Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Wow it is Wednesday and this will be my last post for this week!! So I decided to link up with Jamie and tell you all what I am loving!!!
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I get a 5 day weekend!!!! Hurry up 5:00!!!!
  • I love CANADA!!! It is Canada Day on Friday!!!! The village always put on a big weekend for Canada Day!!!
  • I love that we will be headed to the cottage for one day and that the weather is supposed to be GORGEOUS!!!
  • I love Mike sooo much and I am soo proud of him!!! He will be volunteering much of his time with the fire department this weekend, with the parade, kids activities and the breakfast!!
  • I love that the weather this WHOLE weekend is supposed to be gorgeous!!! Maybe - just maybe I will find myself a tan?!
  • I ordered another dress contender last night for the wedding... it was a great deal that I couldn't pass up!!
  • I love my beautiful dogs, they were sooo cute when M got home last night from his meeting.
  • I hope for this weekend to be filled with friends and family, fun, bonfires and fireworks!!!
  • Oh and Happy Last Day of school for all my teacher friends!!! Enjoy your summer!!!
I could go on and on... but I will stop there for today!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Happy July 4th to all my American readers!!! Be safe and have fun!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Manic Monday on Tuesday!!!

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday!! I don't even really have an excuse!!

So what happened on the weekend? How did the shower go?

Friday night I went to N and M's ball game with K and G and the men actually won their game!!! Wahoo!! So to celebrate we stopped for ice cream afterwards!

Saturday morning I was up early and off to the market we went and I had to pick up the cake!! I wasn't able to take too many pictures at the shower because I was very busy, but I did take a few, however they will not be coming today, as I haven't even uploaded them! I headed to set up for the shower around 12:00. The shower was great, no problems and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves!!

Now we just have to figure out the Bachlorette. Timing for this is not easy, as we all have tight schedules, especially myself, with having 2 other weddings in the picture as well!

After the shower Nicole and I headed to London to pick up her wedding band. We also hit up Cinnabon!!! I have not hate Cinnabon in YEARS and oh how the price has gone up!! But it was super tasty, I still have one left over for tomorrow!  We went out for dinner and then headed back!

Sunday was pretty low key, we had M and J over for dinner and then the guys were going to go golfing, Jenn really wanted to go too, however I was a bit reluctant because I had not golfed in over 12 years!!! UM SCARY!!! But I was a good sport and went along. To say that I sucked would be an understatement, although I keep excusing it with the fact that it had been 12 years... I was/am embarrassed and will be visiting the driving range ASAP, since M has a new found passion for golf! The worst part is that I KNOW how to golf, just out of practice I hope... I was hoping it was like learning how to ride a bike... it would all come back and it did sort of... I am ashamed to say that I took lessons and was part of a golf team.... Needless to say I survived...

I have been catching up with every one's blogs, however I was unable to comment... thank you blogger...

I am super pumped for Canada Day this weekend!! The village puts on such a great weekend!! I am also loving that it is a SHORT week, which means 4 day weekend for ME... maybe 5 we will see!

Have a great day!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Random Friday

My mind is going a million different ways today!! I feel like I have sooo much to do for tomorrows shower, but it is all running around that I have to do tomorrow morning!

So because of my scatter brain... it is going to be random bits of info today!!
  • Yesterday I started cleaning out my car. In an hour and a half I managed to scrub the trunk of my car and started in on the back seat. I also took all the "stuff" out of my car. So it is 1/3 ready to be sold... now I just need a buyer!!
  • I spent the afternoon with the girls yesterday, hence the lack of blogging... opps!!
  • M did all my running around for me last night!! This made one happy wife!!
  • M has ball tonight, I hope the rain holds off!!
  • I had 2 days of minimal allergy suffering and then bam it was back yesterday!! I even tried to use my sinus rinse, but my nose was sooo clogged it had nowhere to go! Oh and I also learned that my gag reflex is worse than it used to be!
  • M and I enjoyed a nice long walk last night, much to M's liking...
  • I need a tan... enough said on that topic!
  • I broke down and ordered ProActiv for my troublesome skin... however we have a postal strike happening right now, which is super frustrating, and ProActiv screwed up my order and began shipping it separately, so I got my refining mask Wednesday (found it on my front porch), but have no clue how to use it because the instructions are in the other package...
  • Have I ever mentioned how much I love Italian Ice? It is sooo refreshing!!! Haven't had it before? TRY IT!!!
  • I need to find an easy punch recipe!!!
  • I need to make a dress fitting appointment - only 50 more days till the wedding!!!
  • I was watching So You Think You Can Dance Canada and M's cousin was on again!! She made it to finals again!
That is all I can think of!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pintresting Love on Wednesday!!

