Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday's Tid Bits

I figured we were due for a random post so here we go!

1} I am soo ready to chop my hair off today!! You know you are ready when you are counting down the days on the weekend until it's hair cut day! I am very ready for a change! I am also ready to consider getting highlights done too! I know the maintenance is a lot on brunettes, but it's time to consider!! 

2} we lucked out at toys r us and they had both my rain checks in stock! We got the picnic table and the sand and water table! Noah also got some adirondack chairs too! Come on spring and summer!!

Noah has finally picked a sippy cup he likes! The one we got was a bit big for him and for older children, but he loved it, so we found the more age appropriate one with handles and its smaller! Cup of choice is by Munchkin: the Miracle 360 as pictured above!

3} I started watching another reality TV show.... Why I am not sure... Kendra On Top! Add on any bachelor shows, true tori (which I am caught up on), hockey wives, etc. it could be worse right? I couldn't watching real housewives although hockey wives must be similar!

4} my beautiful shellac nails are gone... Ripped right off and back to no nails. Verdict is: this girl needs gel nails and will be getting them ASAP! 

5} I tried a new work out last night... Wasn't a big fan, but I wanted to change up the 21 day fix! 

6} Noah enjoyed having the shower on while he had a bath. It was handy when it came to rinsing the soap off! He was a giggling monster while doing so:

Oh and the bad news in this post... That I am not even sure it's worth complaining about because yesterday's complaints went no where... It's bloody snowing here again! I know it's still March and this is typical, but I am just soo ready to start getting outside with the little man! 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Low Key Weekend

Our weekend was rather low key, which ended up being just what the doctor ordered for M!

Friday M hurt his back.... Long story short he admitted it was stupid and that he was impatient... He kept saying to me in sickness and in health when he needed my help and I was sure to let him know (as I helped him) that our vows didn't have a stupidity clause. 

Friday night I went into town by myself, checked out Winner's and bought NOTHING! The perk to my night was getting $13 back on clothes I had already bought Noah that were on sale and treating myself to a hot chocolate on the way home! 

Saturday morning I was bound and bent I was going to sleep in... But nope I was awake at 7! I laid in bed for an hour trying to sleep but no bueno. 

When I did get up M told me he thought he should go to Emerg and get his back looked at, which means he was really hurting because he never offers to goto the hospital, so who was I to argue? But I will tell you what we did argue about... Putting on his socks! I HAD to help him and this job made me cringe because I HATE feet, especially men's feet! So I sucked it up and helped him being the good wife I am... For him to tell me I needed to pull them up higher... My response... They are ankle socks!!! 

Noah was not impressed Daddy was leaving during their time together and he sure had a good pout going on all morning! 

So we watched cartoons on the couch and had a snack after breakfast! Then he treated me to a 2 hour nap!! I did get laundry done during that time, but most of the projects I need to work on aside from editing photos is upstairs in the spare room! 

M got home around noon and found out it was luckily just a sprain. Once M had relaxed for a bit after lunch we made squash, and sweet potatoe for Noah. It was a low key afternoon, Noah was grumpy because Daddy wasn't playing with him, because he doesn't understand Daddy is hurting but didn't want to play with me! Weekends are usually Noah and Daddy time and I am chopped liver, which I am fine with to let them have their bonding time together! I get him all to myself 5 days a week! Insert grumpy face: 

We had chicken alfredo for dinner, which was a first for Noah and he was undetermined as to whether or not he liked it! He kept trying it, so he didn't hate it, but he wouldn't have much rather had the fresh squash he started out with!

After Noah went to bed M and I watched the movie Delivery Man and then went to bed ourselves! 

Sunday M was feeling a bit better and went outside to do a little yard work, which he said raking felt good on his back, not that he did much of it, but every little bit counts! I played with Noah and got some more laundry going! During nap time I updated Noah's One Line A Day book and then worked on editing some photos from last weeks new born shoot! 

We went and looked at some pallets for an upcoming Spring project!!! I am really looking forward to it!! If you have me on Pinterest, you probably have an idea on what we are up to, but for those who don't - think furniture! 

Sunday night we got more snow... Luckily it didn't stick around! I was also happy that M volunteered to walk the dogs because I definitely didn't want to walk in the blizzard! 

