Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 -That's A Wrap!

Before we sum up this year and say farewell to 2012, I'm just gunna do a quick recap of Christmas!

- Christmas Eve was spent with my Mom, and my sisters sweet little fam, as well as Mike of course. We attended church and then went back to my sisters for a turkey dinner. I made lemon meringue tarts for dessert. We opened presents and I did get my gel nail kit!!! Soo pumped to have pretty nails again!! M got a Kuerig and we have been enjoying the hot chocolates and apple ciders so far!!

Here are some pics from the night:

The hats fit!!!
And this one just cracks me up:

- Christmas morning was at the farm:

M spoiled me with a new band for my wedding set:

Love it!!
And M got an iPad, which I will be honest, I am enjoying it!! He also got his helicopter which has been flying around in the house... you bet I am "impressed".
We had dinner at 2:00 with his parents and his Aunt Gay and then we jetted off to my Aunt's.
We played games, ate and drank and it was all fun!! We had everyone in on a game of signals and then spoons. My aunts table didn't fare so well afterwards!

We had to switch to plastic spoons, but it still didn't matter!!
The last week has been fun spending time with friends playing games including our new Dice Poker game!! Soo much fun!! A shopping trip to Ikea, a big snow storm and many discussion over our trip, which we still haven't decided on!!
Yesterday we took all the Christmas decor down - which is early for us, but the cats kept stealing ornaments and let's be honest I want to start Operation Organization 2013 early.
We are off to a great start with 2 bags and a box off to be donated and we haven't even started with our clothes yet!
And to sum up the year 2012, all can say is that:
Pinned Image
because this year certainly wasn't. But I am blessed with my friends, my family, my hubby, my house, my pets and our jobs and for that I will be forever grateful no matter what.
Farewell 2012, it has been a slice...
Happy New Year Friends!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's Ok!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!! I know I did and ended up getting spoiled again this year - I know worse things could happen, so I am not complaining!!

I have not had a chance to go through my Christmas pics yet as I am back at work today and let's be honest everyone needs a lazy day after Christmas right?!

So stay tuned and as for today we will do a little segment of It's Ok!!

It's okay that yesterday M and I did pretty much nothing. I played with his new iPad and he played Xbox. We did leave the house twice - once to go to the farm and the second time to go and visit with friends and to play a game!

It's okay that I was secretly wishing for a snow day, but the realized it would affect my shopping plans to Ikea tomorrow, so I drove in the crap weather to get here. It wasn't too bad - I have had a worse drive!

It's okay to be planning our winter vacay now that there is actually snow on the ground. M wants Jamaica, I am undecided. Any recommendations?

It's okay that I did only one load of laundry on my time off. Needless to say I have quite a bit to get done on the weekend!!

It's okay that there are more baked goodies in my house than veggies and fruit?!

It's okay that the only Boxing Day shopping I did was online at Old Navy. I also went on Ebay and bought my nail extension forms for my new gel nail kit! I just didn't feel like battling crowds!!

Have a great day friends!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Last Friday Before Christmas!!

Wow, am I ever happy to see this Friday, although I am at work still, I know that I am done in just a few daunting hours!!

Soo let's tell you about last night first shall we?

I almost died. It seriously was a close call! I was driving home on the highway, the weather was teetering between freezing rain/rain/snow. Seriously mother nature may have been having an identity crisis. I was only going about 80 KM instead of 100, and I had to get off. I had a transport giving me lots of respect behind me - thank the Lord! The off ramp looked sloppy, so I started to slow down and began to lose control in the off lane, luckily the transport truck behind me switched into the middle lane to avoid hitting me. I don't even know how I gained control again. I was shaking like a leaf all the way home. I have never been soo happy to be home safe!!

Last night M and I decided to finish wrapping presents. We just have 4 presents left to wrap - and I have yet to finish making them still!! Oh and I need to wrap the pictures that just came in the mail today. Thanks to Whitney, my family will be getting updated pics of our sweet little family.

Last night little Lux was a little camera shy. He may have had good reason, but still, he was being a little stinker. I am sure I have mentioned it before but he is a bit of a scaredy cat! He is super social, but spooks soo easily and when he spooks, he shoots like 10 feet up in the air. I was trying to video camera it last night for all of your viewing pleasure, but he refused to partake - as in he wouldn't come around and when he did, if he saw my phone he hid!

This is all I got!! And you can see he is on edge!

