Friday, February 24, 2017

Back From Vacay

Wow, this blog has been too quiet for too long, but a vacation was needed. Here is to hoping next week I can get Emilya's 9 month post up, as well as our vacation recap, Noah's 3 year update and well whatever else I am behind on.   
 I working hard on establishing a home routine and in that, I need to make time for myself to start writing again. I'm still hoping to get 3 posts up a week, with Monday being a weekend recap, Tuesday-Thursday (one of those days) open topic, and Friday being a weekly recap or 5 on Friday. Those are the goals.      
Some other goals are getting my body and health back under control. I've been feeling soo stressed and sluggish lately, then it dawned on me, I haven't been taking my Vitamin Supplements and remembering that I am B12 and Folate anemic, it makes a big difference when my body is functioning properly. I am also going to get back on the work out train, hopefully with the supplements, I will feel energized enough to keep up with it! I've just gotta get back on track!!     
 We will hopefully be starting the mudroom Reno next weekend. We will have the new doors installed next week (hopefully). The plan is to build a new closet, move the furniture around and paint. I'm also hoping to get Noah's room repainted soon, so we can get his room done. I need to get Em's nursery finished as well. Poor second child syndrome... I mean she has what she needs, I'm just adding girly touches, but I would love to get it done.      
 Today I'm heading to sign Noah up for gymnastics for the spring session, hopefully the wait isn't too long!! I also have a few other errands to run while I'm out!! We have a busy weekend ahead!! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Weekend Rewind

We had a quieter weekend at home, working away at a DIY project that M and I are pretty excited about.    
 Friday, we spent most of the morning at the Ivey Eye Institute at the hospital getting Em's eyes checked, well only a small part of that was checking, the rest was spent waiting. I am grateful for toy areas,  but they make my skin crawl all at the same time!! We are in operation keep the kids healthy before we go away next week and of course now Em has a runny nose...  
 But the good news is that Em's vision is great!! No concerns there whatsoever at this point!!! Just the news we were hoping for!! Hopefully the genetics testing we did will give us some answers as to what has caused her hearing loss!       
   We came straight home afterwards, since it was naptime and I am just not willing to budge on naps at this point, because I know Noah will be outgrowing them soon enough and well that is my "mamas sanity time". Both kids went down and M went to work for a bit.         
 The paint I ordered on Wednesday was ready for pick up, so I ran into town to pick that up, stopped at Carter's - dangerous and grabbed pizza on the way home! Before we knew it crazy hour hit the house and it was about time to start bath and bedtime!  

 Saturday morning Noah had swimming and then we needed to pick up a few supplies for our DIY project. Luckily Noah loves Home Depot, he's pretty much the only one. His new favourite thing is fake sleeping in the car:

Except the joke is really on him, because he almost ALWAYS falls asleep....

We couldn't find exactly what we were looking for, so it meant once we got the kids down for nap, I ran back into Home Hardware and well they didn't either, so I bought what I could and we made do! 
After nap the boys went out to work on the headboard, while Em and I worked on laundry and well walking...
I also worked on picking a stain colour!

While I was making supper, Em was making something up of her own too!!! I love that she actually lets me get stuff done for the most part! A luxury I never had with Noah! 

After the kids went down, M went back out to the shop to work on the headboard! 

Sunday morning was made up of a trip to Home Depot - again, just the boys this time, some snow blowing, except M couldn't get the snow blower to work.... so Noah played outside while waiting and we had a little family train building after lunch

During nap, M finished building the headboard and then started sanding it. I'm soo in love with it!!! 

M finally got the snow blower after nap, so the boys were outside working on that while I played wth our 10 month old!! How is Miss Emilya 10 months already???

I made the kids some supper, while M and Noah went to pick up wings from the pub here in the village. 

We of course watched Luke Bryan sing the anthem and watched some of the super bowl before it was time the get the kids in the bath. Apparently when we took Em out of the tub, it meant Maggie could get in... trouble... 

 I was going to stain the headboard, however M insisted on it, so he went and stained it. It looks soo great!!! 

We had a low key Monday, up until post nap when we surprised Noah with going out to have dinner with the Paw Patrol!!! The staff at Eastsides said Noah was the most excited they had seen so far!! He was sooo excited to see Marshall and Chase!! Surprisingly he actually ate his dinner too!! 


Needless to say, we had one happy boy!! 

Today we had a play date at the indoor soccer field, they only charge $2 and from 10-11 is toddler time. They put some balls out and let the kids run the field. Noah loved it!!! 


Friday, February 3, 2017

O Dear Dentist

I seriously cannot win when it comes to the dentist? You know how people say they actually like the dentist, well I don't get it!! Even making an appointment my blood pressure shoots up.   

 It's been a LONG time since I went to the dentist and I made myself a promise after dealing with wisdom tooth debacle, that I would go back to dentist when I wasn't pregnant, well although it was almost a year to date since my issue, I made true to my promise and went in. I knew my mouth was a mess and fear couldn't continue to hold me back.   

I had my teeth cleaned, xrayed and assessed. We came up with a game plan to fix my issues and well here I am going back each month for repairs. 

