Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend Recap


Friday was a busy day for us, but it was filled with fun and was actually a really good day considering our week with tantrums. 

I took Noah to go and visit Grandpa and Daddy in the field and guess what... I didn't take one picture!! In fact I didn't even pull out my phone once to find an hr and half later I had a tone of missed messages! Oops!!  Long story short, Noah had a blast "helping" out in the field. We went for a kobota side by side ride, he helped load tile, went for a tractor ride with Grandpa and rode in the big plow for a while. He was like a kid in a candy store, wanting to ride each machine!! It's nice that they are soo close to home for a change so I can take home field trips (literally) whenever this week. It also means M's travel time isn't as long either!! 

We stopped at the farm to have an impromptu lunch with Grandma, staying up way past naptime, but we got home for 2:00 and he still had a 2 hr nap!! N and baby Kara came over for a visit, so I was able to give her thier photos I took a while back and catch up! Noah loved pulling off the baby socks and sharing with her. 

Friday night was nice and low key, Noah was still on cloud nine from his day, which made life soo much easier during the hardest part of our day. He was still talking about it when M got home. 


Saturday morning M took Noah to work. It completely through off his whole morning routine, in a good way, but he didn't quite get what we were saying until we started getting him dressed for outside! He had a blast with Daddy surveying. While the boys were at work, I had a quiet hour to myself before getting ready to head into town to do some running around. 

I started off with dropping off my laptop to get it diagnosed and recovered. Fingers crossed they can at least recover my hard drive!! I should hear back today or tomorrow. Then I decided to try to find some fabric for a project in Noah's room... I came out empty handed. I headed to Winners to attempt some Christmas shopping... It was a zoo!! I couldn't find my dry shampoo, but did get an ornament for Noah and a sweater for myself!! Why the heck did I even try Christmas shopping on a Saturday... I'm way better off to brave the store during the week with a toddler in tow than shopping 
on a weekend! Last stop was to Home Depot to exchange the can of ceiling paint I bought Thursday because it didn't have primer built into it. Then I picked up Noah on my way back home.

After nap he was still pretty chill, which was good because when M got home from work, he went right to painting while Noah napped! 

Saturday night we got our first snow storm. It came down. We got about 10 cm, but hopefully it's gone by the end off the week when he get above zero temps again!! I know we can't complain, we have really had it good, but it also meant snuggles on the couch!! 



We decided to have M's parents over for dinner, so we tried a new crock pot ham recipe, it was rather simple to make, with pineapple juice, and brown sugar and then about half way through we added some pineapple slices inbetween slices we made into the ham. The flavour was soo yummy!! I kept Noah busy all morning while M finished painting, then during nap time I headed out to pick up a new rug for the nursery, so we could just use the current rug in there for Noah's room. I also grabbed some groceries while I was out. The stores were busy, I think the new snow put everyone in the Christmas shopping mood. 

My drive home from town was low visibility because it had started to squall out, so my first winter driving if the season happened. Luckily the roads weren't slippery. 

We enjoyed a nice dinner and M's Dad helped M start building Noah's big boy bed. Of course Noah had to help too!!

M finished putting the bulk of the bed together after Noah fell asleep and it is almost all done, with just the drawers left to assemble. 

This morning I woke up feeling a cold coming on... Which sucks. I'm pretty sure I know where it came from... But how can I be mad at this face:

Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday's Weekly Recap

This week has been pretty busy, but this weekend is going to be pretty exciting as paint has the walls in Noah's big boy room!!

- I picked up the paint last night and we are all pretty excited to see the paint go up, as that brings us one step closer to getting Noah in the new room. He already tries to go there when we say bed time and we keep saying soon!! 

- speaking of the little man, we have started gaining more interest in the potty!! Noah has pooped and peed on the potty two nights in a row and peed 3 nights in a row before or after bath! We are soo proud of him and he seems pretty proud of it too!! We are not jumping into full on potty training yet, as he doesn't quite recognize when he has to go yet, but we are happy with this step in the right direction. He is seriously growing up so fast these days!! I was really nervous we were introducing a lot of big changes all at once, but soo far they have been on his terms and have gone with ease! 

- Felix is on the mend now that he is on meds. He is still not quite himself, but he is coming along and seems to be feeling much better. He ended up on antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory for his urinary tract infection. He ended up having to stay over at the vet clinic Monday night because his bladder was empty. We kept him in isolation once he got home for a few more days and he is now reunited with the rest of the house.

- we aren't sure if Noah is coming down with a cold or not. Hopefully not, but you never know with this time of the year. But between teething and a possible cold this week has been trying at times. Luckily we still have smiles coming across his face:

-  I am finally taking my lap top in this weekend to get diagnosed and get my files off. Luckily I had backed up all my photos a few weeks earlier, but there are recipe files I am missing and in need of! 

Not much else to report from the week. I am taking Noah to the field today to work with Daddy and grandpa for a bit, which he will love!! Yesterday was the first day he stayed home all day this week! 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

19 Weeks

How Far Along:
19 weeks

Size Of Baby?

Maternity Clothes?
Still mixing it up where I can, but mostly maternity clothes! 

Stretch Marks?
Nope, but I am putting on oil when I remember to! 

We will find out in April! Funny story though... Our doctor does know what Baby V is this time (with Noah he did not), so he asked us at our appointment if we wanted to know. I waited for Mikes instant response of NO - he is the one who said he definetely didn't want to know... He didn't respond, so I said no and then Mike agreed. Afterwards M tells me he almost said yes! I told him we could always find out at any point now... But he is back on the no train! 

We will share in April, our girl names are pretty much set, but boy names are very few, I will say we have two contenders and a middle name picked out! 

Is going well. 

