Friday, September 19, 2014

Follow Up Friday

This week was just as busy as I thought it would be, but it's been a good week all in all!!

Today I am remembering one of my most favorite women in my life, my grandmother. It has been 9 years today since she passed away. To say I miss her like crazy doesn't quite cut it, but I don't know that there are words to describe my feelings. I soo badly wish that she was able to meet Noah and that Noah was able to know her and how strong of a women she really was. My childhood is filled with her memories and I plan to make sure Noah knows the same kind of fun we used to have!!

Wednesday we met with the minister at the church. It went great! We set the date we wanted and the minister was open to all of our ideas to make the service as personal as possible.

Coming home Noah was overtired and lost his cool, which made for a long 15 minute drive home! 

Yesterday Noah loved up to his no-nap status, but with that being said he was actually in a good mood! We ran some errands, had him weighed, etc. 

I picked up this set from my sister that she made for me for the wedding this weekend!! Love it!! Check out her shop HERE

He also tried yogurt yesterday for the first time and loved it! 

Last night we went and picked up the toddler bed I bought used. It was in excellent shape until we went to go home and it flew out of the truck and dragged for a little bit! Luckily the damage was minimal. Why my husband didn't feel the need to tie it down the first time I'm not sure, even though I suggested it... Why he didn't tie it down the second time... Luckily it didn't get all the way out that time... I'm still not sure, but at that point I made him tie it down! 

I also went out with the ladies last night! It was loud, but fun! We all joked that we must be getting old because we were in the bar at Boston Pizza, the game was on, it was pretty busy, but we were totally yelling our conversations at each other and commenting how loud it was... But it was fun! 

Today Noah is working on catching up on some sleep he might have missed yesterday starting today off with an hour and half long nap! I was able to shower and get dressed and watch more of The Good Wife!! I'm almost caught up for Sunday when season 6 starts!! Luckily Noah is content playing while I continue to watch and fold laundry!! 

Wish us luck tomorrow leaving Noah for the longest and traveling the furthest away from him! I know he will be fine! Just a big step for this mama and daddy feels the pressure too!! 

Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday. Tid Bits

This week is going to be a busy one!! But with that being said I crossed a big item off my list!

First off Noah is actually dressed today, unlike yesterday when he stayed in his jammies all day!! 

Tonight Zumba Class and I am really looking forward to it! Although the timing may be a bit tricky with M working further away than normal, but we will see how it goes! 

Tomorrow night we meet with the priest to start planning Noah's baptism! Ideally we would have loved to have had this done sooner, but life got a bit hectic! I'm hoping to schedule it for the end of October! This was the big item I crossed off the list! 

Thursday night we go and pick up the toddler bed I just bought used for Noah! It is a little soon, but I got a great deal and we have the room to store it! Then I have girls night later that night! 

Friday night will be lowkey and I plan on snuggling with my baby because on Saturday we have a wedding! Unfortunately he is not invited, so my Mom is going to watch him. This will be the longest time we have left Noah and the furthest we have been away! We aren't staying overnight or anything, but M and I are both pretty nervous!! I know he will be fine, it's just a big step for us! 

Can someone tell me how this sweet baby is 7 months old today?? 

I love seeing the changes he presents each day. My baby really is growing up!! Wasn't this just yesterday??

But he sure did enjoy dumping this toy basket today:

His face lit up with excitement as the toys spilled out!! These are those moments I live for!! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Rewind

This weekend was great!! One wedding down, one more to go this coming weekend!

Friday night was our first night home all summer - no ball!! It was great! We celebrated with a nice comfy night on the couch, watching the good wife of course, while Noah has in bed by 8:30! I will admit, it was kinda nice being able to stay home and not go out, especially since the weather has decided to go all fall-like already! 

My allergies have been horrible! Ragweed has made my face and sinuses swollen, it is horrible! Of course I am trying not to take any meds, but I've had to give up and take Benedryl! 

Saturday morning M was supposed to go finish a job, but it was raining, so we lounged in our pjs all morning and had some good old family time! Then we had to get ready for the wedding that we had! The wedding was great, nice and low key, simple and filled with family! Noah was making strange with new people, all the lights, etc, but overall he did great! Not to mention how cute did he look??

And some family pics at the wedding: 

We were home around 9:30! Noah had a rough time settling after all the lights and excitement at the wedding, but finally gave in and slept all night! 

Sunday we headed to Toronto. My allergies were even worse, but I refused to let that hold me back from enjoying our day celebrating M's birthday. Yes of course it was in August, but I got him Jays tickets for yesterday's game! 

Our family picture (with Noah not looking...) 
(see swollen face... not fun)

The jays were not off to a good start, but with 2 out in the last inning, they decided to tie up the game and go into extra innings! It was pretty intense! 

But they ended up losing in the extra inning! 

It was a fun filled afternoon! We headed home right after and of course I ended up in the back of the truck on the way home, so this mama was feeling pretty carsick ontop of the bad allergies! 

We got home, fed the little monster and then just as we were about to head out for a family walk I ended up with a nose bleed, on top of my headache and my allergies hit the all time high. Defeat! I wasn't going anywhere! I could barely talk I was soo congested! So I got my Pjs on and settled in on the couch with a box of Kleenex, Vicks, Benedryl, and water! 

