Friday, December 19, 2014

The Social

Yesterday a few girlfriends and I had a complete Mom's Day out and it was such a such a nice break, although if I'm being entirely honest, I missed my baby boy, but I knew he was going to have a great day with Grandma too! S was able to get us tickets to go and see The Social live in Toronto.

It was an early start, leaving the house at 8 AM, but we were all ready and beautiful:

Although clearly we need to work on our selfies haha! 

We headed to Burlington area and hopped on my first train ride ever and headed to Toronto!! Big city, here we come:

Apparently I had crazy hair, but what I do want to point out is - see that purse I'm carrying? First purse since having a baby!! Now of course I picked one I could shove toys and diapers in, but it is a purse not a diaper bag!!  

The train ride was fun, about an hour long, but we had great conversation and company, so it went by really fast!! We arrived at Union Station in Toronto and then walked to Queen Street where The Social Studio is and right across the street was the cutest little restaurant called Cafe Crepe! 

I had the best Cesar salad and then enjoyed my first crepe:

You bet it was filled with fresh strawberries and it was really good!! A full day of firsts for this mama! We headed across the street took a few more selfies while waiting for the show to start:

The show was great, I didn't really care for the lingerie portion, as there was nothing that really appealed to me, but over all the show was funny, and it was just a lot of fun and afterwards we got to meet the hosts:

After the show we walked to MAC so J could get her new eyeliner and then we headed back to Union Station and caught the 3:13 train! Which put us back to Burlington area in good time to miss traffic! We were home by 5:30! A great day was had by all and the smile I received from Noah when I got home was priceless and just warmed my heart: 

Last night we got our family photos back and I am in love with them ALL!! I will post next week! I will also hopefully get pictures of the living room/kitchen done this weekend! But no promises, as we have big plans this weekend!! 

M is working Saturday morning and then we are heading to town to take the dogs into get bathed! On our way home we will pick up our pictures and gave a nice quiet night! Sunday we have family Christmas with my Dad's side of the family. 

I cannot believe Christmas is NEXT week!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Meet and Greet

Yesterday was a busy, fun filled day with meetings and greetings!!

We started off at the library and saw Santa one more time before Christmas! He came to visit at our Songs and Stories! He wasn't as smiley this time because I took his bottle away for the picture! But still cute!

"Hey I remember you"

"Santa all I want is my bottle back"

He was also flirting with Mrs. Claus in the group photo that I will refrain from posting on my blog!

When we got home my cousin from out west was at my place waiting for us! Which meant I finally got to meet Miss Briar!! What a doll!! 

Oh and Noah is pretty much in love with her and asked if we could keep her!!! Check out his expression haha: 

We had lunch and then headed out to the field to drop of Brent to work with Mike for the afternoon and then Jenna, Briar, Noah and I headed to my sisters!

When Hannah got home from school, she dressed Noah up as a firefighter:

He made out better than Briar, who ended up with a cape and bonnet.

We had a good visit, loud and crazy, but it was fun and I am soo happy to have finally got to meet Briar and can't wait to snuggle again on Sunday! 

Today I am headed to Toronto to be part of the audience for The Social! So keep an eye out for me!!

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Noah's Newborn Photo's

I just realized I never posted Noah's Newborn pictures!! Better late than never and how perfect to post them on his 10 month birthday!! Soo we may as well reminisce! I will let the pictures do the talking:

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Pre-Christmas Weekend

What a super fun weekend we had around these parts!! Noah experienced soo many firsts and M and I loved being there right along with him to watch! It was great!! Oh and another great thing - we didn't cook dinner all weekend!!

Friday morning I took Noah to the doctors since I forgot about his appointment the day before! Oops!! Luckily they were able to get him in because I had feared he was coming down with croup. He had a cough start up over night that I had never heard and he has had a cold before! The doctor said it is likely due to the dry house, as his lungs sounded great and she gave him a clean bill of health. So we put a humidifier in his room and that was it!

