Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Back Again for My Typical Wednesday Post

I couldn't miss out on my favorite blogging day!!

I am loving:

I liked this song on the radio, but I LOVE this version by Walk Of The Earth!! It is AMAZING!!

I am loving that my sweet puppies had their check ups today!! Lily didn't gain any weight... but she hasn't lost any! So we are going to wait and see how her blood levels are for her thyroid and make sure we don't need to adjust her thyroid meds and consider a weight loss pill - which is just temporary. But otherwise we have two healthy dogs!!

I am loving how the renovation is coming along!!

I am grateful to be alive!! Amazing how things change when life flashes in front of your eyes! Those little things that bother you before and seemed soo important are now irrelevant. I know car accidents happen, but you never know how they will mess up your life. Luckily we walked away from another one on the weekend, uninjured!

I am loving the progress that my nephew is making!! They have taken him off of his feeding tube and we are hoping he will continue taking all of his feeds! His weight is up to 5 pounds 13 ounces!! Hoping he will be home soon with this progress!!

Now for some of my favorite pins this week:

This looks yummy:
Garlic & Brown sugar chicken- 10 min prep, 4 ingredients
Garlic and Brown Sugar Chicken

Love this look:
I want my hair to do this!

So true:
Love <3


Happy Wednesday Friends!!

Week-End Update/Reno Update Pics

Happy Leap Day!!! This post was supposed to be up yesterday, but that didn't happen, so here it is today and I plan on coming back for my typical wednesday post too!!
Our weekend wasa bit crazy, yet somehow we managed to still complete a lot! Friday M and I started the Reno:

After Day 1

And then came along Saturday and this is what happened:
Yes, that is our lumber scattered

And our friends truck - it was written off

because of this guy... driving too fast in the snow, lost control, came into our lane and T-boned us.

Luckily no one was injured seriously, I have a few bruises and my butt/back is sore as I was squished by a table saw in the back seat of the truck, but I will take it. I will not complain that I walked away from this one.

All of our supplies ended up making it! We were quite surprised. We did end up missing 2 pieces of wood, but we recovered the one from the accident scene shortly after, but then saw another car almost meet us in the ditch and decided this area was not safe and that we would search again the next day, as the one we found was buried in the snow. We went back on Sunday and dug up the missing one!

Our walls have one hell of a story to tell!

After Day 3:

And Day 4:
(the whole in the floor is temporary (for our security system))

And Day 5 (yesterday)
We have drywall!!

So tomorrow will be mudding, Thursday/Friday painting depending on how things dry and then floors will go down on the weekend, assuming things keep on going smoothly!

A lot of people are thinking we did a lot of work for gaining two feet, but the difference is BIG and the sight lines are already waaay better!!

Soo proud of M! He is doing a great job soo far!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bachelor Recap

Today you are probably going to get 2 posts... one to go over my scary - no joke weekend and one to discuss last nights show, because I have a lot to say about it!  So here we go...

Ben's Hair is always of topic, as usual, it is BAD and after watching last night's show - his wardrobe followed suit... it was just as bad!

I don't even know where to start! I love how with Nikki and Lindzi, they had to do more scary things than Courtney. The most dangerous thing he has done with her was skinny dipping. NOT fair! I would like to see the oh-so-precious Courtney jump of a mountain or something - anything, but instead they get the picnics dates. I found it fitting for her to be a cow field this time - that was mean, but I can't really say I take it back! I am pulling a Courtney! I think one of  my favorite lines from Courtney would be the "did you want me to bend over and take it up the tailpipe." How did I miss that in the previous episode! She could have a show called Sh*t Courtney Says. I love that she told Ben she was sorry, but was she really? I just don't see her as an honest person and because of that I can't follow much of what she says, I see past it. Is she being sincere when she says she loves Ben?

I love that Kacie came back, not to try to "win" him back, but for closure. I think it is odd for Ben to change his opinion of her based on her family, you are dating her, not her family and like she said, just because her family wants something, it does not mean that she does. She was devastated when he sent her home, yet still came back and I think that she did it in a great way. I like her, but maybe she deserves better than Ben! I love how honest she was with Ben about everything and even after she said all she could, she still admitted that she loved him. I can see them getting together after the show, almost like a Jason and Molly!

But then there is Lindzi and he has already said that he loves her, I believe 2 or 3 times last night. Go with that. If you are having second guesses about Courtney or Nikki, but you are not with Lindzi, then obviously that means something! I like the chemistry they have. I find her very classy, even after she hung her ass out on national TV. I still think Ben and Lindzi would be be good together! They blend well!

However I find Ben really hard to read and I also find that he doesn't enjoy serious conversations. He gets awkward and avoids them, like how he brought up Courtney's actions, he seemed to get moody and then dropped it. They ended up discussing it, but only after they had drank enough... lol.

