Friday, March 30, 2012

Lily's Update

Hello blog world,

Lily checking in. I decided to take over Mom's blog today to take a moment to thank everyone for their kind words, prayers and concerns.

 I just wanted to give you a quick update on my health scare on Wednesday. I sure did scare everyone, including myself. Mom made me take it easy for the remainder of the day and Gracie didn't leave my side, although she did get in trouble for trying to get me to play with her. Mom told her we would have time for that another day. One good thing that came of my scare would be the attention and cuddles I got from Mom, Dad, Gracie, the cat clan, heck even Grandma gave me some extra loving. But I promised Mom I wouldn't scare her like that again.

Yesterday Mom took Gracie and I up to the vet clinic to see my good pal Chris. They say he is a doctor or something, but he likes to get down on the ground and play with us - I don't think doctors do that. Chris assured Mom that I am okay and that it was probably just a one time thing, although I am on Slentrol for my weight loss and there has been one reported case on seizures associated with that. So Chris is going to look into that so Mom doesn't go crazy, but he told her to resume my meds. If for some reason I have another episode we will go from there, but I told Mom I don't plan on it. On the upside, we had a bit of celebration, which included several liver cookies from Chris and the office girls - I am down 3 pounds!!!

I know 3 pounds in a month doesn't seem like much, but I am doing better than Chris expected. When we finished at the vets, Mom took Gracie and I to the park to run around. Heck when Dad came from work he was even excited and congratulated me on my hard work!

Now that I am feeling better, maybe Mom or Dad will catch one of the cats for me to chase, I think they all need to reassured that I am back to my old self. I destuffed one of my toys in effort to show them and the cats seemed grateful to play with the stuffing afterwards! Mom wasn't impressed with that part though!!

So with all that being said, I am feeling better and thanks again for thinking about me ;)

Love Lily

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Worrying About My Lily Dog

Today I have some super scary news to share with you. My sweet dog Lily had a seizure this morning.I won't lie it was a bit traumatizing! Here is what went down:

The cats were sitting in the window as per usual, but got spooked by something outside, which caused them to freak out, which made Gracie get up and freak out and left poor Lily there on ground helpless. It sounded as though she was trying to get up, but couldn't so I got out of bed to help her. Once I approached her, her legs were straight and tight, yet she wasn't shaking crazy or anything. I am used to my old Shih Tzu having epilepsy, so noticed this was a sign of seizure. She began to flail around, so I just held her as still as I could, which ended up with me giving her a bear hug and talking calmly to her. She began to drool like crazy, but I just held her and rubbed her head and chest, while hugging her so she couldn't hurt herself. The problem is with seizures you feel like time is slow, that this seizure is lasting forever. It really only lasted a few minutes, but the minutes felt like hours of being helpless.

The cats came back in and sat around us watching and poor Gracie was laying with her head on Lily's back, as if she was trying to help. Mike had just left for work, I was home alone, with no water near by or the phone to call him back home. Once Lily had settled, aside from panting heavily, I told her stay still until I got some water. I came back to her and she just rested her head on my lap and looked up into my eyes. Gracie was still right by her side, licking her nose, resting her head on Lily's foot. Needless to say Lily scared us all, including herself.

I let her rest for a while, before calling her into the mudroom to drink out of her bowl of water and to make sure she could get up and walk at ease. She almost feared trying to get up, knowing her recent struggle, but with some coaxing and Gracie to follow, she managed just fine. I sat on the floor with her, had her drink some water, pet her and just watched her as she went over to Gracie and then came back to me, tried to get in my lap and rested her head on my shoulder. I won't lie, it brought tears to my eyes. It was almost as if she was letting me know she was okay and thank me. I just sat there and cuddled and reassured her that no matter what she was going to be okay and that I wouldn't accept anything less. I let her outside to get some fresh air, she went to the bathroom, with Gracie right on her hip. Gracie did not leave leave Lily once, even when she went to the bathroom, which is odd, because dogs like their privacy too.

I finished getting ready for work, which I considered calling in, but had clinic this morning. So I called Mike, told him all about it and he reassured me that she was going to be okay. This momma was having a wee bit of melt down!! M's Mom will be picking her up around noon, so she would only be by herself for at most 4 hours. She was given strict instructions to keep a close eye on her and not let her wander out of view! Yes, I am that paranoid! I called the vet and I will be taking her in tomorrow.

