Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Noah - 8 Months

15 lbs 9 oz -  7 months
16 lbs 8 oz - 8 months

27.5 inches

Sleeping: No complaints in the sleep department! Noah has been spoiling me with sleep ins till 9 AM and his napping is still hit and miss. He is typically ready for bath, last feed and bed by 7:30/7:45 PM

Feeding: Noah is nursing every 3-4 hours, sometimes 5 hour stretches, but more consistently 4 hours! I have given up pumping every evening now. He loves eating solids! As time goes by, nursing in public settings or around others is getting to be pretty challenging, as it distracts Noah. Luckily he enjoys having juice in a bottle or sippy cup now, so that will work during those hard to nurse times! He is not so keen on water yet! We have been struggling with finding a sippy cup that doesn't leak, I finally found a transition cup that can go to a bottle nipple or a sippy cup style which is the latch by munchkin and it doesn't leak!! I also bought a few more avent bottles for juice, as he really likes them - they are just his size!

Foods Noah tried this month: 
- chicken
- kiwi
- yogurt
- chickpeas
- turnip
- pumpkin
- vanilla (yogurt) 
- strawberries

Clothing: Ugh I pulled out another box of clothes from Noah's drawers that do not fit anymore!! His sleepers are mostly 6 months, but he is starting to get too long for some of them! Much to my surprise 9 month sleepers are fitting him now too!! But with that being said, they are super roomy!! I'm finding 6 month pants are starting to get short, or at least some of them! 

Diapers: Noah is still sporting size 2's! But I did by some 3's for the future that I found on sale! 

Looks: Blue eyes, and light brown hair. 

What The Doctor Had To Say: Noah has hit the 10th percentile for weight, so the doctor is happy to see that, as that is where he was apparently at when he was born. Although we have always been told the 3rd.... But whatever. He is in the 50th percentile for length! He still has a flat spot on his head, but she is not concerned at this point. We go back next month to see both her and the pediatrician. 

Nicknames: Stretch, No Nap Noah, Little Bird, Sir, Captain, Mr. Magoo, Mr. Man, Bunny, Little Man,  Mama's Monkey. 

Likes: His hands, and he also likes to eat his feet now too! His fleece blankets, his lovey bears, snuggles, his turtle, his exersaucer, walks in the stroller, jolly jumper, Lux, Jazz, Grace and Lily. Noah loves seeing himself. Noah wants to stand all the time now or sit. He loves eating!! He loves reaching and grabbing everything he shouldn't and he loves watching football on Sundays! He also loves the remote control or pretty much anything he should have!!

Dislikes: The snot sucker! Oh boy does he hate that thing! Noah also hates being done eating! This kid would eat non-stop and end up with a huge belly ache if I'd let him, which we did try so see if he was actually still hungry, but nope he will keep going and still cry when finished! He also did not like turnip one bit!

Fur Baby Update: Gracie is more and more interested in Noah everyday, although being at the farm she is super jealous of the attention Noah gets. I think because it used to be her attention! She has been testing me lately while we are here, thinking she doesn't have to listen to me... She will be in for a rude awakening when we go home and a) she has no choice to listen to me (which she doesn't really have a choice here either, but she thinks she does) b) she won't be following Grandma around for extra attention - her name should be shadow! The cats are all the same, although Lux still comes to Noah for attention. 

Personality/Events: Noah got his first cold this past month! He is pretty much the happiest sick person I know! Yes, he has his melt downs and short temper, but overall, he was just as smiley as ever despite feeling crumby!

Noah went to St. Jacobs Market for the first time this month too!! It was such a great day, I really think he enjoyed taking in the new sights, and sounds! 

We got not one, but two pearly whites at once at 33 weeks, which explained his cranky outbursts! His two upper front teeth are breaking through! The one on the right more so than the one on the left! Poor baby!! All while we were in the process of moving out of the house, which is another thing that happened! We are living at the farm for a few weeks while our back end of the house gets a new roof/ceilings - redone! 

Noah outgrew his swing at the farm, it has officially been put away! He thought he could just sit up in it and I feared he would tip out of it! He doesn't even try that in the mamaroo! We are also putting away his bouncy seat, as he sits up in it too!! Looks like my house will be a little less cluttered with big baby stuff, but exchanged for baby toys!

Mommy & Daddy Update: Things are going well. Obviously not being at home has it's challenges, but we are just grateful to have to somewhere to go that isn't a hotel! As much as I said I missed having Noah in our room, now that he is back in our room and isn't sleeping as well, I miss him having his own room, where he would settle himself in the middle of the night, but now knows we are in the same room, so he waits for us to tend to him! Stinker! 

