Friday, November 29, 2013

Last Five on Friday for November

Wow November just zoomed on by!! Hard to believe December is approaching THIS weekend!!

This week has been a mixed bag of everything!
1) I will start off with the funnier story first... last night we got snow, not a heck of a lot, but more than I would like. M and I went out to buy the fan/light for the nursery, to the bank and grabbed dinner. First stop was the bank, it was slippery out, M went to get out of the truck and totally wiped out. He more or less slid out of the truck and ended up half underneath it. He fell hard though, and I am not even sure if he was actually standing completely before he fell. Now the non-pregnant me would have been laughing by now. But the pregnant me had actual concern, I asked him if he was okay and he said he thought so, he just couldn't get up yet, but wanted me to stay in the truck so I didn't fall too. I asked him again and he said "yes, and yes you can laugh now." He went into the bank, came back and I still wasn't really able to laugh about it yet. Then we start driving away and I recalled a previous time where he fell under the truck before and I was laughing soo hard I couldn't even get my sentence of "what is with you and falling under vehicles?" and next I knew I was balling. I went from full fledged laughing to crying about it. M told me to get control of myself and to put myself back together and I was actually quickly able to do so! Crazy pregnancy hormones.
2) I went for a slippery walk myself yesterday because someone wanted to go for a walk:
Don't worry Gracie wanted to come too! Love my new view though (baby was laying across my belly yesterday)!! And when we got back the Purolator truck was in my driveway delivering the crib mattress!! It just completed the nursery a little bit more!
3) Best sister in the world bought me some of this last night!! It is hard to get your hands on around here, so when you see it, if you are anything like her and I, you clear the shelves! It only comes out at Christmas and last year it didn't! I prefer to stock up so I have some throughout the whole year!!And in case you cant read that bottle: Schweppes Raspberry Gingerale! My favorite!

4) Today we hit 100 more days to go until Baby V is due! Time sure is flying!! The countdown is on:
5) This weekend is bound to be a fun filled weekend, as tonight we will be hanging with friends, tomorrow is the first Christmas party of the season - which is the firefighter's Christmas party and Sunday the nursery furniture should all be home and in place!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Baby Update

Yesterday we hit our first bump in the road as far as the pregnancy goes. 

I will start off by saying, baby is doing great with a nice strong heart rate (158-160)

But this mama is now on blood pressure medication. My blood pressure is not high, but borderline elevated. I have a history of blood pressure issues in my past, so the doctor decided it was best to start treating the blood pressure now, in hopes of catching it early before it causes issues. He will be monitoring me a bit closer now as well because of it. 

I had been noticing more headaches lately and monitoring my blood pressure at home. I was getting an average of 130/95 to the upwards of 100. So it is not crazy high, but with that being said we do not want preeclampsia to develop. I have no protein in my urine at this point, so the diagnosis is still borderline hypertension. 

Good news is we get to see the baby again in 2 weeks, as he will be doing an ultrasound to check on my placenta, to make sure it's functioning properly, as well as checking on the baby's growth.

I am disappointed that this bump in the road has occurred, but as long as the baby remains safe, I will do whatever I have to. I knew it could become an issue, as my cardiologist had informed me when I was younger that it might come back when I get pregnant and sure enough he was right. It can be a bit scary when everything is going along smoothly and suddenly comes to a halt when something unexpected turns up. I say unexpected because I kind of got caught up in the everything is going great and smoothly that I just assumed it would continue. I was wrong. Luckily so far it is nothing to serious. The medication is safe for the pregnancy and hopefully the side effects will be minimal. They told me I may experience dizziness as well as be more tired. 

(18 week photo)

Love that button nose!! 
Hoping the next few weeks go smoothly, as well as the remainder of the pregnancy!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So What Wednesday

Well this is a long over due post of a few so-what situations that have been going on as of late:
Life After I Dew
Link up HERE
- so what if the day has finally come - I'm sick of online shopping!! I swear it has been non-stop ordering around here, mostly for the nursery, and a few gifts.

- so what if all I want to eat is chocolate pudding... It could be worse right? It could be cookies or candy. 