Today we are off to London where we will pick up Noah's Easter gift and have lunch with my mom!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Oh Hey Friday

This week went by suprisingly fast for having a little boy that hasn't been feeling the best! We have determined that it is not a cold and rather a typical reaction to his shots he had last week! Luckily he is feeling much better with no symptoms of a cold anymore and no fever, we just have to get his eating back on track, as he is not eating as much now and seems to be pickier all of a sudden! Hopefully it's just a phase! 

Today we don't have much on the go aside from grocery shopping which I think Noah is looking forward to because he will be out of the house, granted he's been at the farm twice this week, but he enjoys public interaction and people watching! 

Yesterday I went shopping for his summer wardrobe! I was shocked with how much I spent, but great deals went a long way and overall it wasn't bad for the whole season! We have lucked out with hand me downs from my sister for so long and we still do for somethings, but we have gotten off season because clearly boys grow at different paces. Brandon was a bigger baby than Noah, so his summer stuff was 24 months and I think we will be in 18 months, as we are in 12 now. But it was fun picking out his summer wear! Now if we could just get some warmer weather we would be set! 

Last night M went out to a ball meeting so I got to do the bedtime routine, which meant bath, bottle and book with mama and he did great! We both enjoyed it:

He was in bed and asleep by 7:45!! Mommy win!! 

I have been working on going through Noah's shoes, hats and bibs. I'm embarrassed to share what our spare room looks like!! Bins of clothes, both stuff to fit into and stuff that no longer fits, maternity clothes, pillows galore, extra diapers and wipes. It's a disaster and I would really like to make that room useable again... It is such a big job! 

Felix has really settled in and is getting along with everyone lately except our other black cat Binx, however it isn't because Felix doesn't try (a little to often) and I end up having to break it up. Therefore Felix has been having some time outs because he doesn't know when to stop. I will say he is great with Noah and the dogs and is constantly trying to initiate play with Noah in the form of being chased! Even when Noah catches him Felix is good with him! 

I have made a BIG decision and set up the appointment.... I'm cutting my hair shorter again (shoulder length). This mama needs a change! I usually end up tying my hair up if I don't curl it or straighten it and let's face it my time is not my own anymore with a toddler. He won't just lay in his bouncer like he used to! It will likely be the same length I cut it to when I was pregnant! But the changes don't stop there! I will wait a few weeks, get used to the new cut and then I will hopefully be highlighting it! The spa here in town has great prices so I think I might give it a try after a color consult! 

So there we have it! Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

St. Martin Day 5,6 and 7

Day 5 of vacation was spent soaking up the sun and having fun at the pool! I will let the pics do the talking:

We started off with Johnny Cakes for breakfast! This is a common thing down there and they were actually very tasty:

And then we hit the pool:

Noah's dorky hat that was too big, but it was better than nothing! It was slim pickings down there!

There were beautiful butterflies all over the place!

And cows... it wasn't fun meeting them at the end of the crazy driveway because it was soo steep! It was also soo steep the cars go out on 3 wheels!

For dinner we went to a tiny little restaurant - we were actually the only ones there. The restaurant was run by a husband and wife. It was called The Gutside. 

 The owners took Noah while we ate and gave him a kitchen tour, and entertained him which was kind of nice!

Sunday we headed to Petersburg where the cruise ships come in. We did some sight seeing, had a tasty lunch with this beautiful view and we did come shopping of course!

Ron was sure to take us on all the crazy roads, granted the views are stunning! 

We did dinner at home and played our cards and headed to bed!

Monday we hung out at the pool for the last day. Right before heading out for dinner, Noah decided it would be a good time to take the plunge and become a full-time walker! This mama was pretty proud!

We decided to try to goto Lee's for dinner, but as it turns out they close on Mondays, so we went to Skip Jacks, which was actually really good too, and amazing views of the marina!  None of the ribs I had touched Lee's but I guess now we have a reason to go back! Noah enjoyed walking on the peer inbetween picnic tables. We will always remember St. Martin as the place Noah decided to become a walker!

Tuesday we enjoyed one last swim before heading to the airport!
It was a great family trip - one that we will never forget!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

First High Fever

So instead of finishing up our vacation recap off today, I am sad to say our little man has his first real cold and high fever! Therefore the post didn't get wrote up last night and I don't have time this morning with the newborn photo shoot in a few hours! So the post will wait!

Sunday Noah started off with a runny nose, and teary eye, yesterday he had the same, but was in relatively good spirits!

But we were sure to have our Boogie Wipes near by!!

I will say that Noah is not a fan of having his nose wiped or sucked out with the snot sucker! He tolerates it with the boogie wipes most of the time, but still lets you know he doesn't enjoy it! 

