Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What I'm Loving: Luke Bryan

Just as I promised, a whole post on my latest obsession.... Luke Bryan! 

Last Friday my sister, along with a few friends headed to Hamilton to see Luke Bryan! Seriously, hands down the best concert I've been to! The opening acts were actually really good too being Dustin Lynch who sings:

Where It's At

My Favorite:

Cowboys And Angels

along with:
She Cranks My Tractor
Hell Of A Night

Along with so many others, we were actually able to sing along to most of his music! He wasn't bad to look at either: 

Up next was Randy Houser, granted he was a louder performer, we still knew his songs, which included:

Like A Cowboy

Goodnight Kiss

and soo many more that I loved like:
How Country Feels
Boots On
Running Out of Moonlight

But best was seriously last, Luke gave a heartfelt performance, especially when he sang the song Drink A Beer, which always has me on the verge of tears. He was such a humble performer, and just seemed blown away that everyone was there for him! He sang quite a few of my favorites and I was really bummed when we didn't find a tshirt stand. This man sings from the soul and his smile just beams and you can't help but to smile. I don't have anything bad to say about him. 

Of course we enjoyed watching him shake it and we're really bummed we couldn't see him again in London on Sunday. I seriously just love him so much! 

So much so, I have started watching his you tube channel. 

Have you ever been soo moved by a concert that you just want to know more about a person? 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Amazing Weekend!!!

I will start off by saying Friday's concert was seriously amazing!! The opening acts by Dustin Lynch and Randy Houser were fantastic and Luke Bryan was seriously the BEST!! This concert wins best concert ever and you bet I will try and get tickets every time he comes around here again. I will share more on the concert this week! Yup it was soo amazing it deserves its own post!

Saturday morning came early, as M was working, so that meant despite getting home late, I was getting up early with Noah, which we stretched to 8 AM, so it really wasn't too bad!! The weather this weekend was fantastic and most of it was spent outside!! 

I got laundry going right away so I could get it out on the line to dry! Noah was acting tired and I think he actually needed a morning nap, which I can see the potential for on the weekend because we are busier, but because I had just implemented this one nap routine, I wanted to stick it out, but later decided that was a bad call! 

I distracted him outside with blowing bubbles and playing on the deck

We also took the stroller apart and washed it so it could air dry too! It came out pretty clean, but we will have to stain treat a few areas. While we were in St. Martin we didn't have a high chair and Noah ate in his stroller often, so we have a few little spots to get out, but for the most part it came clean! I also installed the seat protector this weekend too! 

Noah ended up having lunch early so he could have a nap earlier... This whole plan backfired huge when he only napped for an hour! Lesson learned, when he needs a nap, he gets one! But it is good to know he can go without the morning nap if we need to! 

When M got home from work we were back outside, I cut the lawn while M played with Noah and brought out some more patio furniture! Next thing we knew it was 4:00 and we needed to be at the farm for 4:30 and both still had to shower! We made it to the farm just before 5! 

It was Ron's birthday, so we had dinner there and of course we had to take a birthday pic with Grandpa:

Notice anything different? He shaved his moustache!! Noah made strange a bit, but he is also going through that phase now! 

We made it home by 9, which Noah was way past his prime since he wouldn't sleep there but we took the scenic route home and he was asleep! 

Sunday I was finally able to sleep in! It was amazing too! Yup see why this post is titled amazing weekend? 

Sunday we put out junk to the street as it is junk pick up around here and this mama was in purging mood! We moved the play set, which Noah figured out how to climb on! He is such a big boy!! He also learned how to ride and move his firetruck on his own:

No he isn't sweaty, but rather freshly coated in sunscreen because the weather was that nice! 

The dogs were bathed, the patio furniture is all out, laundry was done, it was just a productive, yet fun day spent as a family! It was just what we needed!! 

We skipped our traditional family meal on Sunday and decided M could pick up pizza!! Noah loved it!! We did too!! After dinner we went out for nice long walk around the village! Noah enjoyed walking Gracie for the first time!! We got back home just in time for our bedtime routine!! 

Today we are sticking around home, we went to play group this morning and now Noah is napping!! 

Friday, May 1, 2015


Oh boy am I excited it is Friday May 1st!! Why you ask? Oh because I have a date with my boyfriend Luke Bryan tonight!! I may have to share him with every other lady, but it should prove to be a good time regardless!

