Thursday, November 20, 2014

Just One Of Those Days

Ugh we are having a rough go today, actually I shouldn't say we, because it is entirely me! Luckily Noah is in great spirits!

First I will start off and say that we have extra visitors in our house right now and I am less than impressed with their presence! I guess moving out of the house, along with your cats for 6 weeks can do this, but the mice are back. Bad enough that my dishwasher is getting a work out to sanitize all my dishes that were boxed up, because I found evidence of mice, but baskets of laundry we just brought home are now being washed like crazy now too. 

I hate mice! This morning I found evidence of them in another basket of laundry! Ahhhh! 

Then I goto the bank, get $20 out for parking at the hospital, not that I ended up needing it because I got the free parking spots for Noah's appointment! The appointment went well, we were in and out. Then we grabbed some groceries and that's when I realized I lost the $20!! No clue where, hopefully next week I will be able to tell you about finding $20, but today it's gone. 

Which leads me to the next problem... I'm searching the diaper bag to find my $20 and what do I find a rip in the seam of my diaper bag! Soo mad! I'm hoping they will cover me under the 1 year warranty... I ordered it on November 13 last year, but it was even shipped to me until the 20th, so I didn't receive it until like the 25th! It's on decorative seam, not even a spot that would be pulled or used.
Then we are coming home from town, we are coming into the village, the roads are suddenly crappy from blowing snow, so luckily I was driving slow, but a car decided it would stop suddenly to turn, but took forever to turn and I almost ditched the car. Insert mini heart attack!! Luckily it turned just in time as I was approaching the shoulder of the road and I was able to correct in time. 

And then... I realized Lily got into the bedroom garbage and put my Kleenex all over the floor!!! 

So that's how my day is going... Hopefully tomorrow I will be back with a full week recap since this week has wandered away on me as far as blogging goes!! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Rewind

A weekend that started off with snow, ended with snow! If anything it put me in the Christmas spirit, but the snow can go now!! Soo not ready for this!!

Friday afternoon I dropped Noah off with Grandma and then headed to London with J to hit up the toy sale!! We did pretty well and timed it great because there were no line ups, where as earlier there were tons when my sister was there!! I did manage to get Noah a few things, as well as some Christmas presents and a baby shower gift!! So glad we were kid-less though, I couldn't imagine shopping the sale with them! 

We didn't plan on going for dinner, but decided to last minute. Can I just say I haven't done anything last minute without Noah since I had him and man did it feel weird!! We enjoyed dinnr at Casey's, although I was a little disappointed to see the menu changed! 

When I got home we put up the curtains and a few pieces on the walls, as well as started putting our home decor in place. There is something curtains do to make a room feel more put together!! 

Saturday morning M worked, so Noah and I got as much done around the house as we could. Noah has pretty much been living in his fleece jammies all day lately since we moved home because we have no insulation in the ceiling in the great room! It comes today, thank goodness because it is cold!! I'm happy we have our little fireplace upstairs again! 

Saturday afternoon my aunts dog came over for a sleep over, both Noah and the dogs had fun together! 

When M got home from work, we decided we better start grouting the backsplash! Let's just say it was a very messy job, but we got it done and couldn't be happier with end result! Why did we wait 2 years to put this up?? I promise a full reveal, once we are more settled! 

We tried to do somemore organizing in the kitchen while putting stuff away, but eventually called it a night! So I got comfy on the couch and watched Parenthood and then called it a night!! 

Sunday we worked away at putting stuff away in the kitchen, organizing, etc. We went to town to grab groceries and this little man actually slept while we shopped!! This hasn't happened in forever!! 

I will say that I cannot believe this little man turned 9 months old yesterday!! What the heck? Are you sure I had him 9 months ago to the day?? 

We worked away in the afternoon, all while taking sometime to play as a family with Noah and the dogs! Betsy went home in the afternoon just before the snow started again! 

We headed to the farm for dinner and M helped his Dad hang the light they were supposed to hang while we were staying there! Oops! But we did discover little man is getting a bottom tooth now! Hopefully this one will stick around, because his top two front teeth popped down and then disappeared!! I was feeding him dinner and put a piece of chicken in his mouth and felt something sharp on my finger! I was worried that somehow he got a bone, but after further examination it was a tooth!! 

It was a busy weekend, but we at least feel a little more settled!! 

Today we woke up to lots of snow and it's still falling!!

Today is also World Prematurity Day!! I sure do live my preemie, despite his rough scary start to this world, I love him like crazy!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

High Five Friday

We are all officially home!! The dogs, the cats, the baby and us, are all back safe and sound in our house!! Binx walked around the house meowing last night after she arrived. Believe it or not, she was the one who was the most stressed out with the move!! Clearly she was excited to be back home!! It feels great to have everyone home!

