Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

- I've been up since 7 AM this morning for some silly reason! Haven't quite figured out the reason... But I couldn't get back to sleep after M left for work! 

- I'm writing this post for the 2nd time because I wasn't cool enough to click save the first time! Apparently it doesn't automatically save like on the pc! Damn iPad!! 

- I'm excited for my first cake smash session today!! I'm actually attempting the cake myself! I just took it out of the oven!! 

- I went from having 1 pair of casual shorts (my sports shorts still fit for the most part) to have 3 and 1 pair of capris (everything else is too big!! I know it's a good thing, but I didn't really want to buy a new wardrobe!!) 1 pair is from old navy and then last night I hit up Walmart and got a pair of denim shorts and coral capris!! 

- I am very close to turning my air conditioning on! It's not even June yet!! I've stalled by turning on my furnace fan to push the cold basement air up. But the heat is climbing to 29 today with a humidex of 37!! Not complaining though!! 

- M made pork chops on the BBQ last night!! They were sooo good!! 

- my dress and shoes came in for C's wedding!! Soo exciting!! 

- my necklaces from eBay have started coming in as well!! It's been a great mail week!! 

- it's pretty much time to bust out the puppy pool!! I think Gracie and Lil will be excited to see it!! 

- I have no pictures for today's post! I should at least leave you with a quote!! 


  Happy Thursday friends! Wish me luck with this cake! Haha! 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I Am Loving!

- the new recipe we tried last night. M seriously has a love for meat loaf and I do not! So I found this Rachel Ray recipe on Pinterest and we gave it a try! We didn't have the celery or salsa it called for, but it was still pretty good without it!! We topped them with potatoes and stuck them back in the oven to crisp up a bit, instead of having them on the side! It was great! We will make it again!!
- I love my man! Last night we had some intense thunderstorms overnight. I do not like loud thunder at all! He was there for me for each and everyone!! Both of us slept like crap and to make matters worse, he got a structure fire call at 4 in the morning for a house hit by lightening! I just love him!

- I love that my bruises are finally starting to subside! I just have the outside of them left! Just in time for the weather to heat up!
- I am loving the cupcakes I made! Seriously can I just eat them all in one sitting?

- I love my new cell phone case!!!

- I wish the humidity would break so I can paint my dining room wall!! Its too muggy to paint! The paint will not dry!
- I am loving my new logo for my photography business! Looking forward to getting it up and going! I am also looking forward to getting those shoots that were supposed to be on the weekend done! Can't wait to see how they turn out!


Friday Favs:

Favorite Game: Campus Life - seriously addicting

Favorite Drink: Water - can't get enough of it lately!

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Somersby Cider

Favorite Breakfast: Country Harvest Cinnamon Raisin with Whole Wheat with Cheez Whiz!

Favorite Junk Food: cupcakes

Favorite Food: Cesar potatoes with steak and green beans! I had it last weekend and just want it all over again!

Favorite App: Beautiful Mess - when I remember I have it!

Favorite TV Show: The Voice - hard to pick since there isn't much on now!!

And I just want to share how my cake turned out: 

Tessa loved it!! She smashed it!! That's for sure!! Today she is celebrating her first birthday!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Mine is off to a great start with a new roxy chevron dress!! 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was pretty great.... But before we get there, I just want to share some advice... Do not watch Duck Dynasty before bed... You will dream about it and those dreams are wacked! Just sayin'!! I wasn't even watching it per say, I was editing photos! 

Friday night was ball... They won!!! 21-18!! 

Saturday M had to work. Fingers crossed it was the last one until fall!! Our backyard is calling him!! While he was working, I was tidying up the house! While tidying the giraffes in the dining room took a hike to storage in the basement! 

I also gave my hair a super quick curl and it worked!! Loved it!! 

N & M came over!! It had been way to long since we last hung out, but it was fun just as usual! We had steak, Caesar potatoes, and green beans. It was great! Nicole brought pie for dessert, along with a brownie for her as she is gluten-free. We decided to play dice poker after dinner: 

And us girls won the game!!!!


