Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I am Loving!

I swear the days are just sneaking on by! 

Not much is new on the home front! 

My mom is supposed to be released on Friday and will be staying here for a while. 

Our projection alarm clock stopped projecting... This makes life difficult for me because its hard to see over Mikes head in bed! 

Our grass seed is apparently starting to sprout... This is exciting! I can't quite see it myself, but M says it is! I'm sure that it's not a great thing that the birds are now eating it... I sent the dogs out to deal with it!

Last night we got to visit with Carrie and Steve!! It's always great to catch up with them!! Their wedding is coming right up come September!! 

Cinnamon scones... Enough said? They are amazing! How was I just introduced?! 

Love this quote:


Happy Wednesday friends!! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Manic Monday

Wow that was a weekend!! 

Friday night M had a double header with baseball! They won one and lost one! 

We headed home, packed up the truck, gave Jazz her one on one time:

Then we headed straight to the lake. We made it there at midnight! We didn't stay up long, and snuggled right into the boat for bed! 

Saturday was pretty glooming, it was trying soo hard to rain, which continued on and off for the day, but we made the best of it with $40 in candy:

Puppy snuggles with Bentley, a sweet little westie pup! 

We had a birthday party to go to while we were there. Dinner was great, they had a great band and topped the night off with fireworks!! 

Sunday morning we headed back home, dropped the dogs off at home and headed for brunch at K & S's. It was a great catch up!! We had a BBQ to goto with the fire department, so we grabbed stuff to make skor bar dessert, came home to make it, had a quick nap and on to the next party. It was a fun time hanging out with everyone! Last night was topped off with a beautiful rainbow:

Great, busy weekend!! 

Today I am going to bring my Mom out for the afternoon and dinner. She is doing soo well!! It won't be long before she is sprung I am sure!! 

And last but not least, I have a winner for the give away, Nicole from Haute Runner!! ( I will add the links to this later - the iPad doesn't let me). I will message you soon Nicole! Congrats - what am awesome win!! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Yesterday was one of those days that just don't quite go as planned. 

I started it off with a sleep in, which was maybe the one thing that did go right... 

I headed to the hospital to visit Mom, which was going well as well. I'm sure she is getting overwhelmed with staying in the hospital and not being able to control her own life right now, but she's taking it like a champ. Just as we were sitting down for lunch, I had forgotten my phone in moms room, so I went back to grab it. I had like 20 missed calls from my sister and BIL. I call them back and it turns out my sister is wanting me in Emerg at a different hospital. 

I go and tell Mom that I have to go because Amy hurt herself and rush off to Ingersoll to the hospital there. 

Turns out my sister has an open fracture on her big toe. Just disgusting! 

Here is her x-ray:

It was gross and very graphic and I will spare you the details on what they did. How did she do this you ask? She dropped a table on her foot. 

After we leave the hospital not once, but twice because her toe bled through the first round of gauze, I get her home. I check my phone to see that the vet called with an update on Jazz.

Turns out she didn't pee yet. I asked if this was a sign of urinary problem and he said no... A sign of a stubborn cat! Yup he must be talking about ours!! So he was planning to keep her another night unless she went. 

I go grab some groceries, rushing home to get making my lasagna. I get t all started and sure enough I realize I don't have enough sauce.... Ugh what can go wrong next? 

The vet calls back and says Jazz finally peed and her tests came back clear! She is overweight, but heathy!! WHAT? She can't be!! Why is she acting out and peeing in the house for like 2 months? The vet asked again if anything has changed at home and I said not that I can think of! He recommends anti-depressants.... Are you kidding me? 

Mike comes home with chili that M's mom made and just as I go to open the door for him he drops it! Chili everywhere!! Luckily outside the door which was easily cleaned with the garden hose! We managed to have enough left for dinner. 

We went and picked up Jazz, paid for her visit.... Insert annoyed face here.... And her anti-depressants... Insert these better work threat and we're on our way. We let her out of her kennel on the way home and she sat up in between M and I. We had a conversation with her regarding her actions, to which she seemed to understand with plenty of head buts and purring. We pull into the drive way and she gets on M's lap - ya you read that right, she really must be off her rocker because she hates M! We decide to give her meds right now while it was easy. M goes to touch her and she growls at him, then continues to purr. She did this numerous times... Crazy cat! Ya turns out I can call her that and it's true! We finally get her pill down and in the house we go and she goes straight into hiding! 