 Yesterday's appointment was as second appointment getting cavities filled, my first appointment went pretty smoothly, no issues with the freezing, had my eye tooth shaved and reshaped. But yesterday didn't go as planned at all. I got my first needle, got super lightheaded and dizzy, and just wasn't feeling well AT all. Once that passed, turns it didn't completely take, so when he started drilling, I felt it, so he gave me another needle, tried again. We got one tooth done but when he went to the next one, it wasn't frozen properly either, well after more back and forth, I lost count after 5 needles, but there were more after that. Eventually I told him I didn't want anymore freezing, I would tolerate the pain, as it wasn't horrible, just sensitive. He explained my nerve that he was trying to freeze must be hard to access, explaining why I had issues with the wisdom tooth extraction. He also reshaped one of my bottom teeth as well.

   So after an hour and a half, I was done. My whole right side of my mouth is done, aside from fixing my gap, but that is my reward to myself for completing all my work!     

I should have 2 more sessions left. But I sure do hate freezing and after yesterday's session, my mouth actually hurt. But I'm doing what needs to be done! So that leaves me with an overall great feeling. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

House Goals for 2017

It seems as though there is always something to do whether big or small when it comes to owning a house. Granted we don't have much that NEEDS to be redone, but we have stuff we would like done. I think last year was on the NEED basis, with the basement flooding.   

 Speaking of the basement, we haven't even finished decorating down there or organizing the toys, holy toys. Having a girl and a boy almost doubles the toys now, and Em doesn't even care about what she plays with! We are still in the big toy age, so they don't have easy homes. Sooo, organizing the basement and decorating the space down there is on the list! Ideally it will be a bit of this and this put together since it is a combined space. 

  We talk about about making a possible gallery wall in the great room, now that we mounted the tv, but we are still undecided on that!   

 The mudroom is officially getting an overhaul. Well, the floors are staying, but we are building a closet, putting in new garden doors and this will become our main entrance for us as a family (it's right off the garage) and we will be painting. This project will be going down in the next couple of weeks actually!   

 The NEED of the year is new floors in the kitchen/great room and foyer, but M and I are considering doing the dining room and bedroom with the same floor all throughout. We have hardwood in the dining room and laminate in the bedroom. They don't need to replaced, but it might be nice to have a uniform floor all throughout. When we had the roof off the back end of the house, the moisture has caused our laminate floors to separate a bit. Chances are we will reuse part of the floor that is in good shape and put it upstairs in the storage room that has carpet. 

 The other NEED is new fence posts, we are hoping to salvage the fence boards, but the posts are starting to fall over and one good wind storm and we could lose a lot more than we already have!!    

A few other projects being discussed is a feature wall in the foyer, removing the paneling and putting up something like this:
Except in white! 

Noah's room is going to be repainted, because I am not a fan of how it turned out! The top colour is fine, but I am not loving the blue on the bottom. I did buy new bedding and can't wait to get it all together! His new room is going to be Canadian themed!

We are toying with the idea of creating a proper useful closet/storage space in the dining room! We have a useless closet that is not functional AT all!!! This will likely become a 2018 project!! 

The other thing we talk about is decking around the hot tub, but we haven't decided if it will happen this year or not as it will depend what we end up doing with out NEEDS on the list! 

Now we will see what we actually accomplish this year!! 

Monday, January 30, 2017

A Weekend Celebrating Birthdays

Looks like the snow decided to reappear again - yay... when is spring again?? Soo over it and I know it is January and clearly winter, but I've never been a fan! 
           Our weekend was great, and filled with lots of family time and a few too many late nights for the kiddos.    
 Friday night was normal, nothing exciting, I just caught up on my PVR after the kids went to bed.           
 Saturday morning I was up early with the kids - like 6:30 early. After I got Em down for her morning nap I had a nice bath with one of my lush bars and my audio book. 

I am really loving this book and it helps complete my thoughts that I already had! It just makes sense, but this line just hits home for me:
"Expectations: What you expect of your children is very important - I'm talking about expecting him to be a good person, to be able to meet challenges with perseverance and to  have the ability to make wise decisions and learn from poor ones. This also includes what you expect of your partner because it sets an example of what your children should expect from theirs one day. More over it teaches them about gender roles which will influence how they treat people of the opposite sex, as well as how they treat same-sex peers." 

Sooo true!!!

Having the quiet time to myself was nice, although it didn't leave me much time to get everyone ready to go for swimming! So M got Noah all ready, while I woke up Em and off we went. Noah did great with swimming again. 
 We grabbed lunch on the way home, as well as popping into a local baby store that was closing and offering 50% off, so I bought an apple cheeks swim diaper for Em, a sun hat for Em, some bunch of farmers stain sticks, a boon brand storage centre and some food storage containers by vital Baby! At 50% off I couldn't go wrong!  
           I ended up napping when the kids did and then we were off to London for my Aunt's surprise birthday party. 

We hit up Costco before heading back to my Aunts to hang out with my cousins before J heads back to Saskatchewan.     

 It's always fun when all the kids are all together, but it is crazy how much they are all growing:     
 We didn't get home until almost 9 PM and luckily both kiddos fell asleep on the way home. Silly Noah woke up 5 min from home but M and I couldn't stop laughing because he fell asleep fake sleeping waiting for us to notice!!! Too funny!!  
           Sunday morning I slept in a bit, we had some breakfast and then the boys went outside for the whole morning. M was changing the hot tub water, while Noah was playing with the dogs. Look at these two:   
 While Em napped, I worked on laundry, the floors, and some chores.            
 After nap, we packed the kids up the head to my sisters for Brandon's birthday. Noah was pretty excited and couldn't wait to sing happy birthday to Brandon! It was fun, the kids played well for the most part, but you bet I failed at picture taking... oops! 


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