My sister, friend Sarah and her friend Ella are all heading out to Hamilton to go for dinner and then the concert! My last concert was Rascall Flatts, which was pretty awesome, but Luke Bryan might just top Rascall Flatts on looks alone!! Getting tickets was no easy feat, but I guess it was meant to be!! 

Unfortunately we will miss Daddy's first ball game of the season, but in all honesty it is for a good reason right?? Grandma and Grandpa are babysitting Noah. 

Speaking of Noah, we had his pediatrician appointment yesterday and he got a clean bill of health, with no concerns! 

I will say that Noah is obsessed with his Gracie dog and spends most of his days doing this:

And this:

And it seriously melts my heart. I'm soo glad he has the same passion for animals that M and I do! 

Tomorrow we have my FIL's birthday and I let Noah pick out the cards! He at least chose happy birthday cards! 

The weather is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend, so hopefully we will get some more stuff done outside and have some good family time, as we are much in need! Last weekend was waay to busy!! 

Hope everyone has a great and safe weekend!! 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Abby & Zoey

Today we are headed back to the pediatrician's office... so while we are busy having "fun" with that, I thought I would share a new shop we just found and currently love!!

Shop owner Emily is a twin mama with the cutest little ladies, who have inspired her to open up the sweetest little shop selling bibs and car seat covers!


She often offers great giveaways and deals on her instagram  @abbyandzoey

Her fabric choices are adorable and you cant beat her prices!! Oh and did I mention she is Canadian?! This of course is a huge selling feature for me!

I couldn't have found this shop at a better time as teething appears to be back in full swing! The drool is dripping and my happy baby is hit and miss!! But luckily we were able to capture a few shots of Noah modeling the latest bandana bibs!

Emily sent us 3 bibs to try out, which you can get for just $5.50 each!!

The back is the softest minky fabric and we found they really do absorb a lot! The snaps are great and he isn't able to just pull them off, which is nice!!

Have I mentioned how hard it is to photograph this little man lately?? He is full of personality!

But sometimes he takes his job super seriously! Check out these lips haha!

It was really hard to choose from her fabrics because she had so many to offer that I loved! Look at all the boy options!

And of course girl ones that are too cute!

She offers great bundle prices on the bibs that you cannot beat the price of 3/$15, 5/$25 and 7/$33!!!

Needless to say if you have a drooly baby, I highly recommend this shop! They are excellent quality, wash up nicely and well made! I have shared the shop link again just below!


Thank you Emily!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

21 Day Fix Progress

It's been a while since I have updated how we are doing with the 21 day fix!! We are still loving the program! Seriously Autumn is no joke with these intense work outs, but it keeps us coming back each day. This quote is pretty much my mindset these days:

Last time we checked in was after round one, Mike has lost 9 pounds and I had lost 6! Mike also lost 10.75 overall inches and I lost 5.25. Men lose weight soo much easier than women - so not fair haha! It's been approximately two months since the last update and we lost weight inbetween, however we did have some time off in between with vacation and what not. 

So where are we at now? Mike has lost 20 pounds now but has not measured himself recently and here are my stats: 

The weight is coming off slowly and steadily, which is the way it is supposed to. I have a total of 3 pounds to go to get to my initial goal which is my pre-pregnancy weight. My pants from pre-pregnancy are fitting well now which is always a nice surprise! 

I also finally bought a new pair of running shoes so I could stop doing the work outs bare foot! I went with my first pair of nikes. I'm usually an Adidas girl, but I love how light these shoes are! 

They are the Nike Lunar Hyper Workout Shoe XT. Love them so far!! 

We are still enjoying the work outs and we will be upping our weights soon! Infact today I am going to pick up a set of 15 pound weights I found someone selling used! 

We are also considering subscribing to the beach body on demand to change things up a bit, but we aren't quite there yet. It is getting harder to get our work outs in together lately with Mike's hours and we have been skipping the odd work out too but doing walking instead. I'm hoping to start doing mine outside soon now that the weather is nicer! 

The biggest thing for us is portion controlling, and water intake we find. We usually skip the yoga and Pilates, as we just really don't enjoy either one! I have never been a yoga fan, and I am far from flexible, but I am getting better with stretching. 

So we are approximately 3-4 months in and still going strong!! Seeing the results is the best reward and it makes it all worth it!! If you are thinking about getting started, I highly recommend this program!! 


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