Soo scary when you can't do anything to make it stop. Breaks my heart. It is also not so easy trying to hold a 100 pound dog still. I am praying that this was just a fluke and that everything is okay. For anyone who has pets, you all know they are part of the family, and to me, mine are my babies, I would do anything for them! Today was just a scary day and I hope it does not happen again!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday's Tid Bits

Sorry about the lack of blogging yesterday, I pretty much spent the day editing photos!! I finished one session, but then took another session with my sister on Sunday and ended up working on those. But I am happy with how the ones I have edited have turned out!! Here are some of the pics I have been working on:

These are photos from a family session I took of friends of ours:

And of course some from my sister's session:

I must say that my house has been noticing the fact that I have been busy editing photos... I have a date with my washer and dryer tonight. If you're looking for me, I will be folding laundry, maybe vacuuming. Our weekend was a bit hectic and ended with M getting a medical call to the farm for his father on Sunday night. Luckily after a night in the new hospital (very nice btw), the doctor's decided it was just a reaction to Prednisone that his family doctor put him on to help deal with some bug bites from when they were away in Roatan.

Last night K hosted girl's night and she made this cookie dough dip:
Pinned Image

And the verdict is: IT was AWESOME!!! We tried to make it a bit healthy:

(Courtesy of K's Iphone!!- Thanks friend!!)

And to be honest, the apples were better with it!!

Linking up with Meg:
Mingle 240

Happy Tuesday Friends!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Shower Faucet: I really dislike you. I know our relationship was jaded from the moment we bought you because I judged your looks... but now you are just proving my point. I have had problem after problem with you since you were installed - to the point that I blamed my husband for your retardedness. Heck this morning I was grumpy because of you and gave the hubs some attitude because I couldn't get WARM water... it was either hot or cold. Don't mess with me in the mornings... I'm already grumpy because I had to get up. So if you could please get your act together, it would be much appreciated by both the hubs and I.

Dear Husband: I am sorry for being a grumpy sock with you this morning because of the STUPID shower faucet. I guess the melt down in the store for having to get the ugly ones, just proves my point that not only are they ugly, but they suck too! These faucets are causing unnecessary friction in our household... even the Jazz is miserable.. oh wait she always is! Either way, I love you like crazy, even if my shower sucked this morning and I slept like crap!

Dear Fabricland: Thanks for having a big sale for members. I really do appreciate the savings!! Although I bought waaay to much yesterday, I am looking forward to using it all, especially the rotary cutter and board... I might actually be able to cut a straight line, which will then make it easier to sew a straight line.. right?

Dear Purolator: Thanks so much for shipping my custom flooring caps in good time... although when items are super long, you should probably write a note that they will not fit in your car. Luckily I had M's truck yesterday and all was good, but I can't imagine how it would fit in my car. Also, thanks for sending my baby hats for photo props super quick that I had bought! I can't wait to use them!! I just love getting mail!!

Dear Gracie: I love how when you are soo excited you start to quiver and shake. Somehow throughout all the shaking and quivering, you still listen and I am truly amazed that your body is able to handle all that excitement!! I also love your new run run run and roll on repeat! It is adorable!! Oh and because it is national puppy day today I thought I would share one of your finest:

Dear Jazz: I don't know what has gotten into lately, but you are cranky unless you are in bed with me. I cannot stay in bed all day. So if you could cut back on the growling, hissing and meowing when someone walks around you, it would create a much happier environment. Thanks.

Dear Lap Top: I hope you are resting well today, because we have a hot date all weekend long. I have some photo editing to do from yesterday's photo shoot I did. So be prepared!!

Dear Crochet You Tube Videos: You are very deceiving. I watch you intently and think "Oh this is going to be soo easy... I will have a hat done in the 15 minutes you brag about..." until it took me 15 minutes to figure out how to tie a slip knot... I'm not ready to give up yet, but I will note that what I have created soo far looks nothing like a hat... I think there should be a video for crocheting for dummies... maybe there is, I was to ashamed to google it.

I also just want to share this song that I am loving:

Wild Ones by Flo Rida and Sia

Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another Wonderful Wednesday!

Can I just say how beautiful it is outside again today!!! It is soo beautiful that I decided to wear a dress to work today to celebrate spring!! I took a picture (in the bathroom here at work - which has a halogen light... which means crappy photo) to give you an idea:

The picture does not really do it justice... but hey what is a girl to do when she is stuck at work on a beautiful day?

I am loving that the weather today is supposed to be 28 and feel like 32!! Yes Please!! We are breaking records already today and it hasn't even reached it's high for today!

I am attempting to learn how to crochet and have figured out how to make a "chain", but the yarn I am using is not really working, so I am going to have to give up until I can get new yarn. I have soo many projects on the go, I should work on completing one before moving on to the next!

I love M's new truck, especially the new license plate!! It has my initials and my birthday in it!!! It was a complete fluke, but I love it!!

I love that I found my necklace!! I went to wear it yesterday, but could not find it anywhere. I was freaking out all day that I had left it behind somewhere. I was soo worried about, that before I left for work yesterday I then couldn't find my shoes - that were right where I left them. I called Mike in a panic telling him it was an Emergency call. He could hear the fear in my voice and told me we would find it! We did just that when we got home last night. Thanks to photo evidence, we realized when it was last worn and traced our steps. We found in a travel jewelry bag!! It is now safe and sound on my neck - where it belongs!