Now to just get some sort of organization going!!

This crazy mama wants nothing more to get settled so I can put up my Christmas tree!! Yes, this is what motivates me, that and I hate clutter!! 

Yesterday the backsplash went up in the kitchen! You know, the one I have had for 2 years that has been on my honey-do list... Well our contractor put it up for me, but we have to grout and seal it! Hopefully this weekend!! My kitchen looks all glam now, minus my white microwave and old cupboards, but they are no longer the focal point!! 

Little man was loving the toys I pulled out for him yesterday!! He especially loves this steering wheel!! 

Today I am hitting up the big Samko and Mikko toy sale!! This is my first time going and I am hoping to get a lot of Christmas shopping done!! Fun fact - I am actually looking forward to being able to do all my own Christmas shopping this year and actually shop in stores,  not just online!! Last year I was pregnant with a broken ankle!! 

This morning we woke up to snow! Yuck! But Noah slept in until 8 again, so that was fantastic!! Usually he's up early on Fridays!! 

Happy weekend friends!! 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

These Are The Moments I Waited For

Last night reminded me of the little moments in life where I would sit and dream about, believe it or not.  Yes, I used to dream about sweet baby snuggles and all the great moments parenthood brings on, but I also used to dream about the not so great moments, like when your baby is screaming his head off, or won't go to bed. I know... Who am I? But maybe infertility prepared me, gave me a new look at these less glamorous moments. We have all had these trying times and as fast as I would like for them to pass, I remind myself that babies don't keep. These moments too shall pass. 

Noah was fighting sleep all day yesterday like it was his job! It makes sense, we just moved back home, he needs to re-adjust, we need to get our self-soothing back under control, but friends that doesn't happen over night. For the last 6 weeks I have rocked my baby to sleep and sometimes it has been for over an hour of dancing around the room, just to ensure he gets half an hours rest, and as tired as I would be, or as sore as my arms and back would be, I did it because that is what made him comfortable in our new surroundings. Mike would wake up numerous times a night to do the same thing. We coped, we survived and as much as we are ready to bounce back to the way it used to be, we aren't complaining. 

While waiting for our child we would hear people complaining about sleepless nights, or screaming children, you name it. But for us, these moments mean soo much to us! We have a baby that is able to wake us up at night, that needs extra snuggles right now, a child that we would do anything for! 

Last week I actually had to call Mike home to come and help me get Noah to bed, because he wouldn't budge and as much as I felt like a huge failure, I was soo grateful to have someone I could call home to help. 

Last night M had a massage and tried to get Noah down before he left, which didn't work, so I tried for 40 more minutes and then decided this wasn't happening, especially seeing how our day went. So I brought him downstairs, ran myself a bath, put him in the bouncy seat he is too big for, strapped him in and put him right beside the tub and relaxed. As relaxing as playing peek a boo with a rubber ducky that is, but he was happy and I therefore I was too!! Was this ideal? No! Would I have preferred to have a bath by myself? Sure. BUT, instead I had a laughing baby beside me, up way past his bedtime, but he was content and sometimes, you just have to forget about the should be's and just let life happen. This is hard for me. 

I am a planner and you can't exactly plan life with a baby, just like you can't stick to a plan of when you will have a baby. It would be nice, but realistically we can only plan soo much! 

So next time you are stressing because your child isn't sleeping, or fussing, remind yourself how lucky to are for these moments and remember this too shall pass! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Loves on Wednesday

Today I have quite the list of loves to share with you!! 

First and foremost we are HOME sweet HOME!!! And we celebrated with a glass of wine last night!! It was fantastic!! 

Speaking of wine, I have two bottles that I am loving right now, both being moscato of course! The one we had last night:

Which is actually gluten free believe it or not!! 

The second one is Cavit:

There is still some work going on in the house, but we are slowly but surely getting settled and next up will be Christmas decor!! I will share pictures once we are a little more settled! 

I decided we would swap couches for the time being and put our big sectional downstairs and our smaller one upstairs! We eventually plan to buy leather furniture for upstairs, but this will do for at least the holiday season! I think we will start spending more time in the basement as well as Noah gets bigger and his toys do too!! 

We have said farewell to the mamaroo!! Sad day in my husbands world, as he loved it, and it servd us for a long time! But Noah started sitting up in it, so it was time to say goodbye for now! Best money spent was on that baby item, we definetly got our money's worth! This means we only have the exersaucer for big bulky baby items in the great room now!! 

I love that we will be decorating for Christmas soon, you know once we get settled!! I can't wait to see Noah during the holiday season!! 

Of course I'm loving my sweet little family but believe it or not I'm going to get through a post without posting a pic of Noah!! Yup, this means you are only getting pics of wine!! 

Happy Wednesday friends!! 


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