So then right before bed, we decided ok we will give him a little spin with the laser mouse. He went crazy, but when my phone came out to video that he jumped off the bed and hid!

All I was trying to do was give him a highlight on the blog. It's gunna happen! Eventually, but it will happen!!

This morning I was very happy to find some Christmas cheer in my mail from Alison!!! Thank you soo much!! I cannot wait to add it to the tree!!  

I was looking forward to being off until Friday, but turns out I need to come back Thursday now. No big deal!! I am looking forward to spending time with family and friends over the break!!

Merry Christmas friends!!! Please have a safe and happy holidays!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thoughtless Thursday

Today is literally a thoughtless Thursday. I forgot to schedule posts for yesterday, as well as today and let's be honest I don't see myself finding time to schedule one for tomorrow.

Soo here we go:

- I need to finish B's hat before the 24th. I also need to crochet some more dish clothes. When? I am not sure, but my deadline is getting awfully close!!

- M and I are not going to have dinner cooked at home until after Christmas. Last night we had dinner at the farm, tonight is Take Out Thursday, tomorrow we have a Christmas Party, Saturday we have dinner with N & M, Sunday we could cook a meal, but let's be honest why bother? We will pick something up. Monday we have dinner at my sister's for our Christmas get together with my Mom and well Christmas day we get 2!!

- This week of work is sooo tiring! Don't get me wrong, I love my job, and I don't mine the extra hours, but there is NOTHING to do!! That makes for very long days!!

- Here is a little TV talk for you:

                 - anyone watch Private Practice: talk about cliff hanger - she is having the babies!

                 - and while discussing cliff hangers, Chicago Fire - holy smokes!! When the heck does it come back on?!

                 - who is going to win X Factor? I am thinking Tate!!

- Last night when M and I got home we found more ornaments on the ground. Turns out Jazz is not the only culprit! Lux and Binx are in on it too! Brats!!! I love how the tree has been up for almost a month and they are just now being entertained by it!

- The bad weather we were supposed to get has only brought a bit of freezing rain this morning, but it was melted by the time I needed to go to work! We will see what tomorrow brings though!

Did I mention that tomorrow is Friday and then I am off until next Friday?!

Have a great Thursday!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last Love Before Christmas 2012

Wow - Christmas is less than a week away!!! Crazy!! Where they heck did this year go? Although I will be 110% honest I am soo ready for a new year. This year has been tough!

I am loving the new office here at work! Although it looks like a bomb has gone off in here, I cannot wait to see it all come together!!

I am loving that Cassidee Pope won The Voice last night!! I actually would have been mad if she didn't because she is amazing!!

I am loving that I have now lost over 10 pounds!! Keep on dropping!!

I am loving this little cat, although she may be a bit of trouble:

She refused to look at my phone...

her note there says:
I stole ornaments off the tree! Just to swat them around.

I thought she only stole 3, but then I found the 4th and the 5th. I think she may have had some help!!

We are supposed to get some wicked weather tomorrow which should include rain, freezing rain and of course snow. Who knows it might not be a green Christmas after all.

I love that the guy that is here doing the plumbing is singing along to his radio and talking to himself! Entertaining!!

And to leave you off with some quotes:

Pinned Image

If I was brave enough to get a tattoo, I love this one:

Pinned Image

Soo true:
Pinned Image


Pinned Image

This is perfect and just how I will end this post:

Pinned Image

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day Of Silence

On Friday,  I am sure that we all heard of the tragedy that happened in Newtown, Connecticut. Twenty innocent children were killed and Eight women were killed. I have decided to participate in the day of silence:


Monday, December 17, 2012

What A Great Weekend

Our weekend was busy, but fun!!

Two weeks ago my cousin J from Saskatchewan - the one I went and visited and blogged about HERE, texted me to see if she could come and visit me this weekend! She came home just for the weekend. My cousin M and her husband are both pilots for Air Canada and had a jump seat available for her to come home on.

So amongst our texting we decided to make it a full on family affair at my house for Friday. As most of us know I work on Fridays, but I managed to get done early because we are moving offices. We decided to make it potluck and I was in charge of dessert, so I made apple crisp and my sugar cookies. My sister made lasagna, we had a veggie tray, buns, an appetizer, more cookies and meatballs and of course WINE!! Have I mentioned my Aunt makes the best Raspberry Dragon fruit wine? No? Well she does!!

