Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

I full on admit that this post does have a lot to do with the baby, as we just had our doctors appointment today!!

I'm finally on track as far as weight gain goes! Turns out being off my thyroid meds is helping - but I'm gaining at the right pace! With my thyroid being soo low while on my meds, they are guessing that had something to do with not gaining. This will probably be the last time you hear me celebrate weight gain!! 

We got the results of our ultrasound at 18 weeks! Our doctor is very happy with the results! Despite the baby being a stinker and the ultrasound being an hour and half long, the results are great. Baby is doing excellent!! Music to this Mama's ears! Dad's ears liked it too! I'm thinking M won't come with me again until closer to the end. Baby V is measuring 4-5 days ahead!! Not quite enough to change my date, but I'm fine with that. If the baby decides to come 4/5 days early now, I will agree with that - because I have complete control over that! Haha (sarcasm). Baby's heart rate today was 160! 

I slept like absolute crap last night thanks to one little fur child who never sleeps with us. Usually I feel like this:

 But now, after a WHOLE night of sleeping around the damn cat. I DONT!! At first I just loved that she was cuddling with me, knowing I'd be lucky to get an hour with her (her being Binx). She likes to sleep under the blankets, so I allowed this to happen. At one point I thought maybe I had killed her, she wouldn't move, even after breaking the above rule! I even pulled the blankets off of her to check on her, she was still breathing and purring silently like she does. She left the bed around 6 AM and I had to be up at 7! Needless to say when M woke me up, I was a bear! Sorry babe! I snapped out of it after my shower! So note to self, there should be a time limit on said rule, and there will be from here on in! 

So today I will nap!! 

Yesterday I made banana bread for the first time, and although I haven't had any yet, M had some this morning and said it was great!! Pinterest win!! 

I think that is all the randomness this girl can handle today!! Happy Wednesday!! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

20 Weeks

How Far Along:
20 weeks - October 20 - 26, 2013
Size Of Baby?

Maternity Clothes?

I did manage to wear a pair of pre-pregnancy yoga pants, and some shirts this week that were pre-pregnancy and pre-weight loss and they were still too big, but comfy. It's been such a chilly damp week so far, I was beginning to regret not buying more long sleeve shirts, but then one of my sisters neighbours sold me some her mat clothes:
1 t-shirt, 1 sweater, 1 3/4 sleeve, 4 long sleeve tops, 2 pairs of pants all for $40!! Steal!! They are all in great shape! 

I also ended up wearing a pair of pre-pregnancy skinnies, which were too big, yet too small all at the same time! I ends up with button for the pants below my belly, but were too big everywhere else! My mat jeans were all being washed! 
Luckily they looked alright, but lets just say I don't plan on doing that again! 

Stretch Marks?
None yet.
We will find out in March!
Much better! Getting up at least once a night to use the bathroom, but managing to fall back to sleep. I actually feel rested when I awake because I'm allowing myself to sleep however I end up! Thanks to everyone's advice, and I will still discuss it with my OB next week.
How do pregnant women survive around Halloween? I just want to eat all this candy! And donuts - they made their way home this week!
Yes and I am loving it all!! M has been trying to feel the baby, but its still subtle to feel on the outside. But M thinks he may have felt it twice on Sunday night. The baby was going crazy, so I got my Doppler out to confirm it was indeed the baby and sure enough it was. I called M up and that's when he thought he felt it! Then Friday night I felt the baby from the outside, but when M put his hand on my belly the baby stopped! The baby also was kicked when Lux got my belly. 

Soo much better. I still get tired by 9:00 at night if I don't nap, which I am trying not to! 

Being 20 Weeks!!! Half way there!!

It also fell on the 20th of October, which is kind of ironic! Feels great to have crossed this milestone!!

We took M's parents out for Chinese for their anniversary and these are messages we got from our fortune cookies:

How fitting!! 
We also registered for the baby on Saturday! So happy to have that big job off the list!

