Monday, January 31, 2011

Manic Monday

Yes, I have been busy!!! I made the new banner for Manic Mondays last week and I am loving it!!

So where shall I start?

When I got home from work on Friday, I spent the beginning of my evening trying to explain over the phone to my mom, how to use windows live messenger.... such a sloooooowwww process! It was very trying on both hers and my patience! She finally figured it out (the basics), for the most part! We headed for games night and K and S were hosting it this month. We played euchre again, but switched up partners as usual! For snacks, everyone had to bring a dessert! Can we say chocolate overload? Everyone brought chocolate, luckily S and W didn't get the dessert memo and brought meat balls! I took brownies, J brought a chocolate pudding dessert with oreo cookie crumb bottom and chocolate whip cream on top and S had a deep and delicious chocolate cake! Mmmhmm!

I drank 2 Palm Bays and ended up in a non-sober fashion... I don't know what it is about those drinks but they kick my ass rather quickly, the last time I drank them was in the summer at the ball party and I had been drinking them ALL day and was trashed. Friday was only 2 and I was definitely feeling it! I can usually handle more alcohol than that, but not with those drinks. I got home around 12:00 AM and noticed that I had a voicemail message on my phone, so I checked my call display and noticed my uncle (whom I barely ever speak to had called... I knew he needed help booking a rental car). I hit the talk button and went to dial out my voicemail and it was ringing for quite some time. I had just been saying to myself how long it was taking and my uncles voicemail picked up. It took me a minute to figure out what was going on and then he picked up before I had a chance to hang up! I couldn't call him that late and just hang up on him, so I had a 5 minute conversation on the phone with him. I inquired about the rental car and participated in some small talk, apologized for calling so late, blaming the voicemail service and said good night! Can we say AWKWARD? So now I have officially drunk dialed my uncle, I will be sure to check that off my list of things to do before I die!

Saturday M helped take town the village Christmas lights with the fire department and I had some down time before we started prepping food and last minute tidying.\i did make the appetizer cards while M was gone! When M got home, we finished up with the cleaning and of course he got a fire call, luckily there was no fire, but a car roll over. Once he got home, he shovelled the driveway.. yes shovelled because I told him he did not have time to "play" with the snow blower and I was not making him shovel the whole thing or anything! I got started in kitchen! I know that sounds funny, but I started food prepping for the appetizers. We made the lasagna Friday night since lasagna always tastes better the 2nd day, so we did not have to worry about that! Everything was running smoothly until it came to making the baked brie in philo pastry... I did not realize that the philo had to thaw for 5 hours prior to use, so we thawed it via the microwave, very carefully! We had never use the philo before and it is not very much fun to use. We had cute the brie wheel in half which was our next bad idea, it leaked out of the pastry while baking and made such a mess, but over all it was still good! I wish I had of taken a picture of the place settings at the table! Everything seemed to be a hit, or at least no one complained! The lasagna was fantastic, N & K brought a stuff bread with cheese, onion, tomatoes and prosciutto. For dessert J & A brought a strawberry no-bake cheesecake with whipped cream to complete the meal! It was great!! The night ended at an early 1:30 AM!

M and I managed to sleep in this morning until 10 AM!! Of course we got up around 7 to let the dogs out, but managed to fall back asleep! I watched the movie Remember Me and just relaxed for the afternoon, it was sooo nice, quiet and relaxing! I also managed to get caught up on my soap operas! We headed to the farm for a nice roast beef dinner! I don't know how M's mom does it, but she makes the BEST roast beef!!! We had the strawberry cheesecake left overs for dessert! M and I came home and continued our day of relaxation!!

Today I don't have much on my plate! I might download some music, poke away at some laundry, but that is about it!! I have girls night tonight as usual, but that is about it!

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Whats in a Title?

I should really start paying attention to what I title my blog entries with! If you were a new person to pop by and check out my blog, and check my right side panel to see previous posts and just skimmed the titles... you would find: (the brackets enclose what people probably think)
  • Low Down on Lingerie ------- (sounds trashy)
  • Commitment Issues ----------(marriage probs)
  • Manic Monday ---------- (Crazy)
  • Show Me Some Love -------- (Desperate)
  • Things Don't Always Go As Planned ------ (oops...)
  • So What Happened Tuesday Night  -----(drunk fool)
  • No Strings Attached ------ (sleeps around)
  • Advice From a Farmer -------- (hick girl)
  • Going Crazy and The New Cat ----- (crazy)
  • The Bachelor -------- (Looking for love)

That is just for January! People probably see those titles and run!! I am sorry new followers, I am sorry... Don't judge the book by the cover though... I am really not a trashy, crazy, desperate drunk hick-town girl with marriage problems that is looking for love! I promise!! No offense to hick-girls either, nothing wrong with growing up in a small town!

