Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Rewind

Today I am trying a brand new link up:
Little Moments Like This
You can check it out here.

Friday night M was going to Seafood night with the guys, which left K and I to fend for ourselves. So we had a little girls night sipping on Raspberry Lemonade and watched some trashy TV since nothing is on Friday nights (so we learned). We watched My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding - no offense if anyone is a gypsy.. but that show is just beyond words for screwed up!

Saturday, M had to work, so that left me home with the dogs, so we enjoyed a sleep in, some snuggles and some housework! Lily was an eating machine on Saturday!! She ate a big dog food can, without me having to spoon feed her, not all at once, but throughout the day! Proud Mom right here!! She also was playing with her tennis ball in the back yard and some horse-playing with Gracie! Seeing her regain strength like this, only helps me believe that we are going to get through this! I am soo very grateful for every one's kind thoughts and prayers! I believe that everyone of them has helped us get to where we are today!! We had a ball meeting on Saturday afternoon to discuss our co-ed team. That starts May 16!! Saturday night M and I just relaxed, it is soo hard to make plans when I know M is exhausted from his Spring-time hours!

Sunday morning we decided it was time to tackle M's bathroom. He NEEDED a new shower stall, as his was leaking and would not hold a seal.

Soo say bye bye to this:

Yup pretty ugly!! (hence the shower curtain that hides it)

We purchased the new one, but M has got to cut out and replace a few pieces of drywall. Sooo if you were to look into the bathroom today it would look like this:

We were trying to decide if we were going to repaint the bathroom or just touch it up because either way we need to buy another can! We decided we will just touch it up! After all, I love the color (M doesn't) and it is the only color in the house that represents our old house (it was the old living room color).

We decided to spoil ourselves with a steak dinner with potatoes and fresh green beans and played some ball in the backyard with the dogs, but after I was batting and the ball went a little further than planned, we decided we better take it to the ball park. So we ate and then met N and K down at the park and practiced batting. Gracie and Lily had fun running after the balls, yet didn't pick any up (shucks!). They also enjoyed playing together. Melted my heart to see them interacting together again. Lily continued to eat well again!!

Today K and I decided we would do some baking for tonight's girls night and we made the infamous "Crack" dip:
Pinned Image
which is super tasty and easy to make! You can find the info here.

And we decided to make these too:
Pinned Image
Terribly Tasty Toffee!! Found here. I will warn you it is addicting!!

To say I am looking forward to girl's night would be an understatement! Plus I think everyone is going to make it!!

Oh and just to share the cutest little picture of Baby Brandon:
He looks soo gangster in his sweet little outfit I made sure he had! I've been waiting for him to fit into it!! Now he just need to listen to some LL Cool J!! Haha!

Also I forgot to mention that I won a new work-out video from Alison. Soo I will no longer need to use my Richard Simmons, although I must say, my sister sent me this picture of H and it made me want to bust them out again... just for fun:
She looks like she was working hard with Richard!! Love that kid!

Happy Monday friends!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

I Am Just Not Ready

Sorry for the lack of blogging yesterday, my day didn't quite go as planned!

Lily had her check up yesterday and we found out some unfortunate news! Lily's liver is unable to break down Copper. Copper is pretty much EVERYTHING both you and I eat, as well as dogs. Her liver is still in some sort of liver failure and she not out of the woods yet. I was just not ready to hear this diagnosis.

Our main goal right now is to restore her liver and to get her to eat. This is a struggle every day! Although the last 2 nights she has been willing to eat chicken on her own, instead of us hand feeding her or force feeding her! However, this morning she was having none of that, which only brought me to my breaking point - which included her getting on my lap and snuggling and me just crying on her shoulder and telling her how much she means to me and that I am being selfish because I am just not ready to let go. But I know deep down that she isn't either. She is here for a reason and is fighting this the best way she can. After my melt down I got her to eat a few spoonfuls.