So I am going to mix up two of my favorite link ups... What I am Loving and Pinteresting Wednesdays because technically I love the things from pinterest, but want to add a few extras from my life too!! So here goes nothing:

I am loving that it is officially summer!!! This makes my heart happy!!

I am loving this idea:
Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs!!! Wanna try it? Check it out here!! She has a whole BBQ meal planned out!!

I am loving this hair style:

You can find it here.

I am loving that we finally made it down to the lake, although you cannot tell, as I am still super pasty!!

I am loving my crazy little cat (Lux... I love them all,) but he has just been so sweet and cuddly and affectionate lately!!

I love these quotes:

found here

found here

I am also loving gray and yellow still:

check it out here

I am loving my amazing husband!

I am loving my fantastic dogs and all of their sweet love and personalities!!

I am loving that Canada Day is coming up, although it just goes to show that time is flying waaay tooo fast!!

Be sure to check out the link ups here and here!!

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life Isn't.....

- Life isn't all rainbows and flowers. Sometimes it storms without a rainbow, there is only a CHANCE at seeing a rainbow after storm, just as life has chances too. Flowers go through stages, just as we do in life and eventually die.
- Life isn't fair. Fair: adj. fair·er, fair·est
If you add "life isn't" in front of each statement defining fair, it's true, life is not any of those things! It is not moderately good, it is not just to all parties, it is not impartial, and it is far from promising. It storms in life, it is continuously filled with blemishes, and it is definitely not free from all obstacles. So when someone says life is not fair, it is a true definition, from every angle of the word fair!
- Life isn't about keeping score. It does not matter how much money you have, how many friends you have. It is not a competition.
- Life isn't about how many breaths you take, it is about those moments that take your breath away!

- Life isn't full of expectations. You live the way you live, you love the way you love. There is no guarantee. It is full of disappointment, tragedy and misunderstanding.
- Life isn't about waiting, opportunities come and go and they may not wait for you.
- Life is not about finding yourself. You will never find it because you don't know what your looking for!
- Life isn't simple. It is far from consistent, far from innocent.
- Life is not easy. It isn't supposed to be.
- Life is not always wrapped up perfectly in a package.

Life is about who you love and how you show them.
Life is about being the friend you would want to have.
It is about meaning what you say and how you say it.
It is about making mistakes and learning from it.
Life is about acting on opportunity, being spontaneous.
Life is a gift.
It is about picking up the pieces when someone cannot.
It is about finding the light and continuing on, no matter what.
Life is a battle.
Life is full of choices.
It is about living life to the fullest, not dwelling on the past, not jumping into the future.
Life is challenging.
It is about creating yourself.
Life is about the choices you make. So choose carefully!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Manic Monday

Wow, it is June 20 already, I feel like I missed the whole month!!!

I am trying not to become maid of dishonor while planning my BF's bridal shower. It is this coming Saturday and I feel like I am forgetting soo much!! So I am going to break it down and hope that you readers will tell me what I am forgetting:
- veggie tray - someone is bringing
- fruit tray - someone is bringing
- punch bowl - pick up from my sister
- coffee is taken care of
- decorations, including plates, napkins, balloons and table cloths - someone is bringing
- flowers - I am picking up
- cake - I am picking up
- spinach dip and pumpernickel bread - someone is bringing
- chips - I am picking up
- present - have not got yet
- 2 gifts for guests - 1 is made, need to buy one other
- I need to pick up clothes pins for the game
- paper and pens for "advice for the bride"

I think that is it... what am I forgetting?