I will try to be more conscientious when picking titles!! Although, maybe people think I am false advertising with those titles... they read the post and end up disappointed in my boring ole' life? My life is not really soap opera material like the titles may suggest...

Does anyone else have this problem? What do your blog titles say about you?!

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Low Down On The Lingerie (Part 1)

So, as I promised I have a funny story to tell you all about! Now please note that the whole story has not played out, so this will be part 1 and part 2 will follow once the whole story plays out! Now I am posting this praying that M doesn't actually read my blog, he says he doesn't, but sometimes asks about it, so this will be a true test! If he does happen to read one days, I hope he doesn't read today's post until it all plays out!

So last weekend I went on to the La Vie En Rose website and was "browsing" from the comfort of my own home, if ya know what I mean? I prefer Victoria Secret, but the shipping to Canada is too much, so I always stop there when visiting the US. So I happened to notice a 70% off sale! We ALL know how much THIS girl LOVES SALES! So of course I took a peek! I had never ordered online from this store before, but found myself adding stuff to the cart.

I found a cute "baby doll" - who makes the names of these things.... seriously... but it is not super skimpy, like wearable to bed I would say, without causing "a scene". I found a scarf, a sweat shirt, a "chemise", with a matching cardi, I got M some pajama pants and boxers, and myself a lace bra band. Out of all of those items, I would say nothing exciting or out of the ordinary! But I did find a super cute and sexy little something, which I was planning on keeping a secret from M. I had told him that I was making the purchase online and of course he wanted to see, so I showed him all of the above, minus the sexy something. I was excited to be getting some new sleepwear and his response was almost daunting, he says "Oh, that's all you bought?" So I said no, I bought one more thing, but its a surprise! Then my mind started working and the web page shows 3 items per line. He didn't want to ruin his surprise, but after convincing him, he decided to play along! So I decided to show him the line and have him guess which one I ordered! One item was a 2 piece full pajama set, the other one was a lacy top, silk bottom "chemise" and the last one was THE ONE. I asked him which one he thought I picked and he says.. I kid you not... "Well I know which one I wish you picked, but you probably picked #2 (the lace and silk "chemise")". So of course my response was something along the lines of "You know me to well, I thought you would really like it, but you seem nothing but disappointed with my surprise!" I went along with  him thinking I order the "chemise" instead of the sexy something! He then threw the whole "Now my surprise is ruined.." I assured him that "you obviously wouldn't have liked it anyways..." 

How mean am I?

But it didn't stop there.... no it couldn't possibly! He then told me it was like something I would wear to bed anytime and that it was "boring". BORING! So I played the whole "Oh so you think I am boring?" wife act and drew out this whole big argument that was going nowhere good! I was letting him dig himself a hole and he knew it! I was trying my darnedest to act pissed off, but I couldn't help but to laugh every now and then! I later assured him that this must be an argument that most couples have... you know lingerie and that this was normal! Haha! He ended up getting pissed off, I ended up throwing more drama in the mix and headed to the bedroom to pull out my actual lingerie throwing it all over the room, questioning if they were boring and he was responding no and telling me how much he loved THOSE ones, but that what I had just bought was not like any of those and he was right they weren't. I told him that my taste had changed, now that I am 26, I need to wear more suitable lingerie for my age! Haha! He was falling for every bit of it! I also assured him that when I was 60, there would not be lingerie, I would hit the naked stage with saggy boobs and all! Just imagine the poor guy wondering what had happened to his wife? Better yet, what WILL happen to his wife? Should he trade me in now?

We both decided that we had enough of arguing and he told me that he loves me in anything that I wear and of course preferably nothing, even if I am 60! He also informed me that he wished the "naked stage" would happen now. So really, I was just making him feel grateful right? I felt horrible as well with his sentimental melt down at the end of the argument, but still didn't confess that I bought the sexy something that he did indeed like! I did laugh behind his back!

I figure that it will be an awesome surprise!! I can't wait for it to come in now after seeing how my mean wife stint played out!

So Part 2 will follow, as I am sure another discussion will be had!

I know this was a pretty mean joke, if you can call it that, to do to my poor man, but it was also fun in my eyes, just not his I am sure! It will alll work out in the end! I am sure that he will be pleased overall! He will have probably forgot the whole incident by the time it comes in! It could take up to 2 to 3 weeks before I see my delivery!

Happy Friday folks!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday (Long post)

Okay, bear with me folks, I have a couple of topics to touch on and of course a couple of random bits of info!

First I will start with the email I received from my sister this morning. She was staying at a Marriott last night in Detroit, as they were flying out this morning to Florida. So I guess Hannah was playing in the room with her Barbie in a drawer, all of a sudden Hannah started saying BoBos, which is what Hannah calls boobies. Amy and Eric go over to see what she is doing and she had found 2 porno magazines in the drawer!! How crazy is that? I am not to sure how the story ended, aside from the magazines being confiscated, but the story is kind-of funny! To be honest I am not sure that I was even supposed to share this story, especially on my blog, but it is funny... right?

