Thursday, January 31, 2013

Saw It. Pinned It. Did it.

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.
Today I am linking up with Katie and Steph for the first time! I am pretty excited to share a project M and I did a few weekend's ago and it was super simple and cheap!!
I saw this:
Pinned Image
We had a white board on our fridge but I hated seeing it and then one day it fell and broke and that was the end of meal planning!
I love meal planning! It makes life soo much easier, especially if you don't like cooking, it solves half the problem of figuring out what to make and whether or not you have all the ingredients.
So M and I make a meal plan on the weekend before we go grocery shopping, M can get the meat out of the freezer if necessary and we are set to eat dinner at a decent time!
So here is the final product:
Did we paint it? No?
We plan to sell the house within 5 years and didn't want anything permanent. So I was shopping at Chapters and found these chalk board stickers on sale!! There are actually two stickers on and it is not the full length of the cupboard which is fine. Worked out perfect!!

Now we can get back on track with meal planning!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pinterest My Friend...

Wow it is Wednesday! We have all made it to the middle of the week!!

Now that my trip is booked and paid for - I am pumped as in soo pumped I need to start wardrobe planning!! Soo I have been on Pinterest looking for some inspiration:

summer maxi ideas

I have some maxi dresses and skirts that I think I will be bringing, as well as some summer dresses!

And then there are these:

Super cute outfits for summer!

I like to start packing early with hopes of not forgetting anything!

This picture looks just like Grace and Lily from the the distance:
Pinned Image

Rather funny because we have a picture of them sitting in Lake Superior from our road trip like this! Except of you did look closely and knew my dogs - Lily is bigger with red hair and Gracie is smaller with the longer tail and curly hair. So basically the pic is reversed!! But still nonetheless neat!

I am seriously contemplating getting a tattoo! I have found the perfect one, I just can't decide on location. This is what it will be like:

Pinned Image

Looks small enough that I could get through it and it wouldn't take long. I love the word HOPE! And it means soo much to me. I do have a fear though of needles - so we will see. But M said if I get one he will get one. I think he is banking on the fact that I will chicken out - but like I said it is important enough to me. I am not someone who is willing to get "inked" for nothing.

Pinned Image

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vacation is BOOKED!!

I am excited to announce that my last minute vacation has been booked!! Sooo excited!! M won the battle we are headed to Jamaica!!! Negril was completely booked, aside from some crappy looking resorts, so we are headed to Ocho Rios! We will be staying at The Jewel Dunns River Resort and Spa:

I am pumped to say the least!!! Such a relief to have it booked!
I am also considering having pictures taken of us while we are there like I did in Jamaica! Might just become tradition!
I promised I would share my outfits from last weeks conference.
I will share one, because I didn't realize that my other one didn't turn out good, so here you go:
I think I will buy a new belt soon to spice it up and add some color!
I am in love with this picture of M and I right now:
It is crappy iphone quality, but none the less I still love it!

Monday, January 28, 2013

A Birthday Celebration Weekend

This weekend was busy, but fun celebrating a certain little boy:

It is always fun when this little girl is around:

I also used my gel nail kit for the first time!! It's far from perfect, but not bad for my first time!! Sporting gold tips:

Then we headed to Ronald McDonald House with my family and cooked dinner for the house.

My Dad made this special keepsake for the house, since my sister stayed at the house while B was in the NICU.

It was a great weekend. My heart broke for those families with sick kiddies in the hospital, as well as for the sick children. Sure puts a perspective of how lucky everyone with healthy kids are. Please put these people in your prayers as well!

I am over the moon excited for a special friend as well, as some good news poured in this weekend!!!

Overall it was a great weekend!!!

This morning was not off to the best start because we not only got a tonne of snow, but it is freezing rain!! My commute was absolute crap this morning, even in M's truck! But they say tomorrow it will all melt because it is going to be +10!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend as well!


Friday, January 25, 2013

High Five/Another Birthday

We made it to Friday!!

But first off I need to send a HUGE Birthday shout out to my nephew!!! He is ONE today!!!

He came into this world mighty small:

You may recall this post. We were pretty concerned about him being soo early!! But he is stronger than anything now:

This was from in the fall - he is even bigger now!! You would never know he came into this world soo small!!

Can't wait to celebrate this whole weekend with him!! Saturday is his birthday party and Sunday we are heading to Ronald McDonald House to cook dinner for the house guests.