Yesterday he put himself to sleep for naptimes, which was a nice treat! We had dinner at the farm last night to set up their new phones and this little man wanted nothing to do with dinner! We managed to get his carrots in, some pears, the odd piece of meat or noodles. This alone was rare! Noah is such a good eater, so this raised a few flags as to how he was really feeling despite his smiles! Little man was going down hill fast! He played a bit after dinner, but ended up on Grandmas lap snuggling, 
watching Ellen and was falling asleep! 

We knew it was time to go now because this NEVER happens! Granted he likes to snuggle, but sit still for such a long period of time and then to fall asleep... Poor guy! 

We went straight home and found his temperature to be over 102! We gave him Tylenol, a cool bath and before putting him to bed we had it down to 100. When Mike and I went to bed we double checked him and it was still 100, so we gave him Advil and cold medicine (0-9 cough and cold)  and hoped for a good night! He did better than we expected, waking just a few times. This morning we woke up to find him slumped over in sitting position, so Mike went and straightened him out and he slept in until 8! 

His temp this morning was still 100! So we gave him Tylenol again and are hoping for the best as the day goes on! He is heading back to the farm while I do my shoot and I'm sure Grandma won't complain about extra snuggles! 

Soo hard seeing them sick and helpless! We managed to make it the whole winter without a cold. He has had one little cold when he was a baby, but nothing like this! Hopefully this passes quickly! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Rewind

Our low key weekend has come and gone. Life starts to get a bit busier now that spring is here, so I soak up the low key weekends when we can! 

Friday night we did nothing! Got caught up on the PVR and that is about it! 

Saturday morning M had a salesman come to house, so Noah ended up having a business breakfast, as he slept in and had a late breakfast! 

After Noah's nap we decided to head into town, pick up our new cell phones and grab a few grocoeries. Well picking up the cell phones turned into a 4 hour ordeal because the store is not used to working with small buisnesses, so the whole process that was supposed to be just go in and pick up the phones turned into a very frustrating process. Customer service has gone down hill soo much! Mike ended up going to pick us up lunch and we ate it there at the store... After we got everything figured out, we headed to the grocery store, which was quick because little man was in major need of a nap. Then on our way home we grabbed the phones that the guy activated and headed home. 

Saturday night after Noah went to bed, M and I had a little date night which consisted of somersby, nachos, and the movie Focus with will Smith. 

The movie was pretty good, but didn't love the ending! Movies lately are coming up with these short abrupt endings where as I like to see what happens to them later on! 

Sunday morning Noah woke up with a runny nose! While Noah napped, I uploaded some new pics on my photography page, and organized my photos on my computer as well as put all the pics on my external hard drive as my computer has been acting up lately! Tomorrow I have a newborn photo shot which I am looking forward to!! 

When Noah woke up he seemed fine, no fever or anything aside from the runny nose, so we went to K's first birthday party after lunch, which happened to fall during nap time, so needless to say we weren't staying long.

Look at those tired eyes!! We stay for just over an hour and came home and put this little man to bed! I decided to have a nap while he was too!! 

When Noah woke up we transitioned to a juice/water bottle after nap instead of milk. He didn't seem bothered by it to cut out the extra bottle so that was good! Now we just have to get him onto drinking cold milk! 

We got bubbles at the party, so we gave those a try when we got home and his reaction was pure wonder: 

This purely stunned look turned into constant smiles afterwards, but he was chasing the bubbles too, so nearly impossible to take a picture of! 

Mikes parents came over for ribs for dinner and left just before Noah his the tub for his bedtime routine!  His eye started watering as well, so it looks like he is getting a cold! 

So today we are staying home just incase instead of heading to playgroup! This will also ensure good naps today too I hope! We will head to the farm for dinner tonight to set up their new phones. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Tomorrow I will hopefully finish up our vacation recap!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Five On Friday

We ended up having a busy week, I can hardly believe it's Friday already!!

1) yesterday we had 2 play dates, first one was swimming with the new neighbours behind us. Their little girl is turning 2 soon! Noah did great at the public pool, I wasn't sure how he would handle the splashing and noise, but he loved it all!! It was great! In the afternoon our girls night turned girls afternoon play date! The 3 boys played well together while Maeve napped, but Noah was sure to add her into the fun when she got up! Loved seeing Noah play with the boys! When did my baby turn into a little boy? 