Now I will recap my weekend for you all!

Friday night was the first game of our ball tournament, which we lost, but we definitely had fun!! We were playing with a mush ball, which I would compare to a bouncy ball!! Right after that game M had his men's league game, so we headed straight there. They lost as well... I won't lie, it was brutal! Oh and the mosquitoes for horrendous!!

My allergies have been something fierce and they still are no better... soo frustrating!!

Saturday morning M ended up working, so down to the diamond (which is just down the street) I went. We lost again, but still had fun!! We invited everyone back to our house after for burgers and beer. Then we headed to our 3rd game, we got a little closer to winning, but still lost... but I am kind of happy about that because it was hot and becoming humid out. Everyone came back after and we just sat out on the patio with a few drinks. M and I headed into town after everyone left around 6:00. We picked up some steaks to grill, I showered, ate and headed to bed.

Sunday we were off to the lake for the first official time. I wasn't feeling the best... thank you allergies and didn't end up taking any pictures! We just sat around the dock and relaxed and then headed to Dover on the boat for dinner. The water was a bit choppy on our way there, but was fine on the way back to the marina!

While we were gone, M missed a bad medical call, so when we got home, we popped over to M and J's to see how M was doing, as he was at the call. The patient (17 year old female) ended up passing away. Such a tragic young loss.

Today I don't have anything on the go and I am loving it!!

How was your weekend?


Friday, June 17, 2011

Forcast for Friday

So, we have come across another Friday and another weekend jam packed full with what I hope to be FUN!!

I just wish I felt better, but these allergies are seriously kicking my ass!!

Tonight our co-ed ball team is playing our first game in a local tournament. This tournament is played with a mush ball... which is something we are far from used to! Our team is filled with some great people, who come out to have a good time, we don't win very often, it is just a bonus if we do! We entered this tournament last year and we had a blast, the mush ball is like playing with a bouncy ball, it is impossible to catch normally or even hit properly!

I was thinking back to last year when we played in this tournament and I recalled the fact that I did not play because I had twisted my back!! You can read about my week of bad luck here. I would like to think that this year I am in better shape, I did pull my chest muscle from sneezing, but I didn't get hit in the head at ball this past week and my back is not twisted. My head is pounding though and once again my allergies are horrendous, but I can survive that much!!

So we play at 7 in the village and the M has his men's league game at 8:30 just outside of the village!! Saturday morning we play at 10:15 and 12:45 for sure. The team will be popping back to our place in between games and after for burgers and beer! The weather is supposed to be half decent too, with only small chances of storms, but it will be hot out - no complaints here!!

Sunday we are headed down to the boat for the 2nd time, although technically it is the first time because the boat wasn't even in the water at that point! Then Ashley goes into crazy bridal shower planning on Monday!!!

What do you have planned for the weekend?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday

So today I am trying out a new link up!!!

I am linking up with The Vintage Apple!! Wanna get in on the fun? Head on over and link up!! Want to get hooked on Pinterest? Let me know, I will invite ya!! Just want to check out my pins? Find me here!!

So let's get started with a  few of my favs!! (Click on the pictures to follow the link)

Love this look!!! I want one in my bedroom... still adding frames to the collection to get started!!

I feel this way most of the time, but still have a hard time finding motivation...
(However if you go to this link... it is DISGUSTING.. the girl may be anorexic!! I don't want to look like that!!)

 This is the recipe I made the other night for J's birthday and it was DELICIOUS!!! Very sweet, but fantastic!! Be sure to try it!!!

Love these shoes!!!

Why does her hair ALWAYS look good? I would like her stylist please!!!

and one more:

Soooo true!!!