- so what if I actually fear getting gestational diabetes because of my constant sweet tooth. I'm trying really hard to only have chocolate pudding as my "bad" snack! But sorbet, marshmallows and Rice Krispies are soo good. And cheesies... Can't forget those! 

- so what if I am taking Mikes truck today because I'm heading to my doctors appointment in London and they got dumped on with snow. Insert slightly paranoid mama with a baby in utero. Better safe than sorry.

- so what if there is less than 30 days to Christmas and I have barely bought any gifts! I am soo behind on Christmas this year! My house is decorated inside and that's about it!

- so what if I still have yet to take a Christmas card photo! Slacker right here! I was going to just use one of our announcements pics, but they look too summery!

- so what if I filled my tire with air today all by myself, not really knowing how much to put in or how to tell how much went in. Thank goodness for the digital gages when I got back in the car. Turns out I didn't do too bad! 

- so what if I bought drawer pulls online, agreed to pay one price, just to learn afterwards that Canadian shoppers were supposed to inquire about the shipping prices before placing the order.... Would have been good to know that first. Turns out I might have to pay a bit extra. But still works out to be cheaper than in store at $5 a handle! Ouch! I will pay $2 online thanks! 

- so what if I think I finally won the bathroom battle. Small victories. After pricing out what M wants to do, my way turns out cheaper, oh and heck of a lot easier!! Winning!! 

What are you saying so what to this week?? 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

24 Weeks

How Far Along:
24 weeks - November 17 - 23, 2013 
Size Of Baby?

A Cantaloupe!

Baby is now considered viable and medical intervention would be done at this point if baby was to come early. But Baby V is staying put until the beginning of March - or so I keep reminding him or her.

Lungs are developing and the baby knows up from down

Maternity Clothes?
   So I have this one maternity shirt to bum around the house in and I can honestly say it cracks me up, as it is getting to short and sometimes my belly show's at the bottom, yet it's long, but as my belly grows it's pulling it out more taking away the length. M finds it's rather funny, so I've demoted it to a bedtime shirt! 
Stretch Marks?
I think it is a stretch mark, but I am not too concerned! I will keep applying lotion.
We will find out in March!
Not off to a great start. I think I got a full nights rest once this week. 

Baby Purchases This Week:
  I think I ordered curtains for the nursery, hopefully they are the right color, we will see when they get in. Turns out they emailed me and said they are no longer available!! Soo disappointed!! So after searching for something similar, I found a second set that I like, we will just have to put black out curtains on the back, which is easy enough. 

I also tried to order the crib bumper, but I have no clue when it will come in. They said they would contact me when it becomes available... If I don't hear by them by January I will order it off the American site and ship it to a PO box in the US and pick up when we go for our babymoon! 

I ordered the crib skirt as well this week. That pretty much covers most of the items I needed as far as the crib goes, now I just need to make the quilt! 

I do need to order a mattress and get new handles for the dressers. 

Made this Week:
 Just crocheted away. 
   Um Rice Krispie squares are amazing. I will be making more of those!! Aversions have remained the same, still can't handle eggs, or apple juice. 

I feel like the baby is getting more and more active, probably as the baby gets bigger, the movements are just stronger and I am able to feel more.  But the baby has been showing off with kick shows nightly and M and I have been loving it! 

I think I have distinguished the difference between kicks and punches too!! 

The reflux is no fun. Tums have become my best friend. Other than the unpleasant GI symptoms I have now, I have felt pretty good this week. I can't sit in one position for long without my back hurting, but that's easy to fix. 

The nursery is painted!!! Just a few little things left to touch up. 

The furniture is at the farm and M has put the first coat on everything!! 

The diaper pail and diaper bag came in the mail this week!! 
Belly Button?

Best Moment of the Week?
  Getting all the furniture out and off to the farm to be painted because this means I am one step closer to being able to be up there and organizing!! 

