Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Busy Around the Yard

So, my new patio is well on its way! I have a giant sandbox right now, but Dad, Randy and Mike have been working hard everynight!

My Dad and Randy have been staying with us for a few weeks now, and boy alot of work has been done around here! The patio prep, my dresser was painted, the clothesline (which we had before, and then Mike broke it with the tractor), swinging gates, laundry, housework and well the dogs are pretty content. However, thanks to my Dad's dog.... as previously mentioned.. my garden has been destroyed! However, that will be a project for another day, because my yard is all torn up anyways!

I just found out I have a nice LONG weekend for Canada Day! Pretty pumped about that! The village that I live in does put on a good Canada weekend, and I hate to be away for it, and luckily we won't be! We havent quite buckled down our plans yet, but with Mike being a firefighter in the community, he has a few obligations! The parade is even going down our street this year, which will be exciting!


I know I keep saying I will post pictures and surely I will, once I find them all on CD! Bare with me!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Week of Pain...

What a week!! I have had nothing but bad luck I tell ya!

It all started on Monday, when I was sitting on the couch watching t.v. (seems pretty harmless) and my poor kitties were just checking out thier cat post (which is floor to ceiling in our great room) and my Dad's dog (a little JUG - jack russel and pug cross) thought it would be a great idea to run at them, which scared the **** out of them! I swear they went 8 different directions between the two of them! However... Binx ran across the back of the couch, which included my face and to be in more detail... my eyes and chest. I am also pretty sure she ran across the wall after that.... it was rather funny... I can say that now, as I am slowly getting over this, and bigger injuries came my way! I lucked out with just pain below my eyes, with no bruising and scratched on my chest (not severe).

Wednesday was ball night! We play on a rec league for co-ed lob ball (just for fun). In the 4 years I have played I have lucked out with barely any injuries, at least none severe. I was running to first and short stop whipped the ball into first, and threw off, hitting me in the head dead on above the ear. Well... I am not one for headaches and barely EVER get one... but BOY did this hurt, but I did get a courtesy runner from that point on, and she made it home, as the only run for that game! Little did I know what I was in for with getting hit in the head, or that it would simply lead to my next injury!

I usually sleep on my left side, and now with this massive goose-egg on my head, it was not very comfortable and led to a horrible nights sleep of tossing and turning. I remember rolling onto that side of my head and turning quickly, which caused some back pain then, but ignored it because my headache won on the pain scale. Thursday morning wasn't bad, I was a little stiff, but once I got to the afternon, I felt like a 90-year-old lady with sever arthritis and a headache! I had soo much work to accomplish at home, having a ball party planned at our house on the weekend. The work got done tho, with some Advil and frequent breaks!

I was really looking forward to Friday tho, I had a very much needed manicure booked! Well... I went to a new girl and she filed the **** out of my cuticles and now I have cuts on almost every nail! AND she didn't even shape my nails! Not Impressed! My back was touch and go, along my headache. I played ball Friday and swinging the bat really felt good, although I am not too sure that it was actually good. Before bed, while I was getting into my pjs, I noticed that my belly button was no longed in line with my chest! My back was twisted! This explained a lot, regarding my pain and my head was no longer the highest on the pain scale. I had a horrible nights sleep and woke up on Saturday in agony! I only batted at baseball, as I still found relief in that, but kepy score the rest of the game! We won 2/3 games and were done!

Whatta week! My back is feeling a little better with help from the hot tub of course.

On a sidenote, we did have an earthquake this week (on Wednesday), but I did not feel it, but ALOT of people did!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When The Going Gets Tough..

I have never really talked about my career, but due to the recent changes that I have made with this part of my life, there is no time like the present!

I graduated early from highschool and went to Fanshawe College for the Law Clerk program full-time. I had just been working at Sobey's part-time and then started with Wal-Mart. Half-way through the program I hit a crossroad: I either needed to goto Law School and become a lawyer OR change programs, because this was not my "dream" job! So, I finished my first year and then moved on to part-time education and started working full-time at Wal-Mart in the photolab. I decided I would try the Medical Office Assistant course. I finished the schooling 2+ years ago, but just graduated with my certificate last year, as they changed the program so that you did not need to do placement! I had already been working in the field and did not want to pay for a placement course, when I was already working and getting paid for it!

