enjoy the games, but sometimes it's just nice to be home on a Friday night!!

Today I am thinking of my niece Hannah, who is having surgery on both her eyes this morning!! Praying for an easy surgery and fast recovery!! 

It's 8:50 AM as I write this post and Noah is still sleeping!! 

I'm trying a new drink recipe!! I am finally getting around to trying the Passion Tea Lemonade that mimics Starbucks!! I finally found passion tea last night - actually that's a lie, Sarah found it during our late night post girls night Walmart trip! 

Last night was girls night! I was soo disappointed that they took my drink off the menu!! I also was impressed with drink I picked... Some peach lemonade that wasn't anything special! I did finally try a 4 berry mojito which I quite liked! 

On Wednessay I decided to try my hand at some outfit pics with my selfie stick... I definetely need some work at it, but here are Wednesday and Thursday's outfits for both Noah and I! 

Yes, I cringe, the crocs left the house! I bought them for playing in the back yard - so much easier! But I am not a fan. I will say though, that they do make life easier though, so I am sure it will happen again!!

No guarantees I will get better.. I think because I am soo tall, in order to get my whole self in, my arm has to be soo high!! 

Today I have a few more groceries to grab, which I will be doing at just one store with Noah - thanks to ladies being willing to stop at Walmart last night!! Shopping with a toddler at this stage is tricky! All he wants to do is push the cart or climb out! So I'm hoping it will quick and then we have to stop and grab the sweet deal I grabbed off kijiji for 5 sleep sacks (4 of which are halo brand in new condition with feet) for $45!! A couple of them are toddler size, but he will grow into them! I love sleep sacks, especially now that we are in two piece pjs now, just gives me the piece of mind that he is covered and warm enough! 

Update on Gracie - she is still not quite herself, a few more days of antibiotics left. She is refusing to eat the wet food now to make matters more difficult, but we must be getting just enough in her to stop the pills from reacting with her tummy because she has vomited for a few days (thank God!!) Her infection site looks much better though! Not sure if she's just being stubborn, but she didn't even want to go for a walk last night! Hopefully her mood lightens up soon! 

This weekend I have N's baby shower and then potential lake day on Sunday!!

Well this post is wrapping up now because it is 9:15 and my kid just sat up!! Time to go get the little. Squish!! 


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