Friday, December 1, 2017

December First

Wow, and just like that it is December. So we will random this post up with some life updates.  
 1) I have no clue where I stand as far as Christmas presents go! The problem with starting early is that I forget what I have bought! So clearly I need to figure that out!     
 2) Introducing the newest member of our family:    

 And by family I mean my sister’s cat. Her cat passed away a few weeks ago rather suddenly. It would have been weird for her to get a cat without me, considering I’ve always been with her when she has ever got a cat!      
3) I am teaching my first “Sign Night” on Monday and I am super nervous, yet excited! We are making snowmen! I have a group of 12 moms all signed up! Stay tuned for how it goes!
 4) We are celebratig Daddy isn’t working an hour away anymore! Man that was a long 3 weeks and we were really starting to notice a  difference in Noah’s attitude. So fingers crossed we nip that in the butt as quickly as it came!     
 5) Miss Em was up coughing every 2 minutes (I timed it) last night. So it is safe to say we are all super tired today!    
 6) We have a busy weekend ahead, we have a birthday party, fireman’s christmas party, get the boards all ready for Monday’s class, decorate the house for Christmas (another reason my toddler is grumpy) and get orders done!     
 7) I have started doing before and after school care for a friend’s daughter. I wasnt going to do this, but her schedule is pretty great! She works shift work, so I only have her every other 2 weeks, and only for 45 minutes before school and 30 minutes after. So far it is going pretty good! I think it will help get Noah ready for school too and it keeps up in a bit of a routine, which I love!     
 8) I feel like my house is littered in wine glasses, mugs and ornaments with orders. I love it, but need to figure out a better storage idea. My mom offered me a cabinet and I am pretty sure I am going to have to get it! Then I will have somewhere to put my inventory!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Barksdale Workshop

I wanted to take a hot minute to share a shop that I am loving!  
I first found this shop on instagram and loved their mama bear necklaces. I loved them soo much I had to order!
 I happened to notice that Morgan (the shop owner) does soo much more than just these cute necklaces. She is a fellow rescue dog mama who loves her furbabies, just as I do. She makes the cutest hand stamped dog tags, tshirts, several other necklaces, all hand made. Not to mention her customer service is great!
A few weeks after I got my order, a friend of mine lost her dog suddenly, and I knew just the thing to cheer her up. I ordered this necklace for her in memory of her dog. Something she can wear close to her heart. 
Right now the shop is offering 25% off! Dont miss out! 
Check out her shop on 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

3 Weekend Rewind

I think it is safe to say with adding my own little business, staying on top of blogging has been tricky. I’m still getting the whole balance of everything down.   
With that being said I am going to recap 3 weekends in this post.  
 The first weekend of November was pretty laid back! The kids worked outside with Daddy, cutting the gardens back and trying to get most of the patio furniture away. 

 I ended up with Noah’s cold, but worse and lost my voice, so I stayed inside and worked on orders. They came home from dropping the backhoe off at that farm with dinner and flowers. 

 Sunday was Maggie’s birthday!

We celebrated by loading up the kids and the dogs and headed to the grand opening of Pet Smart. Maggie was actually really well behaved considering how busy it was and how many distractions were there.           

 Later that day we had Mike’s parents over for dinner and then we celebrated Miss Maggie with a cupcake. She doesn’t get fed people food often so she was a little caught off guard, and walked around to everyone when we sang to her. 

 Can’t believe she’s one already!
But we did have fun celebrating Maggie!! 

The second weekend in November started off with a girls night. A bunch of moms from the village, including myself went to see Bad Moms Christmas at the VIP theatre. 
 Something about alcoholic beverages, recliners, good company and popcorn was pretty awesome and the movie was great!

Saturday morning M volunteered to take the kids to run a few errands and I had to do a few of my own, so I managed a kid-free outing! 


 We were both back by lunch. Miss Emilya tried clementine for the first time. It’s safe to say she loves them!


Later that night M went to the movies with a friend. 

Sunday we had friends over for dinner. It was nice the kids played downstairs, and we were able to socialize upstairs. Mike smoked some ribs, which were delicious. We had confetti dip and animal crackers for dessert. Em was clearly a fan...


 Noah was wound for sound by bedtime.

But it really was a fun night. 

This last weekend we had no plans, which meant it finally time to get the foyer floor done. Although with that being said it made a few other projects come into play sooner than we planned. But it will be great when they are all done! 
 Mike started pulling up the floor Friday night and by Saturday morning the kids were ready to help break the tile floor underneath!

 I know we said we were not going to do anymore renos with the kids around, but this was the exception because it was completely gated off and a small space. And actually it went pretty smoothly, just took longer of course.      

 Saturday afternoon I went to a jewelry open house and then later that evening we had an impromptu girls night.  
 Sunday morning we took a quick trip into town to price out the next project and to buy paint for that project.

When we got home I got cracking down on getting orders done. Its been fun, but challenging to find the balance between work-time and family time.      

 We had Mike’s parents over for a pizza that evening.

And that is 3 weekends under wraps. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Sooo a few weeks ago, I decided to take the plunge and make myself a little shop to sell my crafting.    I’ve always loved crafting,  but can only display soo much of it on my own, so making it for others has added to my passion. 
I have a good variety of products available including wine glasses, mugs, water bottles, christmas ornaments, wood signs, farmhouse signs, and more. 
Its going really well and I am getting lots of orders, which makes me one happy camper to be able to craft with purpose!
I just reached 100 followers on facebook buisness page, so I am celebratig with my first givaway:
Want to enter? 
to go check it out!!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Last Weekend Rewind

Last weekend is when the sickness really started in our house.  
Friday night we were supposed to go to Wondernight at the church, but Noah had a fever, so we didn’t want to spread germs. I took the kids outside for fresh air to help a bit. 
 Daddy picked up Pizza Hut and we had a pizza party. Emilya also said Love You for the first time!! The best words a child can ever say!
Saturday morning we went to London to pick up a joiner for the work shop, did some running around and came home for naptime.
After nap we packed the kids up for their sleep over at the farm! This was Em’s first sleep over!! They were both pretty excited!!
After we dropped them off, I had to run into town again for a few things and then the scramble began to find halloween costumes. We had both of ours planned out, but mine quickly came unplanned when we couldnt find my cat ears. Sooo I came up with the idea to be holiday confused. 
We got ready and headed to the pub for the halloween pub party. 
It was a lot of fun! We were home by just after 1. 
We had breakfast at the farm at 9 on Sunday. Apparently Em’s first night away was a long one. She woke up screaming and then stayed awake for a few hours. She ended up sleeping with Grandma and Grandpa! Good thing shes cute!! Haha.      
The important part was that they had fun! And that they did! Noah was feeling better too. But it was safe to say Miss Em was tired and needed a morning nap when we got home.
We were hosting my Dad’s side of our extended family for Christmas (in October). Don’t worry, no trees were put up. We bbq’d burgers and hot dogs, had some yummy salads and desserts and watched the kids open presents. We were all together and that was the best part! We did it early so my Dad could be here before they leave for Florida!
We did manage to get a pic of most of the littles after they got back from the park with my Dad. They were starting to fall apart, but I think we did prett good considering. (Em was napping)
After my aunts and uncles left, we hung out with my dad, Cindy, my sister and family and watched the kids play together.
My Dad made us a beautiful sign too:
After everyone left, we snapped a few photos out front with the pumpkins:
Look at the difference from last year:
Sadly my babies are growing and growing fast!!
Noah was starting to fade. His fever came back, he was tired because he didnt nap and was quickly falling apart. After supper it became clear he was coming down with a bad cold. We were all doomed. 


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