Wendy's frosty - was amazing!! I haven't been wanting ice cream or anything like that, but the frosty was soo good!! Still can't eat potatoes, but will eat rice - this was opposite last pregnancy! Big meals are not my favorite still. 

Starting to feel lots of movement and loving every minute of it!! Baby is sitting soo much higher than I have ever felt. Noah was always super low, this baby is super high, kicks are up by my ribs - which is weird for me as I have never felt that before. 

Weight Gain:
Not sure to be honest. I think maybe 8/9 pounds? It's hard to guess because I'm not 100% sure of what my starting weight was with this pregnancy. 

Skin is still such a mess and not healing quick at all! Energy is hit and miss, I haven't napped much, but feel the need to goto bed early! I did feel super irritated one day this week - poor Mike... I at least make an effort to apologize. Worst part is I know I'm doing it, but can't stop myself. 

What I Miss?
Not much! 

Items Bought for Baby:
A worth the wait onesie! Noah had one, and this baby will also have one! Luckily we didn't wait as long, but it was still a journey to get to where we are. I also bought some gender nuetral newborn sleepers. I don't want to end up with with too many, but all of ours are boys because we didn't buy any newborn before hand, expecting a big baby, little did we know Noah lived in them for a few months! 

What the doctor had to say? 
Baby is healthy, the anatomy scan went well, however it was incomplete, so I have to go back in 3 weeks for a rescan to get imaging on the face and heart. They got a quick glimpse and there aren't any concerns, but the doctor wants a complete report. So here is to hoping this little peanut will co-operate this next time! My blood pressure was actually really good at this appointment too. So no concerns at all this week, which was music to my ears! 

This mama got her hair done this week!! Bye bye brought blonde, hello lowlights! We also have our anatomy scan! It was soo amazing to see this baby again! How cute is s/he with his/her hand up by his/her face? Noah was the exact same way, except Noah was flipping us the bird haha. 

Belly Button?
In, but I will say it is getting shallower already! 

Bump Pic:

Looking Forward To:
Getting Noah's big boy room ready!! 

These posts will be a week behind, as I am now 20 weeks. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Crowns and Coroknits

Today I want to share an amazing little Canadian shop that we are currently in love with!!
This shop carries a variety of items from cute trendy leggings, rompers, t-shirts, scarves, moccs, - this list goes on! I must say I am absolutely in love with their new hats:
This summer I ordered Noah a pair of their antler leggings. I love that this shop is Canadian, great prices and the sizing ranges from newborn up to 5T, not to mention the customer service is exceptional!
I ordered 2T for Noah, so I had to wait a few months for him to grow into them, and with that being said, Noah is tall and still has extra length in them! The material is soo soft as well. 
Shortly after ordering, the shop owner sent me the sweetest gift in the mail to review. One of her hew shirts!! How fitting for Noah:
Not to mention it looks great with his pants!! It is still a bit big, as it is a 2T as well and Noah is just starting to wear this size with shirts.
We wore a few weeks to a family function and everyone was sure to comment on the Naptime Warrior statement and how much they loved it!!
Here is how the outfit looks together:

We swapped the shoes out for his favorites from Parker and Posie of course!!


Thank you soo much for sending us the shirt to review! We absolutely love these pieces and cant wait to order more soon!!
Shop details:
Be sure to check out this amazing shop, you will not regret it!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekend Rewind

This weekend was a bit more low key to say the least. Yes we accomplished a few things, but we were not busy!!

Friday night I went over to a friends for girls night! Friday was a busy day for myself, as I had an appointment for my Dad in the morning to attend and then ultrasound and OB appointment for myself in the afternoon. 

My Dad watched Noah while we we were gone and the two had a blast together!! Love that they got some one on one time before he heads South for the winter! We also discovered Felix is suffering from some sort of urinary tract infection or crystals, so he is in isolation until we can get him treatment (Monday)

Saturday M had to do some surveying, so it was just Noah and I. We tackled some laundry and some snuggles on the couch with this pouty boy who just wanted to hang out with Daddy! 

Daddy got home around lunch time and Noah seemed to cheer up after his nap. He is teething right now, so is hit and miss with his mood. While Noah was napping we brought our fireplace out of storage (it's electric) and then M went to work on Noah's big boy room!! I decided a nap was necessary for myself, and woke when Noah did. Noah decided he wanted to help Daddy work on his room, so he scraped the walls, sprayed the walls or vacuumed. 

We had a nice steak dinner and then we all went up to the bedroom to finish the job and I'm happy to report the wallpaper is all gone!! We also laid out the furniture with tape - can you tell we are excited? We came up with a timeline and I am hoping Noah will be able to give his room a try the first weekend in December!! This week I will focus on picking up the paint for the room and over the next few weeks I will hopefully find a rug, black out blind and curtains. 

Sunday morning was pretty low key. We spent a lot of time as a family, worked on folding and doing laundry, as well as a few other small tasks. M repaired some of the walls in Noah's big boy room so we will be ready for paint next weekend!! We did a little mini photoshoot (stay tuned tomorrow) and then it was lunch time! 

During naptime, M went outside to finish up a few things on the roof from last weekend, and some yard work, while did some editing of blog posts and had a shower/bath. We headd to farm for Sunday dinner when Noah got up! 

Yes I slacked on photos this weekend, but there wasn't much to document really! It was just a nice low key weekend!! 

Noah was having too much fun at the farm, but we finally got him to sit still for a few minutes! 

Today we get the pleasure of taking Felix to the vet. I'm not looking forward to it at all, as he doesn't travel well at all and does horrible crated. So M's Mom is going to help me out by driving me to the vet, so I can wrap Felix up in a towel and carrying him in the car (that's how he does best) as he wrecks his face in the carrier. Wish us luck!! 


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