Crazy Pregnancy Moment:
  Um there have been a few this week, but by the end of them both I just ended up more annoyed than I should have been. The shopping this week I think were the main culprits! 
Bump Pic:
I find when the baby is sitting high, I look a lot more pregnant like this picture.
Apparently my tan has completely vanished!!
Looking Forward To:
My appointment this week!! The doctor is getting a few questions this week! And having the furniture done!! 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Rewind

Can I just start off by saying we did get snow, and we still have it, but it is just a dusting compared to what my Mom got in London - 3 feet!! I told her it better melt by Wednesday, when I have my doctors appointment. The chances of it melting though isn't good, because we are well below freezing temps. Looks like winter just might be here to stay. 

Moving on to our weekend, it was a cold one, yet productive. Is it bad I can't even remember what we did Friday night? I know it wasn't anything too exciting because M had to work on Saturday. So we will move right along to Saturday, M worked until about 3 PM, then came home and his Dad came over to help move the furniture out of the nursery and off to the farm to be painted. M is painting with the paint gun to save on time and it provides a smoother coat. 

So with a hot chocolate in hand, I went along to the farm with him and hung out in the house with M's Mom while M put the first coat on everything. We ended up staying for dinner and watched an action movie, but I have no clue what it was called... I decided I would crochet instead. 

We were home around 8:30ish and just relaxed.

Sunday, M finished the touch ups on the nursery and it is officially done being painted!! Oh my goodness we love it!! I am still in shock that this is our nursery for our baby. 

M went to the farm to put the second coat on the furniture and came home for lunch. I just worked on laundry. After lunch we put the crib up, put the rocking chair in the room, as well as the diaper pail and rug! We have decided if the rug will stay or if we will end up buying a new one. Time will tell when the textiles start coming in. 

The crib in all it's glory (minus the mattress that hasn't been ordered yet) 

I had to retake this pic this morning because the one I posted last night made the crib look pink because the lighting in there sucks for now (it's just a light bulb hanging from the ceiling) and it was dusk by the time we finished. We have yet to find a new fixture. 

Feels great to have this done! And I just love how it is all coming together!! 
We are still brainstorming ideas for the bathroom and struggling with what we are going to do in there. M is talking free standing tub and double walk in shower and I am talking keeping the bathroom essentially the same, just adding double sinks, new floors, obviously a new tub with shower in it. So we are stuck.

Hope everyone had a great weekend too!! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

High Five For Friday!!

Today I am linking back up with Lauren.
1) My house is clean and I am loving it!! Now if we can just keep it this way from here on in? Maintenance of a clean house is soo much easier!
2) I was busy baking this week - made nuts and bolts, banana bread and cake batter rice krispies. I was looking most forward to the rice krispies and they didn't disappoint!!
3) I had my 31 party last night! I had about 10 girlfriends over, we drank some warm beverages, ate some baked goodies and check out all the great items 31 had to offer. We shared a lot of laughs and overall it was just a lot of fun!!  I also got this super cute "change purse" that looks like a camera for hosting. I will use it for my memory cards instead!!
4) Baby V had a happy mail day!!! Diaper Bag and Diaper pail finally came in!! I know I am excited about it, I sure the baby is too haha.
5) The nursery furniture is getting painted this weekend and hopefully the walls will end up getting finished as well!!
Speaking of the nursery, I have started to order the crib bedding, and found the perfect curtains that are suddenly no longer available. I think I have found another set just this morning, but I would still need to add a black out backing, which ends up working out, because I asked M's Mom to help me just make curtains when the ones I wanted became unavailable. I just need to decide if these are for sure the curtains I want!
Have a great weekend!!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish List

Ok we have stepped it up this time on Polyvore - a lesson learned it is soo much easier to do it on your laptop than your ipad!

As Christmas is fast approaching, I thought I would take a minute and share a few things on my list! This years theme is making life easier!

With a baby on the way, I know life as I know it is about to become life as I knew it! Things are going to change, my time is going to be taken up by baby, so why not look into ways to make my life easier for when the time comes?

Onto the list:

1) How adorable is this cell phone case? No its not going to make my life easier, but it will make me happy!! I have recently been introduced to Tiny Prints and I have become slightly obsessed with their product styles! You should probably go take a look and prepare yourself to love everything!