Have a good day!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who I Am Today

The woman that I am today, was not the woman I was yesterday, today I am older, wiser, and more experienced. Today I am ready to face the world with my life on my back. I would like to think that I am stronger today than I was yesterday.

If I take a look into my past I can see how much I have grown and how much I have changed. I can see the lessons I have learned. I can see the things in life that changed me.

My dog taught me unconditional love. To love someone or something sooo much, no matter what and to be loved back no matter what. I would love to say that my parents taught me this, and they did sort of - they taught me that concept of it. We all KNOW our parents love, but to be loved by something/someone different hits home. Snoopy (my shih tzu - first dog) loved ME for ME, with all my flaws, throughout all my life changes and stages, no matter what. He loved the person that I didn't even know I was. From the moment I met him, before I had even decided to keep him, he loved me. Some people would say pets have a good judge of character... lol

My husband taught me all about love, every aspect of it and although I am still learning about love throughout life's lessons, I love him more than he will ever know it and I am pretty positive that he loves me more than I will ever know.

The importance to learning life's lessons is to be open to the possibilities, to love who you are today and who you were yesterday, no matter what.

I know that at certain points in my life I have done things that I am not proud of, some of those things changed me, some for the good and some for the bad - depending how you look at it. I have said things to people that maybe I should not have, I have let people down, I have argued over pointless issues, etc. We have all done this.

I have stood up for myself when no one else would. I have stood my ground. I believe my beliefs - whether or not the person beside me believes them as well. I am an individual. These things take a lot out of person. They empower you, but they will also make it easy for others to judge.

But who is the real judge? In my opinion, the only judgement that counts is yours. If you can look back on a situation and ask yourself if you handled that correctly. There will always be things you could have done differently.

Have you ever wondered what other's think of you? It is an interesting perspective.

I am sure that people think that I am strong-willed and opinionated. Oh wait rewind... I have heard what others have thought in the past... (you may remember this). I might even come across as a bitch... I am sure that some people think I am nice and friendly, kind and generous, etc. I guess it depends on who you ask.

But have you ever wondered why people think what they think? This is where is gets interesting.

Why would someone think I am strong-willed/opinionated/bitchy? Because I will stand up for myself and those around me? Maybe. But what these people don't know is that deep down inside it is a hard task and yes, maybe it takes a certain kind of guts, but do they know how deep you need to dig to get there? I grew up being the shiest person. I was picked on and never said a peep. I am sure we all know what that feels like. Why would I have let it happen back then without saying anything? It wasn't okay, no one stood up for me. Now I feel like people need to know where to draw the line. It is not okay and I am not going to pretend that it is. In a situation, part of me is that little girl and then the woman I am today stands up for her. I am not suggesting that flying off the handle is a good idea. You need to respect the people around you and that is what it comes down to. If you are not going to respect me, I am not going to stoop to your level, but I am also not going stand there and take your nonsense. I am sorry... I guess I could say I have been there and done that and it is not okay.

 I have been referred to "there are people like you and I am not one of them" - what does that mean? I don't go out of my way to hurt people's feelings, I don't crave conflict and I don't disrespect people blatantly. I was kind of taken back when I heard this because I thought is this an insult? But then after thinking about it, no it is not. Do I love having issues with people? No. In general, do I have problems with people? No. Do I try to avoid confrontation? Yes. Will I stand up for myself? Yes. Would I do whatever I could to help someone? Yes. What is wrong with this picture? Nothing. I am me. People will only see the part of you that they want to. So if you act out once, it makes you - in their mind. I don't like being categorized, partially because I don't understand it. How can you categorize me - based on the life I live or based on incidents that have happened in the past? Do you really know me? Is that a fair judgement?

I don't want a pity party when I say that my life is far from easy, because just as mine isn't, chances are that yours isn't either and we all know that there are people far worse off. I am loved and to me that is the most important aspect of life. Life would be boring without struggles. Life is what you make it, not how others see it. It has definitely made me think twice on the way I portray myself. And soon, it too will change me. Always be open to change, it is not necessarily a bad thing.

