Friday, September 28, 2012


Wow, it is Friday - this week just zoomed on by!! I feel like I haven't had a chance to catch up on the happenings of this week!

Yesterday I was busy moving my Mom. My back is now killing me, not sure what happened, but it hurts! I have a love on for my heat pack now!!

I have been a lucky girl this week!! I have won 2 awesome give aways! One from Grin & Barrett, Melissa was kind enough to be giving away a custom "About Me" side bar by the VERY talented Aubrey from The Kinch Life Designs!! Sooo as you can see not only is my old background back, but Aubrey redid my "About Me" side bar and I absolutely LOVE it!! I am soo happy with it!! She also has some great deals on blog design - be sure to check her out!!! Thank you Ladies!!

The 2nd Give Away I won was from Alison!! A gift that she has actually already given me, but now I have one to pass on to someone else! Alison gave me my necklace when we met back in July! I am soo entirely grateful!! It is honestly one of my favorite necklaces for soo many reasons and I am actually wearing it today. I actually wear it most days! It is from The Hudson Foundation. They are a non-profit organization that supports those struggling with infertility. Such an amazing cause!!!

They have a store where you can purchase your own hope necklace, as well as other items and all proceeds go directly to The Hudson Foundation. Amazing!! What a great way to give Hope to anyone who needs it, as well as support this amazing cause! Thank you Alison!!!

My crocheting is getting better!! I am past the half way point I think!!

Oh and remember this picture:

I am happy to announce that as horrible as these treats may be, they were both gone by the time I got home. Soo when M came home, he had to try giving it to them himself, because the picture made him laugh soo hard and we got the same reaction. Can you guess which one ended up eating them?

Gracie... what a trooper!! Lily was having no part of it!! hahaha!

I'll be honest I am not really looking forward to finish moving my Mom, but c'est la vie!! M also agreed to play in an old fashioned baseball game on Sunday. No gloves or bats... not to sure how the game is player, but it should be entertaining and it is on London, where I will be anyways!!

These Scentsy Buddy Buy 1 Get 1 Free deals are going crazy!!! Over $26000.00 sold in just buddies alone YESTERDAY!!! It is a crazy awesome deal and make for great gifts!!!! Interested? Let me know!! Awesome deal!!

Happy weekend friends!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lovely Little Wednesday!

It is Wednesday and I am typically loving that fact alone!! Why?

Well where do I start?

The photo book I thought was due last night is actually due tonight, which allowed me to get half of done last night and the other half tonight! I guess I can be pretty good at compromising and procrastinating!

Zumba kicked my ass last night... it was a good kicking and secretly I liked it! haha!

My crocheting is coming together!! I had a bit of time yesterday once I found out I had until to today to complete my photo book! Progress in only 45 minutes time:

Then there is this little guy, who loves to tease me... he is clearly hard at work, folding towels right!? Nope, just teasing me!! Little stinker!!

Then there are these two... they really didn't care for the sweet potato treats!! They came out quicker than they went in and it was a shared consensus!! They were not very impressed to say the least!

Let's talk TV!!

Parenthood: You really pick topics that hit home, seeing Kristina have to go through this is painstakingly hard, just seeing the strength she emits to get through this inspires me in my everyday life! I just love this show soo much!! Even though I cannot relate to breast cancer, it is nice to see her lean on Adam and explain her needs during this journey of her life.

Private Practice: Oh my goodness!! I love this show! I had to try to remember how they left off last year and then I remember Pete dying... and I was shocked with Addison's choice, I really thought she would have picked Sam! And then Charlotte being prego with triplets... craziness!! Hurry up next Tuesday!!

My PVR is jam packed with shows!! And to think soo many of my regular shows haven't even started yet!! I am looking forward to Grey's tomorrow night!!!

Happy Wednesday friends!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Operation Crochet:

Operation Crochet was pretty much a success, not that I am near completion of my first project which is a dishcloth, but I actually know what I am doing! Well sort of... it did take me 2 hours last night, but what I ended up with after those 2 very long hours is straight and I can just see the progress! haha!