We were told yesterday that Lily is a miracle! Most dogs that come in as sick as she was and with liver failure do not make it. Lily fought it and still is. Our vet didn't expect her to come in looking soo great yesterday. He is very happy with her progress, but was sure to inform me that we are not out of the woods yet. It could still go either way, but we are doing everything we can for her and it seems to be working. Eating is our biggest struggle, but her antibiotics are done tomorrow, so that might help with her appetite!

Lily's long-term treatment is rather costly, but M and I are both on the same page as far as that goes and we are willing to do what it takes. Lily is only 4! We are also trying to do what is best for her! We do not want her suffering at all! Our vet said, most people don't ever get to this diagnostic stage because the tests are too expensive and that they just assume it is a liver tumor and the dog passes.

Lily was on a medication called Slentrol, which we initially thought (and I still believe that it may have had something to do with this still -  it could have weakened her liver just enough to shut it down, but that is neither here nor there and there is no way to prove it) caused her hepatitis. Pfizer was fronting all diagnostic testing to try to rule out their drug, so they are luckily paying for all tests. The rest of the bill, including her hospitalization, meds and treatment is on us. We are still waiting to see how much Pfizer is paying first, but it should be about half of the bill! The chances of Lily having this copper storage problem was less than 5% and is not common in her breed. I was surprised to find out it is common in labs.

Overall Lily has lost 20 pounds. She is at her ideal weight right now of 95 pounds! I know that still seems like a lot, but she is a big dog!

I continue to ask for your prayers on Lily, and I continue to pray that she will pull through this! It is crazy how easily the tears will fall now when it comes to knowing her potential fate and I refuse to think that way!

Gracie's nose is getting a bit out of joint with all the spoiling of Lily, but she is also getting just as much attention. Gracie's life without Lily isn't life and I don't know what mine would be like either! Lily is my rock!! Praying my little miracle keeps fighting for her life!!

I have a feeling my weekend will be filled with a lot of snuggles and cuddles. I love that dog like crazy!!!  I am just not ready to let her go and I don't think she is ready either!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Little Love on Wednesday

Have I mentioned how nice it has been to get back to some sort of routine lately? I missed last Wednesday's loves, so you can imagine I have quite a few this week!!

- I love my husband!! He has really been my rock for these last few weeks. My stress levels have been soo high and he is there to mellow them out. He has been working soo hard, yet comes home to a sick dog, a grumpy and sick wife and manages to cheer us both up! Luckily I am all better and Lily is on the mend!

- I love that M and I are discussing our summer trip and we are thinking a road trip and he wants to take the dogs with us!! We might just use the tent we got for our wedding finally! I didn't realize how serious he was about doing it, but apparently he was!

- I have been loving the show Texas Women on CMT - I am not even sure why, it just cracks me up!

- I love that Lily is starting to show signs of improvement! She goes in tomorrow for a check up! She ate really good for me last night, but I am beginning to wonder when she will eat on her own. I tried giving her kibble this morning or a normal milk bone and she had no interest! She is just being picky because she knows we will give in to her! I am going to have to ask the vet when to give some tough love!

- I love the Cinnamon Buns I made last night!! Last night I decided to take on round 2! I didn't make my own bread, I had premade dough in the freezer and sure enough it worked and they taste just like Cinnabon!! I will not be paying $9 for Cinnabon anymore!!

- I am loving that Bill and Giuliana are expecting!!! I find their story soo inspiring and couldn't be more excited for them!! She has been struggling with infertility for years, and was recently diagnosed breast cancer, yet she has pushed on with life and has never really let life get her down.  She is an excellent role model and someone I find myself looking up to! 

