Monday, December 5, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Wow, that was a busy weekend, but it was soo good, as we spent lots of time with family celebrating!!! Oh and look at this a weekend Rewind post up on a Monday... before 4 PM at that!! Man life has a way of getting busy!!   

 Friday Noah went out with Grandma, and while he was gone, I managed to get the bathroom tile grout and floors cleaned! I honestly thought our grout was just dark, as any time I have washed the floors, it never changed... well I tried a new homemade cleaning solution and it will be my goto for everything!! I did my sinks with it on Sunday and they are sparkling!! I love that it is chemical free and fairly cheap to make, as it is just made up of 7 cups of hot water, 1/2 a cup of baking soda, 2/3 a cup of lemon juice and 1/4 cup of vinegar and it doesn't smell horrible!! My bath tub and tile are up next!! Look at these before and afters:

Noah was just kind of off all day and turned out to have a fever of 102 at bedtime. We managed to get it to come down, but he woke up a few times in the night and his fever was on and off. Poor guy. He had no other symptoms otherwise.    When he woke up Saturday morning he had a low fever, but was acting fine, ate his breakfast pretty good, the fever came down with medicine and we were torn on whether or not to take him to gymnastics. We decided to give it a go, and I'm glad we did, because he just loves the class! He hasn't missed one class and next week is last class. He did great with it and still had lots of energy afterwards, so it seemed to be the right decision. We grabbed some lunch and headed to the farm, as we had a family Christmas planned that afternoon there. Our morning didn't quite go as planned, so the cherry cheesecake didn't get made until after, the kids weren't dressed, we were pretty much just on the hot mess express train. 
 We had a great Christmas celebration with Mikes extended side of the family. The kids really enjoyed their presents and playing with thier cousins. The food was great and we were all stuffed by the end of it. 

 After everyone left, we had a secret family mission that we went on and I cannot wait to share it all with you!! We stopped back at the farm on our way home to pick up Gracie and all our stuff! Noah's fever creeped back up right before bed again, luckily he has a new pal Marshall to help him feel better:

Sunday morning was another busy one, I was supposed to meet my sister for 11, however we ended up meeting her at 11:15 instead. M took the kids back home to hang out and nap, while Amy and I hit up Costco to get a few things we needed for my Mom's surprise retirement party!! Imagine this, we actually pulled it off, with the help of my aunt!! 

Mike brought the kids after thier naps and they had fun playing with their cousins:

I can't event tell you how excited I was to have this girl wearing a little dress and well she did have a hair clip in her hair, that M forgot to put back in. I was soo excited to have her wearing a hair clip, because she has JUST enough hair to wear it, so stay tuned for pictures of her with it in!! 

Right before we left to come home Noah took a spill cutting his lip and gum open - insert blood everywhere... the poor guy wasn't upset about it, but mad that he couldn't keep playing!! He is tough and ALL boy I tell ya! Hopefully his lip heals quickly because we have a visit with Santa planned for this coming weekend! 