I liked Nikki, but I think Ben was seeing more of a friendship her. They didn't have sparks when they were together, like he does with Lindzi and like he imagines with Courtney. I bet if Lindzi had went skinny dipping instead he would choose her... 

But Ben, you were warned, not once, but several times and I am sure that when you watch this show back, you are going to be thinking WTF!

Friday, February 24, 2012

High Five For Friday/Pre-Reno Pics

1. I am off today!!! We were supposed to get a bad snow storm over night, which resulted in a few centimeters, but they say today we are supposed to get more, plus freezing rain. I called my boss to see what the weather was like in the city (because I live about 25 minutes away) and he said it was the same, but I didn't have much billing do and he heard the worst was to come. So he decided that I should stay home, better to be safe than sorry!! No arguments here!!

2. NBC posted an interview with N & K and little G regarding N pulling the guy out of the burning car in Florida:

3. I received my first give away winnings in the mail!! I had won a give away by Allison from Moments Like This. This is what I received:
Sooo excited to try it all out!!!

4. We are starting our renovations TODAY!!! I feel like we have been waiting to do this forever, since we were supposed to start it in January - but then life happened and work got in the way! Here is the plan:
(click to make it bigger)

5. Our pre-renovation pics are here:

Old kitchen floors 

Old kitchen floors compared to dining room floors

Old floor with cupboard color (and old wall paint color - be gone green!! - this will be fixed)

Foyer pics before

This wall is going

Back of the closet wall that is leaving

Looking forward to new curtains for the new window!!

View into the kitchen from the great room (excuse my messy counters..)

Old floor compared to new floor and cupboards!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hero & March Sponsor Swap

Before I goto into detail about the March Sponsor Swap, I wanted to share a touching heroic story with you all regarding a good friend of ours!!!

You know how I have mentioned N & K and litte G? I have never gone into detail about them before... and hopefully they don't mind me sharing... but anyways. M and N grew up together in the village, they are both on the village fire department together and we live around the corner! N is also a city firefighter too! We have become quite close over the last couple of years, hence why I feel the need to share this story.

While vacationing in Fort Meyer's, Florida, they were on thier way home from a full and exciting day at Disney, when they saw a car go up on a curb, over a side walk and crash into a light pole, which fell on top of the car. The car caught fire and there was an unconcious male inside. K called 911, while watching N run to the burning vehicle and pull the man out to safety - with out gear, with out any tools. Amazing!!!

I am soo proud of him!!! This man would have burned to death if N hadn't been there!!! Here is a pic K took on her phone while watching:
You can see N laying over the unconcious male, with the car roaring in flames.

You can also catch the story here:

You can read more about N here!!
Sorry the vidoe is bigger than my margins!!

Now on to the Sponsor Swap!

Now that I have a button, I would love to see it on your blog!! But I would also love to post yours under my sponsor heading on the left!!! Let me know if you are interested?! I plan on doing an introductory post to introduce my sponsors!!

I know I love finding new blogs to follow, but I also love having new bloggers find me, therefore this idea will be the best in both scenarios!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Typical Wednesday

I really need to come up with a new title for Wednesdays - any suggestions?

I am loving my sweet puppies!! Last night I gave them both pedicures and then decided to trim, the hair between thier paws, as they have been having issues walking on the floors lately. Gracie would just lay there and take all the love and touching she could, with Lily, the girl hates being on her back, so M and I had to wrestle her down and pin her - no dogs were injured, she finally relaxed enough. Now they are both walking a lot better on the floors.

I loved Parenthood last night!!!

I am loving my sweet hubby, as usual, but I know he has been working harder than usual this year, as they are still working hard in the fields. It is some crazy weather we are getting, as they are usually shut down and in the shop doing maintenance on the machines, which is easier.

I am loving our new floors that will be installed by next week! I will be doing a post explaining what is going down with the reno plans! I am excited to tear down a wall and have new floors! I am also excited about a new shower stall, even if it is in M's bathroom!

I am loving the new blogs I have found recently!! I am also loving my new followers!! I also wanted to mention that I am now able to do a sponsor swap with my new button!! Message me if you are interested!!

I think I need Jen's personal stylist... I wonder what rpoducts she uses:
love this cut

Love this style too:
Pinned Image

The dogs need new food bowls and I haven't seen anything I love yet, so I might make my own:
Pinned Image

I am soo ready for Spring and Summer. Soo many great style boards to encourage this:

Pinned Image

Brown strapless top with cute detail! Gladiator sandals

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Some inspiring quotes that hit home:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image via Positively Positive

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!! The sun is shining here in Ontario for the time being!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Drink Mix Should Not Stain/New Blog Reveal

Soo I skipped blogging yesterday because it was Family Day here in Ontario!! Yep a stat holiday to spent with family. M and I had a great day together!! However, you may notice a few changes around the blog today! I updated it a bit, with a new layout, a new header, a button, sponsors will be welcome soon, etc. I hope you like the changes!!