How cute is this idea for the photo wall? It is a picture of a map from where you were married/met/honeymooned and live. Soo cute!!
Pinned Image

I think this would look pretty awesome in my basement!!!
Pinned Image

I love this outdoor fireplace setting!! I am thinking we may need to make a fireplace!!
Pinned Image

The recipe I now swear by for Cinnamon Buns:
(just use premade dough for simplicity!)
Pinned Image

Love how country chic this bedroom looks:
Pinned Image

And I love how rustic the curtains are in this one:
Pinned Image

Now for the weekly word:
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Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Happy Wednesday Friends!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Time the Bread Maker Failed Me

Soo I decided to take a kitchen adventure yesterday, and it was an adventure to say the least!

I had been wanting to bake something, so what else do you do when you want to bake? Cook books? No...  you scroll through Pinterest!! I had pinned a Cinnamon Bun Recipe a while back and had been itching to try it!
Pinned Image

They are supposed to taste just like Cinnabon!! YUM! who wouldn't try to make it? You can find the recipe here.

So I scrolled through the recipe, gathered my ingredients, as well as my "trusty" old bread maker!!

I followed the instructions as per my bread maker, as well as per the recipe - just like it says to! I have never used the dough setting on my machine before, but there is a first time for everything.

I turn on the machine, and just expect magic to happen in the machine. M came home wondering what he was coming home to because he could hear the machine kneading the dough. However after looking in, it hadn't even mixed the ingredients! So, I took it upon myself to mix them by hand! Ha! I had dough forming right in front of my eyes! So I turned the machine back on and let it work it's "magic". The timer went off and I had dough! I proceeded with the rest of recipe, except there was one problem, aside from my pesky husband telling me it wasn't going to work and the problem was the dough wasn't rising. I have made bread once before without my machine, and tried all the tactics to get it to rise - no such luck! M suggested that I just bake it. So I did and it rose a bit, but they tasted like crap! Smelt good, but the dough was horrible!

So at the end of the day, M and I's conversation went something like this:
Me: "I don't even know what went wrong."
M: "I don't know, you even followed the directions."
Me: "Ya, the one time I follow the directions and look where it gets me..."
M: "I think it was bread machine, not the fact that you followed the directions."
Me: "Maybe I should have modified it."

So my magical bread maker failed me!! M also tried to reassure me that making bread is really difficult. Well this recipe must have been because even my trusty bread maker couldn't handle it!

I am going to try another cinnamon bun recipe soon though!!

Like I have said before, never a dull moment in the kitchen when I am in it!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Manic Monday

Wow, it is Monday already!!!

I am finally feeling better and I think Lily is too!!

Friday afternoon Lily came home, and we were all very excited to have her home!! M had baseball practice as his league starts up May 4! So since Lily had been cooped up for 2 weeks, I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk and she was all over that idea! I knew she wouldn't be able to go far, so we just went down to the ball park - which is literally less than a block and watched M's practice for a bit. M drove to the practice just in case Lily was too tired to walk home. But we made it home on our own.

Saturday I was a bump on a log, no energy whatsoever, so we just relaxed all day while M worked.

Sunday the Fire Hall had their first breakfast, so M and I were busy with that. Came home, had a nap and then went and got groceries. M also managed to get the grass cut before dark while I took the dogs around the corner for a walk, Lily did great!

Lily's recovery is coming along, slower than we would like, but her energy levels are good, she is drinking lots of fluid. We keep on forgetting that she is still a very sick dog. Eating is pretty much our biggest struggle right now, but we are finding ways around that!

Thanks again for all of the continued support, thoughts and prayers!! I know that we are blessed with having soo many people around us that truly care and it really means a lot to us.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Lily Is Coming Home Again

Wow, I have been waiting for this week to end, and although I am at home sick today, I just found out that Lily is able to come home this afternoon.

Lily's ultrasound and biopsy was tolerated well and we have narrowed down the findings to either hepatitis or acute injury to the liver caused by toxins. As far as I am concerned this both leads back to the medication that she was on. However, we will be dealing with that at another point.

