Monday, March 2, 2015

{Weekend Rewind}

This weekend could not have gone by any slower! Granted it probably just felt that way as we were anxious for today to come because it is officially vacation time!!

Friday night I went in to town to do some returns as M was as home putting Noah down! I returned the new Nike Free Cross Trainers because they were snug and of course didn't end up replacing them becaus they had no sizes and what I did manage to try on was uncomfy!

I also picked up some used sleepers and maybe this will be the last time... When someone says excellent used condition I think stain free... These were not and ended up soaking the day away in Baby Oxy all day on Saturday! Soo frustrating... End of rant! 

I also took advantage of Carters return policy and returned some items Noah never made it into! As long as the tag is still on you can get you money back no matter how long you have had them! If you keep your receipt you will get what you paid back and if not you will get the last sale price! Makes shopping there soo worth it!

I finished watched the first season of House Of Lies when I got home! I bought a new streaming box to plug into the TV and man is it easier to watch movies and tv shows now! Lux and Felix are trying to figure each other out:

Saturday we worked on packing up a few more things, did some laundry and played with the little man. I went and got my toes painted at the spa in the village! Have I mentioned how convienent that is? 

In the afternoon we headed to the community centre for the literacy event! Noah really enjoyed it and we got a free book too! It was great being able to go to an event like this as a family, so M was able to see how much Noah enjoys it! 

Groceries are getting to be slim pickings and here, so French fries and chicken fingers for M and I and Noah had fresh green beans, chicken breast and rice! 

We watched a few movies too:
Loved this movie! It was pretty deep, and an eye opener for sure. I love Reese Witherspoon too! It's a must see!! 

This movie was alright... I needed an easy movie to watch! Can't say I recommend it! 

Sunday morning was spent packing, found out one of bff's is prego and I couldn't be happier for them!! 

We had the funeral visitation for the fellow firefighter and neighbour. My Dad watched Noah and when we came home, Noah was playing contently and my Dad was napping in the chair! I did get a good laugh and asked him who was watching who! All was well! 

We finished packing and tidied up the house. Noah helped us getting dinner going while we watched The Lucky One. 

The rest of the night was pretty low key!

This morning I had S over with the kiddos and then we are off to Toronto!!! Blogging will be sparse!! 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Hey Friday!

Oh Friday am I ever happy to see you!! 

Last night was rough... Noah woke up at 11:30, of course M wasn't even home yet from his "guys night" and I had already been sleeping for an hour! My nose was dripping and I was sniffling non-stop which doesn't make a baby go to sleep easy. I had been battling sleep with Noah all day, so I didn't have high hopes of this going down well! Needless to say it took M an hour to get him back down once he got home after 12! 

Since Noah learned how to pull himself up he has been curious and exploring his crib lately. I know the excitement will wear off eventually but until then I expect this little sleep regression and self soothing to be a challenge. 

He went down better this morning for me at least! 

We found out yesterday that our old neighbour and fellow firefighter with Mike passed away yesterday at the of age 61 of Alzheimer's. Such a sad disease! Our thoughts and prayers are with the family! 

We have one bag packed and ready to go for Monday! This weather here is making me look forward to our vacay more and more! Turns out MORE snow is on he way! 

We also learned that my cousin is going to be our pilot for our trip!! Nothing like knowing we are going to be in good hands!! 

I ordered my first chat book!!! I can't wait for them all to come in! 

This weekend we have a literacy event at the community centre to take Noah to, we need to finish up packing and get the house in order! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

{cold} Wednesday

Another damn cold day today!! Soo not a fan and the fact that I am able to escape this weather in less than a week now is leaving me excited!! As in I have actually started packing and I hate packing!! Find Noah clothes was tricky - the clothes I had bought were too big and the ones I already had were too small! Luckily J lent me some and I bought some used as well as on sale at Carters and we have enough now!

Noah had his first real hair cut, not just a trim:

He looks soo much older now and clearly getting a clear photo is a challenge these days! 

A lot of you have asked how the stray cat is doing. I am happy to say Felix is settling right in and making himself at home stealing dog toys into his room: 

We had a little ladies night last night and decided to bust out the jamberry nails: 

Mine are the icey taupe polka, S did lace noir and J did feeling festive!! Yes embarrassingly enough this is the first time I have done them since I had my party in Novemeber! It is actually easier with my gel nails on! 

Today I am wearing pink to help bring awareness to stop bullying: 

One day I will get better at these pictures right?? Haha

Noah is one proud little boy pulling himself up into standing position! He did not have a good night 

last night but is surprisingly not in a horrible mood and is playing contently! 

He also had fun at the library songs and stories this morning, even though getting out of the house with him was a bit of a challenge this morning as we were on the verge of needing a nap! 

Soo happy the voice is back on! Love that show! 

Noah finished up his Valentine's Day art a little late, but man is it ever cute!! 

Wow this post is getting pretty random!! So we will leave it at that! Happy Wednesday friends!! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kitchen/Bathroom Renovation Reveal

Ok I finally took the time to photograph the kitchen and bathroom since it was redone in October. I didn't bother photographing the great room yet because I was waiting on my shelving units - which we just got this past week!

So you may recall, we had to get a whole new truss system in the back part of the house. This is what the kitchen looked like before:

And the after photos:

You will notice the bulk head is gone, we added trim to the top of the cupboards for a more finished look, new crown moulding, new lighting, new backsplash, and new paint! There is also new hardware installed since the before photos, but they have been up for a while!

Unfortunately we need to install new floors in there again, as ours are separating slowly ever since the dishwasher leaked! But they will work for now!

Moving on to the bathroom:


Since these before pics were taken, we have replaced the vanity with a bigger one with granite counters:

The mirror is from the mudroom, I made the new curtains and there is a new light fixture in there, as well as crown moulding. I do miss the dark grey walls, but love the blue! It is the same blue we had in the great room/kitchen before. We also have attic access in there now too!

I plan to paint the vanity a grey, as well as the medicine cabinet. 

There you have it! We are in love with the new space! 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Rewind

feel like I am falling soo far behind on my blog posts... Will I ever get caught up? 

This weekend was a nice low key weekend. Unfortunately we got more snow... But the temperature dropped to only -10 instead of -26! Our vacation can't come soon enough, this mama needs some sun and warmth!! 

Friday night we went an picked up Charles Winston, who has now been given the name Felix. It also looks like he is here to stay for now. One of his test results came back positive, so that made him no longer an candidate for adoption. The rescue group I was working with offered to make him a cat house for outside, but it is just too cold out there, I can't do it, so we are going to see how things go. He needed some extra loving and he got just that as I got caught up on the PVR! 

Saturday we worked on laundry, got the suitcases out, I made Noah's smash cake and just enjoyed some family time. We decided last minute to have a little date night, so we headed into town, stopped at Carters to try to find Noah some clothes for our trip and luckily we found some great deals!! 

We went to east sides for dinner where Noah enjoyed his first lemon! Yes, he actually enjoyed it! When we got home we bathed Noah and put him down, worked out and then watched the newer movie Annie. It was great! We really enjoyed it!! 

Sunday we worked on packing and of course playing!! We also did Noah's cake smash! I was happy with how the cupcake turned out: 

And the pictures were fun too!! 

My favorite: 

We also worked on introducing Felix to the rest of the house. So far Lux and him get along, but Jazz and Binx need some work. 

Sunday night was spent watching the Oscars and M playing video games. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend too!! 


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