Thursday, June 27, 2013


After dealing with permits for 2 weeks now... One to hook up to sewers - approved, done and now one muddy driveway later we are hooked up!!

We were told on Monday that one of our fences might not be approved... So after bylaw research, several calls to the township office, several messages left and not returned, I went into this needs to get done now mode. 

I called the township office and told them we wanted to do this next week, but the project was pending fence approval. If the fence wasn't approved we would have to come up with a new plan. 

I finally got a call back! We are approved and they issued the permit! We are ready to work!! 

This is what we have in mind:

Except we aren't going to do stairs on the side, just along the front. The side will have tall grass to disguise the above ground aspect. We only plan on the stair aspect of the picture, not the back wall. Then we will put a patio down in front of the stairs!! 

This projects starts Tuesday!! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Its Wednesday?

My week is seriously just flying on by!!! Can we just slow it down for a minute?

Monday I was in London with my sister, taking B to his pediatrician appointment. Then our girls night.

Yesterday I was babysitting Mr. Greyson. Poor little guy must be going through a growth spurt, he would be playing away and then would get fussy and fall asleep on me. It reminded me of a puppy, how they play, play, play and then crash suddenly! Last night was spent at my Dad's getting him packed up and moving stuff into storage.

Today I need to put laundry away. I seriously do not like this job! It's like filing in an office... I hated that too! Back to Dads tonight.

I can't believe my Dad is moving to Trenton!!!

It is crazy packing up his stuff, seeing all the old birthday cards and fathers day cards that we have made since we were kids - he held onto it all!
This weekend is going to be super busy as well!! We have a ball tournament, it is the villages big weekend, so a dance, a parade, a fire muster for the kids, fireman's breakfast and fire works. Sunday after the breakfast we have our annual White Trash Day festivities. Monday is my Mom's 60th!! So we are headed to the cottage in Grand Bend for the day.
And then next week we are hopefully installing the pool, assuming I ever hear back from the bylaw officer!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend Rewind Tuesday Style

This post is from my iPad and I'm not able to fix the pics yet - so bear with me for now!! 

Our weekend was a super busy one, but nonetheless fun!!

Friday evening we had my Dads retirement party! It was fun celebrating Dads past 31 years and the city engineer. I haven't had a lot of time to edit pics from that night, but here is one!! 


Right as that finished we had to rush off for ball! And they won!! 

Saturday M was putting in our sewer line, we decided since it was going to be super hot this week that we would put the pop up pool up one last time in our yard to cool down in. Yesterday for example was  31 feels like 39!! Hot!! We have put the pool to good use!! 

M also happened to find this cute little guy in the yard! He almost got stepped on!! 
Just a wee little guy!! 

Saturday night we headed to my sisters for dinner with Dad before he moves up north! 

Sunday we started with a lazy day with a sleep in until 10 for myself!! My allergies have just been horrible with the humidity, so I haven't been sleeping well! 

Sure enough I checked my phone around noon and noticed that S had texted and was coming over! So we quickly thought up a snack, got dinner ready in the oven and headed outside to greet them. We spent the afternoon in the pool. Little W loved the pool! Then we invited them to stay for dinner. We had roasted chicken and rice and some fresh veggies cut up. Just as they were leaving M got called to play ball! 

So we hurried off to the ball game and then came home relaxed! 

Yesterday I had to take B to his peds appointment. He was not a fan to say the least!! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Sending prayers to Calgary. Crazy to think we were just there almost a year ago to see such a beautiful place, and now to see the devastation on the news of house floating away, the water is everywhere! Canmore, a small town M and I fell in love with is just washing out! Praying for the safety if the city, as well as those I know there! Stay safe!! 

Yesterday I lucked out and bought 2 suits! La Vie En Rose had $1.99 bottoms!! Score!! I bought 6 different styles to go with the grey tankini I bought! 

Tonight is my Dads retirement party! Looking forward to spending the afternoon and evening celebrating Dad with friends and family! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Swim Suit Shopping

Today I am going swimsuit shopping... I hate swimsuit shopping but I NEED one. So I am going to look at the following in store:
Old Navy

Old Navy

La Vie En Rose - really loving this one!! 

La vie en rose

La Vie en Rose. 

So we will see how it goes!!! Wish me luck!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Love Love Love

So I will start if today with the fantastic winner of the Voice last night!!! My sister is pretty mad.... Because the girl I picked from the start won!!! And I mean Team Blake Shelton the whole way for the 2nd year in a row!!!! Danielle Bradbery won!! Here is some of her amaze-balls work:

She is like a Taylor Swift combined with Carrie Underwood!! Can't wait for her record!!
Moving on....
I love that instead of making dinner last night as I had planned, I ended up picking up dinner because we had no power. Luckily it came on just in time to watch The Voice.
I love that they changed the flavor of the green skittle. Life changing moment - its now green apple!! Amazing change!!
My Dad's Retirement party is on Friday and guess who has a tonne of clothes in her closet, but still has nothing to wear - that fits. I am hoping that I will be able to wear this dress that I wore in Jamaica:

But it is too big! So I am heading to the farm tonight to get M's Mom to help me take it in! I had only wore it once, so I figure it is worth the repair! I have it in purple too so I am going to have her help me with both!
My garden is growing like a weed, but it is weed free thanks to using the planters instead of the garden! My beans and corn are taking off!! I don't see much happening with the carrots, watermelon or lettuce compared to the corn and beans.
The rest of the week evenings are going to be busy! We have dinner at the farm tonight, baseball tomorrow night, Dad's retirement party and baseball right after!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Never Ever Ever...