We still do not have the biopsy results, but her blood levels are beginning to show slight improvement, her spirits are up and our vet was able to get to eat a can of food last night. She has been pretty spoiled while she has been there this week, as the girls made a special trip to the store to get her some chicken and then the following morning the one girl made some rice to go with it. But if there is a time for her to be spoiled, it is now more than ever.

Soo I am praying that we are finally on the road to recovery and I know it may be slow, so I pray for the patience to get through this.

Thank you once again for all of the support and continued prayers, I truly believe every bit has helped. I also know I have received emails regarding Lily and I do plan on responding, I am just dealing with my own health, so bear with me please!

Here is to hoping for a smooth homecoming and improved health.

Have a good weekend friends.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another Post on Lily

I apologize now, as my blog topics have all become about Lily, but right now, that is all that really matters in my life right now. I cannot thank you all enough for your continuous messages, emails, etc asking about Lily and praying for her recovery. I know I mentioned it yesterday, but please continue to pray, as we are still not sure with what we are dealing with! I meant to respond to the messages, however my power went our due to high winds and my cell was on low battery!

Lily's night went pretty well last night, she received lots of hugs and snuggles from M and I, Grace, even the cats!! She is still not eating all that well, which is concerning, as she seemed to be eating a bit better on the weekend. Her spirits are much better, but she is still sick and it is hard to remember that.

I brought her home and gave her a bath (which she loved).

This morning she wouldn't eat for M, but I got her to eat a tiny amount. I gave her some extra loving this morning, got her things ready in case she had to go back up to the vet, held her tight and lost a few more tears. I ended up being a few minutes late for work, but to be honest it was the last thing on my mind at this time. I may be at work today, but my head is just not in it.

I am not handling all this stress well at all right now, it sucks feeling soo helpless. My body continues to notify me of it's weaknesses. My heart is heavy, my head is pounding, my body is aching, I could go on... I slept best last night, knowing she was home and I was able to check on her - which I did. I just wish she could tell us how she felt, or what was wrong!

I spoke with the vet today, Lily will be heading back up this afternoon and will be staying over night again. She finally has an appointment for her liver ultrasound and a potential biopsy if deemed necessary. I am praying to find answers, with easy solutions. Although I don't really know that I am ready to hear the answers.

For me to say that I really just want this nightmare to be over is an understatement, that no one will truly understand until they go through something like this. I just simply have too much going on around me, with only one thing on my mind. So excuse the lack of blogging. I will continue to update on Twitter, as well as Facebook, my links are up on the right side bar.

I will leave you with a picture of Lily taken this morning (on my phone - sorry)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bringing Lily Home!!!

Oh what a nightmare this weekend has been!!! Lily is potentially on the mend though, but still very sick!!

Saturday, her blood levels remained the same. I went to visit her on Saturday, she doesn't look nearly the same:

But I did get her to eat, which was an excellent sign. She actually continued to eat all weekend. I continued to receive great updates on Lily, however, her blood work still indicates elevated liver enzymes, but her white blood cell count is beginning to come down. She has got some of her spunk back and decided to chew her IV and pull out her catheter. Soo we are taking this all as a good sign. She will be having a liver ultrasound and possibly a biopsy.

However, we have all decided that Lily will recover best at home, on an oral antibiotic for the time being, until we gather more information, at which point she may need to be re-admitted, but for now, she is able to come home. So I am going to pick her up at 4:20 and I cannot wait!!!

Thank you soo much for the continued thoughts and prayers, she is not back to being 100%, and I would love for the continued support, and prayers!

Thank you soo much!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lily Is In The Hospital ;(

I took Lily up to the vet yesterday to get her weighed and for Chris (our vet) to see her, as she has not been eating for a week and has not been herself.