2) Infinity Curling Iron by Conair. I swear I end up with a curling iron on my list every year, and don't get me wrong I love my other ones, but this one here actually curls your hair for you! You pull apart a section, clamp the iron on and it literally sucks your hair in and curls it! My sister did buy one and can curl her hair in less than 10 min! So when I have a fussy baby, I can take 10 minutes to pamper myself, no burning myself, etc. Win-Win!

3) Eye-fi Mobi memory card. This is for my camera obviously. With this card I will be able to take a picture on my good camera and then instantly upload it to my phone over wifi!! No more crappy iphone pics!! I don't need a 32G card, but I'd be happy with the 8G. This will allow me to share the pictures you know I will be taking daily with family and friends over social media or email!

4) Electric Razor - I used to have one of these as a teenager and have recently found myself dry shaving with a regular razor when I am in a time crunch and we all know how well that works out and if you don't - don't try it! I figure that will only get worse with having a baby, so I may as well get a razor that is meant for dry or wet shaving!

5) Projection Alarm Clock - we have this one to be exact and I loved it, until it stopped projecting, so this is simply a replace item! I love being able to wake up in the middle of the night and know what time it is! I can't see it on the nightstand, as it is on M's side and I literally have to sit up to see the time. This will be handy also for knowing what time the baby awakes/feeds, etc.

6) Lamps - I need new lamps for the bedroom and although I do not want the $200 price tag that comes with each lamp, and I am sure the name brand is great, but you can find lamps similar to these at Winners/Home Sense. I just like the crystal looking stands!

There is a start on my Christmas list!

What is on your list!?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

23 Weeks

How Far Along:
23 weeks - November 10 - 16, 2013 
Size Of Baby?

A grapefruit!!

Baby now has sweat glands, and fingernails are almost developed!
Maternity Clothes?
This week I was lucky enough to wear mostly lounge clothes, as I didn't have much on the go, but ended up changing for the evenings when M and I went out into nicer clothes but they were maternity. But it was nice to be comfy. 
Stretch Marks?
There might be a tiny one, but it also might be old, it seems to come and go, so I am not convinced.
We will find out in March!
If my nose would stop being annoying I think it would be better! Finding it harder to stay on one side. Sleep has been rough though and I have somehow managed to go without a nap for catch up! I take that back, by the end of the week sleep was horrible. 

Baby Purchases This Week:
Ubbi Diaper Pail
I didn't want a diaper pail that I had to by bag refills, this diaper pail keeps the smells out, but uses regular kitchen garbage bags! So no added monthly expense like the diaper genies!
Lug Tuk Tuk Diaper Bag
In the mail baby received the special onsie I ordered for him/her! 
I usually order this for those who have waited to long for their very own miracle, but being able to gift my own child with this onsie is a true honor! Can`t wait to see the baby in it! It is soo tiny!!

Made this Week:
  Just crocheted when I could, but edited photos mostly all week! 
Halloween candy is gone, now we can implement healthier choices! I have actually behaved this week!! Surprisingly I don't miss the candy! Made cherry cheesecake for a dinner party and it was sooo good!! 
Tons of movement! Baby was kicking up a storm during the Remembrance Day ceremony.  M and I both watched the baby kicking and seeing my belly move from the outside. We were both soo entertained by it!! 

I think I felt the baby have the hiccups for the first time this week!! 

I have soo much more energy!! It is great!!! I'm making use of it while I have got it!! I am tired though by the end of the day, but I assume it's because I'm not sleeping well! 

Friday I was actually nauseous, I don't know if it's because everything has moved in my body, as I am also starting to get reflux often, as well as burping (which I am not accustomed to). So I think it might just be an indication of my stomach shifting? No clue, but I've been trying to just have small snacks throughout the day, as I can't even imagine a big meal right now. 

Bought the remainder of the nursery paint!! I found a sale, so now we have no excuse, the paint is in the house! 

And M put it to use-  first coat of paint on all the walls was done by Saturday evening and I love the way it looks!! 

Can't believe I will be 6 months pregnant next week!! Where is time going?? I honestly thought I would be bigger by now! I still feel like I am just starting to show! I know I'm tall and the baby therefore has a lot of room, but in my mind when we first started trying (years ago) I had envisioned being bigger by now!! I know losing weight before getting pregnant is also a big factor, as well as my thyroid. But I look forward to seeing my body change everyday!! 
Belly Button?