I was applying for jobs like crazy, and finally found one in Tillsonburg. They wanted me full-time at first, but I was not comfortable with that idea, so I started part-time and wanted to make sure I loved my new job. Little did I know that I would LOVE my job and took the full-time position and did not look back! I became the office supervisor, which meant I was now responsible for the office. My job had its ups and downs and come January of 2010, I was then stuck with a new challenge at the office. I was the only one permanently employed and we were going to start doing colonoscopies and gastroscopies in the office. I felt very uncomfortable with this situation and slowly started resolving issues one at time, with staffing being the first. I trained, trained and trained more and more staff, and luckily we found some willing participants to do the scopes. I asked a lot of questions about these scopes and procedure being followed, and did not agree with a lot of the answers in my own mind. I am not a nurse, I should not pretend to be a nurse. I did not want to be responsible for these patients. I think that is where I went wrong in the Dr's mind, by asking these questions, because it was all downhill from there on. He then started blaming random things on me, questioning my integrity and questioning who I was as a person, not only as an employee. This was a very difficult time for me, coming home and feeling like I might just be over-reacting in feeling the way he was making me feel. After much discussion with family and friends, and looking at Mike and I's financial situation, we decided I was to quit and move on with my life and that this was just simply not worth it.

I went into the office the next day and did just that, however it did not go as planned and he begged me stay.... I see now, I should have ran, but instead he insisted that change would happen! I had been applying for multiple jobs every day, and if I was offered a job, I would take it. Four more weeks went on, little things started happening here and there, and changes were occurring with my job responsibilities and hours. Enough on that..

Luckily a new job came up and I jumped on it! I am now working in Cambridge for a company opening up for Diagnostic Cardiology. It is part-time to start, but will eventually become full-time once we get established, which was fine with me, giving me time to get back into the things I once loved (photography). I not only get payed more, I am in my own office, with a great view and I don't have to do nearly as much as I had to previously!

Life is great, I am happy!Text Color

Monday, June 14, 2010

So... I am going to try this AGAIN!

So, obviously a lot has happened since I last wrote! The new house is great, we have had to say good-bye to a few family members and we have added a few more as well!

We have been in the new house for just over a year now and we are settling in just perfect! We have pretty much redone EVERY room in the house, with only two more rooms to go, including our Master Bedroom and our Laundry Room (which will be waiting for an overhaul). It is crazy to think of all the changes we have made, but it really feels like HOME!

On the homefront, shortly after we moved in, we had to lay Diamond to rest, which was soooo hard for both Mike and I, as well as Lily, Jazz and Copper. She was having strokes and it just was not fair to watch her suffer, we knew it would have to be done, we just hoped she would bounce back for good, not just for a day or two. Diamond was an incredible dog, who had been through a lot in her life! She lived a good life and taught Lily sooo much, and now Lily is soo much like her!

Incase you haven't clued in, Mike and I have furbaby's! No kids, just pets! But we treat our pets like they are our children! It is crazy to think how an animal, who communicates soo differently than humans can mean soooo much to you! My heart has been shattered a few times, with my old ShihZue Snoopy, the farm dog Ripper, and now Diamond, as well as Copper! But our newest additions have helped heal us!

Copper got sick after we moved in as well, I think the change was too much and his personality had changed for the worst. We don't know anything about Copper's past, as we rescued him from the farm. Someone dropped him off. He was a full-grown adult male cat and he only weighed 1 & a 1/2 pounds, he was completely declawed and fixed.

The day we said goodbye to Diamond, Mike and I had arranged to pick up our new puppy. We have never done this before in this fashion. When Snoopy passed, we waited 6 months+ before we even looked for Lily! I was grieving for a long time after he passed. (He was my first dog EVER and I had never had my heart shattered soo much, aside from when my Grandma passed) We were very nervous to pick up the new puppy, because we were still VERY upset, but felt bad for Lily, because her and Diamond were unseperable. We were stick between a rock and a hard place. Knowing that Diamond could not just be replaced, we still went a head and picked up little Miss Gracie Mae! Another golden retriever!

There she is at 9 weeks! The day we picked her up! We brought her home and her and Lily were instant buddies! Lily's face lit up and our hearts were opening! She has been a great addition to the family! She has come along way, and her training is now almost complete, but not without a few struggles along the way... including some shoes, internet cable and some common theivery (which she still does).
The latest newest addition is BINX! She is Jazz's newest companion. Mike got me a kitten for Christmas, a perfectly tiny BLACK kitten! She was rescued from Brantford SPCA and she is a little fireball!

She is approximately 8 weeks in this picture and now she is almost 8 - 9 months! She has the nick names of "BooBoo" "Mommy's little mistake" and "Kitten"

She is still pretty small, for an almost full-grown cat, but she certainly has personality and has brought us many laughes!
Here is an updated picture of Gracie now as well:


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