I had quite the weekend, in case the title didn't express that... Friday night M and I went to the hall to set up tables and then had a quiet night, as we knew the next one would be busy. Saturday morning I had big plans, that never ended up happening - you know that sewing that needed to be done or the cookies I wanted to bake. Instead I showered, decorated the hall with K, came home, curled my hair, got dressed (in 2 of my favorite shirts! - this is relevant later) and headed over to K's and curled her hair and then it was time to head to the Firefighters Wing Sizzler!

The night was a hit and we had a great turn out!! I'm pretty sure this will be an annual thing!

I had decided that I would drink that night, which I had not done in like 3 months! I had just finished filling my cup at the mix table, went to turn around and some BIG guy bumped into me... the drink splashed up in my face, in my hair and all down my favorite WHITE shirt. I was drinking cranberry and vodka... FML! And then the spilling continued for the rest of the night, mostly by others bumping into me and then me becoming careless aka tipsy. By the end of the night my shirts had orange juice and cranberry juice stains, but the good thing is, my hair stayed curled. I don't think I have danced in over a year! This next statement should sum up my night - by the end of the night I was drinking BEER! I hate beer! Fear not no pictures were taken because my camera had no memory card! Opps! It's probably for the best!

But I miraculously woke up without a hangover!! I went to the hall and took down the decorations, dropped them off and home I went to do my sewing!! I had an hour before the shower! I ended up making a burp cloth and soother holder - however I didn't take a picture - I was pressed for time! S's shower was great!!

As soon as I got home from the shower, we headed to Toronto for dinner at the Keg. On the way home I realized I was still buzzing, as the lines on the 401 were intertwining.

Monday, M and I relaxed most of the day, did some laundry, I made my cookies - which the bottoms ended up burning because M put vegtable oil on pans to grease them - note to anyone - it doesn't work the same when baking! I did manage to get the stains out of my shirts!! They should make drink mix that does not stain clothes!! Oh and Brandon is now up to 5 pounds and 2 ounces!! Holy this boy can eat!! He is progressing wonderfully and I feel he will be home before we know it!!

Now on to The Bachelor... all I need to say is that Ben is sooo clueless about Courtney! He should end up Lindzi!!! I can see why Kacie went home, I think they would have been better as friends! But she was devastated, as to be expected. Courtney's wedding idea was retarded, I cannot stand the way she talks or the scrunched up faces she makes - it is NOT cute! I like Nikki too, but I am trying not to get too attached, because I still see him picking Courtney in the end, but have liked Linzi since the start! I think Ben learned a lot more about the girls and it was neat to see them plan thier own semi-realistic dates - excluding Courtney!

Friday, February 17, 2012

High Five For Friday

I am just going to start this post off by saying I was not able to accomplish all the things on my list yesterday... life got in the way... the cookies were not baked - maybe tomorrow. I did manage to talk to my sister a couple of times yesterday!! Guess how much Brandon weighs now? 4 pounds 11 ounces!!! He is an eating machine!! He is still doing great!!

 I only managed to sew one thing and it could have waited, because now I am pressed for time to get a gift finished that I need for Sunday... ooops! I did watch Grey's and Private Practice, I did pick up sewing supplies, as well as items for my sister and I did have dinner with hubby! So I NEED to get back in the sewing room (- like yesterday), as I am cutting it close!!

1.  My new camera strap - the thing that took too much of my time yesterday...

It has all my favorite things - ruffles, pink and animal print!!!

2.  My fantastic husband... he went to work this morning and then on his way to the job site, he swung by home and filled my windshield washer fluid. He noticed I was out last night and forgot to fill it! I didn't even ask him to do it, because as long as I know how to put the hood up, I could have done it! He didn't have to make a special trip home to do it, but he did and it made my day!

3. Love this little girl like crazy and I actually don't mind the picture of myself:

and of course two of my favorite people!

4. Poor Gracie got spooked while M was doing my windshield washer fluid, as she didn't know he was out there (neither did I until I called him to ask him why he was home (I heard his diesel truck)). Gracie booked it out of kitchen running on a spot, which then scared Lux and they were both my shadows all morning. Poor babies!!

5. I am looking forward to hosting a great give away!!! I know I have been saying this for a while, but we are that much closer!! I am thinking next week! Also if anyone is interested in promoting their stuff and would like me to do a give away - I would love to (email me)!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!! I know I have a busy one in store for me!!


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