But let me rewind and start from the beginning. We started her a new medication called Slentrol, which is a weight loss medication. Lily has hypothyroidism and had packed on the pounds, but had finally stabilized at 114 pounds. She is a big dog by nature, but no need to be that heavy, so our vet recommended this medication, as she doesn't eat a lot and she is exercised regularly. She just needed some help. So we thought we would give a go. You may recall this post here that was posted just over 2 weeks ago, that she had a her first seizure after being on the medication for a month. I took her in to get checked and Chris thought it was just a fluke, but called the drug company to be sure and they said that has never happened before. Meanwhile after reading their website, I saw a case mentioned where a Beagle had a seizure while on the meds, but they considered it irrelevant. I mentioned it to Chris, who mentioned it to them and they said that was American (well the drug is American...). As apprehensive as I was to continue the medication at that point, we decided to continue with advice from our vet. Last Wednesday we noticed she wasn't really eating as much. So I called the vet on Thursday, before the holiday weekend and told him I was concerned because she was not eating. He told me to cut her dose in half and see how she does. I talked to M also about my concerns and we decided we would resume the meds once I saw that she ate. She didn't. So we stopped the meds. She was turning down cookies, wet food, cheese, you name it, she was having none of it. She would drink tons of water and then puke it up. I called back in on Monday and Chris told us to try a different wet food and he was happy we stopped the meds. I would take her for a walk (half of our usual route) and she would be dragging behind on the way back home.

So yesterday I decided I would take her up to the vet. She was down 10 more pounds, in just over a week. She usually love going to the vet, but yesterday she just sauntered in, head hanging low. Poor baby! They knew right away that something was going on. She didn't even get up when Chris came in the room. After he examined her, Chris decided that we needed to do blood work, start an IV to get fluids going and do some x-rays. He knew I would be reluctant to leave her, but at the same time I knew she wasn't well. They took Lily into the back, and there I stood with Gracie fighting back the tears that wanted to flow. But I knew I had to be strong for Gracie, as they don't handle being separated easily. I literally had to drag Gracie out if the building, with her looking back for her sister. She would not get in the car for me, I had to lift her in. She was having no part of this. Gracie has known Lily has been sick for a while, and was very nurturing towards her. Gracie's life without Lily is not life. Once I got her in the car, instead of hanging out the window, she stretched out on the back seat and sulked. I kept telling her Lily is going to be okay, as tears rolled down my cheeks. Once we got home, Gracie came in the house and went straight to bed:
This is how miserable she is!

I called M to inform him on what was going on and I told him very proudly I made it out of the office with no tears! I had to be strong for my babies! He called me a sap and told me I probably lost a few tears in the car. Which I agreed to. I told him I just didn't want to leave her there alone. I know she will get the care she needs, but if M was in the hospital I wouldn't leave him. M said it doesn't work that way for pets. It should!

The office called me with an update, saying she had spiked a fever after I left and they started her on antibiotics right away.

Another update came later, saying that she was responding well to the IV fluids, still wouldn't eat, but was wagging her tail.

The last update I heard from Chris was last night saying that the x-ray he did didn't show anything, but because of the Lily's size and the older machine, he was thinking of repeating it at the other office. Her fever had gone down, he is thinking maybe it spiked out of stress, but her pulse and heart rate is good and she is still responding well to the IV. He was really looking forward to seeing the blood results.

Here is another depressed Gracie picture from this morning, when Mike let her get in bed with me for some cuddles (she didn't even want to, Mike had to lift on the bed)
I have just heard back from Chris with her blood results, which indicated elevated liver enzymes, her kidneys not working properly and a high white blood cell count. We are still waiting for more blood results at this point, but she will be staying over night again. Chris said she is stable and seems to be perking up on the antibiotics, and  IV fluids, but she is not out of the woods yet.

Just wishing my baby gets a diagnosis soon and gets better soon!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Is There A Such Thing As Bathroom Etiquette Part 2

It is that time again.. it has almost been a year! Time for me to discuss bathrooms once again!

Soo my office switched buildings and after only being in the new office for a week, I already have a bathroom etiquette post for ya! You may recall part one of the bathroom etiquette HERE.

