Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3 Boxes Later!

So.... I must say brunettes really do have more fun!! I got this crazy idea to dye my hair blonde.... and being frugal, I thought it would be a good idea to buy box color, instead of paying for it at a salon....BAD IDEA... Although still cheaper!~

Mike was my hairdresser (lucky him)! I got into my towel and clothespin (real classy) and let him dye my hair! The first box had 2 colors in it (so I thought), so we put the first color on and it went almost like a strawberry blonde, but more coppery color and I was not fussy on it! But, Mike convinced me to do the next color, so I did, but I was really hesitant, especially since we had company coming over later.

Well it turned out that the second color was not a color at all!! It was bleach and it was stripping my hair of all color! Mike managed to get all my roots done plus some, until I noticed what was happening and I freaked out! I was sure that I was not meant to be a blonde and hopped in the shower right away! It was too late! I was washing out this concoction and yelling at Mike to go into town and get me hair color... BROWN hair color! I was not laughing... was freaking out... and well I was mortified! I looked like a glow in the dark troll! I made fun of people with this hair color!

I ended up delaying our company, had Mike color my hair AGAIN (2nd box) and was then a little more confident in the new color, although it was still reddish/orangish brown... but it was better than it was! Our company came over, and laughs were had!

Did I mention that was the Friday of the long weekend....
Saturday I took Hannah and Amy to African Lion Safari for the day, and Sunday and Monday, we spent down at the lake, Sunday at Nicole's cottage in Port Burwell and Monday at the boat! Where it was sunny... and I didnt where a hat and the sun lightened my roots a little more and the color was not so nice. So today being Wednesday... before baseball... I am box #3 and I have high hopes! I bought dark brown... with NO RED~!

Also I will note that friends of ours Jeff and Sarah had thier baby on Monday! Baby Girl - 7lbs 11 oz - Natalie Claire!! Mike has been best friends with Jeff forever, infact they were each others best man at both our weddings!

Sorry to have not blogged for a month... life has been busy and I have been meaning to, but just hadn't found time!

During the last month, I had a few hard days, Diamond's Birthday (although she is passed away), the day we put Dimey down was especially hard... I spoke a lot of her memories this past month, not really realizing it, but come to think of it later. I really do miss her!

Oh PS.. just rinsed Box 3 and it appears to be a hit!!

My mom potentially sold her house FINALLY! 2 years later.... just pending on financing and a house inspection! Which means August just got busier!!

I am taking Mike on a suprise trip this weekend!! He has ne clue where we are going!! He took me last year to Niagra Falls, where I had never been!

More to come later!!


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