Today I can hardly believe Em is 8 months!! Wow! I guess I should get her 7 month post up eh?? 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Soo apparently I failed at blogging the rest of the week last week, and well this week isn't shaping up to be much better now is it??
Our past weekend was seriously fun!! 
Friday I had to goto London to take to get another ear impression made for her hearing aid. That little ear grows soo fast! But I thought I would make a day of it and went in a little earlier. Noah went shopping with Grandma and Em and I left around 11 AM. We stopped at the IKEA pick up location first, where I bought some new bowls and plates and some new stuffies for the kids. Em is in love with this flamingo:
After that I met my sister, we did a little shopping and then decided to surprise my mom on her last day of work with succulent arrangement. She was pretty surprised and loved having Em there to show off!! Crazy to think she is retired now!! 
I cut it really close to dropping my sister off and making it to the university for Emilya's appointment for a new ear mould impression for her hearing aid. But we made it, Em tolerated it well and we were on our way, but first a quick nursing session in the car. I may have snuggled her a little extra, because these moments don't last anymore. 
We hit up Costco and I was going to stop at the mall in our way home, but there was a line up to park - black friday, so we went straight home instead. But I did enjoy one of these on the way home: 
It's the most wonderful time of the year with these  
marshmallow santas!
This guy had fun shopping and hanging out with Grandma! We had a family dinner at the farm beforehand heading home to get our bedtime routine going. 
Saturday was pretty much a write off... we had gymnastics in the morning, and then once we get the kids down for a nap, we decided we would move the furniture around the room to accommodate Christmas, however M got a medical page, then M's parents needed some help moving furniture out, the kids woke up and well we ended up changing the room around twice, all just to put it back pretty much to how we had it! 
We at least had cute helpers...
Oh and the boys had a little DIY project... they put power in my console table behind the couch!! 
And of course we had some fun during all the chaos... um Em, you gotta little something there on your cheek:
Sunday was fun, soo much fun! I found myself flooded with soo much joy that I found myself with tears in my eyes at times. Sometimes it is just soo hard to believe how far we have come. 
We started with decorated our peanut butter and toast with sprinkles:
Then we put up the tree and had to fluff out all the branches:
Miss Em was ready for her first tree decorating day too:
Noah had to Em all about Christmas:
And well it was a long perfectly beautiful day full of memories made and this girl just took them all in. She was super snuggly by bedtime, so I held her just a little longer!! 
And the finished product:
We have been wrapping presents as they come in and we needed to fill the back of the tree so a certain little girl wouldn't get back there!! You bet she loves laying under the tree!! Best gift ever, along with her brother that is!! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Weekend Rewind

It happened, we saw the white stuff for the first time this season! Noah was pretty excited, me not so much...But let's rewind all the way to Friday, when it was 20 degree and gorgeous out!!! We decided to take advantage of the weather and hit up a new park we found, just a shirt drive away.  It's a brand new park in a new subdivision and even with it being a PA Day, it wasn't too busy! It was an awesome park, only down fall was that it had no big trees yet! An added bonus was that Noah was able to see all the big machines working! It had a zip line, spinny seats, swings, a teeter totter, 2 different jungle gyms, a merry-go-round type of thing,  a rock wall, and monkey bars! Noah had a blast and Em really loved the swings:
After nap we pulled out the bouncy castle since it was 20 degrees and likely the last time to use it this year, and of course Noah had no complaints!!
M brought home dinner and then last minute we decided to check out Wondernite at the church. It's an awesome program the church puts on for the kids in the community, they do activities, sing songs, have dinner and play!! Noah had a blast!! They do this once a month, so we will likely go back to check it out for the full program next time! 
Saturday morning was gymnastics and apparently Noah lost his listening ears before we went... he participated, but job st wasn't listening the best. Let's just say we didn't find his ears for the rest of the weekend. But we still managed to have some fun anyways. After gymnastics, we braved Walmart with the kids, grabbed lunch and headed home! 
Noah has been really interested in the cats and Lux has been brave enough to visit in small spurts! 
We decided last minute to goto the Santa Claus parade in town, it was cold and snowing, but it was fun! Noah love it!! He was pretty excited to see Santa, but the little trucks were his favorite!! 
My phone died, so I had to use M's phone, hence the crummy quality. 
Noah refused to keep his mitts on, so he was not happy when it came time to get in the truck with his freezing hands... hard lesson t learn perhaps??
Sunday we went through Noah's toys, since my sister sent some hand me downs. We may be turning into a toy factory... we managed to make a box to donate and a box to hand down to his cousin, but we still have soo much and only more to come, so perhaps after Christmas we can do it again! 
I ran into town quickly to pick up a few gifts. It was such an unpleasant trip... I spent 30 minutes in a store choosing the perfect gifts and their debit was down, so I thought well I have a gift card I can use... nope that wouldn't work either. It's been down all morning and they don't know when it will be back. Well they could have put a sign up!! Then I went to Canadian Tire And a lady tore a strip off me for "driving too close" to her parked car... telling me I almost hit "her" car. Even after explaining I know my vehicle and reassuring her I was not going to hit her vehicle... "but you could have..." but I didn't and when she told me where to go AND how to get there...The part that ticked her off the most was when I smiled said "Thanks, Merry Christmas". 
She even had her boyfriend wait for me to come out of the store and then parked in front of my car to give me the finger... Then I watched a car almost hit an elderly lady crossing the parking lot because they couldn't wait for her to finish getting across. People are just soo rude this time of the year instead of joyful. This is why I shop online....
My Dad came over shortly after for dinner and to help me with making Emilya's growth board
Noah wanted to help, so we let him color while we painted. Well he wanted to look like Grandpa, so he drew his own beard and goatee...
What a kid...
The mostly finished product: 
We need to add some gold sparkles still! 
The fun didn't stop there... Mike's parents came for dinner as well!! Noah and M made apple crisp for dessert, which was delicious! 
Yes, Em stayed in her pjs ALL day! It was cold and snowy!! 
After we got the kids down, M ended up heading into Emerg because he kept getting major swelling on his hands and feet randomly for a week now and it was itchy. Turns out it is his body's way of fighting this virus we all have and they gave him some antibiotics. 
So it was a fun weekend nonetheless, but I am looking forward to decorating for Christmas this weekend!! 