Moving on to the highlights of my week:

Last night's conference was great the entertainment was a casino night. They gave us "$500" each and M and I played Black Jack all night. I lost ALL night! Another contractor gave me his chips to play with- I won big on those, but gave them back obviously. So depending on how much you "cash out with" for every "$100" you get a raffle ticket to enter to win door prizes. We went for the TV, but last minute I had one raffle ticket left - M told me about a Blackberry Playbook, so I put ONE in it and sure enough I WON it!!!

I was thrilled!! I still am!!


We enjoyed our staycation. I miss all my four-legged babies, so I am happy to be heading back home after work today!!We loved having access to the pool at the hotel:

Listening to the waterfall was soo relaxing and we had some awesome people watching while in the pool. Our guess was that a young couple was breaking up, she was crying and his leg was twitching... lol


M took me shopping yesterday!!! Yes he actually told me I NEEDED to buy new shoes!! I couldn't say no!! But I forgot to take a pic of them!! I also bought myself a Fitbit!! I am excited to try it out!! We got our passports done - now they just need to come in the mail! This weekend's task is to BOOK a trip!! I will post my outfits next week!!


I really loved spending time with M!!! It was great to "get away". Although he had meetings and I had work, it was just nice!


It's Friday and that is just a cause for celebration there!!

Happy Friday Friends!!!

Pop over and link up with Lauren!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Necklace Give Away

Today I am participating in my first group GIVE AWAY!!!
Head on over to Katie's blog For Lauren and Lauren and check it out!!! Good luck!!!
I am giving away a necklace made by my one and only sister and I am super jealous of who ever wins it!!!

Here it is:

I have told my sister she needs to make me this one too (she is already making me 2 others...what is one more?)

My sister has made me a "few" necklaces in the past:

And this anklet for my wedding:
Good luck!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random Wednesday/Loves

I know I said a give away was coming and it is, I promise! Tomorrow I will be posting all about it!!

I am linking up with a new blog today that I am excited to start following. Her name is Shanna and she blogs over at Because Shanna Said So! Go check her out!!

  • It is cold out - like REALLY cold...
-17... the windchill though makes it feel like -28. Yuck!!! and Brrr...
  • So we are staying at a hotel this week and decided to go for a swim last night and soak in the the hot tub. My lovely husband hit the panic button instead of the button that turns on the jets... Yes... it really happened and you bet there was an audience. No one came to the rescue though, M had to go to the front desk and tell someone, who then reassured him it happens all the time and shut it off. Nonetheless humorous.
  • We had a nice dinner at The Keg last night!!! This nice warm fireplace kept us warm!!
  • I am officially First Aid Certified again. Yesterday was a long day sitting in the first aid class... like really long... long want to pull your hair out, is time really passing.. long. But I aced the test and they certified me!
Now for some Loves:

I am considering this for my mudroom - since I reclaimed my full length mirror in the bedroom!

Pinned Image

I don't think I will hang leashed on it or anything, but if I could find a mirror, with pics beside it or something like that it would be perfect.

I love this:
Pinned Image

I also find that this quote encourages strength:
Pinned Image

I am looking for a new crocheting project. A friend of min asked me if I could make this:

Pinned Image
I think I am gunna give it a try!!

I am considering trying my hair curled like this tonight or tomorrow night... we shall see:

Pinned Image

Love Kate's blog! Soo many hair/make-up tutorials!!

Happy Wednesday friends!! Be sure to pop back tomorrow to find out about an awesome NECKLACE give away!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

5 Years Old

My sweet sweet Lily dog is 5 years old today! FIVE! Where the heck did the time go? Ready for a walk down memory lane aka: picture overload...

It all started withe these two:

Lily's parents Molly & Rocky
(She look's just like her Daddy)
With a litter of 11 puppies:
It was love at first site:
Her name was chosen almost instantly. It was between Sadie or Lily.
I couldn't wait to get her home after meeting her, but I had to wait a few more weeks.
I could literally post a tonne of puppy pics because I took soo many!!! She just melted my heart.
Those sweet brown eyes get me everytime - even at 6:00 in the morning:
And she just kept growing:
She's got a bit of an attitude:
She still has the saddest eyes:
She had her first swim and still loves it:
And the next thing I know she was a big dog:

Lily's 4th year was a tough one, we really weren't sure that she would make it to 5, but she did and I couldn't be any happier to have her snuggles and personality around me. She brightens my dark days and brings laughter and joy to my sad days.
I would be lost without this precious member of my family!!

Happy 5th Birthday to my sweet sweet Lily!!!


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