Sunday M and I headed into town because we needed to buy balls for the ball team, so we hit up the grocery store, as well as Home Depot to but paint! The dining room wall is hopefully going to be painted this week!! Can't wait to get started on it!! 

I had the flash on my camera so the colors look a bit more vibrant than they actually are! We went with West Coast Grey! Our walls are Melted Butter! (Looks more like whisper yellow in he above pic, because of the flash!)

We also planted our planters with veggies! We didn't end up painting them, but they are at least planted! We will see if it works!! We planted corn, carrots, lettuce, beans and watermelon. 

Then I spent the remainder of my afternoon editing photos from the firefighters training! 


Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 


Friday, May 24, 2013

Fantastic Friday

Aside from the fact that it is freezing out... It's Friday! When I say freezing I mean like 5 degrees! 

Last night I went to Mikes ball game in the freezing cold and rain! I was keeping score so my hands were frigid!! Fan of the year! Mike bribed me with ice cream after!! It was good even though I was cold!! 

Weekend Plans: 
- baseball tonight
- 1 photo shoot! My first cake smash. 
- Nicole and Mike are coming for dinner
- planting our planters with veggies and fruit
- hopefully M's last Saturday to work until fall

It's going to busy, but I can't wait!! 


Happy weekend friends!! 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Carrie's Bachlorette

We ended up celebrating Carrie's bachlorette now, instead of closer to the wedding because her sister is moving to BC tomorrow. So we were quick to come up with a plan.

What I wore:
My first high-low skirt finally made it debut!!!

And the feather necklace my sister made for me! Love it!
Unfortunately my plans to curl my hair went out the window.. literally! It was sooo humid my hair was not functioning. I had to gel it down to tame it!
We hit up The Vibe Spa in Mississauga (Toronto area for those who are not familiar with Mississauga). We were there for 4-5 hours snacking, drinking wine and indulging in spa services!
I enjoyed my first pedi of the year!!
I even changed up my go-to-colors and went with an orange!
The bride-to-be and I:

And our pedi-products:

We had a potluck dinner and each took turns decorating inappropriate cupcakes! What is a bachlorette without inappropriate cupcakes? We told her she got off easy with no male strippers!
It was great hanging out my bestie, since I rarely get to see her anymore with her living up north. Now I can't wait for our vacay so we can go visit her up there and hopefully get in some camping!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 24!

Wow what a great weekend!!

Friday night was baseball... They did well, until they found out the score and fell apart right after and experienced their first loss of the season!! After the game we had a bonfire! Oh how I miss those all year round!! Soo relaxing!!


Saturday M had to work, so Binx and I cuddled up and watched The Notebook! Believe it or not this is the first time I had watched t! It was great!! 


When M got home we popped into town to grab some supplies for cherry cheesecake! Instead of our traditional photo I thought we would have fun with it, I was making a funny face too but was too busy laughing at M's! 


We had dinner at M & J's and then had a bonfire sipping on Somersby! Might just be my favorite summer drink this year!!


Sunday we were up early and off to the lake! 

It was super bright out and hazy!! But a perfect day it was!! The new gazebo was put up and M installed new floors in the hut! The boat wasn't in the water yet, but hopefully soon!! 

A sweet little goose family came to visit!! The littlest one was my fav!! Soo small compared to the rest!! 


And the dogs were busy! 


We had dinner at the Turkey Point Hotel and headed home! The girls were pooched and snuggling in the back!
Yesterday M had to work, so I got some housework done around the house! It was super hot out! no complaints!! We got a thunderstorm last night and Binx was going bonkers. Just screeching all evening. I heard this weird scraping noise from what I thought was the rain hitting the screen door, so I went to check on it and sure enough I saw this bat crawling out from behind the picture!! I freaked!! 