Now, I promised to go into detail with my menu plans for Saturday's dinner party, so here we go:
  • Baked brie wrapped in puff pastry. Half of it will be plain with the pastry and the other half will have roasted garlic in the pastry. I will be serving it with toasted baguette drizzled with oil and garlic, as well as a few cheese spreads including: Apple Pecan Harvest (my favorite), Red Hot Pepper Jelly and Apricot and Jalapeno. 
  • Cheese and spinach puffs
  • Cheese, tomato and pesto crescents
  • Mushroom and cheese triangles
  • Cheese and onion puffs
I am also considering serving a spinach/artichoke/asiago dip with baked pita bits, but have not decided, as these will all be appetizers? There will be about 10 of the pastries listed above. I am also going to make little item cards for each appetizer, so people know what is what. 

For the meal, we will be having Cesar salad with homemade dressing and lasagna. N & K will be bringing bread to go with the meal and J & A will be bringing dessert! Can't wait!!

Today I took a trip into town for an appointment and hit up the liquor store afterwards! I was picking up a bottle of Girls Night and happened to notice that Palm Bays were on SALE!! I was going to buy a case of Bacardi Breezers, but changed my mind when I saw the sale! I bought to 6 packs of Palm Bay and a bottle of Girls Night for less than the case of Bacardi Breezers! It was like clearance shopping at the liquor store, and I love all that I bought!! But the saving did not stop there!!

I hit up Winners, which for my American readers, who may not recognize the name of the store, it is like a TJ Max type of store! I was on the look out for cheese knives, since I do not love the little ones I have. Of course they had a lingerie event on! I couldn't leave the store with checking it out, I have been putting off bra shopping for long enough. Does anyone else hate bra shopping? I am different size depending on the brand and therefore have to try them on before leaving the store. When I saw the prices, I was convinced, loaded up the cart and headed to the change rooms! Much to my surprise, all 5 fit!! Oh and the best part... I bought 2 bras for $5.00 each, 2 for $3.00 and 1 for $2.00!! I am talking name brand bras too, not the cheapos that break after one wear! I didn't bother checking the rest of the lingerie because I was behaving! HA! No... I placed an order online at La Vie En Rose on the weekend (which I will explain a funny story, maybe tomorrow)!! They were having a clearance event as well!

 I will note that the lingerie department was moved up to the front doors, and the housewares department is at the back! While walking towards the back of the store, I passed the wallet section and saw yet again, red stickers!! I couldn't NOT look! I found myself a cute little wristlet that matches my purse by XOXO it was on clearance for $11.00. Sometimes I hate lugging my hand bag around and wish I had something small I could just grab-n-go and now I do!! So I made my way to the back of the store and could not find cheese knives at all! This was the one store in town I thought I would definitely find them at and I was out of luck in that department! While searching isle for isle for these knives, I was passing clearance at the end of the isles, now I will admit, I probably would not have found cheese knives in the bath and bedding department, but ya never know.. right? What I did find were these cute little hand towels on clearance for $3 each. They are white with dark and light grey polka dots on them! Mike's bathroom NEEDED them! They match sooo well! You know how I love polka dots!! I knew I had to stop there and started to head to the front of the store, when I found...... (drum roll please) the recycling bag I wanted for inside. I hate lining the recycling up on the counter to be taken out, especially now that it is winter and you have to put shoes on to make the trip!

Umbra Crunch Bird Cotton Canvas Round Container

 Now, I know the picture shows laundry in it, but you can use it for recycling or even trash. The inside has a plastic lining that you can wipe clean! I have seen it before at Urban Barn for $25 bucks, but I got it for only $14.99! Of course this had to come home with me!! And it did! So I spent a whopping $50 for 5 bras (which should have costed me $100 full price), my wristlet (should have costed $44 regular price), 2 hand towels (which would have been $10 each) and my recycling bag (which would have been $25.00) I saved sooo much money!! I called M to tell him about my purchases and was smart enough to mention the bras first and he didn't seem to care after that... he then had bras on the brain and can't wait to see what all I bought!! Hahaha... men... gotta love them!

I headed home, got a phone call from M and she popped on over with baby L for a nice visit! She was even kind enough to bring me a hot apple cider!! Mmmhmm my favorite!! Lux had his first encounter with a baby or toddler, but he is not one year old yet and Lux was great with baby L!!!  Now tonight M and I will head into town to grab some groceries for the party and dinner and then we will come home and tidy up the house, since we did not do that last night! M blew out the driveways and I made worlds biggest dog bed ALL BY MYSELF!! I even sewed on my first zipper!! I was very proud of myself and soo were the dogs! I set it up today for them and they just love laying on it! I made it big enough for them both to fit on it! I will take pics of it soon! I even figured out how to switch the thread and bobbins! I am loving my new sewing machine! That is my second sewing project on it!