I am slowly becoming able to go to the bathroom when someone else is in the bathroom with me... like my cat... he counts right? Because I don't have a bathroom break at home without him.. whether I like it or not.

Now on to this new office... we have a public bathroom of course, however it is literally a bathroom, with one toilet, one sink - no stalls, a door that locks, you get the picture. I like this idea waay better then a bathroom with stalls. 

However, there is just a few problems soo far! I am one of maybe 4 girls on my floor, the rest are men. Men and bathrooms just equals disaster! I will be honest, my husband keeps his bathroom pretty clean and I don't need to remind him all that often to clean it. Heck he is trained well from the last house that only had one bathroom and even puts the seat down. Thanks to a cat that got stuck in the toilet... thanks Copper - he just loved fresh water... until the seat fell on him and he was stuck.

Picture this:
hes sneaky cat kitten kitty toilet seat up down bathroom restroom hiding under Uhm Can I Get a Little Help Here?
Except under the seat as well!

Anyways, back on topic. The men leave the seat up! I do not want to touch that! It sucks that they have to touch that and probably didn't wash their hands... we won't go there. But put the seat down please! I don't get why they have to put the seat up in the first place, the circumference you gain from putting the seat up is not that much.

Luckily I went into the cupboard under the sink and found some Lysol spray - yes I am the one that sprays before sitting now! The Lysol is a girls best friend when it comes to sharing public bathrooms with boys. The smells... oh we won't get there... Shit happens, I get it, but there is no need to advertise that. There is aerosol spray, a fan, scented soap - use it - please! Oh and if you make a mess - clean it up. Gross.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You Get Through It

Have you ever wondered what the heck you are gunna do when it seems like your world around you is crashing down and nothing is going right? Well that is just exactly what this post is about, because I have finally figured out the answer.

Pinned Image

Watching my sister struggle with a difficult pregnancy, being separated from her family in a sterile environment, and then giving birth to a baby at 31 weeks instead of 40 - NOT EASY. As you can imagine, yet it happened. Life was lived from moment to moment, not day by day or month by month. She got through it. Yes, with the help of those around her, family, friends, some amazing hospital staff and some amazing peers that she met up there, but she got through it because that is what you are supposed to do. If you were to ask my sister how she got through any of this, she would probably mention those people above, but the rest would be a blur.

Watching the people around me struggle and struggling myself is far from easy, but you know that no matter what happens in the end, and I have seen the worst case scenario happen, you know that you will all get through it. You need to pick each other up, heck, sometimes you need to carry and push one another through, but at the end you get through it.

Pinned Image

I would be lost without my family and friends. Soo many things happen in life that are not planned, in fact you would have never imagined them being a possibility in your life, but they happen and even if you are still struggling, just know that no matter what happens, or how long it may take you to get to the end of it, you will get through it. You may change along the way, but not without the help of those around you.

Pinned Image

I often say that I couldn't imagine going through what someone else's struggle might be, or a friend or family's struggle, but then I think back, I did. I did go through it and maybe I didn't hurt as bad, but I got through it and I helped them through it. I was strong when my friends and family needed me to be. But when you are dealing with something of your own, how easy is it to be weak?

So if you see one of your friends or family members struggling, don't avoid them, don't treat them like they are crazy, help them. They just need to get through it and they are not thinking about getting through it, it just happens. It is just life happening right in front of your eyes, when you have absolutely no control aside from how you want to feel, but even that can't change how you really feel!

Pinned Image

You go through life thinking you have control over everything, but you don't, you can only control your choices on how to handle it. Life isn't always rainbows and butterflies, a storm is bound to brew at some point. There will always be different ways to get through it, some easy, some difficult, but the whole point behind this post is that YOU GET THOUGH IT!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tell Me All About It Tuesday

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!!