Best Moment of the Week?
Seeing my belly moving from the outside with M wins hands down!! It was such an exciting time for us, just showed us once again that there is an amazing little life in there!

Crazy Pregnancy Moment:
   I can't really think of anything too crazy this week. Maybe trying to help M move a dresser downstairs, then realizing half way down the stairs I couldn't bend the way I used to and then made M finish on his own because I was severely annoyed. I wasn't annoyed with my body in any way shape or form, just frustrated I couldn't help him as I expected. 
Bump Pic:
Looking Forward To:
  Seeing the walls finished in the nursery!! 
Being 24 weeks - baby is at that point viable, should anything happen they will at least try to save the baby. But Baby V is going to stay put until at least March 4th and healthy. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Rewind

This weekend was warm, wet and super windy!! We actually had thunderstorm warnings, as well as wind warnings. As I type this the wind is still howling, but the temp has dropped from 15 to 6 (sorry American friends, I'm not converting today) and the rain has stopped, just for some snow to appear tonight/tomorrow as the temp drops further. Crazy weather!!

Friday night M did a little but of this:

I was soo excited, as I knew his plan was to start on Saturday, but after he pulled all the Christmas totes out for me, much to my surprise, I thought he was wiping down baseboards! While he was busy edging, I put up the Christmas Tree! We have a fake one because I'm allergic to the real ones (learned that the hard way hives and all). I didn't decorate it, because tradition has it that M and I decorate it together every year! But just having it up and turned on is beautiful! 

Saturday M had to work, so while he was gone I turned the Christmas music on the TV and began to decorate. It was going well until the tv started playing a horrible selection of songs, which ended up putting me out of the mood instead of in it! When in doubt turn on your songza app and play new country - you can't go wrong with Jennifer Nettles, Blake Shelton or Luke Bryan. So I stopped decorating (I was about half way through). I made the cherry cheesecake I had to take to dinner that night and I can I just say I could have eaten just the cream cheese filling part all by itself? Yum! 

M got home from work around 2:30 had some lunch and went straight up to paint!! 
I just love how the color has turned out!! No second guessing on the color!! 

We had dinner at 6 over at the farm with friends of the family and photo clients. I was happy have that shoot done and handed over that night!! We came home around 10 and relaxed for a bit before heading to bed. Sleep hasn't been my friend for the last few days, so I was ever hopeful to get a good nights sleep and it was going soo well until M's fire pager went off at 2:30 AM. After that it was rough. 

Sunday we hut another big milestone with the pregnancy! Hitting 6 months gives baby V a great chance at viability if anything should go wrong, baby has a chance of medical intervention now! 

I went back at it with decorating and M went right up to paint after breakfast. The aqua is up on the walls and it looks great!! This might just become my favorite room!! Second coats went up and then we decided we actually needed to paint the trim again because there were a few spots that were scuffed up pretty good from the previous home owners. So M went to work on that before edging for the last time. 

A sneak peak of what my shadow found... 

M didn't quite get the trim done, before we had to goto dinner at the farm again with M's Aunt, but he says he should have it done by the weekend, as there isn't much left to do between the trim and edging!! Soo excited!! 
And the horrible green paint is all gone!!!

M also loaded up the wardrobe for the nursery to goto the farm where he will paint everything there. I still have the dressers to empty upstairs before they can go. 

Sunday we were home around 8:30 and put our feet up. Overall it was a pretty busy weekend, but a very productive one to say the least!! Having the nursery painted is a huge thing off our list and once the furniture is painted I can get up there and start organizing!! M hopes to have the furniture done next weekend!! 

Today I have some storage cubbies to switch over and go through with our hats and mitts and what not. The cats are on edge from the wind keeping them on their toes and the dogs and I will attempt a walk out there at some point today! I also have some baking to do for my party in Thursday! Hopefully I will get around to making the nuts and bolts today! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Five on Friday

This week has stumbled on by, I feel like this has been the first week that has been slow in a long time! It was nice because I didn't have a ton or errands to run and was able to get a lot done at home.