Well I think that is enough for one days blog! I'll be back tomorrow with the follow up lingerie post! Be ready to laugh!

Oh and while I was typing this, all of my neighbours power was out, but not mine!! I guess it was a scheduled  outage!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whats Up Wednesday?

Well I have a pretty boring day a head of me here at the office today!

So I will recap One Tree Hill! Did anyone else love last nights episode? I was definitely laughing throughout! I really do like Brooke and Julian!! Well who are we kidding, I like them all, even Alex - she has grown on me! Can't wait for the wedding next week!!

I missed Teen Moms last night, but did get caught up 90210! That was a pretty good episode! Still haven't watched Pretty Little Liars though, online has not come through for me yet!

I hope all of my Floridian readers are okay after that storm that touched down? My sister is heading your way for vacation and mentioned the severe weather you received!

M and I will hopefully be getting the house tidied tonight for the dinner party we are hosting on Saturday! I will share the menu plans with you tomorrow!! Friday night we have our monthly card night and everyone will be bringing their favorite dessert!! Mmmhmm... not so good for the getting my gut in shape before I go away, but, you only live once I suppose!

This post was once again random!! Sorry!

One day I might have a structured blog, hell, I might even have a structured life! But we are not there yet! So bear with me in the meantime!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Commitment Issues

So, I think I have a commitment issue with my blog!! I cannot seem to commit to a background!! I just love switching it up! As you can see I have spent a fair amount of time today on switching it up again! I am hoping this one will grow on me! A little less pink, and since I am LOVING purple lately, I figure this one should manage to stick around! The thing I will admit dreading is redoing the banner if I change my mind again!

This is the only commitment issue I seem to have in my life! Look at what blogging is doing to me... haha just kidding! Actually I have a hard time committing to change, in fact when changing furniture around, I have to see it, try it for a bit and then decide! M hates this! I love change, just hate decisions!

Aside from my issues, today my drive to work was a bit slick, but the crazy deep freeze we have been experiencing this past weekend seems to have dropped! Its a little warmer... if you can call -10 degrees Celsius warm?  I know I can't! However, it was freezing rain that made things soo slick! I cannot wait for my holiday and then spring!

Bachelor last night anyone? How sweet was Brad when he went out of his way for Emily at the rose ceremony, who didn't get a date this week! I am also a bit bothered by the "fears" that the girls are having to face. Every week/time for the one on one dates it is a fear of the girls. As if they didn't know! Oh and how crazy is Michelle? I am sure she actually did beat herself up in her sleep just for attention! Can we say psycho?! And I am glad that he changed his mind on his group date and did not give Ashley the rose and that he made her wait for the last one at the rose ceremony! I am not loving her!

Girls night was fun last night, we sipped on fruit smoothies and snacked on brownies!!

I had a mini panic attack yesterday too! I learned that my cousins wedding is on the same day as M & J's wedding, which Mike is part of the wedding party! What were the chances that they would both be on a Friday and on a long weekend! Luckily I learned that the ceremony times are different and they are in the same city!! Phew!! I will have to figure everything else out a little sooner to the day! But what were the chances! There was no way I would miss either one of their weddings!

I also did my first dance workout!! It was pretty fun!! I even broke a sweat!!

Now tonight I have to watch 90210 from last night, One Tree Hill Tonight and figure out a way to watch Pretty Little Liars that I missed last night! Glad M has volleyball! We might have to swing by J and K's new place! They move around the corner from us today!! I am soo excited to have more young blood on the block! No offense to the elders that live on our street, but there is only 1 other young couple on our street! K is on the fire department with Mike and also grew up with Mike and J is apart of girl's night!  Soo pumped for them!!

Have a great day!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Manic Monday

What a nice weekend we had, minus the COLD FRIGID WEATHER, holy, my trip to Dominican can not come quick enough!! Friday night we ventured out for date night!! We went to see No Strings Attached and it was great!! Both M and I enjoyed the movie! It was not just a chick flick, it had a lot of great one-liners! We stopped at Costco before heading to the theatre to pick up our movie tickets at discount - $22.99 for 2 movie tickets, 2 regular drinks and 2 regular popcorn - what a great deal because without those we would have spent $19 on just the movie tickets and then popcorn and drinks on top of that, which we all know are not cheap at the theatre! Great deal, great movie, great night!! M bought 2 pairs of jeans, which he was very proud of because I am the one who usually finds good deals for myself, but this time I found the deal for him, and they had his size!