Belly Button?
Best Moment of the Week?
Hitting the 20 week mark!! Baby is developing at rapid speed! 

Crazy Pregnancy Moment:
- more blood work this week to see how my thyroid is doing off my medications.

 I also lost track of my feet: 
Guess where the baby was sitting? Haha

- dealing with fleas - turned me into a crazy clean freak, more so than usual if I am being honest!
Bump Pic:

It was cold and rainy out, hence the hair and bummy, dark appearance!! 
Looking Forward To:
- hearing all about our ultrasound results at next weeks appointment. 

Grab button for Busy Bee

Monday, October 28, 2013

What A Weekend!!

Another weekend flew on by! But it was jam packed with stuff!!

Friday night I went to the one stop shop by my sisters house with, where she was showcasing her jewelry for the very first time, so I definitely wanted to support her! Baby V lucked out with some new bibs!! 

And I lucked out with winning a Tupperware gift set, just for going!! Just a few more pieces to add to my collection! (M's Mom threw me a Tupperware bridal shower, so needless to say I have more than enough) 

J and I grabbed pizza on our way home and ate back at their place with the guys! It was great to finally hang out friends again, we have just been soo busy!! And I know the next two weekends will be just as bad as far as being busy because M has fire-training and we have 2 birthday parties! We called it a night early because not only am I tired earlier, but M was too! 

Saturday was cold, windy and rainy! So we headed to London to register at Baby's R Us for Baby V! This was actually harder than we anticipated! We plan to buy most bigger ticket items ourself, and we were spoiled when we went to Buy Buy Baby while in the U.S. as our selection here does not even compare, so that was rather disappointing! We managed to get 81 items on the list! 

We grabbed lunch at Jack Astors, one of our favorite restaurants! Then we headed to Costco! What a zoo! Our plan to be in and out was defeated when we had to park across the street. We also ended up waiting in a long line up, but we got what we needed for the most part and then headed home. I had a nice long nap when we got home, then we headed out for Chinese food for M's parents anniversary! 

Sunday, we tackled that damn to-do list and endless laundry. I'm almost caught up! I have all the curtains hanging in the house again, aside from the dining room, which I'm changing up! M finally moved the pile of gravel from the driveway, so now I can park properly, and everyone will ill stop commenting on it! He also cut back all the gardens, and the lawn, just didn't do the one tree. We put away the patio furniture and walked the dogs. I also put together our bill binder, brushed the dogs and put away more damn laundry. 

So we managed to get a lot done again this weekend and I am happy with how our to-do list is shaping up. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Finally Friday

After the flu last week and fleas this week, I'm ready for the weekend! Our house is clean, laundry is piled up though, but we are making progress and I have bedroom curtains again! Bonus! Oh and I didn't awake to snow! It's going to be a good weekend!

1) looking forward to going to a Ladies One Stop Shop tonight with J and then hanging out afterwards with G and the men. It's been forever since we have hung out with friends! Pretty much 2 months!! 

2) turns out our plans to hold off on anymore renovations in the house this year has changed! Our super dated bathroom is on the short list now that the faucet is beyond repair and the tub is leaking! This room is pretty much original from when it was built, so it's necessary. So we are coming up with a plan to go along with our budget. Basically we need a new tub and surround, floors and double sink vanity with storage. As annoyed as I am to have to do this project with a baby on the way, I'm excited to have it done and to know that it's the last big project our house needs! 

3) we are registering this weekend! I'm guessing this is going to be a big job, since M has input on everything, even things I don't care about - he does! It is really cute to think about, I just hope it doesn't take too long! We plan to buy most things in the states and a lot of our big purchases are decided on, like car seat, swing, pack and play, and stroller which we plan to purchase ourselves. But I am looking forward to it all and checking it off the list! 

4) hopefully we will also get the gardens cut back and patio furniture put away weather dependant. I see a lot of rain in our forecast. Which is better than the snow I've been seeing the last couple of days. We also need decide on a furniture paint color, but might just end up buying one if wall colors and get that going. Who knows! 