Here are my five for Friday:

1) finished editing one of my last photo sessions for the season, I know I have my sisters left to do, but we still have to take it! Feels good to get this session finished though, as the pressure for my sisters is nowhere near the same! 

2) we booked our babymoon staycation weekend!  Where are we going? Buffalo, New York come the new year. We would have picked collingwood, or a nice ski chalet, but we also plan to buy all of our bigger baby stuff while we are there. The selection is much better, and cheaper. Luckily we scouted out the items we want to buy when we went in September to buy my maternity clothes. 

3) nursery paint is all bought, including the furniture paint! M plans to get the walls mostly painted. We aren't home much this weekend, as we have dinner with photo clients on Saturday night and then a family dinner on Sunday. Bonus being I am not cooking dinner all weekend!! 

4) I plan to decorate for Christmas this weekend!! The tree will go up next week during an evening, but I plan to get the rest of the interior decor up! I know it's a bit early but I am having a small house party for ThirtyOne gifts next week and thought it would be nice to have the house decorated for it and then it is one less thing I have to worry about later. 

5) made delicious banana bread yesterday and remembered to add chocolate chips this time!! Soo yummy!! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Well It's Wednesday

Today's post is 100% random, just to forewarn you all!
Random Best Friendship Quotes and Sayings: True friends are the ones that glare at you when you push them away, hug you when you need it, and pull you off the bridge when your about to jump. Bad
- M and I have been talking about replacing our vacuum, we have central vac, which I hate, so I bought a cheapo regular vacuum shortly after we moved and I tried the central vacuum to confirm my dislike. The cheapo vacuum works alright, but when it comes to emptying it, I cant because of all the dust and my allergies, so M is stuck emptying it often, as we have an army of pets.

We have been talking about getting a new vacuum and I originally wanted a Roomba, so it would run everyday and there would be no more pet hair, perfect for when baby comes, because then vacuuming will be a fulltime job with a baby crawling around. But M wanted to get the Dyson Pet.

Well as of today, M just won! The Roomba will only do our kitchen/living area, not the dining room, bedroom, foyer or mudroom, heck not even the basement, but the dyson will! And I just got it half off!! My post lady is going to hate me!! In the mail it shall come!! I am also able to empty the dyson because of how its made, dust won't come flying out at me! I also look forward to the allergen features as well, it should cut back on a large amount of allergens in our house!

- It snowed yesterday and last night and I was less than impressed, but if I am being entirely honest, it was really pretty and put me in the Christmas spirit! I'm considering decorating the interior this weekend!! Call me crazy, this will be the earliest I've done it!!
Wouldn't this look great cross-stitched on towels and pot holders for the kitchen???
- All of the nursery paint was picked and purchased on Monday!! I also got a deal on it! So the furniture and the walls can now just paint themselves? No? Well M has no excuses now, aside from the fact that it's busy season at work and he isn't home much, or when he is home, he is tired! Maybe this weekend, after he is done working!? Poor guy! I might have to invade on his daddy project!

- this is soo true:
Okay, I am off to finish editing photos, and then to do a bit more organizing - my favorite thing!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

22 Weeks

How Far Along:
22 weeks - November 3 - 8, 2013 
Size Of Baby?

I actually had to look up what kind of fruit this was, as I didn't recognize it! A papaya!

Baby weighs a pound this week, can see light and dark and hear things going on out in the real world! Some websites are saying I am in my 6th month now, although I thought I was 5 months at 20 weeks? Soo confusing!
Maternity Clothes?
 Still mixing in the odd non-maternity shirt! But I will be sticking to my maternity jeans. I have been try to take outfit of the day pics, but I'm not great at it, so bare with me!  I did wear a whole non-maternity outfit this week as well: 

I hate the lines maternity jeans leave: 

This shirt is non-maternity! Love making older options work still!

Non- maternity sweater that I paired up with a vest afterwards:

Stretch Marks?
None yet. 
We will find out in March!
The pregnancy wedge is back in use. I have been tossing and turning a lot as well, just unable to get comfy. I also think the baby enjoys wedging itself into my sides, either that or I am growing! But sleep has not been great. As soon as 3 AM hits, I am struggling to fall back to sleep.