Needless to say my house was full and of course M and I just loved it!! It was great to be able to catch up with everyone and have everyone all together around Christmas! I can't believe I didn't take ANY pictures!!

Of course little Miss Hannah was over and had told me earlier in the week that she was going to sleep over, and Friday while I was at work, Amy texted me:

So we all figured she would chicken out, but nope she did end up staying over for her her first official sleep over!! Unfortunately M had to work Saturday morning, but it gave H and I a fun morning to ourselves.
She fell asleep by midnight, after we laid in bed and had a quite a few moments of laughter and giggles from all three of us. She is just at such a fun age right now, you never know what she will say.

M's alarm clock went off at 6, so we all got up to pee, and much to H's surprise Jingles found his way to Aunt Ashie's house!!!

He took a magic roll down the stairs and H says he was laughing too.
H and I went back to bed and I caught this little lady snoozing!!
Jingles made his way back to the North Pole to report to Santa how good she was while sleeping at Uncle Mikes. 
We slept in until 8:30, got up and had some breakfast, which consisted of some apple crisp, along with some prunes (yuck) and toast with peanut butter. H played with the dogs all morning until she decided it was time for a swim in the cool tub:
H loves having her picture taken and then loves putting sparkles on the pictures! Soo cute!

We got all packed up to head home. She was very sad and told me she would miss my dogs and uncle Mike. She is just the sweetest little girl.
Apparently she had a little bit too much fun and fell asleep on the way home:
She woke up when we arrived home and went in the house to find Jingles and sure enough he made it back home just in time to be writing Santa a letter!  
She started to cry as I was leaving and wanted me to take her back to my house with me!
She was just soo much fun to have around. Can't wait for our next sleep over!!
When M got home from work we went in to Cambridge to help my boss move the office furniture to the new place!
And today was a lazy day, we only went out to get groceries and that is about it. It was pretty awesome!!
This week is supposed to me nice and mild too!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Merry Christmas Friends:

This is my virtual Christmas card to all of you. I wish I was able to mail them out to everyone, but this will have to do:

Triple Furry Wishes Holiday Card
Turn your family photos into holiday cards this season.
View the entire collection of cards.

Merry Christmas Friends!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Love on 12-12-12

Happy 12-12-12!! This will not happen again until 2101!! Chances are we won't even be around by then either!!

Soo I haven't had the chance to share what I am loving in a while, so here we go!!

I am a HUGE fan of Cassadee Pope on The Voice!! She should definitely be the winner - just sayin'.

Love her version of Stupid Boy - might just be better than Keith's!

I am also loving my sweet little niece Hannah! She had to send me a picture of her hair after her nap! She just recently cut her hair off (it was down to her bum):

And after her nap:

Love that little girl soo stinkin' much!!

I decided to make her 3 special cookies for a special 3 year old and she told me "I'm 3 and a half!"

I am still not done icing these damn cookies!! Green and Yellow are left, but here is how the red and white look:

Not bad for my first attempt?

I also love that I have started our vacation searc

I am also loving how awesome these would be:

Pinned Image
Frozen Smores Cups:

I am loving the idea of donating my photography time to shelters to help along with adoptions:

Pinned Image

I think it would help make a difference!! This might just end up on my bucket list for the new year!!
Thank you Pinterest for this awesome idea for a way to give back!

I love this sweater and would like one ASAP!! Just need to find one!

Pinned Image

How cute are these quilts? I need to get on this!! My couch would like one!!

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

And as usual I will leave with some inspiring words:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Happy Wednesday friends!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Blog Swap Gift Reveal

Sooo I signed up for the 2nd year of the Canadian Christmas Blog Swap: Favorite Things.

I just absolutely love getting things in the mail!!

Last year I received a gift from Alison!! You can read about that here.

This year I was partnered up with Lindsey from A Running Tale - from my 2nd favorite province Alberta!

She sent me the cutest box:

With the cutest card:

And this is what else she sent:

What was included:
- mini eggs
- bath and body works body lotion & hand sanitizer
- chocolate covered pretzels
- bean soup mix
I am hoping she gets her soon!! Mail can be soo slow!!! I just love sending Christmas cheer!!
Yesterdays to-do list ended up being today's as well. Not because I didn't try to accomplish it all, it just didn't go as planned. The cookies took longer than planned and I am actually still icing them because I got too tired to finish them last night. The present wrapping will be happening this evening. I'm ever hopeful to get them finished!


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