We left Noah for a whole afternoon/evening for the first time. We all survived. Although Noah did cry himself to sleep and therefore I was ready to leave the wedding that was an hours away. I know this was good for us in the long run, but there is no way I'm even close to being ready for an all nighter away. I missed him like crazy. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Another chilly damp weekend it was, which ultimately means we decided to forgo the pumpkin patch! M and I discussed it and with how windy it was this weekend, and crummy, Noah was a bear because of teething, we decided it was best to not expose him to the weather. He won't remember this year at all, but we will take some pictures here at the farm and do a pumpkin patch next year when he will get more out of it!

Friday we finally watched Frozen! Noah's first Disney movie and he actually watched it and enjoyed it! He would kick and dance to the songs, stop dead and stare at the screen during certain parts, soo cute!! I can say I finally saw it and enjoyed it as well!! 

Saturday we had a nice low key day together as a family! As I mentioned earlier, Noah was a bear, he didn't sleep well Friday night, actually none of us did! So he napped a few extra times in the day to try to bring him out of his mood, but overall it didn't really work! I did get started on making his banner for his baptism!

We went to the house to take a few things back and pick up a few things and decided to take Noah's 8 month photos! He wasn't overly smiley, but we also didn't have time to really try to get him to smile because it was soo cold in the house with it being exposed to the outdoor temps! So we snapped a few and headed back to the farm. You will see those tomorrow! 

We got dinner going, fed the little man and played for a bit with the dogs. It was good downtime together! Mike got Noah ready for his bath and I pretty much saved M's day because as he was carrying him to the bathtub I thought it looked like Noah was was trying to poop and sure enough... Mike panicked, which was priceless but handled it! Then before M put him in the bath he peed all over Mike too! Soo funny! 

He didn't go down very well Saturday night, I ended up dancing around the room with him to the country radio station and luckily got him down! M had already tried for over 45 minutes and I got him down in 10 minutes! 

He actually slept really well Saturday night, as did M and I! 

Sunday morning Noah was in a great mood, so we snapped some pics with my back drop quickly while he was in good spirits and all was well until about 11:30 and that is when all hell broke loose. Noah refused to nap, became super whiney and miserable and M and I were scrounging to solve each issue as they came up. I did manage to get most of Noah's baptism banner done at least! 

We were supposed to goto town to pick paint chips and railing but we were afraid to goto town with such a cranky baby, but by 4:00 he was no better, so off to town we went and he was pretty much asleep by the time we pulled out of the driveway!! Why didn't we do this sooner??

Better yet, one of the stores we needed to goto was closed, so we attempted to make due with where we went, but overall weren't overly impressed! Luckily they are nowhere near ready for any of that. Noah woke up while we were in town. We grabbed pizza on our way home and the monkey fell back asleep. So in order to ensure a full half hour nap, I dropped M off at the farm with dinner and went driving around the village with Noah, then decided to off road a bit:

Can you believe we have never had to drive around to make Noah sleep before this!? Luckily gas is cheaper right now haha!

Success! Noah napped for the half hour and was in much better spirits! Our evening went pretty smoothly, although both M and I were nervous about bedtime, so we teamed up. Apparently M took some notes on my dancing skills and danced Noah to sleep!

Surprisingly enough, Noah actually slept well!! Fingers crossed for a good day today! We have Play and Learn this morning and then a costco trip to order the little mans cake for his baptism!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Oh. Hey. Friday!

Another rainy Friday... Or at least that is what they are calling for. Which means not a heck of a lot has happened on the home front this week! So we can basically add on a week to the projected finish date!

Something's that happened this week:

This little boy turned 8 months old yesterday!! This mama is in shock!! He is becoming such a little person now and less and less of an itty bitty baby!! 

I finally got a hair cut! I was overdue and couldn't put it off for another week, when I broke my comb in the shower!! Damn tangles!! My hair feels soo much more healthy now!!

I think M and I may have picked colors for the great room/kitchen and bathroom! You *might* have seen them last week!! 

This weekend we will hopefully be hitting up a pumpkin patch to start a tradition with Noah!! I think the weather will co-operate! 

And lastly I will share one more pic of Noah wearing the cutest hat!! Can't get enough of him!! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pumpkin Pie Tarts

I know, it's 4:30 and I am just posting! It's been a crazy week! Anyways, I promised you the Pumpkin Pie tarts recipe from scratch, so here it is: 

The tarts were not from scratch, they were frozen and lesson learned - you use them frozen, don't bake them first like the box says! 