Here take a look for yourself:

Yup... so a dishcloth is 9 inches... it only took me 2 hours to complete an inch, so at this rate, 16 hours later I should have a dishcloth, although I think it won't take me this long. Then if you think, if I were to sell said dishcloth - it would be like a $100 dishcloth! Haha!
Just kind of funny when you think about it!
But I don't even have time to work on this today until I finish making a photo book reflecting on Diamond's life. My deadline is tomorrow... I am not usually a procrastinator!
Therefore, that is all I have for you on today's post because clearly I have work to do!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Rewind

Another great weekend has come and gone!!

Friday night was spent with dinner at the farm and then a nice relaxing evening at home.

Saturday we decided to host an in-promptu dinner party for 11, well one was too small to eat, but she was still at the table!

We decided to go with a pasta dinner and had our friends bring the salad, dessert, bread and wine. It was perfect!! It was a great night full of shenanigans, but none the less fun!!

I wish I had taken pictures of the table before everyone came, but I forgot! I also forgot how big that table gets when you put a leaf in it, which then reminded me how big it would be with 2 leaves!

Sunday my sister and I surprised my Mom, by showing up to help her pack and to say she needed it would be an understatement for someone who is moving next weekend. I guess you know what we will be doing next weekend now don't you!

Also got my hands on these sweet tickets:
Sooo excited!!
Can we just mention how cold it got over night/this morning:

See that 0... um it is way too early for that weather!!
Today I am having a pretty laid back day, planning on placing another Scentsy order and then heading to girls night tonight where we are going to learn how to crochet!!! Soo excited!! Watch out world, I just might become a mean lean crocheting machine! haha!

Happy Monday friends!!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Letters

Brrrr, it is getting chillier here in Ontario that is for sure!! I was really hoping for an Indian Summer! Sorry for the lack of blogging yesterday, time escaped me!  But fear not, I am back today with some letters:

Link up with Ashley

Dear Body: I know I did yoga for the first time yesterday, I really thought you love it! It was sooo relaxing, not overly difficult, especially when you compare it to Tuesday nights Zumba, but why on earth do you hurt more after yoga and not after zumba?! I get it... I stretched some parts that obviously feel neglected, but I am sorry! Can you feel better soon!? Granted it is a good feeling to know that something is working, but I get it now!

Dear Hair: We are getting bored with each other! We need to start doing new things! Co-operate and this plan might last longer than 1 day!

Dear Alison: Happy Birthday on Sunday!! I hope you have a fantastic weekend celebrating!!!

Dear Torrent: (Yes I am writing to my car). I really have not enjoyed you failing me this week! I'm hoping you will be back into business tonight because as much as I love driving the truck, I kinda miss you! Turned out to be nothing serious, just a battery and M will have you feeling back to normal hopefully today!!

Dear iPhone: I really appreciate you, just sayin'.

Dear M: I get that your work season is beginning to get really busy, but I need to be eating earlier on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I hate going to Zumba and Yoga and feeling full! So we will need to work something out okay?

Dear BarkBox: Lily and Gracie loved getting their mail yesterday!!! They also loved showing their Dad their new toy and bones!! So happy to have been able to purchase the monthly subscription, knowing that part of it goes to pet shelters and rescues!!

Lily really liked the Pretzel!!

Dear Lux: Please stop sleeping by my feet, I end up sleeping like a retard trying to accommodate you because I don't know any better in my sleep, but when I wake up and see that you are slowly and surely pushing me over have an entire quarter of our kind size bed... its not cool! You are a cat! And you don't need to grunt and groan when I end up soo uncomfortable that I actually wake up and realize it is all because of you and move you! Sneaky little fur friend!!

Happy Friday friends!! Enjoy your weekend!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh My Wednesday...

Soo my Wednesday did not start out as planned... but let's start with how the rest of Tuesday turned out...

Big thanks to everyone's sweet comments yesterday!
The cookies, they happened, the cookie dough was perfect:
It tasted just as I remembered!!

The first batch had some black bottoms... but still enjoyable, but the second batch was just perfect!!

Last night I did Zumba again, found the steps much easier! I think I might try her Yoga class on Thursday! I have never done yoga, aside from the Wii Fit!

Did anyone watch Parenthood last night... Oh my! Aside from the puppy search, I am actually feeling a bit scared for Kristina!