5) I need to get going on some DIY baby projects too! The crocheted baby blanket is well on its way, but I need to get fabric to start this quilting process. The crunch is on now that we are past the half way point and I feel it! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Real Post, I'd Rather Not post

This is the view I work up to:
There are two things wrong with this picture! 1. That is snow you see, luckily not a lot, but enough to be on the ground and trees. Yuck! 2. There are no window covers on my windows, not just this one either, in fact all do our window coverings are down! Why you ask? 


Yup, luckily not a lot, but you don't need a lot to freak out! I'm sure I've gone overboard, but better safe than sorry. How did I find out? Insert back story:

My Dad moved back down home, got his own place and all, which meant that all of his stuff in my shop can go to his new place. He brings his dog over all the time, this was no different. Then he went moose hunting and sure enough my sister volunteered to watch the dog. About 3 days later she found a ton of fleas on her. So she went all crazy in her house, bathed Gypsy 3 times, and sure enough all was to be fine. 

Yesterday I was at my sisters house photographing her jewelry and her dog kept itching, so I told her to check him and sure enough, she found a flea. Her dogs are treated with flea stuff regularly, but still managed to have fleas. She called my Dad over to bath her dogs and cat with flea treatment. Sure enough he went. I packed up, headed home and then checked my pets and sure enough, I found one on Gracie, and one on Lux. None on Jazz, Lily or Binx. But if one has them, they all have them in my eyes, as they are always cuddling, sharing beds, etc. So I called my Dad, told him how not impressed. I was and then got straight to work. 

M came home from work to a frantic pregnant clean freak, coming up with a master plan of how we were going to deal with this. We used the bathrooms as holding areas for the pets. Dogs in my bathroom, cats in M's. Then started a contamination room - aka laundry room to hold all of the potentially contaminated linens. We had a quick dinner, and then cleaned our house top to bottom, took all bedding, curtains, pillows, washable rugs, clothes and put them into the contamination room to be washed. Sure enough I have a heck of a lot of laundry to do, which was also started last night. My house is spotless for the most part. Everything was vacuumed, floors washed, I'm sure you get the picture. 

We bathed Lily first and sure enough we still didn't find any fleas. Poor M was stuck bashing everyone because I couldn't come into contact with the shampoo being pregnant. So I dried the dogs with these handy dandy gloves on! Better safe than sorry! 

Gracie was up next, still rather simple to bath, the dogs usually are. While I was drying Gracie, Binx was up next. She is soo easy to bath thank goodness! She's just laid back and purring. But I found a few more fleas on Gracie while drying her off! luckily they were dead but I couldn't get them off with my gloves on, so M came over to help and sure enough Binx is just wandering around the bathroom. We finished drying Gracie, finished bathing Binx and moved on to Jazz. You would have thought we were skinning her alive, she was soo upset with having a bath. I dried her while Lux was up next, he was a brat. Let's just say the baby won't be the first one to go to the bathroom in the tub! Poor M! And poor Lux!

We put all the towels in the wash, then shut both bathrooms at 11:30pm, made the bed, cleaned ourselves, emptied the vacuums and garbages and sure enough it was past midnight by the time we came to bed. 

Needless to say we were beat! 

So I have 3 rooms left to be cleaned, 2 of which will be done today - both bathrooms and the laundry room once everything is washed! 

The good news is my house is spotless. My animals are clean, but man that was a whole ton of work! I'm sure those without animals - if they made it this far in the post are not only disgusted, but wondering why someone would have an animal. But those who do have animals know this is a possibility and yes it does in deed suck. 