It is life's little moments that change us the most. Let go of your past and become the person you are today.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Manic Monday and Reno Pics Revealed

Okay, I did it... the pictures have been taken and I will be revealing them!! But let's recap the weekend a bit first shall we?

Friday night: M had ball, however I did not attend this game, which is fine because it doesn't sound like I missed much... they lost again! But J and I headed to a buck and doe to help out N & K. The guys showed up a bit later and some fun was had.

Saturday morning M had to work and I managed to sleep in. It was very much needed on my part, since my allergies have turned into a cold... fun.. let me tell you about it... okay I will spare you the details, but it sucks!!

I worked on laundry and tidying up the house a bit. M came home in the afternoon with the back hoe and operation: outside was in progress. M cleaned out the garage of the flooring debris, although it is still dusty in there, you can see the floor and it is a usable space again. Then we began the work on the gardens... hard to imagine there was a garden underneath all the weeds... it was BAD! M also brought home the round up. That will be going on tonight I hope! We emptied the hot tub for the summer, which is the first time we have emptied since we got it! Crazy!!! Saturday night we just laid low and relaxed - we have not done that in a very long time!!

Sunday morning I slept in AGAIN and then we were back to those gardens. We headed to town for some lunch and groceries. I also needed more hangers... we won't discuss that with Mike though okay? M headed out for his first golf game in 4 years... he didn't do horrible, I just told him that now he has set the bar to show room for improvement.... lol. He was only 50 over.... I promised I would go out with him, although I am sure my talent is lacking... I used to golf in my teenage years, in fact my Dad made me take lessons with him.  While the boys and J were golfing, K and I made a birthday cake for J. I will definitely be sharing the recipe with you, once I see how it goes over... Overall K and I had a great girl's afternoon with little Miss G! Love that kid!! Oh and we definitely did not watch the Bachlorette eatting cookie dough, just in case anyone asks.... ;)

Today I am working away on laundry and getting the house ready to entertain, it would be a lie for me to tell you that my house has NOT been neglected during these renos... haha. I cannot wait to have it back to normal.

Happy Birthday J!!!

Tonight I am hosting girl's night, but I invited the boys to come for cake, but told them they couldn't stay long!!

So you wanna see some pics of our projects? Okay... here goes nothing, just keep in mind the finishing touches are NOT done!!

So this was the old laundry room... home of our new office before:

This picture was taken from before we moved in, but we did not change the color or the floors... they are *fantastic* though... (note my sarcasm)....

So our office now looks a little like this now:

Yes, there are taps coming out of the wall... they are for the sink. We are keeping a sink in this room, but casing it in, it is just not in yet!! M didn't want to lose his water for the bar, so it is a bit of a multifunctional room...

There is also that random dryer vent still there and the gas line from the dryer which will be leaving at one point, as well as a cieling tile missing, as M was fishing the internet line back down. Curtains will also be coming too!! I am loving having all the bookcases in one room though!

I am just happy that green is gone...

And now on to the Master Closet... which did not exist before:

This is what the space looked like before, but there was a false wall in between for some reason. This space exists between the laundry room and our master bedroom.

This is the view after from the laundry room (we kept access from the laundry room)

and this is what it looks like from the bedroom... I have a door to my closet!!! (it is not trimmed in yet...)

 And this is what it looks like inside:

I haven't even filled the whole closet yet!!!

Oh and you may have just got a sneak peak of the dress I plan to wear to the weddings in July...

We have sooo much space that we did not have before and we never would have imagined we would get all that space!!!

So there you have it... the finished rooms will be posted as they are complete, but that is what we have been up to!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pinteresting Friday

Since I have fallen in love with my Pinterest.... I have decided to bring you Pinteresting Friday... a few of my favorites on Pinterest right now!!

I hope you enjoy and if you want to see more of what I am Pinterested in... you can find me HERE!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

(Oh and it is hard to believe that today I have been at my new job for 1 year officially!!! I guess I can't call it new now!!)