Never ever ever:

- will I be able to wink without scrunching up my hole face just barely seeing out of my "open" eye. Nope never!
- will I like snakes or spiders

- will I rub my eye with Vicks on it. That hurts a real lot! I had put Vicks on my nose and forgot which finger I applied it with and then my got itchy and then the intense burning began. Man I hope I never do that again!! 

- will I eat fish. I am allergic.

- will I let M cook hot dogs on the stove. The smell sends me heaving. I got food poisoning once as a child and still cant eat them.

- will I buy a dodge vehicle again! Lessons (yup that is unfortunately pleural) learned. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

That's A Wrap

Another weekend has came and gone!

Friday I sat out in the sun and have started to get some color and some more freckles...

M stopped home and got the puppy pool out for the dogs. Which of course they loved! They were in it before it was even full:

Gracie was a riot with the hose this year as well. She may have been soo excited that she did puppy sprints around the yard. She also worked on running and jumping into the pool. 

I popped down to J's for a glass of wine and then came home to find M home early! So we got dinner going, got ready for ball and headed out. 

I may have finished said bottle of wine in a tumbler with a straw at ball.... I added ginger ale - that makes it not soo bad right? Lol. They lost the game anyway! Clearly they should make wine glass tumblers - just sayin'.

Saturday I did some house work and laundry - the housework mainly consisted of filling the new vanity. I actually have drawers in there now and I haven't figured out what is going to go in them yet! Love the extra storage!! 

M striped the pavement off our driveway to get it ready to hook up to sewers (we have a septic tank) and I went and babysat Miss Tessa! 

When I got home I touched up paint in the bathroom so the counter back splash can go up! M stained the new side and it all just about finished! I'm hoping tomorrow night. I would like this project finished before the sewers get done this weekend - hopefully. 

My sister finished my anchor necklace finally!


We popped into town for some groceries and had to stop at the grand opening of our new ice cream joint! 

Sunday we were up way to early. We headed down to the lake for Fathers Day, although the weather wasn't boating weather, we enjoyed a dock day. I couldn't take the dogs to the lake again without a swim, so we took them to the end of channel and let them swim. Lily didn't want to get out and Gracie loved jumping off the cliff to get in! The day was pretty perfect, we played some dice poker, euchre, cleaned the boat, headed home and had supper at the farm. 

I was wiped and went to bed at 10! 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fantastic Friday!!

It just dawned on me that last Friday's title may have been the same... but who cares!

This week has been pretty good! I will admit I tried to take an outfit post picture and I failed! It was crap! So until I get decent at those you will just have to imagine my coral floral shirt and coral shoes that matched.

I had blood work done this morning and oh my goodness when did my veins get soo crappy? She couldn't feel any, then decided to take from the side of my elbow... ouch! Luckily she used a butterfly needle, however once she got in it stopped working. I had 3 people trying to get blood out of one tiny vein that wasn't pumping anymore blood. So what do they do? They fish around for it. Sorry to those who are now queasy, as I was too. So they decide to pull it out as I am beginning to get lightheaded. I hate needles and today I really hated them!! So they got me some water and a heated bag and warmed up my veins. They finally got it out of my other arm after they "anchored" my vein. Yup... super fun times.

After that horrific scene, I decided I should hit up Costco. I bought some wicker resin planters, a shirt for M, a gift, and some sorbet popsicles.

Instead of burrowing myself in my closet today like I did yesterday:

part of the closet

shorts and pants that have been taken out for storage
I plan to sit out and get some sun on my skin! Although I really should get sewing this fabric into curtains for the dining room!! My order came in!

What have we got on the go for this weekend?
-Saturday I am babysitting miss Tessa. M will be ripping up our driveway to start installing our sewers - which will hopefully be done next weekend.
-Sunday we are headed to the lake to celebrate Father's Day.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

Finally we have a sunny day and I plan to make the best of it with a little tanning today!!

I am loving soo many things:

- my total weight loss is now up to 36 pounds gone! 

- my peonies in my garden, along with the sweet lilac smell:

- Ebates!!! Canada now has it!! Which means we can now get paid for shopping too!! Click HERE to check it out!! Stores include Old Navy,, eBay just to name a few!! 

- going out for drinks on Monday with the girls

- my crazy pets! It's a constant comic relief over here from the cat playing dead, to the cats stealing Gracie's beds - yup pleural because I put down the 2nd bed and sure enough a cat on each and poor Gracie just staring them down! She needs to show them some authority! 