But my answer to those without pets would be, these animals are my fur-children, my babies, and they are part of our family. And although this evening really sucked, I would do it all over again, even with a baby on the way or even here. There is a bond between pets and humans, one that only pet owners understand. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Love on Wednesday

I figure it has been a while since I have posted some of my loves lately! So here we go:

- Can I just start off by saying I could literally redecorate my entire house with Urban Barn. I love all of their stuff! Yesterday while editing photos I took a little break to dream and this is what I found:
You're Just Like Bacon Block : Decorative Accents. Find all room accents and home accessories in one place. Urban Barn has hundreds of ideas  to compliment your decor.
How perfect? haha
- We are still battling out the litter boxes in the back basement. Binx is being a champ, Lux is coming around and Jazz is just miserable! I guess this is more of a fact then something I love, but meh, I'm over it!
- I'm loving the last bit of fall we are having, as they are saying snow might be en-route tonight! Yuck! It is brutally cold out already for this time of the year here! Or maybe we have just been spoiled past seasons?
- Today I am headed to my sister's to photograph some more of her jewelry. She has finally launched her facebook site, and etsy isn't too far behind! More on this to come, along with a sweet giveaway!! Here is some of her latest:

More info coming next week!!
On pinterest I am loving:
Cute way to pin back bangs.
Tiny TOMS.
I am thinking I will need to make this pair, I have almost everything:
"fall baby bump" by erykaannclark on Polyvore
I think M needs this pillowcase!
Add some humour to your bedroom with these DIY his and her pillowcases!

And now my computer has just spontaneously shut itself down, so the picture portion of this post is now over because my iPad sucks at posting proper picture sizes!

So one last awesome thing about today is that dinner for tonight is already made!! Shepherd's Pie! We made it Sunday and I just have to warm it up!!

Happy Hump Day friends!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

19 Weeks

How Far Along:
19 weeks - October 13 - 19, 2013
Size Of Baby?

Maternity Clothes?

This week I decided to wear one of my maternity shirts and it is too big! Can't win! Luckily I had time to change into a maternity sweater that did fit before going to our next family dinner.
Excuse my lazy eyes appearance - this was like the 7th pic because M was being a retard about taking a picture together, so you get half rolled eyes.
Stretch Marks?
None yet.
We will find out in March!
Still a work in progress. After having the flu this week, my back has been even worse, but I am also really tired, so I have given up on the left side rule this week, just to get caught up. 
I can actually say I am not craving anything this week! After the flu, I am off food, but don't worry, I am still eating. 
 Luckily Baby V has been giving my peace of mind this week without having to pull out the Doppler. S/he has been kicking or flipping up a storm. Probably wondered what the heck was going on this week!

 Tired and sore, but once again it is the flu's fault on that one. I just hope its a quick recovery!

We started painting the nursery! The ceiling is no longer green! It does need a second coat, but it is white and what a huge difference it makes! It is brighter in there already! We haven't touched this room paint wise since we bought this house and I will be honest there aren't many walls in our house now that haven't been transformed, so we are happy to start this project!

Before photos of the baby's room:

The furniture you see in there will be staying, just painted white. The rug is gone, as well as the exercise ball
- hitting 19 weeks! 1 more week and we are half way!!!

- we have picked our grey paint color for the nursery. So all of our nursery colors are officially picked!

- I also got my pump this week!
Belly Button?
Best Moment of the Week?
 -officially starting the nursery!

Crazy Pregnancy Moment:

- getting the flu while pregnant sucks! I make a horrible sick person to begin with but this was just bad! But we both survived and hopefully M doesn't end up with it!
Bump Pic:

I just realized all the photos I've posted on Facebook have been in coral colored clothing! Apparently I have a lot of that color!! Lol!
Looking Forward To:
- hitting the half way mark!!! And according to my pregnancy lunar calendar - 6 months pregnant as well, although I will really be 5 months! I still find this confusing, although I get the 10 months pregnant thing! Time is just flying by!
- my OB appointment!

- M feeling the baby

Monday, October 21, 2013


This weekend we were actually able to cross quite a few big tasks off the list and I couldn't be happier!! I just feel like the crunch is on to get soo many projects done around the house!!