Baby Purchases This Week:
My Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project finally came in! Although I am more than half way through my pregnancy, I figure no time like the present to start it, as it goes by month anyways. 

I decided to order Baby V a chevron crocheted blanket, since I can't figure it out and it is done and being sent my way:
Meg from Life Of Meg made it!! Check out her etsy shop here!! 

These blankets: 

I've been eyeing them up since we found out we were expecting and saw them as the last ones on the rack, so I scooped them!

Needless to say baby will have a lot of blankets, which I am a fan of, nothing better than being cozy! Hopefully the baby likes blankets as much as me!!

Made this Week:
I made my infinity nursing scarf. It might be a bit big, so I may need to move the seam in, but I figure I will wait until baby gets here and go from there, as it only took a few minutes to make!
Still working on the baby blanket I am crocheting!
I also made baby a blanket with chevron minky fabric and cotton anchors! Love the combination but the fabric was a pain in the butt to work with! 

Loving me some grilled cheese!! I went a whole day without any candy! I shouldn't be bragging about that, but it was a huge accomplishment! I've been horrible about it lately if I am being honest! The box is almost gone and I am actually happy about it!! Cheesies came home again this week!  
Still kicking up a storm and leaving me guessing what's a kick, a punch and I think I figured out a roll! Also saw my tummy distort in front of my eyes - that was interesting! M felt the baby move again, and this time he was sure! He was soo excited!! I loved that very moment!

The runny nasal drip is back, as well as the sneezing, luckily its not as bad as it was with allergies on top! Oh and nose bleeds that make you wonder if you will bleed out through your nose... Sorry for the TMI but it's bad! 

Back pain is back but in my mid-back this time which I'm sure us due to my changing body. 

I also started to feel what I believe to be Braxton and hicks contractions, which are entirely normal at this stage. Nothing major or painful, just uncomfortable, but luckily they are quick and don't last! More or less a tightening feeling in the wave of cramps.

  This week has been pretty straight forward, just the way I prefer it! 

We had a few long days at the beginning of the week, and by the end of the week, I was done on all grounds. I was physically, mentally and emotionally drained! 

Making some of the baby projects has been fun though, since the nursery is on hold until M is able to finish painting it! 

We hit 120 more days to go this week!! 
Crazy to see we are more than half way through the 2nd Trimester too!

Belly Button?

Best Moment of the Week?
M feeling the baby kick again, it had been almost 2 weeks since he thought he first felt it and would run over at the chance to feel it, but the baby would stop! Baby ALWAYS kicks when I go to bed, and that is when M finally felt it! It was such a sweet moment, one I will remember forever! 

Crazy Pregnancy Moment:
At one of my Mom's doctors appointments at the hospital, the doctor decided to nit show up, soo we ended up leaving to go to another appointment, but before leaving I was sure to tell the receptionist that although it wasn't her fault, if she could pass along the message that this was highly unprofessional and a down right waste of our time and parking money, and that we were not impressed. I tried to remain polite through it, and she assured me she would let the doctor know and asked if we would stop by on the way out of our next appointment to reschedule/ or see him then. So I agreed to that. However Mom's appointment upstairs was 2 hours long, which we were not impressed about. My sister calls me and tells me that this very nice doctor called her at home trying to find mom and that he had missed his appointment with her earlier and was apologizing and was now waiting downstairs to see her if she was still at the hospital. My opinion at that point was good. 

Then we go meet the doctor and he was SUPER nice! Part of me hoped that the receptionist didn't let him have it, like I instructed her! Turns out is was a miscommunication between his staff and himself. I actually felt bad! 

Bump Pic:
I feel like this dress doesn't photograph well, as I got a lot of compliments in it, but to me this pic doesn't do it justice! I usually wear a belt with it, but with my bump sitting higher it wasn't comfy!
Baby is moving on up, as you can see in this pic!
Looking Forward To:
 Getting the blanket in the mail, as well as a special onesie I ordered for the baby!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Remembrance Day

Today, Baby V and I watched the Rememberance Day ceremony. Baby V was kicking up a storm the entire time, I guess s/he was paying respects too. Huge thanks to those who have fought to protect us, and continue to do so. Lest we forget.
Photo Credit: Ashley Vance Photography

Another weekend came and went, and although M wasn't home, I made the best of it. I'm still rocking really hard to bring organization into our daily lives, and soo far things are getting better! 