I'll be sure to update you all on this! 

Remember to enter my give away! I plan to pick a winner tomorrow!! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What's New Wednesday?

Ok let's start with a weekend rewind. It was great. Friday nights ball didn't happen. We ended up getting stuck there in an insane thunderstorm, with crazy lightening and wind. Of course M and I walked there and needless to say it was a wet walk home! 

Saturday we ran some errands and enjoyed a quiet day at home. 

Sunday M gave me sweet roses to start off the morning just after a pretty sweet sleep in and breakfast together. 

We headed to the lake and we had a great day! 

We didn't end up going out for dinner, but we have plenty of time to do that. 

Yesterday we took little miss Jazz to the vet for her peeing in the house problem that is happening more frequently than I would like to admit. The vet suspects depression and wonders of anything has changed in our lives recently to bring on the new behaviour. The fact that its not new, just worsening makes him suspect depression, but is running a urine test to rule out crystals or urinary tract problems! 

She totally pulled the 360 degree attitude switch when we got there and tried to pull the perfect cat act. Check out her innocent face:

Needless to say they are keeping her overnight for the sample and I left warning her that she better rummage up an infection of some sort to explain her behaviour. The vet reassured me that she would end up with a diagnosis of some sort, even if he has to make one up to define depression. Her drama continues... Hopefully it's nothing serious, but I'm hoping for an explanation. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

6 Years

Yesterday M and I celebrated 6 years of marriage! Where the heck did time go?? 

I wrote M this letter:

6 years ago today, I married my best friend. He has stood by my side, never leaving me once to feel alone in this crazy world. He has picked me up when I've been sad, he's held my hand when I've been scared, he has encouraged me, and loved me unconditionally. In 6 years, we have laughed, we have cried, we have loved, we have lost, we have done it all together. I couldn't ask for better support, more love or a better friendship. I am blessed and will continue to be with your love and your hand to help lead the way through this crazy thing called life together. Happy Anniversary Mike! Thank you for being the best you that you can be. I love you to the moon and back forever and always! Promise! Promise!! 

Love Ashley

Friday, July 19, 2013

Hot Hot Friday

Another hot one this week. They say to supposed to break by Sunday... I'll believe it when I see it!! 

Yesterday, after having words with many doctors, my mom was transferred to Woodstock!! A brand new hospital, her own room and bathroom, a window that opens and therapies that will actually help! 

Luckily my Dad was here because look what I found swimming in my pool when I went out to clean it? 

A bat... My first pool critter is a bat? Really? He was swimming laps! That's a lot of bats around lately! You may recall I had one in my house just over a month a go! Just in time for our anniversary, but in all honesty if I never saw another one I wouldn't complain. This guy had big teeth! I swear they must be some sort of luck! 

He didn't fly away, probably couldn't because he was soo wet, but he decided to dry himself off on the side of the hobby shop. 

Poor little creep!! 

I finally got the pool vacuumed, just in time for my sister and the kids to arrive. We swam the afternoon away with my Dad. The water got up to 89!! Craziness, but it is super hot out. Makes it easier to get in because I'm a wimp in cold water. 

I'm not sure if we are heading to the lake this weekend at some point or not! We go next weekend for sure! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! We will as we celebrate 6 amazing years of marriage!! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

This and That Thursday

Today I am headed up to see my Mom, I had a day off yesterday and literally spent it by the pool! It was perfect and super relaxing! Just what I needed!!! My sister and I have figured every other day pretty much so I go back up Saturday.

The pool temp climbed to 88 yesterday! It was never this warm at my parents!

Crazy to think M and I's anniversary is on Sunday!!! Time flies when you are having fun!! We don't usually do much, but I think this year deserves at least a special dinner to go over our accomplishments!!

I really need to start taking pictures again...

My backyard is slowly and surely improving, M moved some dirt around and smoothed out a lot of it. He said he just has some rock picking and then before I know it he will be seeding the lawn.

My Dad is coming down for an overnight stay today!

I've really sucked at blogging lately - my apologies! I just find that with all that is going on with my Mom, that it is the only thing going on!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's An Awesome GIVE AWAY!