After having a very unproductive week it was beginning to take a toll on me, M may have come home to crazy pregnant woman telling him how stressed I was about having a messy house! We remedied that right away though and by the time I went to bed I felt a lot better!!

The old bills were shred, the kitchen was cleaned, the laundry was put away and the bathrooms were scrubbed! I felt much better! It was a great start!

Friday night I watched Bachelorette. It was alright.

Saturday M and I spent the morning outside before the rain came vacuuming the pool and trying to get it ready to close. M was able to fix the creepy crawler vacuum so we didn't have to manually do it, you know after I finished manually vacuuming of course! But we let the creepy run while it was raining just to ensure it was clean!

M headed to the farm to collect materials for our sliding barn door idea for the back basement. I hate the smell of cat litters and litter being everywhere, so we were planning on moving the cats to the unfinished basement, but have to close off half of it. While he was gone doing that I went through a basket of "stuff" literally, threw out probably half of it and then decided to be ambitious and brought in the bassinet from the shop. It was heavier than I anticipated, but I made due and got it in the house.

Baby V will be in the same bassinet I was when I was a baby!

I decided to warm up with a hot chocolate with whipped cream. I don't want to turn my heat on until November 1st! Wish me luck! Its been cold!

Then I was off to find the bedding to bassinet. I only managed to find the skirt for it. Turns out I will just have to buy some memory foam to make the mattress, as I have no idea where that part might be!

I was supposed to have a photo shoot in the afternoon, but turns out the rain won! It was nasty out, so we rescheduled to next weekend.

We put a roast in the oven and M finished painting the nursery ceiling! What a huge difference it makes seeing it soo much brighter that painting the ceiling did!

We enjoyed a nice roast beef dinner, finished just as M's pager went off for a medical call.

I watched Country Strong as it was on the TV, and on my list of movies to watch. It was pretty good!

Sunday we celebrated being 20 WEEKS!!! Half way there!! Plus its like my golden week! I turned 20 weeks on the 20th of October!! 

Sunday morning we closed the pool and cleaned up as much furniture that we could that wasn't wet. We went into town to grab groceries, then came home and had lunch. M started the next task of hanging the barn style door. I went and did my photo shoot and by the time I finished, M was finishing with door.

The cats seem to be less than impressed with the new cat door. We were kind of worried that Jazz wouldn't fit through, but she does! Poor Lux seems to be afraid of going back there, so we left it open last night. The battle continues with making them use it! I refuse to move the litters anywhere else - they are just going to have to deal!

Today I am off to London to take Mom to another doctors appointment! Wish us luck!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekend REwind

So clearly this week has got away on me! So instead of just recapping my weekend, I will recap my week as well!

Saturday - M and I ran some errands in town, including picking up ceiling paint for the nursery!! We also ended up getting a new cabinet for the kitchen, so we have extra storage once the baby comes. Crazy how much stuff a baby needs for being soo small!

We headed down to the lake for thanksgiving at the boat, where we had a full delicious turkey dinner - coming from someone who doesn't care for turkey. We stayed the night on the boat, I was in bed by 10:30 - party animal! The boat comes out of the water next week, so this was our last time staying down!

Sunday - We had breakfast with the family, then M's parents had a wedding to get to and we had a family dinner to attend, so M's Mom and I did each others hair, snapped a few pics and headed our separate ways!

We dropped the dogs off at home, through an appetizer together, grabbed our buns and headed to my Aunts to celebrate with my Mom's side of the family. Once again, we had a full turkey dinner, played games and enjoyed each other's company!

Monday - we did some yard work, laundry, housework, vacuumed the pool and M put the first coat of paint on the ceiling in the nursery and what a change it makes!! Its already soo much brighter in the room!

Tuesday - at around 2:30 in the morning I awoke to come crazy painful stomach cramps. My sister had been telling me Monday night that Hannah, Brandon and Eric were all sick, as well as Eric's immediate family, who they had celebrated thanksgiving with earlier on Sunday. I was ever hopeful it was something they ate, not the flu. Turns out I ended up with the flu as well! It was horrible! After 6 hours of being violently ill, I survived the worst part and was able to keep liquids down at least. I haven't been THAT sick since I was a kid! Poor baby was probably wondering what the heck was going on! I am now super thankful for never having morning sickness!