Saturday morning I had a nice quiet morning, played some country music and worked on Baby V's blanket. Then we got ready to go to Greyson's first birthday party. M was really disappointed to have missed it, but I still went and had fun. It was great to catch up with a lot of our friends! I still can't believe a year has passed!! 

I had put a roast beef on before I left! came home to learn we had no potatoes, so when M got home I ordered fries from the restaurant! Wasn't quite the meal I had planned, but it was good!! 

M went and relaxed down stairs and I watched The Lucky Ones movie, which was alright. 

Sunday M was up and gone early again, but luckily it was his last day of training. I got some stuff done around the house, made some apple dip, and put a whole chicken on. M was done a little earlier (not much), so we ran into town to grab potatoes, and an apple pie for dinner and we need a new filter for the humidifier. Dinner was delicious!! 

We got a few more things done around the house and then put our feet up to relax! The house is nice and clean, clutter is slowly finding a new home. Felt good to get that much accomplished, as I was a little overwhelmed when I went upstairs to take a few more baby items upstairs. My old sewing room is bursting with furniture from the nursery, that needs to be re-homed either throughout the house or in storage, or even to be donated. Of course there are hand-me down baby parafenalia all over as well. I've been trying to figure out an organization plan for all that as well, as I have both boy and girl stuff from my sister. I'm going to pull out as much gender neutral items I can, once the furniture is painted. No point in organizing it twice. 

I ordered my diaper bag and diaper pail last night, as well as a package of pacifiers! Got a great deal! Now I can't wait for it to get here!! 

The weather has been cold, and a mix between rain and snow. Apparently areas around us might get up to 10cm of the white stuff tonight. Hopefully it misses us!! 

Today I am editing pics, putting away laundry and tonight M and I are going to buy the rest of the nursery paint as I just found it on sale!! 

Happy Rememberance Day!! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

What a Week!!

Thank God it is Friday!! This week has been one I am glad to see over, not that anything dramatic happened, it was just long!!! Too looong!

Monday was a photo shoot that I was wrapping up for a corporate company, but the staff didn't show up on time, so I was stuck waiting. I was home by 7 PM - shoot was for 3 PM with only 4 people... that should tell you how it went. I'd love to say I was snapping pics the whole time, but that was not the case either. Enough said.

Tuesday I had appointments to take my Mom to and they were long, one doctor didn't show up for the first appointment, but then ended up calling us and meeting us after her other appointment, equaling to another really long day! I left the house at 11 AM and was home by 7 PM. M keeps joking that I am working part-time.

Wednesday I vowed to stay home, and did just that, although I did a ton of housework, as well as some baby crafting!

Thursday I woke up to find that Jazz had peed on the dogs bed. Her first time since being medicated. I was not a happy camper. We had just started her weaning off the medication and was down to every other day. Turns out she will be taking them everyday for life... I called the vet and then went and picked up more of her pills. Jazz has been heavy on my heart lately.

Thursday evening, M attempted to help me with pinning my blanket together to sew, and we were having issues, because when I pre-washed the fabric it must have shrunk to a weird size. We were both super frustrated!

Today, my nose is crazy from nose bleeds to being super sensitive to smells. My scentsy smell that I usually like smells like a cleaner, the cat and dog food is just horrible... the list goes on. It is also snowing again today, mixed with ice pellets, luckily it isn't sticking around. The good news is I went grocery shopping and they had cheesies in stock! They also had these super cute blankets for the baby! I had wanted them since we found out we were expecting! I grabbed the last one on the rack!

Other good news is that we have picked a winner from the give away we were doing for my sister's jewelry. The winner is fellow bump buddy, due just a few weeks before me: Hilary!!! Congrats!!!

This weekend M is in training again for the fire course! Last one! I have a little guys first birthday party to go to and photos to get edited.

Have a great weekend!!!


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