Saturday morning, Mike went down to M's and was helping him in his basement, while I laid in bed with the dogs and cats and watched Dear John. What a great movie, but make sure you have a box of Kleenex near by! I think I cried throughout the whole movie!! It was good though! M came home, we worked away on laundry and had a low-key afternoon. We had a nice roast beef dinner and then headed down to M and J's and sampled champagne for their upcoming wedding in July and played dominoes! We ended up getting super hungry and of course we didn't feel like making anything so we headed down to the restaurant at midnight for some appetizers! I ordered perogies, Mike got spinach dip, J got Mozzarella sticks and M got deep fried pickles! We headed home and straight to bed!

Sunday I slept in until 10:00!! Wow, can't believe that happened!! We poked away at more laundry, had some lunch and headed into town for groceries, I ended up buying the Kinect Dance Central game! I have been considering signing up for Zumba classes, but figured this would work just as well! It is quite the work-out! M and I worked in the back basement in the afternoon. We went through boxes and bins and got rid of a big box of stuff for Good Will! We are going to try to do a few bins here and there until it is done. We have been discussing our future renovations that we are bouncing ideas around!! It is pretty exciting actually! More details will come at a later date on that one! Sunday evening we ate dinner, watched Heartland and then I watched The Switch (movie with Jennifer Anniston) - it was alright, not fantastic though! Lux had a minor freak out last night, leaving me with a large cut across the back of my hand. He was lying on my lap sleeping and then all of a sudden freaked out, for what appeared to be no good reason. He screeched with terror, his hair puffed all out and he shot right up in the air in fear and booked it out of the room. I don't know if he saw his reflection in the back of the laptop or if the blanket moved that he was lying on, but he would not come near me at all! He wandered around the house on edge, jumping and crying at every noise he heard until bed time! Poor little guy, he was freaked right out!

Today I plan on folding, folding and folding more and more laundry! I am going to do a dance session with the new game for the kinect and I might work on organizing the pantry if I am still ambitious! I am making ribs for dinner tonight and then picking up K on my way to J's for girls night tonight!

Oh and you may have noticed, I changed my background again!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Lily

Wow, three crazy years have passed since Lily was brought into this world! Not that we knew her 3 years ago today, but we were definitely blessed when we did meet her!

Lily has brought soooooo much into my life. She has taught us lesson after lesson and has been there for us through both the good and bad. A lot has happened in 3 years, but picking her out of the litter was one of the best things we have done!

It has been a great 3 years with her, she truly is the best dog, part of me wishes we had of bred her because the world needs more dogs JUST like her!!

So Happy Birthday my sweet sweet Lily. Life would not be the same without her!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Show Me Some Love....

"I am..... THAT cute!!"

So, I went on a little trip down memory lane and thought I would share some pictures of the dogs from the past, just a few of my favorites!! Enjoy!!

Heading down to the lake for the first time (For Gracie)!! She laid on her the whole was down!

"Seriously Mom, are you really taking 50 million pictures of me?"

"Maybe if I look sad enough, I'll get a cookie?"

Oh how I wish they were still puppies!! They are just too damn cute! They can give me certain looks that remind me of them as pups! Although I don't miss the training!

I don't know what I would do without them!!



I am having a necklace made by sister, however she is leaving for holidays next week and just getting her Etsy site going, so stay tuned!!

I can honestly say I would have never imagined blogging would play such an important role in my life, but being able to connect with so many of you truly is a blessing! I have created some great friendships from people who I have never met, but completely understand me!! Just reading all of your blog entries is inspirational for the most part, and they usually have me leaving with a few lessons to learn.


Stay tuned for the give away though, I don't have a timeline yet, but be patient, it is in the works!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things Don't Always Go As Planned!

So I am not typing this from the comfort of my bed this morning, nor am I even typing it from home! I got called in to work today! So that means NO nap for me! But it is okay, I managed to get some sleep last night, not a great amount, but enough to function! The cats were better until this morning at about 6:00 AM! And I kicked them out! I also found the straw that I couldn't find 2 weeks ago!! Let's just say it was confiscated!

Oh and on another note from yesterday: You will all be happy to know that I did find my cup! It made it around 2 corners and about 2 kilometers! However, the sad part is, it did not make it! Tupperware has let me down! The cup was indeed broken! So note to yourselves and maybe myself : Tupperware does not withstand travelling on top of your car very well!! Do not leave cups on your car!