I love that I am off tomorrow and it is supposed be gorgeous again!! Maybe - just maybe I will get me a tan... serious pastiness happening over here!!! I do have a busy day planned tomorrow, so who knows if it will happen!

I have been dying my hair dark for a while now, but I am now considering changing it up and getting blond highlights again! I just hate the maintenance.. aka roots!

And now for some Pin Loving:

I think I need to make one of these:
Pinned Image

Love this idea to organize my fabric:
Pinned Image

And I believe this is something everyone should know:
Pinned Image

I think I need to make these:
Pinned Image

And these:
Pinned Image

I also think I will try this healthy alternative:
Pinned Image
Jamie Oliver's Frozen Yogurt - PIN

And now for some inspiration for the week:
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Happy Wednesday Friends!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring!!!

Today is the first day of spring and it feels more like the first day of summer!! It is going to be 25 degrees today, with a humidex of 29!!! That is like 77 degrees Fahrenheit my friends - in March!!! No complaints here what-so-ever!! I think hubby will be getting the yard cleaned up this weekend and the patio furniture out! Yesterday I had to sit on a dining room chair to sun myself!

Tonight we go pick up M's new truck. He is pretty excited!! I will admit I am too!! It is time to say goodbye to the big green beast!!!

It has been a "fun" 4 years.... actually it was fun up until this last year!!

Like the many trips to the lake:

It was also good for when the weather was bad! It assured me a safe trip into work with it's 4 wheel drive. I will be sure to get some last pictures of it for the memories...

I was sure to tell M "Happy Truck Day" today before he headed off to work.

He was pretty pumped this morning, he even came back to the house before heading out to the field to make sure I got up for my first day back to work this morning.

Even though the weather is nice, I was definitely ready to come back. But I am still looking forward to having Thursday off!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Manic Monday

Okay, so I took a mini blog break without telling anyone... forgive me, but I am back!!! Unfortunately I did not go anywhere exciting, but my time off was well used!! Before we get into that, allow me to announce the winner for the credit to Kreative Corner Designs - and that would be Melissa from Grin & Barrett. Big thanks goes out to all of those who participated!!

Now on to what happened while I was away:
  • the weather was awesomely fantastic!!!(Like +20 degrees) A lot of time was spent outside enjoying it, which meant not as much was accomplished indoors - but I am over it!
  • Snoopy's birthday was on Friday and I was reminiscing my sweet puppy, whom I miss dearly!!

  • I got my nails done!!! They are too cute:
Pink Tips!! Ready for Spring!!
  • another coat of paint was put on the banister, but I'll be honest, it is still not done!!
  • I bought some bar stools for our kitchen counter that has not been redone yet:

  • We went truck shopping and found M's truck!!! We are very excited to say goodbye to the Explorer... I will not miss the tricks that beast played on me... or the strobe light interiors... or well anything... Say hello to M's new baby:

It is a 2009 Ford F150. I still cannot get over how spacious it is!! We pick it up tomorrow night!!

  • We then continued to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!! Funny thing is about M's truck.. it's not green, which M has always only bought used green vehicles... we sort of broke the chain, but he did buy it from a guy in a green suit!!!
  • Here is a picture of us before heading out to a party all decked out in green - although M's hair isn't done in it... and it was taken on my blackberry:
  • We managed to get a lot done around the house yesterday, including the bedroom cleaned! We even changed the duvet to the one we got as our wedding gift!! I forgot how much I loved it!!

Now I have some stuff get done today, and some blogs to catch up on!! I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

It is back to work tomorrow for me!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It is a beautiful Wednesday outside today! My windows are open again and the pets are all sunning themselves!!!

I am loving this weather, especially since I am off work this week to enjoy it!!! Luckily it is not as windy today as it was yesterday!!

I am loving that my nails have a hot date at the spa tomorrow for a mani!! Much needed after renovating I must admit!

The dogs and I will also be out for a nice long walk today to soak up this weather!!

I am loving my new foyer floors!! It was touch and go, since the box of flooring that I bought ended up being a slightly different tongue and groove... so we made it by with only 2 boxes and one board of the flooring we had left over from the great room! Mike may have had to go scrounging into the dump wagon for a few pieces... The results:
Before pic:
Bye-bye pink tile!!


I still need to finish painting the bannister's - have I ever mentioned how slow and tedious painting railing is? It sucks!!

Here are some of my favorite pins too:

How cute is this outfit? Very "easter-y"
Pinned Image

These look yummy:
Pinned Image

I am totally making one of these for my car... I always have receipts and little pieces of garbage...
Pinned Image

And now for some words that hit home:
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

And I saw this one on Alison's blog and fell in love with it:
Pinned Image

Happy Wednesday friends!!!

Oh and last day to enter the give away!!! Go Here Now!!!


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