Who am I ?

Hey, My name is Ashley. I figured I would start this blog as a journal, to help me remember the things going on my in my life, that I may not seem to remember later on.

Picture taken by Blair Gable

It's the little things in life that pass you by.
This blog will outline my life, my opinions and my relationships. I LOVE LOVE LOVE animals and photography (in case you can't tell). My pets are probably the most important to me, aside from my loving husband Mike.
When I started this blog we were a young married couple, living in our 2nd house and just getting settled! Hope you enjoy!

We are still in our second house, but have done project over project to make it more like a home for us! 

Unfortunately we suffered through 4 years of infertility. You can find our story here and follow the links on that post for the rest of the story. 

We welcomed our little miracle, Noah, who was born on February 16, 2014. I will say that nothing short of amazing comes easy and his birth story was no different. You can find that here. But we have a healthy baby boy growing away now and couldn't feel more blessed!

Just a note to all my visitors: I love hearing from you, so don't be afraid to comment! You don't have to be a follower, but I would love it if you were ;)

There are also a few other people that you should get used to seeing around my blog, as they are often mentioned:

This is Diamond, she has passed away now, but she will still come up here and there. She was a Golden Lab!
This is Copper. He too has passed away. We rescued him from the farm, as a drop off.

This was my first dog EVER, Snoopy! He was a shih tzu. I miss him like CRAZY!!

Jazz... she is still the same old cat and she is still kicking it with us!!


Gracie - Golden Retriever (youngest)

Lily - Golden Retriever (older than Gracie by one year)


Thanks for stopping by!


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