That is all I have got for now! I may post again later! Have a good day!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So What Wednesday


Linking up again with Shannon @ Life After I "Dew"

So here it goes:

So What If:
  • My Wednesdays have become more like Mondays lately... My real Mondays are great, I get the day off and relax, but Wednesdays... they are BAD... just bad...
  •  I left a cup of juice on the roof of my car and forgot about it this morning, I clued in about halfway through my commute when I went to grab a drink and realized my cup was missing. I then began to talk to myself, questioning where it might be... I figured it was at home by the door, but shortly after that remembered putting it on my car because my hands were full. It explains the big ice chunk that I thought hit the roof of my car this morning...
  • I might go back and look for the cup tomorrow, as I believe it is in my neighbourhood. It was Tupperware, it should have withstood the impact right?
  • one of my patients had toilet paper coming out from his pants... and of course I did NOT tell him! I didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable! Everyone who noticed afterwards asked me about it and could not help but to laugh!! Poor old guy...
  • I refused to feed my cats on time this morning because I was soooo VERY angry with them because apparently sleep was impossible in our household last night... the house alarm went off because our phone line stopped working, M set the alarm clock wrong and well the cats are CRAZY I tell ya! I was trying to teach them that life does NOT revolve around them and their needs... MOM has needs too... sleep!
  • I plan on napping for a long time on my day off tomorrow! The cats will not object or interfere, because heck, they will probably join me because they LIKE napping in the day!
  • I am waaaaaayyyyy too excited to get away!! Just over a month to go!! I wonder why I would be excited... could it be days like today?
  • I am a lazy blogger!! I mean to get back to all the people who comment on my blog, but I don't! I am sorry people! But please keep commenting!
  • I have spent soo much time learning the messaging features on my blackberry, that I don't even know how to access my voicemail OR use the phone. I know how to talk and dial out and receive calls, but have not figured out speakerphone or other cool features that the phone portion has to offer...

So what!!!

What are you saying So What to this week?

Vacation Booked!!

In just over a month my pasty skin will be soaking up some Dominican sun!! We have booked our trip finally! We will be travelling with my MOH from my wedding and her boyfriend!!! Sooo pumped!!

So where are we going? You want details right? Well tough luck if you don't because here comes the exciting part! We will be travelling down to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and we will be staying at a resort called VH Gran Ventana. It was highly recommended to travel there, the reviews all checked out, and sure enough we are booked and paid for!! Here are the picture from the website which you can find HERE if you more details.

Those pictures were all from the site listed above.

Oh how I cannot wait to get away!!

Watch out Dominican, here we come!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hallway Upstairs Reveal (before and after)

You will have to forgive the crappy pictures of before, they are from our final walk through before we moved in! No that I took great ones of after or anything!! lol

These are the before pictures:

And it now looks like:

I forgot to take a picture of the floors upstairs. They are the old original tongue and groove pine floors. They need refinishing, but I kind of like the character marks in them!

The new color is sooo much brighter, especially with the ceiling white now, instead of green. There are no windows in the hall way, so the room relies on either the bedrooms around it or the light fixture, that we just replaced!

It is really hard to photograph pictures of the rooms with the sun peering in the windows!

M and I love the new look!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Manic Monday

Well let's get straight to details of my weekend! Friday was low-key, I came home from work and M was already home! We took the dogs for a walk and then settled in for a nice quiet night. Oh, did I mention it snowed? As in, it snowed a lot ALL night!!

Creating my drive to the spa Saturday morning to be disastrous! Luckily, I took M's truck with 4x4, however, I still didn't have to steer through the round-a-bout. I made only 5 minutes late and now my nails are beautiful!! I had a few more stops to make in town, so I slid around town and headed home to get ready for our ball party! We enjoyed a great afternoon with most people from the team, sat down for dinner and shortly after dinner, everyone left by 8:00. So we had another quiet evening to ourselves. In fact, here is a picture of M and I after the ball party:

Excuse my SUPER pasty skin.. what can I say, I need to go away and get a tan!! Also, that is my SUPER dark hair, which I love, but I think I will love it more with a tan!

Sunday morning, we ended up getting a text from M & J to head over to the restaurant for some breakfast and we had only 10 minutes to get ready and get there, yes we do live around the corner, but I was still in my jammies. So I quickly put myself together and we were just getting ready to walk over and M's pager goes off for a medical call, and the ironic part, AT the restaurant! So he took off to the hall, and I called J saying I would still meet her there, meanwhile she had no clue, which meant that M had no clue and he is a volunteer firefighter too, but he left his pager at home. J dropped M off and came and picked me up. We had the dog kennels put away, so I decided to leave the girls out while we were gone. J and I headed over to the restaurant and watched the boys tend their medical call. The boys joined us after returning the fire trucks to the hall and we enjoyed a nice breakfast. M and I came back home and surprise surprise, the girls were good, they didn't chew anything or steal anything, not that they always do, but it is really hit and miss with them. Maybe we can start leaving them out again?