Friday night we were supposed to goto a Christmas Party, but M worked later than they planned and therefore it was just too late to go with Noah, so he grabbed dinner on his way home. We had a nice quiet evening, which allowed me get some more work on a Christmas present I am making! 

Saturday morning started off with a hair cut for M!! Then we headed over to the firehall to have breakfast with Santa!! My sister and get kiddos joined us too!! Noah did great with Santa!!

And we decided to do a family photo too!! We loved seeing Noah's reaction to Santa and were happy that it went well!! This may in fact be the only smiling one we get for a while, although he has never made strange with anyone yet. 

We tried to get one of all the cousins together, but we failed. Brandon wanted nothing to do with Santa! 

After breakfast, we went home and Noah had a nap right up until it came time to head to the farm for a Christmas gathering!! Noah did great at opening presents, actually unwrapping one and he loved pulling tissue paper out of the bags! I took my camera and failed to use it! But I did steal these from Mike's cousin: 

Noah enjoyed Turkey for the first time too!!

We headed to the Santa Claus parade in the village after dinner. Noah seemed to enjoy yet another first and luckily it wasn't too cold out!! Daddy was in the parade with the fire department! 

Noah had one busy day and went to bed great! 

Sunday morning we got ready for our family photoshoot!! Noah was in a great mood for it and was super smiley!! I can't wait to get them back this week!! 

Afterwards we went to the farm to pick up a Noahs presents: 

Sunday afternoon was spent tidying up the mudroom, doing and putting away laundry!! I swear this job is never ending!! I managed to get Noah to bed myself!! We are going through a stage right now where he will only let Daddy put him to bed, so we are working on fixing it and actually had success lady night! We will see how it gives tonight when Daddy isn't actually home!! 

After Noah was in bed, M and I watched Brian's House together while I finished up a few projects, including bathroom curtains: 

I'm soo happy with how they turned out!! 

I will fore warn you that this week is super busy again, but I am going to try really hard to blog! My cousin from out west is home and I finally get to meet sweet baby Briar!! I am also going to see The Social this week, which will also include my first train ride!! Stay tuned!! 

Hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend too!! 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday Things

Ok, so clearly I've been slacking on the blog front and I am sorry. I knew December would be busy, but not this busy...Today is our first day home!  Here is what we have been up to:

Monday we had play group. Noah was super clingy all day, but we decided to try something new and sure enough Noah decided to try his hand at walking with the help of a handy toy of course! If I could figure out how to upload the video then we would have a video to watch... But I don't know how, so you can check my Instagram. I was soo nervous for him to fall and wipe out that his head is not even in the video. 

Tuesday we went to visit Daddy at work in the field to see the new machine. Noah sure was in heaven:

I will share some more pics after Christmas on this one!! 

After visiting Daddy we went to see Aunt Amy, had some lunch and while Noah snoozed, I decided to help my sister out and took on an order for her!! She has been super busy with her shop with the Christmas rush! I haven't beaded in years, like 15+ years. But it came right back to me! 

When we got home a certain little miss needed a snuggle!! 

Noah had a great day and couldn't wait to share all his stories!! 

Yesterday we had Grandma come over to babysit while I hit up a book sale with S! We made out pretty well!! I dropped S off and ran to Winners and believe it or not I left empty-handed!! Carters was up next because I realized we had very few 12 month sleepers! They had a BOGO 50% off sale, so I managed to get 6 more sleepers! In the afternoon I hit up a craft sale and made out well there too! 

Noah played with his new walking toy from Aunt Amy and in case you don't believe how much he loves it, here is the proof: 

Huge smiles around these parts!! 

I finished the necklace for my sister last night and started back up crocheting Noah's blanket. You may recall I was just about finished when I ended up having Noah early. So my goal is to have it finished for Christmas. His love for blankets is just like mine and he really likes my knit one from my Grandma, so I'm sure he will love this one! Then I can get started on my making my own!! 

Today is a crazy snow day, so we are staying home!! We have a busy weekend ahead, including family pics!! 


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