Binx was trying to climb the wall and continued her vocal abilities! I yelled at Mike to get up here fast and he assumed it was nothing but heard the fear in my voice and ran upstairs (he was in the basement). I made him take the picture and pass me Binx and we went and hid in the bedroom. M said it was easy to catch it and he let it back outside!! Creepy!! I was creeped out all night!! 

I figure it got in via our laundry! We left it on the line overnight on Friday night because it wasn't dry yet and then it rained Saturday morning. M fixed my car and then took the clothes off the line for me and obviously didn't shake them out! 

I'm hoping the bat is good luck! We had one at wedding reception too!! 

Today I'm off to Costco before we run out of toilet paper! I might have to hit up Target too!! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Shoes Shoes and more Shoes!!

The long weekend has arrived!!! 

Today I was supposed to o meet my sister in town to pick up my shoes that we ordered together, but instead I'm blogging now instead of later! My car battery is dead!! Soo annoying!!! So my awesome MIL is going to meet them instead!! 

Life just doesn't go as planned!!! 

Anyways, I will put all of my frustrations aside for the time being. Last night I took the dogs into M's ball game! It was a bit better than last weeks... A bit!! Maybe Gracie's face can explain it...
She was a bit disappointed... And soo serious! 

After the game we stopped at the bank to deposit Mike's cheques and sure enough a new ice cream joint opened up!! Time To Chill is the name and it was amazing!! Soo many flavours to choose from including my Favorite!! High Roller!! I also tried a caramel caribou trail!
I'm sure this will become our new weekly stop!! Makes watching this team more worth while!! 

I also think I need to share the shoes that I'm awaiting!! 


My feet are soo incredibly picky and sensitive!! Blisters form at the site of new shoes... My sister highly recommended the first 3, so we will see!! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Stay safe!! 



Thursday, May 16, 2013


I am reading: The Memory Keeper's Daughter.... I am only on page 52... hopefully I will get back to it now!

Listening to:
Missy Higgins - Where I Stood
Even If It Breaks Your Heart by Eli Young Band:
Thinking About: Editing the pictures I took on the weekend. Or suntanning!
Loving: That the long weekend is here!! The weather. My family and friends
Drinking: Somersby Ciders, M&M Peach Juice and loving water lately!
Watching: Chicago Fire, bummed with the series finale of 90210, Grey's Anatomy, I started watching the original 90210 on netflix, and The Voice.
Missing: The kids!! It was soo much fun to have them around!!

And the dogs miss Hannah too!!!

(Gracie managed to get on my duvet.... little bum!)
Need to: Do some sewing and figure out what to bake for heading to the lake on Sunday!! I also need to figure out outfits I can wear that will hide this bruising.... the weather is warm - not long sleeve and pant weather now! No complaints though!
Cooking: It's BBQ season!! So I am really just making a lot of salads, pasta salads, different ways to make potatoes and baking!
Yesterday the dogs loved those peanut butter banana cookies!! I'm not sure if they like them cooked more or just the dough!!
Very Grateful: For the little things in life. The smiles, the hand holding, the late night chats with my husband. The snuggles with my pets. Since that man went missing, it's makes you realize how short life can be and that even though you may not like where you are this life stage, you have your husband, your family, your pets and your friends! Makes you hold on to them a little tighter during times like these!

Looking Forward To: These bruises being gone so I can sleep on my right side again!! The long weekend and some lake time, although the boat isn't in the water yet. Just being down there is soo relaxing!! Oh and the weather is supposed to actually be nice on a May 24! That never happens!
Creating: some more sewing projects!!
Planning: on putting the pool up in the back yard... we have finally come to an agreement. Putting up the kitchen back splash!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gracie is 4!!!

Where the heck has time gone? Gracie Mae is 4!!!! 4 years!!!
I know I said I probably wouldn't blog today but I couldn't miss out on Gracer's Birthday!
We are going to make some homemade cookies:
Peanut Butter Banana! Hopefully they like them!
Wasn't this just yesterday?

And then we have now:

Love her like crazy!!!
We have a fun day a head with a trip to the park!!!


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