Now on to today's bad start... literally, my car - it wouldn't start!! This is the 2nd time this week! Luckily K was home and came right over to give me a lift over to the farm to get M's truck! To say I was frustrated... would be an understatement! Needless to say, that will need to be fixed! Not sure which one I hope it to be.. the starter or the alternator because I am pretty sure it is not the battery! My day can only get better right?!

Tonight we have our last ball game!! Except, a lot of our team is missing tonight, but we will do our best with what we have!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Today I think back 6 years ago and remember the phone call that broke my heart. I heard the news and tried my best to stay strong but once I got off the phone, my knees went weak and I fell to the ground. Tears began to stream from my eyes uncontrollably. I tried to tell M what had happened but I couldn't get the words out. M just held me, knowing there were no words to make this better, my Grandma was gone.

I managed to pull myself together to go up to the hospital and say goodbye. I knew that there was always a time to cry and a time to stay strong. Grandma had taught me this. I knew that it was okay to cry, but part of me wanted to be the stong woman Grandma had taught me to be.

I stood up in front of everyone at her funeral with strength only she would understand. I can remember thinking one day I will be strong like my Grandma and to this day I still strive for this! It didn't matter what Grandma was faced with, she took it on with dignity. I only saw her cry a few times and when I did, I knew just how to comfort her back, just as she would with me. Her hugs were endless and her words were whispers of strength.

When I am down or upset, I can quickly get a grip with her sweet reminders. When I face hard times, I know that I can get through it no matter the outcome because my strength will allow me.

There have been soo many times where I have been able to face the unthinkable because of what she has taught me. There are many times where I could have given up, but I didn't because in my heart I have had her words encouraging me. I do my best to make her proud.

To say I miss her does not sum it up. But I know she is always there for me when I need her the most.

Today not only to I remember a remarkable woman whom I will forever cherish in my heart, I remember soo many memories that I will never forget as a child. The pictures are still vivid in my mind!!

In honor of my Grandma, I plan to make her chocolate chip cookies today! I hope to have the house smell just like hers did. I look forward to the taste of the cookie dough and the taste of a warm cookie melting in my mouth!

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Weekend That Came And Went

I can't believe it is Monday again already! And that it is the middle of September!! Craziness!!

Our weekend was just perfect!! Friday night we went into town did our groceries, grabbed DQ before having our dinner... M kept repeating how awesome it was to be adults after this one! We picked up dinner and headed home.

Friday we also celebrated Lily being off her her huge expensive meds!!! Now she will just take her thyroid,

Saturday we did house work, discussed the bench that was supposed to be built and I think we need to rethink the size! I think my initial length of it is too long. Especially since we ended up rearranging the great room furniture and with the room the way it is now, it just would not work. If I make the bench shorter, I might just have enough fabric left to make a new dog bed!!

Lux was folding towels... or pressing them... but I really think I caught him snoozing on the job!
I also find it somewhat humorous that when ever it comes to changing any room around, M always gets a medical call! I mean it clearly sucks for the person in need, but he always seems to run out the door when I say room change!

We basically just flipped the layout of the great room and I do like it, but I like it either way! Don't tell M but I think we might have to flip it back for Christmas to accommodate our tree! But we will see!!

Sunday we headed to the lake!! The water was chilly, M and the dogs went in, but I will be honest, I didn't even suit up!! I decided to stay in my dress!! Here are some pics from our day:

On our way out on the water!

I happened to be on the wrong side of the boat on the way home... it was just a wee bit wet!!  It was pretty choppy water!! No rain, just pure sunshine, but windy!

Home sweet home! M clearly had been wearing a hat all day! lol!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

It Happened...

I am proud to say - the office is clean and organized! It only took me an hour too! Granted I worked my butt off in that hour... but it is done!! Remember this? Well it now looks like this:

Sorry this picture is blurry... I was just soo excited to share!!

I know the decor is pretty youthful - we have never redone the bedrooms upstairs.

While my sister was cleaning her spare room, she came across this:

Yup... Amy was about 6 and I was 4! Apparently I used to have a thing for big smiles back then... oh wait I still do!! I also told my mom she was a mean lady for making me walk around with bangs like that!