I know this post is going up late, but I'm over it! Blogging is slowly yet surely taking a bit of the back seat with my Mom being sick. But good news, her transfer was accepted to our hospital here, well 10 minutes away, instead of an hour! They hoping to have it go through next week!

On to the give away!!

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Last Weekend of Holidays Together

M had been on holidays for the last two weeks, not that we saw much of each other at all, with putting in the pool and my mom being in the hospital. So this weekend our goal was to spend it together, and we did just that. 

Friday M put in the concrete patio... He is no concrete man and we have friends coming to fix it all with a top coat - hopefully sooner than later!! But it wasn't mud, it was definitely slip free... And it does the job for now!! 

Saturday we had that super fun ball tournament fundraiser. It was soo much fun, our team was stacked with great friends, and despite the fact that some of the players had never played before, we made it to semi finals!! The tourney was here in the village, so the pool was officially broke in, in-between and after the games. It was great spending time with everyone and entertaining, as we haven't in soo long and I love entertaining!! Next up I need to plan M's 30th Birthday! 

Sunday we had to cut the grass at the farm. It was super hot out, so that wasn't all that fun, but we got it done. Then we headed up to visit my Mom. They are hoping to transfer her to Woodstock, which is soo much closer to the stroke rehab program assuming she is eligible. 

We grabbed a super early dinner at Jack Astors, grabbed groceries and headed home. We went for a swim, as the pool is up to 80 already and I feel like its going to get warmer as this week is supposed to be super hot!!! Now I just need some floats and we are golden!! 

M's parents popped over last night to see the pool, we had an awesome visit and I won't lie, I was in bed by 9:30 and probably asleep by 9:45. Not even The Kardashians could keep me awake! Haha.

Tomorrow I have an awesome give away coming!!! Don't miss out!! 

Oh and yes, there aren't any pictures, because I have clearly lacked at this lately!' 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

This and That Thursday

So I just finished vacuuming my floors for the the 4th time this week. The hair and dirt is insane! I swear I come home from the hospital and vacuum... I think the dogs must be stressed with the lack of back yard they have right now due to the mud. The mud is insane, however there is nothing we can do about it because it keeps on raining! It needs to dry out before M can even start to repair the ruts. 

Yesterday the rain came down again in an intense storm. It was a very brief storm but the rain was just as damaging. We lost our power as well, luckily it came back at 2 in the morning. The humidity broke last night for the first time in a while, so I am enjoying my windows open while I can. 

We may not have had power, but what we did have was a mud pit!! Who needs a pool??

That's to be our patio.... Mud! Damn rain!! Mikes hoping to pour the concrete tomorrow.... Assuming all goes as planned! 

Mike put the stairs in the pool last night and the water was 78!! Didn't take long to warm up.

I've got a give away to post still! I'm thinking it will be next week. 

I visited my mom yesterday and she is doing great!! The doctors are impressed with how she is doing! She got up to walk around with physio and did great. It was great to sit and chat with her yesterday afternoon! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Sorry I didn't update yesterday, the day started off rough, as my Mom was going down hill, but luckily they did her surgery yesterday. They don't normally perform surgery in Moms case, but because she was symptomatic they had no choice, as the blood flow was soo restrictive. This surgery would be the greater chance in saving her life! The risks going in were high, but we had no choice. 

My mom had been out of it for most of morning, not talking or anything, but when it came to saying goodbye, she reassured me by telling me not to cry, that she was going to be alright. That's the most she has said in 2 days! 

Her surgery was nearly 6 hours long and we were blessed with success. Her carotid artery was almost completely blocked, the doctor said it was like a little rock in there. She is at an increased risk for a brain bleed because her blood flow had been restricted for soo long, but with that being said they are monitoring her really closely and keeping her blood pressure low now. The next 48 hours are the most critical. But the risk period isn't over until 30 days passes. There are also the risks of another stroke or heart attack. Praying for a smooth recovery. 

I called up to recovery last night and her nurses allowed her to talk to me! Such a relief to talk to her, she sounded better, still groggy from surgery but better than the last few days. She is recovering well soo far! 

Her doctor told us she was lucky. 

I'm heading up today for a brief visit, as I know she didn't sleep well last night, they woke her every 30 minutes. Her visiting rules are very limited between certain hours and just myself, sister and intermediate family are allowed to visit but to a minimum. 