We headed into town to get some groceries, leaving the dogs out again and one store had 40% off of dog kennels, so we picked one up for Gracie because hers is old, and that way she would have more room! I know I just thought about leaving them out, but in case we have to kennel them again, at least she would have a new kennel, like Lily's. We came home and of course they were good again. It is kinda nice to just pop out and not have to worry about kenneling them. I don't know that I could leave them for the whole day out of their kennels, they would probably get bored and I would end up needing new tea towels or dog beds. I enjoyed a nice nap around 4:30 and woke up around 6:30 pm. I put a sheet over our blankets and let the dogs come up in bed with me, which I haven't done since we got our new bedroom furniture, so a couple of months and well, they are still in bed, without me of course, and it is 9:30... do you think they missed the bed? Yes, I am scheduling this blog post. M and I enjoyed watching Heartland and eating dinner and it looks like it will be a nice quiet night!

We ended up getting soooo much snow this weekend!! I just remembered I left out a funny part of Saturday morning! I am being lazy, instead of scrolling up and adding it up there, I am just going to type it down here. So after I got back from town, M and I loaded the dogs up in the truck and headed over to the village library. I needed a library card and we both needed pins for our cards so we could loan books out for our e-reader. After finishing up inside the library, M and I figured we would let the dogs play in the deep snow, as the library backs onto the ball park, which is down the street from my house. With not being that far and since I had my boots and mitts on, minus a hat, I volunteered to walk the dogs back instead, we didn't have collars or leashes, but they are well behaved! Wow was that not one of my brilliant ideas... I felt like I was doing a step program and the snow seemed to be getting deeper and deeper, we are talking knee high. It would have been great if I had snow shoes! I was definitely not going anywhere too fast! But it was worth my cold ears and sore legs, because the dogs were just loving it!! Find me a golden retriever that does not like snow! Lily pretty much tries to swim in it, when she is not making tunnels. She is sooo funny, she burrows underneath it and then just pops up randomly. Then some snowmobiles zoomed by and they just HAD to chase them!! I love those dogs!! So we eventually made it home. I stepped in the door, tore off my jacket, because believe it or not, I was HOT! My ears were freezing soo bad they stung, but the rest of me was HOT! My jeans were covered up to the knees with snow. M couldn't decide who to towel off first. Off came the pants at the front door, put them on the heat vent and ran to the closet to get a new pair!

Oh and the scheduler screwed up, hence why this post is late...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Funky Friday

So, I will be honest, I really don't have much to blog about today. It is going to be pretty random from here on in!
  •  Anyone watching Teen Mom 2? I just watched the first episode and I don't know why I watched in the first place. It ends up just making me angry....
  • I have 97 followers!! Thank you soo much to all of you for your support and sweet comments!! Keep them coming!! I love each and everyone of them!
  • I am hosting our ball teams party tomorrow!! It shall be a good time!
  • I am wearing my new coral cardi that I bought for $1.93 at Old Navy and I LOVE it!! Soo comfy!
  • I am mad that Private Practice was not on last night.
  • I can't believe that Callie is pregnant with Mark's baby!! Was not expecting that to happen on Grey's.
  • Whats the deal with our horoscopes changing? I want to be a virgo, not a leo!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

So What Happened Tuesday Night?

Well, as I am sure most you figured there would be a few stories behind my previous post (So What Wednesday), you were right! I do have a few stories to share, mind you, most of them were frustrating at the time, but seemingly funny now.

It all started yesterday when I left work, I pulled out of the parking lot and went to clean my windshield and sure enough, I ran out. I was planning on taking the highway home because snowy weather was impending. Well, as you know, I do not do much in the way of filling fluid in my car, gas is actually about as far as it goes! I had filled the washer fluid ONCE on my old car. But, I knew I would need it, so I pulled into the nearest gas station and grabbed the half-full jug from the back of my car. I pushed the button that would pop the "lid" and spent AT least 5 minutes trying to figure out why it was not opening! My old car had a handle, but my new car... well I know now that it has a slot. So, I happened to notice a Jamaican man pumping his gas and singing along to his reggae music blaring from his car, it was kind-of catchy actually, he kept looking over at me -> who probably looked like a damsel in distress. Finally, after watching me close enough, he noticed I was indeed having difficulties, so he came over and asked me if I was OK? I will admit, I was flustered about this situation and secretly cursing my husband for not checking it explained to him that I could not get the "lid" up. So of course he popped it open with no problem. He even opened the cap for the windshield washer fluid for me, while holding the "lid" up. As I was pouring the fluid in, he proceeded to explain how dangerous it was to run out of fluid, but if I did, how to manage, all while reggae tunes blared in the background. He shut the "lid", I thanked him and we were both on our way in separate directions! God only knows how long I would have waited for someone else's help or until I figured it out on my own! So that was a random act of kindness on his part, for which I am grateful for and heck I learned what to do if I ran out on the highway (get behind a truck). But I don't plan on running out AGAIN!

My drive home was treacherous. The roads were crap and visibility was poor. I couldn't wait to get home for the night and into my PJ's. We made Calzones last night for dinner for the first time too and they were fantastic! However, before that happened I received a sticker on my door from UPS when I arrived home. (I just figured I would throw some good into this entry in the middle.)