This is yesterday's scene... Apparently when you can't fit on the bed you play dead, hoping one will get off to check on you.
(Excuse the crap quality... Just couldn't resist the pic so I snapped from my iPad! You will also have to ignore the pet toys- I don't know who loves that snake more the cats or the dogs.) 


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Always, Sometimes, Never.

I've seen this floating around blog world and I kinda liked it... Okay I really liked it. Duh. 

I always say good night to everyone in the house and by everyone I mean the pets too, since Mike and I are the only humans in our house. 
I always use speaker phone now when I talk on the phone! I hate holding a phone! 
I always have a glass of juice in the morning. I'm lost without it! It is like my coffee! 
I always rub my feet together as I fall asleep. It's soothing or something and now M does it too! 

I sometimes forget to give the the dogs treats through the day! Oops! This week they tricked me and got 2... Mike gave them one and then I did... Sneaky bums!! 
I sometimes just want to have dessert for dinner! It's not very often that M agrees. 
I sometimes procrastinate when possible. Like putting away laundry... Actually I always procrastinate with that! 
I sometimes try to watch those Real Housewife shows and actually end up feeling really dumb after. 

I never go running. My knees just can't handle it. Walking will do! 
I never jump in a pool when I am hot, I will walk in super slow still. It may drive M nuts. 
I never watch sci-fi shows. Star Trek was about it as a child - is that considered sci fi? My imagination is just not there! 
I never watch scary movies anymore! The last one M and I watched was in high school when I used to love them. It was Jeepers Creepers and it scared M and I soo much we couldn't finish watching it! I'm still afraid of transport trucks! 

Television Tuesday

So as we know TV time in the summer sucks!! We go from having too many shows to watch to bare,y any! So I figure I will share what what I am watching lately:

The Mistresses: 

This is just the 2nd week of it, and I haven't watched last nights show yet. But I figured I would give it a try!! 

I am waiting for Saving Hope to come back on which my sister has informed me is coming up! 

The Voice of course. 

Switched At Birth. 

Baby Daddy - this show is soo funny!! 

Pretty Little Liars - starts tonight!! 

The Kardashians - yup just admitted that publicly! But the show actually makes me laugh hard and not because its quality tv... 

The Bachlorette, but if I'm being honest I am not really into this season! 

What are you watching?? 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Rewind

Friday: I watched the movie

It was pretty good! I would be lying if I said I got through the movie without tears! I'm a sap when animals are involved in movies!
Friday night was baseball and they won!! Actually they mercied the other team!
Saturday M and I went to London early and had breakfast with my Mom at Cora's. They have the best waffles with whipped cream and strawberries. It came with custard too but I am not a custard fan.
I laid down for a nap - I was soo tired this weekend!! 

Then we decided to tear out the bathroom vanity:
I forgot to take the picture before... but you can imagine a white seashell shaped sink. Plus I wanted to showcase that lovely wallpaper!!
The new vanity that I haven't taken a picture of yet installed, but here it is:

Remember I bought it here at an antique store.

It is much bigger than the old one, which means more storage. That is where I keep most of our cleaning supplies so the extra room will be nice!

I still have the wall paper to scrape off where it will still be seen, then we need to seal the back splash to the counter and ensure that M's plumbing is indeed not leaking. We are not sure about this yet, so I can't even clear off the dining room table of the cleaning products!

Saturday night, while M was playing video games, I watched the movie LOL:

It was alright. Nothing to write home about! I can't say I am a fan of Miley Cyrus.

Sunday I had a photo shoot with twins!! That was challenging, but fun!

While I was doing that, M was plumbing the bathroom sink and the outdoor faucet that burst in the winter because some husband left the water on.

I'm happy we got some projects done around the house, although we still have more to do! But as the weather gets nicer, I hate to be stuck at home doing projects, so soon they will subside until fall!


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Firmoo- Free Glasses

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Fun Day!

As much as I wanted this week to just pass on, I have to admit that I made the best of it! 

My dining room wall is complete!! This makes me happy! I can cross it off the list. Next up is the kitchen backsplash, the breakfast bar and sewers/pool!! 

We had Dad's Birthday on Wednesday. Dinner was perfect! My Mom didn't end up making it because she was having problems with her eye. We had dinner outside on the deck, which was just perfect, but we ended up having cake inside because it cooled off!! 

Yesterday, I got my aunts photos done for her business cards! Now I just have to finish the cake smash session. Come Sunday I have photos with twins!! This should be double the fun!! 

I ran into town to get groceries and ended up having a 2 hour nap in the afternoon! 

M had ball last night in town and a typical loss came about! It was cold and rainy. Today it's supposed to be nice and so far it is just gloomy looking outside and not all that warm! 

Yesterday marked the 2 year anniversary of Cole's Birthday so we sent up birthday wishes to heaven and sported blue in his memory. 


Tonight is ball and this weekend I am ever hopeful to tackle a few more projects around the house! 

Have a great weekend!! 


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