I found my wedding dress yesterday too!! I had it preserved and then thought to myself what if one day I go to give this to my kids and it isn't my dress... how upsetting would that be, even though checking 5 years later would have had the same result I am sure, but no worries, it was my dress all folded up.

Also clearly I didn't embarrass myself enough yesterday with sharing my messy office, now I am about to shamefully admit that to celebrate my weight loss, M and I may have went to Dairy Queen for there buy one blizzard get one for 99 cents - great deal, but My Fitness Pal didn't seem to like the caloric intake! Thank goodness I cleaned the office and burned some calories doing so... but it happened and I don't regret it! It was a damn good reward!!

It is a rainy day here... but the weekend is supposed to be alright, a little cool, but hopefully I will find myself along side a bonfire at one point and I plan to head down to the lake at some point too!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Topicless Thursday

Another beauty day ahead of me today!! And I unfortunately need to make a dent in my office upstairs... I am embarrassed to show you how it looks right now... but I will... it will make me accountable...

You see exercise equip, bedding, photo props, new storage systems, various sewing projects on the go...
Scentsy stuff, Lovable labels, ironing board
Closer look at the table...
More photo props, knitting needles
I am sure you get the picture!! I have only been putting it off all summer!!
I also just got a steal of a deal on an external hard drive to store all my pictures on for only $65 for a 1 terabyte!! It will take me quite a while to fill that on up! Sooo not only will I be organizing the office, but I will also be digital organizing as well!! It will be soo nice to have them all in one place!!
I am loving my "Clean Breeze" Scentsy bar!!! My house smells soo fresh, but I cannot wait to melt some of the new fall smells!
I am celebrating my hard work as well today!! I am officially down 5 pounds!! My hard work is paying off and I couldn't be more excited about it!!
Excuse my bloating... I swear it is a 24/7 occurance!
Pinned Image
Happy Thursday friends!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Not only did I survive Zumba, I loved it! It was a lot of fun! Within the first 20 minutes I thought oh my I don't know if I can keep up, but I did and I feel great after doing it! It's pretty high energy, but I think the more I do it, the better I will get!

As for the fear factor being that I am not co-ordinated, I don't think I did to badly actually! There were a few steps that it took me a bit to figure out, but for my first class, I don't think it was too bad. Once I learn the dances it will be easier!

I love that it is within the village and a good friend of mine is the instructor, so it is just a short walk around the corner! The group of ladies that were participating were great too!! We had some good laughs!

I loved Parenthood last night!!! I got home from Zumba around 9:30 PM and watched it on the PVR!

I am hoping that hubby is going to construct our bench this weekend!!

I love these two, who were having too much fun on our walk yesterday:

Love them both soo much!!

As sad as I was to see the pool come down, I am looking forward to being able to have bon fires again in the back yard!! I like bon fires in the summer, but in the fall I love them even more!!

And now for some Pinterest Inspirated Reminders:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Happy Wednesday Friends!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 years - 9/11

Before I blab on about my daily ramblings, I want to take some time to remember 9/11. Crazy to think back to this day 11 years ago, sitting in Mrs. Clarke's English class, a teacher who disliked the TV and she turned it on. We knew something must have been happening and so there was.

What a tragic day for soo many people. My heart goes out to all of those who were impacted by this horrendous day. Soo many people lost loved ones, soo many people put their own lives on the line to try to save others. May those who lost their lives on this day rest in peace.

It is anniversaries like this, that make me soo grateful for those who are out their saving lives, fighting crime, protecting lives, Firefighters (husband included), Emergency Responders, Police, Paramedics, Doctors, Armies, etc. Thank you for all that you do everyday!

Not sure how to start my random rambling after this, as nothing else seems as important, so here it is:

- Parenthood starts tonight!!
- I am attending my first ZUMBA class!! This is scary and exciting all at once! Wish me luck!
- The Voice - loved it!
- General Hospital is on a different time!
- I made apple crisp yesterday, soo good!
- Lily is doing well today!
- Caught Gracie eating cat food last night... little stinker!! Hopefully she learned her lesson!
- I actually have clothes hanging on the line during the week!! I remembered to put the washing machine on timer! It was ready to hang by the time I got up!

About to take the dogs for a walk, it is a beautiful day outside!


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