 Sunshine and pearls
Love this hair do!!!

 desire to inspire - - Nathan and Brandi's bedroom makeover
I am still fascinated with grey and yellow!!! Love the ruffles too!!

Google Image Result for
Winnie the Pooh was a pretty smart bear!!!

These Are Days to Remember...: what to do, what to do
These look delicious!!! Want the recipe? It is HERE!!

Raspberry Lemonade Recipe HERE

Okay, I will leave you with those to admire over the weekend!! More info on all of them can be found on my Pinterest (link is above)!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is There A Such Thing As Bathroom Etiquette?

So I have a bit of a problem...


I feel a bit better now getting that off my chest... but seriously people I HATE them! I have always had a problem with them for as long as I can remember back to! Where shall I start?

Is there a such thing as bathroom etiquette?

- Porto-potties - CAN NOT DO IT! Nope, I cannot even take step into one. I even had a fancy one at my wedding for the guests and it was super clean and white, apparently it even had flowers and potpourri, I wouldn't know it because I didn't use it!! Even as a child... wouldn't do it!!

- Peeing on the side of the road or in a bush - been there... tried that... note I was very intoxicated and I needed peer support to convince me to... I will not do that again and when I have kids, you will not find me encouraging them to pee on the side of the road, not to mention the fact that I am pretty sure it is illegal!

- Using one of those hole in the wall truck stops - NOPE... I tried, didn't even make it into the stall of that bad boy... once I saw the "reusable towel roll" that was BROWN, I b-lined it out of there!

Thanks to all of these incidents I have a remarkable bladder that can I can hold... don't remind me of this when I am elderly please... I don't mean to brag, after all I know it is not good for you, but what else is a girl to do? I have also been told that if you hold it for too long, it can affect your orgasms....Yes I just said orgasm on my blog... I am not to sure how I feel about that! HA! You can't say my blog is not informative!!

Now let's take a look at an everyday bathroom experience, you know when you are not on the road or at a party or concert... Like work...

I work in an office building and we have a common bathroom for anyone to use. Fine, no problem, my office is not overly busy. In fact, if I see one of the ladies from the other offices walk past my door, I assume it is to use the ladies room and I will wait if I have to go. I just think it is courteous. Because I know I certainly don't like it when people are in the bathroom with me, so if I can help it, I try to avoid it! However, sometimes it happens...

- I cannot pee when there is someone else in the room. It is something about knowing that someone will hear me pee? Is that weird? Am I the only one out there? I mean sometimes if I really HAVE to go, I can, but most of the time I get stage fright!!  Yup, I totally just diagnosed myself with stage fright in the bathroom!

- Does anyone find it weird if someone is singing or humming? I do... I actually find it weird if someone is talking on their cellphone in the public bathroom... I have had both of these things happen and it really makes the stage fright worse!

- Who talks to a stranger in the public bathroom... I am not talking about a BIG public bathroom.. it is small, like 3 stalls, 2 sinks type of deal! Don't get me wrong I will talk to strangers with no problem at all, but the bathroom? Really? Like come on people... you could have just heard me pee... AWKWARD!!!

- I don't like being followed, it creeps me out and this does not happen all that often because I try to monitor the offices around me, but being followed into the bathroom makes me want to hurry up and shut the stall door...

Other things that happen in public bathrooms that bother me...

- No toilet paper.. really... it sucks and it has happened to us all at one point or another. What do you do? I remember one time I had a little kid in the stall beside me.. I waited until they left the stall and luckily they had pulled the toilet paper all the way down so it was almost touching the ground, so I totally grabbed what I could and pulled a large amount off.. ripped the "contaminated by the ground part off" and called it a day! And people wonder why girls are in the bathroom longer than guys...

- I think they should have hand sanitizers in each stall, so not only can you sanitize your hands after touching the handle, but you can sanitize the seat... I hate it when people piss on the seat... disgusting! I mean how hard is it? Or if people let their little kids pee all over the place... GROSS!!