He was pretty tired after swimming! Of course it was during his nap time! 

How adorable right?!?

2) Today I am headed back to Old Navy to exchange the red jacket for the next size up so it will fit him come fall, as it fits him perfectly right now. But the other ones I got gives him a bit more room to grow right now, and we can't quite turn in our winter coats yet! I just think I will get longer wear doing it this way! I am impressed his winter coat still fits him despite his growth spurts! It is 6-12 months and he still has room!

3) another low key weekend up ahead and I am looking forward to it! Hoping for some nice weather 
so we can be outside a bit more! We have a birthday party on Sunday and that is about it!

4) finished my first Robert M. Drake book Spaceship- It wasn't at all what I expected, still had good quotes, but I would have wanted to see more, as it was one quote for two pages, so it was a really quick read. I'm thinking the newest book coming out might be more of what I wanted. But I do love the quotes and they speak to me on soo many different levels! 

5) Spring is officially here and it's here to stay!!! Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Things I Can't Live Without

Today I thought I would link up with Katie with Things I Can't Live a Without.

I thought it was going to be a really easy to post, but then clearly I put too much thought into it! Aside from my family, pets included there isn't much I could NOT live without, so I decided to lighten up a bit (haha) and start with saying I couldn't live without my own vehicle. 

Clearly I wasn't stepping outside to photograph my car in my nightshirt, so I will find a pic that best represents it! Now you would never know the difference, because mine is this color, year, model, etc.

And it's taken in a parking lot haha. 

Anyways, the reason I couldn't live without my vehicle while being a SAHM is simply because I would go stir crazy! I love being able to go out when I want! It allows us to do so many things like grocery shopping, swimming dates, play dates, play groups, shopping, visiting friends and family, drive to the trails, etc. Not to mention I live in a village about 15 minutes away from most of the above. Country living at its finest! I love our location but it is definitely not because of the amenities, we have all that matters - a place to get our beer and wine, a variety store, a spa and a restaurant, 2 if you count the golf course! 

It's not a location you can just walk for your groceries or catch a bus, you could get a taxi but it would cost you $40 one way. 

So having a car is essential around here, and it saves us soo much time on the weekends not having to do groceries then when it is busiest. And when the weather is bad or I need a bigger vehicle I can always take M's truck and he will take my car. 

The car itself is fully loaded with leather seats and most importantly seat warmers for the winter months and a sunroof for the summer months! It fits us all in at once, dogs, baby, husband and myself - we haven't tried putting the cats in with us, but I'm sure it would work. It would also bring a whole new level to crazy! It also has a CD player that I used for the first time, after owning the vehicle for 3 years, with Jenn to listen to the new Taylor Swift CD! 

Overall it has been a great family vehicle for us!! 

There you have it, something I could not live without!! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Noah - 12 Months


21 lbs 8 oz - 46 weeks
23 lbs 9oz - 52 weeks

30.25 inches

Sleeping: Aside from the odd night where teething wakes Noah, he is sleeping great at night and is going down like a champ from either M or I. He is waking up between 5:30/-6:30 for a bottle and usually goes back down until about 7:30. We are toying around with his schedule a bit as he is trying to go down for just one nap a day, which he isn't quite ready for because he doesn't nap long for the one nap! 

Feeding: Noah is a great eater! There are very few things that he does not like! Hopefully this remains true!! We are still introducing things slowly, but we have been told he can pretty miuch have whatever we are eating now! I will be waiting until he is at least 2 to introduce fish because of my allergy.

Clothing: 12 months! 

Diapers: We are in size 3's now!!! 

Looks: Blue eyes, and light brown hair. 

What The Doctor Had To Say: We haven't seen the doctor, but we will be this month!

Nicknames: No Nap Noah, Captain, Mr. Magoo, Mr. Man, Bunny, Little Man, Mama's Monkey. 

Likes: Walking, getting scared by Mommy or Daddy, waving, clapping, his tractor and dump truck,  fire truck, his lovies, blankets, remote controls or phones, various toys, crawling, eating, the dogs and cats, singing and dancing. He loves bath time and gets one every night before bed! He also loves his new little house, his digger and his own remote control! He has taken a liking to little people and has the barn as well as the ark.

Dislikes: Things being stacked, being told no.

And this is why we are happy the monthly photos are done because it is impossible to sit still and he is turning into an escape artist! Turns out he thinks it is fun:

This post is only a month late! Oopps!! Glad I wont be doing them monthly now!


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