Luckily today I am feeling somewhat better! My face is still swollen, but my nose isn't constantly dripping - yet! 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thrifty Steals

I'm not exactly what one would call the best yard-saler out there, in fact I am trying to get rid of junk, not add more into my mix! I wanted to have a yard sale myself but just wasn't organized! But this summer I did find myself at a few yard sales and I did make out like a bandit!

I bought 4 seagrass baskets for books and toys for only $2 - Binx is a fan: 

My sister's neighbourhood was having a yard sale and I was unable to attend, but she found all sorts of goods!! Best kind of yard saling is her sending me pics and doing the the bartering for me (I'm not good at that part). Here is what I found, all for $60: 

A 3-1 car seat for the next stage - we still plan to buy a new one, but want one for both vehicles. This one is in mint shape and has lots of time left before expiring!

Baby cubes - these have been very well used already and are all full in my freezer!! $2 a tray!

Ba Baby Bottle Holder - retails for $20 I paid $2! But Noah won't use it yet! 

Life jacket for Noah - $5

My sister found this too - a travel bottle warmer!! 

A swing for the playset we had given to us - $5 

My sister also gave me this jolly jumper and this toy for crawling:

Then to make matters better, we were headed to ball the one night here in town, of course I was walking and came across this free to a home that will use it basketball net in mint shape! So I called Mike back to come get it but he said after the game. I didn't want to miss out, so I dropped Noah off at the park with him and grabbed the truck, muscled it into the back, learned it was full of water after it was too late... Went back to the park, pulled it out so more water didn't get on the carpet... M wasn't impressed that I didn't throw it in the very back of the truck, but it was full and this was heavier than I thought (heck I had to drive with the passenger door open to accommodate...) and I hate picking things up off the street, not to mention our truck has a logo! Haha. I'm soo not made for junk pick up, even though this will be good junk to my child one day!! 

What can I say, I am sale shopper, I don't like paying full price for anything, but I am not what one would call a good rummage shopper!! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday. Randoms.

I'm not sure what's up with this week, but Noah seems to think we need to get up early every day so far! But with that being said he has also been napping longer!

Have I ever mentioned that I actually like making my own baby food for Noah? I'm not a huge fan of buying store bought baby food, although the options they have are away better than mine! I need to spice things up in the combinations! I will say I love having store bought pouches for on the go though! Soo much easier!! I even bought my own refillable pouches so I can use my homemade food. Noah also doesn't car for jarred baby food from the grocery store! But he is such a good eater! 

I mentioned a while ago that I was going to start pushing on with exercise, got my fit bit back out, logged some food - found my weaknesses and still work to cut back (chocolate of all things - STILL!! Not sure what this pregnancy has done to me, I used to hate chocolate). I was stuck at 9 pounds left to lose to reach my pre-pregnancy weight and that finally dropped to 8 not too long ago! 8 doesn't sound like that much, until it comes to dropping it the hard way! Trying to lose weight and keep up with my breastfeeding has been such a struggle for me, as I don't have what one would call a great supply!

I would exercise and sure enough my milk supply would decrease, so I was waiting for my body to cue me when would be a good time to try more activity and I took the dropping 1 pound after 5 months of trying and failing as that cue! It's bad enough you need to intake more calories due to breastfeeding, with the big part choosing healthy calories instead of junk, which is hard! I'm not a dieter, I want to be able to eat what I want in moderation and work it off.

Last night was my first Zumba class since well before I got pregnant. I had to stop a lot earlier because of the medication I was on, my body just couldn't tolerate the temperature changes from the hormones I was on and I would end up just feeling dizzy and exhausted - not worth it! So when my friend said she was starting back up (she had her baby about a month after I had Noah) I knew this was going to be hard, but something I wanted to do! The time is a bit tricky, as it is Noah's unwind time before bed and usually he is a bit cranky, but luckily M is pretty comfortable dealing with it and ultimately puts Noah to bed every night when he is home.

I survived the class, and actually I felt really good afterwards! I was able to keep up and didn't feel like dying afterwards! I guess I was in better shape than I thought! Amazing what walking can do and lugging around a baby. It was a fun hour of high energy activity! 

Today I feel pretty good, a few sore muscles and my ankle is a bit sore, which I figured it would be, but overall this is good for it I think. I look forward to next weeks class! Feels good to be back at it and hopefully my supply keeps up! 

Last night we also had girls night and for the first time in a long time we were all there!! It was nice to catch up with everyone!! I was able to at least run home and shower before heading out and kiss my sweet baby goodnight!! 

I really need to figure out what I am going to wear to this wedding this weekend! I am also really looking forward to taking M out for his birthday present - we are headed to Toronto for a Blue Jays game! Noah's first game, great seats and I'm sure it will be soo much fun!! We haven't been since just after we got married! Ready for a flashback??

Look at that blonde in my hair! I kinda miss it! But it is away to much maintenance!! Which reminds me I dyed my hair again! It is DARK, like really dark, but I do love it!! I forgot how much I love my hair super dark brown, although it kind of looks black right now, luckily the stuff I used gives you 3 tones, so it appears to have some "natural" highlights! 

I'm pretty sure that is all the randomness I can handle for one day! I will leave you with another pic of Noah: 

Happy Wednesday!!


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