Worst part was I had a photo shoot scheduled for that morning that I had to reschedule! I still feel bad about it, but it was out of my control!

I spent my entire day in either the bed or the bathroom! I don't recommend getting the flu while prego! Luckily I was under the watchful eye of Lux, he didn't leave me alone once!

Wednesday - I still wasn't feeling 100%, and I ended up with a bad headache all day and my body was just plain old sore! Nothing was taking it away, including forcing myself to eat, which I didn't have an appetite at all yet! Turns out my cousins ended up with the flu as well!

Thursday - still not 100%, but much better, just really tired, but I forced myself to get dressed and out of the house to run some errands. We also ended up having wings with friends last night too. It was great to actually feel and look human again!

Friday - still catching up on housework, as I feel the need to clean the house like crazy after having the flu, but still lacking in energy! But a little bit at a time!

Needless to say my week did not go as planned! But we survived it! I am still hoping and praying that M doesn't end up with it! He just has to survive today and he should be in the clear!

I am soo thankful for everyone who sent well wishes for my recovery, luckily it went through quick, its just the recovery stage that sucks! I would have been lost without Mike, who full on admits I make the worst sick person ever, especially while pregnant, as I ended up crying about it, my Dad and MIL - who both stopped in to check on my and bring me Gatorade and popsicles!

This weekend I have a photo shoot booked for each day, weather pending of course and we plan to close the pool, assuming we can get the water to clear up! I'm also hoping the final coat will go on the nursery ceiling and we can tackle some more items on our to-do list!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

18 Weeks

Sorry this is a day late, I ended up with the flu yesterday ;(

How Far Along:
18 weeks - October 6 - 12, 2013
Size Of Baby?

A sweet potato - right around thanksgiving! How fitting!
Maternity Clothes?
Had to put away another non-maternity shirt. It is starting to get too short!

I also currently live in my sports bras!! Who needs real ones - which I really need to invest into some that fit! 

Stretch Marks?
None yet.
We will find out in March!
-Still getting up once or twice, but I am able to fall right back to sleep! Can I just say how hard it is to stay on my left side?
-Charlie horses in my sleep, or when I stretch in the morning - not fun!
-I find I cannot sleep for as long because my back will start to ache, so I have been getting up early lately.
Eggs are still a big NO! After dealing with them at the fireman's breakfast, I can affirm that. yuck! The white cupcakes hut the spot!! 
 Feeling more and more and I am loving it, although it's not often.

Overall, great!!
   I take back what I said last week about my face! It is back to being bad!!!
Dizziness is back.
Tired again, but once again I think its the sleep issues at night causing this.


- this week has been pretty straight forward!

- we did hit 150 more days to go!

- Baby V got some new threads:

Belly Button?
Best Moment of the Week?

- M telling me he wants to start paint the nursery next week!

I told you this week was more on the boring side!

Crazy Pregnancy Moment:
 I may have got mad at M for rearranging my pillows in the bed, which he says he does every night, but I think because I am trying soo hard to sleep on my left side and with my back bugging me, it made me lose my cool. Damn those pregnancy hormones!

I also am embarrassed to admit that baby brain got the best of me while making that damn white cupcake craving... I was pulling the tray out of the oven, but wondering if they were done and it was getting caught on the rack above, so while mesmerized that I finally have cupcakes, I grabbed the tray with my bare hand and burnt my finger and thumb! The cupcakes are good, but man my digits hurt!! Note to other pregnant women: put oven mitts on both hands, no matter what!! 
Bump Pic:

Looking Forward To:
 - spending time with family for thanksgiving
- my next doctor's appointment! I just want to hear all about the baby's ultrasound!
- starting the nursery!!


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