I know I did! Here is what went down:
  • We stopped Lily's weight medicine for good! I am done with it! Slentrol is not for my Lily. Poor girl decided she would just stop eating! I think we are on the mend, but I won't lie, it has been heavy on my heart all weekend and a struggle to get her to eat! M picked up some wet food for her last night and she seems pretty interested in that!
  • Friday, M worked on the yard, we got samples for our counter top from a friend of ours, and worked on getting the house ready. Then M's parents gave us 10 minutes notice that their friends wanted to stop by and see the house. So M and I scrambled to make everything presentable. The basement was the hardest!! But we pulled it off!!
  • Saturday M got a hair cut - hallelujah! It was long!!
  • He ended up doing some surveying Saturday morning for the business, washed his truck and came home and helped me get the house finished for my family to come over.
  • We made a great roast beef dinner, my sister brought cake from the Marble Slab Creamery. We took Hannah swimming in the "outside bubble bath tub" and you can guess how much she loved it! I just love that little girl! And her new brother is pretty cute too!
  • Sunday we had a big Easter celebration with my Mom's extended family. I will be honest, I love our big family celebrations, they are loud, crazy and obnoxious, but soo fun! I wouldn't have it any other way! The afternoon/evening was enjoyed with playing cards, eatting and just sitting around and conversing. I made a new bread recipe and it worked! It was delicious and easy! I will have to post about it! It was Parmesan Garlic Pull Apart Bread!
  • Yesterday day, I got up, walked the dogs, went for another walk with K and G, and then relaxed the day away! When M got home, we scarfed down dinner and headed over to N and K's for a group get together, which was pretty stinkin' awesome! It is funny, because all of us girls get together and the guys will get together, but it always fun when we all get together! We also discussed our annual July long weekend plans! We watched the Jays season opener and they lost... come on boys, bring it back like 1993!
That was my weekend in a nutshell!! I can't wait to read about yours!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Truth be told I was not going to blog today, but then I saw this super cute link up and thought I should join in!! So here it goes:
Head over here to join in!!

Current Book:

I am still reading Something Borrowed... haha! I have been reading it for over 6 months!!

Current Playlist:

Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up
Taylor Swift - Haunted
Ronnie Dunn - Bleed Red
Walk of The Earth - Somebody That I Used To Know
Flo-Rida - Wild Ones
Carrie Underwood - Good Girl
Lady Antebellum - Dancin' Away With My Heart

Current Color:

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Current Food:

Jamie Oliver's Homemade Frozen Yogurt

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Current TV Shows:

I am loving:
House of Bryan
The Voice
Private Practice
Hart of Dixie

Current Needs:

Hmmm.. not sure - I am pretty happy with everything I have right now!

Current Triumphs:

Lily has actually lost weight!!
Our latest renovation project continues to amaze me!! I love it!


Current Banes to My Existence:

People asking when we are going to have kids... really annoying. Can we not just enjoy ourselves with where we are in life? Yes, we have been married for 5 years, it really isn't a big deal. What is the rush? But secondly, why the hell are you asking? I find it rude. I have actually resorted to responding with a retarded question back, because I find it that annoying! Why does it matter?! Rant Over... for now

Current Celebrity Crush:

Adam Levine
Adam Levine - newly single... not even my type, but HOT!

Current #1 Blessing:

My husband, family and friends!!

Current Indulgence:

The mini egg cookies that I made, but they are gone now!!

Current Outfit:

Excuse the dog food in the back!!

Current Excitement:

Hosting dinner for my family, as well as spending time with my family

Current Mood:

Pretty good!!! Starting to get tired!

Current Favorite Quote:

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Current Wish List:

I would like to find some curtains similar to these for my dining room:
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I would like to find some new dog dishes!!
I would like for my photo wall to organize itself and probably hang itself!!

This was fun!!!
 But I am now on blog holidays!!!
 Enjoy your long weekend friends!!
 Be safe!!


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