So after we made puréed pumpkin for Noah, we had half of a pie pumpkin left over, so M actually sent me to Pinterest to find a recipe. Do you think we could find one we liked? No. So we improvised and came up with our own recipe!! 

Here it is: 

Pumpkin Pie Tart Filling

2 cups of puréed pumpkin
3 tablespoons of pumpkin pie spice
2 eggs
1 cup of brown sugar
1/2 a teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of vanilla
1 can of thick cream

Mix all of the above all together until smooth.

Pour into pie tarts 

Bake at 425 for 15 minutes, then reduce heat to 350 for 35-40 minutes or until you insert a knife in the filling and it comes out clean! 

Serve with whipped cream or plain!! 

This made 33 tarts! 

These were a huge hit everywhere we took them!! Not bad for our first attempt!! 

We had some baked shells left over from the raspberry tarts that we put pumpkin in, but the shells them overcooked. We didn't take them with us! So as mentioned above - use frozen tart shells. 

Hope you enjoy!! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend Rewind

I hope all my fellow Canadian friends and followers had a great thanksgiving weekend! I know we did!!

Friday night we did thanksgiving with M's parents before they headed to the lake for the weekend. We did chicken instead of turkey, which was fine by me, since I am not a huge turkey fan!! 

Saturday M went to the house to grab some laundry for me to do. It was actually a really nice day, perfect for hanging out the laundry! M was gone for most of the morning doing a backhoe job in the village, levelled out our driveway and of course got a fire call. Noah and I spend the morning doing laundry and tidying up. When M got back, we made a trip to the house all together to grab a few more things and take a few things back home. Like I had mentioned before it is very hard to guess what you will need or not need - luckily we don't live far, just around the corner! 

We got right to baking after we made Noah some fresh pumpkin! He loved it! I was surprised with how much pumpkin we got from this little pie pumpkin, so with the extra from freezing 2 trays of pumpkin, we decided to make pumpkin tarts from scratch - something neither M or I have done! M actually sent me to Pinterest!! However we couldn't find a recipe we loved, so we decided to accumulate a few different versions we found! I will share the recipe this week on the blog!! They turned out great for the most part, except for the extra shells we had baked for the raspberry tarts, we didn't want to waste so we put pumpkin in them and the shells were then over-cooked. We made 33 pumpkin tarts, 42 raspberry tarts, a lemon meringue pie and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. 

Sunday morning I was up early, got myself ready for a busy day ahead! I even tried a Pinterest inspired hair do, not that I took a picture of my hair... But this is what I did: 

Soo simple and easy to do! 

Noah decided to sleep in until 9:20, which threw off our whole morning, as we were supposed to be meeting sweet baby Maeve at 9:30! We made it there by 10:30, by the time we got Noah fed and ready, all packed up for a busy day and then to the house to get M clothes! 

We had a quick visit with K and S, the baby and W! Oh my goodness I have baby fever all over again! I totally forget Noah being that small - he's only 8 months old this week!! 

Noah slept the whole way to my Mom's which was about an hour. My Mom had a list of stuff she wanted M's help with, so I fed Noah while he tackled that. We were there for about an hour and then headed to Target because this little boy has very few long sleeve shirts for fall and Target had buy one get one 50% off thier packs of Carter's! So we found a few sets, some bibs and bottles for him. He's been really like the Avent bottles for juice, and we only had 1, so we bought a two pack we found on clearance! 

Up next we hit up Costco! I made it in and out in 15 minutes! I found some adorable outfits for a sweet baby girl I know, got Noah an adorable baseball outfit, a blanket, chocolate chips, kitty litter, inquired about cake for the baptism, and a few more things. Not exactly a typical costco trip, but I know I will be going next week for sure to order the cake, so I just got what I needed! 

Then we were off to our big family dinner at my Aunts! Noah was great! Such a champ! He was passed around, fought over with rock, paper scissors as to who could hold him next, but he hardly fussed at all until it was bedtime, which was time for us to go anyways! Dinner was great, the company was fun as usual and we were all tired when we got home! 

Yesterday we spent the morning tidying up, brushed the cats, gave everyone pawdicures, folded a ton of laundry, made another trip to the house... It was a nice low key day! Our house is looking like this: 

Noah enjoyed some playtime with Gracie: 

Today Noah has his 8 month doctors appointment, we have a little running around to do and then I will be closing my jamberry nails party. I also have my Zumba class to hit up in the evening! A busy day it will be!! 


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