Thanks again for everyone's thoughts and prayers, so far they are working, but keep up the great work! 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Not As Planned

My weekend did not quite go the way it was supposed to, however despite the current issues, we managed to get some stuff done. 

Current issue being my Mom is in the hospital. She's been having problems with her eye sine the beginning of June, well it has all went downhill from there. Thursday she started feeling sick, thought it was the flu. Friday she was still sick and I mean really sick so my sister took her to Emerg where they found she had an eye pressure of 49 (should be below 20). They transferred her a different hospital that had eye specialists. I went up first thing Saturday morning, they did a procedure to help with the diagnosis: restricted blood flow to the eye which then caused new blood vessels to form behind her eye to compensate creating the pressure. After the procedure, she started to feel relief.

Yesterday we find out she has left sided weakness, so they did a head CT which showed lesions - yup more than 1 on the right side of the brain but they don't know how old they are. They moved her to a better hospital to care for these strokes and find out what's causing them. Her blood pressure plummets when she sits or stands as well. So we are waiting for a CAT scan with dye to see where the clots are, but they suspect her neck, and will not touch it to ensure no blood clots pass. I'm hoping they find it fast and do surgery to fix it right away. Luckily she has not had a full blown stroke but we are on borrowed time. Her effects from the strokes at this point are minimal. 

I will try to update as I can. Please keep my Mom in your prayers. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday - Bullet Form

It is crazy how quick this week went by! 

But it has also been a great week! July is shaping up to be pretty awesome!! Anyways here a break down of the week:

- Monday was at the cottage

- Tuesday M started digging for the pool! My yard now looks like a mud pit, but I'm envisioning the final product! I spent the afternoon with S in Cambridge!! 

- Wednesday Dad came down sure early and they got going on the pool. I took my sister to London for B's follow up with the paediatrician, picked up the pool liner and had a nice dinner together after the guys worked on the pool! 

- Thursday the pool liner went in. Man that thing is tricky. M went and got the fence boards for the fences we need to construct. Hopefully that will happen soon as we are filling the pool. 

- Today my Dad went home, M is doing a sewer and then hopefully working with liner as it still has a few wrinkles before we can finish filling it. And then ball of course. And to add to today's business... It's raining! Anyone up for a mud bath? How about bathing a dog that can't stay out of it? Which then leads to the wet dog smell. Yup. Fun times!

- this weekend we are working in the yard obviously and we need to goto Costco to buy some pool supplies. 

- I will hopefully be able to wash my floors soon too but don't want to do it until the mud won't be tracked in! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Our weekend was nothing short of amazing!!! I couldn't have asked for a better weekend!! 

Friday - M's Team was in a ball tournament! They won their game 17-0. The tutu was brought out, because they were only allowed 2 hits out of the park and that happened in the first inning and the rest become outs! Well a pink tutu was broken in well this weekend!! 

After the game the was a community dance... Yes I know that sounds cheesy.... But it was fun!! After a while we went back to N & K's for a bonfire. We headed back to the dance for last call and then headed home to bed!! 

Saturday morning was off to an early start... 5 AM early... I tried to grab a nap whenever I could. They guys lost their 2nd game. M was setting up and running the fire course for the kids in the village, and then we grabbed drinks with friends after until their next game. They won the next one and ended up losing in the finals by 1 run!! They played soo well all weekend long!! 

Saturday night we were off to N & K's for dinner and shenanigans for the evening. Including getting water bombed at 12:30 AM around the fire. 

Sunday we had the fireman's breakfast in the morning that my Dad, and sisters family came to and then it was time for white trash day!! The slip and slide cricket, the pool, marshmellow guns and food was awesome. We had a great turn out and it was super fun as usual. We ended the night with fireworks!! 

Monday we packed up and headed to my Aunts cottage in Grand Bend to celebrate my Moms Birthday!! Love it up there!! The whole family was there and it was fun!! The dogs loved swimming in the lake and Gracie fell in love with her new water toy!! 

I took more photos but don't have time to upload them as I am just headed out the door!! But you can see most of them on Instagram!! 

But believe me when I say this Canada Day weekend will never be forgotten!! And we had a blast celebrating!! 

This post was supposed to go up Tuesday but for some reason it didn't post. I'm super swamped this week as M is on holidays and we are installing the pool, so bear with my lack of posting!! 


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