So, I grab the notice and decide to call UPS and arrange a new delivery time, you know when I would BE HOME, because apparently they don't follow instructions from the sender to deliver on a Monday or Thursday, when I am home!

That is just what I did, and of course I was put through to a heavy accented woman, whom I could not understand (no offense to anyone), and she told me I could pick it up or have it shipped to an alternate location, or they would be back tomorrow. So I thought "Oh how handy, I could have it shipped to work", I gave her my work address and she said " Ok, that will be delivered Thursday", so I explained to her that I was not at work on Thursday and that it needed to be delivered on Wednesday and she she told me that was not possible. I am obviously frustrated at this point. They can't leave it for me because they need a signature on delivery. My next idea was that I would have it shipped to the farm. However, that didn't work either because I was not going to be there. URGGG... I could have it shipped to my neighbour, even if I was not going to be there, but not around the corner... soooo many loop holes! I was losing my cool at this point as she was telling me that I it was the senders request and that I could phone them, so I thought OK, but is that going to solve my problem... She says you can try "Mam", which is what she called me continuously and that was driving me crazy, after every sentence, she would call me "Mam". So I asked her again if it would work and she finally said "No Mam, they will not change it for you." And I lost it... "So were you trying to waste some more of my time by getting off the phone with me?" She says "pardon" and I lost it even more...

To sum up the story I spoke with her supervisor, who was just as useless and had Mikes Mom come over and wait for the delivery... PAIN IN THE BUTT!!

That sums up the happening of Tuesday night and I was not in a good mood. My nose has been a leaky faucet after being at my Mom's and dealing with stuff from her cold cellar, that made me have a sinus infection last time and I am sure that is what I have now!

I have my new phone now and I am liking it so far... won't say love yet, because I am still learning what all it can do, but so far it is pretty cool!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So What Wednesday


Ok, here comes this weeks edition of So What Wednesday, head on over to Shannon's blog to link up!

So What If:

  • I ran out of windshield washer fluid, figured I better refill it, so I pulled into the closest gas station, popped the "lid" and then spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how to actually unlock the "lid", when a friendly Jamaican came over and asked me if I was OK, so I explained my situation and he unlocked it, held the "lid" up for me and then proceeded to give me tips on what to do if I ran out on the highway. 
  • yes, I just called it a lid, because that is what I called it yesterday, later learned it is referred to as a Hood.. so what
  • it snowed sooo much last night that it took me an hour to drive to work, I apparently have spare time in the morning, you know, instead of sleeping that extra 20 minutes, I was up, leaving for work early..
  • I yelled at the UPS lady on the phone and then she said "pardon", so of course I repeated my whole rant.
  • because of the whole UPS thing (which I will definitely be blogging about later) I was in a bad mood for most of the night, to the point my husband dropped the line of "I hope you talk to UPS every night" sarcastically.
  • drove in the middle of the road on my way to work this morning when no cars were around... I don't know how the plows do it, but the center is ALWAYS better than the edges... I suppose they are saving time by just driving down the roads once, instead of doing each side properly.
  • I got ready in the dark this morning, I hate bright lights in the morning and the sun was NOT shining because of the massive amounts of SNOW we received, that I am NOT grateful for!
  • I got to work today and realized the purple flower on my shirt doesn't match my purple cardi...
  • today is going to be one of those days I should have stayed home and in bed! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Award Time Again!

Yes, I received another one of these wonderful awards!! Thanks goes out to Jenny for giving me award!! I actually just started following Jenny. Make sure you take a second to check out her cute little blog. You can find it HERE.

So here is what I have to do since I received this fabulous award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

So My 7 Random Things About ME:
  1. It takes me WAAAY to long to text message, but I am hoping that will change once I get my new Blackberry!
  2. I am booking my first "last-minute"trip this year and it is driving me crazy!! I like knowing where I am going, we will see if I can hold out on NOT booking.
  3. We are travelling with my MOH from my wedding and her boyfriend this year.
  4. I tuck my pajama pants into my socks before I goto bed.
  5. I have a blanket fetish. I have sooo many, it is not even funny.
  6. I love Hershey's Kisses. It is probably my latest addiction.
  7. I love my pets as if they were my kids, which may or may not mean that they are spoiled!!
Hopefully I didn't repeat any of those facts previously, but I may have!

Stylish Blogger Award is passed on to:
Ashley @ A SoCal Story
Kendall @ Our Neu Life
Michelle @ Ten June
Jordan @ The Smelly Life

Okay, so I am only doing 7, instead of 15 because it is becoming too time consuming while I am at work... lol! I could have picked soo many more, but I am simply being LAZY!

Happy 11/01/11!!


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