- I also hate it when the garbage is not by the door... I don't want to open the door with my freshly cleaned hands... that's what the paper towel is for after I dry my hands!

- I also don't like it when people don't wash their hands... you just came out of the bathroom, whether you did anything or not, you touched something that someone else did after they did use the bathroom... GROSS!

My list could obviously go on forever...

I am telling ya, this bathroom problem is stressful!! This probably won't be the last post on this topic... just so ya know! I have been holding out on you all this whole time... keeping this big bad secret in, but now it is out there, I feel like I may have shed a layer or something and can keep going on now...

Please tell me I am not the only crazy person out there....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weee Bit Of Love On Wednesday

{one} how many times have you been a bridesmaid/maid of honor?
I was a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding and I am currently a Maid Of Honor for my best friend who is getting married in August!!

{two} what’s the last thing you do before you fall asleep at night?
 M kisses my forehead every night before I fall asleep, but I suppose the last thing I do is cuddle with the cat some nights!

{three} you just won your dream vacation, all expenses paid. where are you going?
This is tough... so I think I would go with a world tour, hitting up Europe, Australia, Africa, Fiji, Switzerland, Germany and definitely the Caribbean!
{four} what is your favorite outdoor activity?
It would have to be spring/Summer/fall for me to be found outdoors, but I love boating, walking, playing baseball, or even just entertaining around a campfire!
{five} as a child, what did you want to “be when you grew up”? did you end up there?
I also said I wanted to be a hair stylist at first, then my passion for animals came out and I wanted to be a vet - but didn't like the thought of putting animals to sleep (I would probably be the most emotional vet out there), then I thought a lawyer would be fun too. What did I end up doing? Well I volunteered with the Humaine Society, took law clerking in school, I cut my own hair and M's sometimes, I groom my own pets and now I am a cardiology tech/medical office assistant all while running and maintaining the office!! So I have almost incorporated all of my childhood "dreams" career-wise!
{six} what are 3 things your dream home would have that you don’t currently have?
Hmmm.. this would have been easier a month ago, but now I actually have to think about it! Before it would have been master closet, main floor laundry for sure. Now I would say: master en suite bathroom with a big soaker tub, a pool and ideally I would love to be on a farm!
{seven} what’s for dinner tonight?
Um that would be undecided, but after thinking about it, I am going to say chicken ceaser salad wraps!!
{eight} if someone stopped by your house unannounced on a typical Saturday night, what would they find you doing?
We would be entertaining probably or not even home. Saturday nights are usually filled with plans!! If we were home by chance we would be laying low, either watching a movie together or watching TV separately on different floors... M and I don't have a lot of TV shows in common!
{nine} what’s your average monthly water bill?
We just started paying for our water and it costs us about $45 flat rate right now! I doubt we even use that much with just the two of us!
{ten} what do you do to relax?
Soak in the hot tub, singing always works, take a nap!
Head on over HERE to play along!!!
On the car side of things: I only ended up having to replace the bolts, luckily I did not have to replace the ball joint or anything else! I cannot even grasp how "lucky" I am that I was not on the highway when this happened or that minimal damage was done or that I didn't end up in an accident or injured at all after this! Someone is watching down on me and if I had to guess who... it would be my Grandpa - he was always worried about car safety!! If you missed what happened, you can check it out HERE.
I get to pick up my car tonight hopefully and then make a FOR SALE ad for it!!
I am loving that we managed to get the office half set up last night!! We still have to build in the sink/pump, but we don't have the sink yet. I know what you are thinking - sink in office? WTF? Well M wanted to keep the laundry sink for the bar (which is connected to the office, and we decided to get a new laundry sink instead of a regular sink so we can still use it to wash big dishes and what not. We plan on making a cover for it and encasing it so it looks less sinkish!! LOL!
I am loving the fact that we do not have a ball game scheduled for tonight because I FEEL LIKE CRAP!!! Thank you allergies... no really THANK YOU.... note the sarcasm...
I am loving this summer weather we are getting!! I think I even have a bit of color back!
That is all I have for today...


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