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Baby Niche

Bows, bows and more bows, how could we possibly need anymore bows??
Well the funny thing is, there is no such thing as TOO many bows right?? Okay, don't ask my husband, he may have a different opinion.   
 Today I want to talk about one of my favorite Canadian shops that I order from much too often, but they just keep coming out with more and more adorable bows!!    The Baby Niche is a shop based out of Alberta, we all know I love Alberta and if our business wasn't based here, we would totally move! It is the home of some really amazing shops and of course great friends and we can't forget the mountains!  
Meet Nysha, the momprenuer behind the shop, a mom of 3 littles and a hair dresser!! 

Her shop offers real leather bows, vegan bows, felt bows, nylon headbands, leather headbands, your choice of clips or headbands and guess what? The clips actually stay on, thanks to the grippy on them! The shop also offers leather soother clips, silicone and wood teethers. Nysha was kind enough to send a few extras to review with my first order and although I can't report on clips yet, I know soon enough she will be able to wear them!! 

So what can I report on? Well obviously the bows, both vegan and leather, both clips and head bands and honestly, the quality is amazing, heck they even withstand Noah taking them, stretching the bands and guess what they don't wreck because of the nylon bands! Em doesn't quite have enough hair for the clips yet, but I cannot wait to start accessorizing with them when she does!! I can also report on the amazing customer service offered. This shop is great at communication with you, which makes ordering again and again very easy. 

We also have a leather soother clip, along with the little grey fox silicone teether and wood ring teether. Em loves the fox teether the most and it is just the perfect size for her hold on to. The leather braided clip is great, although she doesn't use a pacificer, but I have been hooking the silicone teether to it for in the car and that way she can't lose it!  

Now I could post a whole lot of pics of Em wearing the headbands, but instead I will pick a few!! 

Like our family photos: 

And for some holidays:

It's seriously a happy mail day when they come:

And of course for everyday wear:

They also really work great for our monthly photos:

I'm soo happy that headbands and bows don't seem to bother her at this point!! She rarely rips them off at this point!! I know that will likely change soon enough, so for now, she will wear all the bows haha! 

Sooo if you have a little girl you NEED to check out this shop and maybe you need to buy a gift for a little girl? Well let this be your goto shop!! 

You can't beat her prices, especially when she has her amazing sales and specials!! 

You can find her shop HERE
On Facebook HERE
And search "thebabyniche" on Instagram
Happy shopping!! 


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