Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Book Review: Bittersweet

Okay so I finally took some time to finish the book I had mentioned here.
by: Shauna Niequist
This book was amazing! It spoke a lot about God, which at first I wasn't sure about, but by the end of the booked I just wanted more! The book spoke to me on soo many different levels! I went through and highlighted the lines soo important to me and almost every page has yellow on it!
This book was a nice easy read, as it is her telling her story, the way it was, how it made her feel and how she handled it. It was encouraging, it was real and it was downright honest. It was relatable and just what I needed! It challanged me to change the way I look at something now!
I can remember reading this book in Jamaica poolside with tears pouring out of my eyes! Thank goodness for big sunglasses! And just as I finished the book I was crying again! It just stirred up soo many emotions that I guess I have been putting to the side!
If you are struggling with anything in your life, this book will speak to you, no matter what the struggle.
As far as my faith goes, I can be honest enough to say that I am struggling, but this book gave me a new look at things. It brought faith back into my life even though I wasn't willing to consider it at this time.
It put soo many things into perception for me! It put so many of my thoughts into reality for me!
I am now going to share some of the lines that meant the most to me:
"I know what it's like to long for a new year, I know what it is like to feel like everything's on hold and you don't recognize your own life even though it's right in front of you."
"The middle is the fog, the exhaustion, the loneliness, the daily battle against despair and the nagging fear that tomorrow will be just like today, only you'll be wearier and less able to defend yourself against it. The middle is the lonely place, when you can't find the words to say how empty you feel, when you try to connect but you feel like a thick glass is seperating you from the rest of the world, isolating and deadening everything."
"What kept me stuck, when I was stuck, were my own demands and expectations, my own collection of fear and anxiety."
"I stop dreaming sometimes, because I am afraid of what it would take to change my life. I stop dreaming because I'm afraid of the chaos that a dream might bring, afraid of what a new dream will require of me. I practice being fine, and I tell myself that things are alright, just as they are."
"It's human to struggle. It's human to nurse a broken heart, to wonder if the pain will ever let up, to howl through your tears every once in a while."
"I don't have any idea why some bodies are strong and able and others seem to fail at every turn."
"I thought that what we really wanted are easy lives, and if we can't have those, then we can at least become deep, grounded people who grow through heartbreak."
"We become less fearful, more able, more comfortable with the idea of life as a beautiful mess."
This is a must read as far as I am concerned, even if you are not religious. You won't regret it! To be honest I would read it all over again just to get the messages that lie within it!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Last Minute

Another weekend has come and gone and this one was pretty busy!

Friday: I meant to blog, but ended up going to London last minute. I managed to get my gel nail supplies from the beauty store, and a new brush which I have needed for a while but had never found one that was just right! I got home just in time, managed to try out one of new nail polishes in dark purple, which I almost spilled all over my new counters when the phone rang! Luckily I grabbed it with my hand before it hit the counters and my hand was a purple mess!

 I had a friend and her sister coming over to look at my front gardens to give me ideas! I need to re-home a BIG lilac bush that invades my front garden, move things around, and plant some peonies in the front garden because the sun is burning off my hydrangeas! M came home and we ended up going for dinner at the golf course last minute for dinner! And guess what I found? A new drink that I LOVE!! I typically have a hard time ordering drinks at restaurants for several reasons, one being I don't drink often, two being I don't like beer, strong drinks and I am picky. Well the same thing happened to me, so I just ordered a gingerale to be safe. Then a friend of ours ordered a Somersby Cider, he suggested I would like it knowing how picky I am, so I tried it and sure enough I did love it!! It was delicious! I figured that cider tasted like beer as well, since it can be found on the beer menu! Soo impressed! I am sold on this:

Saturday: I was up early, not as early as M, he had to leave at 6:30 for his last day of fire training! M's Mom and I decided to go shopping for 8:00 at a sale in a near by town. Where I bought this:
I have always wanted one of these since I was a child. It is just like the ones from Cracker Barrel! I got it for a steal of a deal!!
Then I went into work with M's Mom and helped with inventory.
M didn't get home from his course until 7:30 PM so we just had a nice relaxing evening because Sunday was going to be just as busy!
Sunday: M was supposed to be up for 6:00, but that didn't happen. He made it out of the house for 6:30 and off to the fire hall for the Fireman's Breakfast! I was there for 8 to help out and surprised to be the only wife helping out! It was pretty busy. My Dad and sister's little family came out to support as well as M's parents, so we all sat down for breakfast. The school was doing some fundraising as well, so I took M's truck for a truck wash.
I made an appointment in town at Pet Valu for the dogs to have baths! This was amazing! For $15 each, we bathed the dogs and dried the dogs in their facility, which was just amazing!We were able to do them both at the same time because they had 2 BIG tubs! No sore back afterwards, because they were in raised tubs, no 2 loads of towels in the laundry afterwards, no clogged drains, no wet dog smell and the dogs are soo soft, smell great and look great! We are definitely utilising that place again!!
Lily is getting dried

Gracie was loving it!
M and I were soo impressed! We also bought a scrubber for down at the lake! I had no idea they made those, but it took out soo much hair!!
Last night we tried a new chicken! We followed this recipe and it was pretty good! I found it on Pinterest last night:
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

And We Have A Winner!

The winner of the camera strap is.....
Abby from Murdock's Mama!! Congrats!!!
But fear not, Ashley from Corner With Love has offered a discount code for my followers!! You can save 15% off from her etsy shop found HERE!!
Use the code:

I personally love Ashley's straps!! Like I mentioned previously, I have two myself. She is willing to do custom straps, in fact, she made not 1, but 2 for me to choose from for the give away. I couldn't decide so I purchased the other one!! The shipping is super fast and great quality!! Don't miss out!!
Happy Shopping!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What's Been Up Wednesday

Yesterday I got to pick this little lady up from Pre-School and take her swimming:

She just melts my heart! I got there to pick her up and she knew I was coming and as soon as I got there she says "Aunt Ashie I missed you! What took you soo long?" haha. Then during her swimming lessons she blew me kisses and waved whenever she had a chance! We went for dinner and then I took her back home to have some ice cream!

Today I am ever hopeful to put a piece of my present in my past! More on that to come I promise, but I'm hoping to celebrate with a glass of wine tonight!

I think I might regret wearing my chevron maxi today! It was soo warm yesterday, but now I see the temp is going to drop this aft!

The winner of the give away will be posted tomorrow, as soon as I pick one!! So you have one last chance to enter!!

I had something else to write about, but for the life of me I cannot reember what it is! I thought of it right before bed! Hopefully it will come to me! I recall it being funny!

Happy Wednesday friends!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Spy

Today I am so excited to share this amazing news that Firmoo is giving out FREE glasses with you!

Are you bored with your overused & old style glasses? Now is the time for you to replace those tired, outdated glasses that you may have had for so long and trade them in for glasses that are up-to-date, fashionable and perfect for you! It's also a given fact that we should have our eyes checked and glasses prescription updated once a year to reduce the risk of our eyesight deteriorating from using old prescription eyeglasses! Now I don't actually wear glasses, aside from sun glasses, which let's be honest I kind of have a collection, therefore I thought it would be best to share this offer with all of those who do wear glasses. I found that Firmoo is giving out free pair. They are offering FREE glasses (Frames + Lenses + Shipping = $0!) as well as discount coupons, so that any one of you can take an advantage of them! Don't miss out Firmoo free offer!
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Isn't that awesome?!

Take your time and enjoy your good luck at http://www.firmoo.com/z/crazy-giveaway.html

Hope you all enjoy!!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Manic Monday

I am stuck at work today... an actual Monday... Wednesday`s are usually my Monday`s!

Anywho. our weekend was pretty good! I failed at the picture taking, but I`m over it!

We had a tragedy at our house this weekend! The robin lost all of her eggs! I feel soo bad for her, but I also know she didn`t put it in the best place! I`m pretty sure a raccoon must be lingering around.. pesky things.

Friday night, I won`t lie I was glued to the TV watching CNN! Even here in Canada I felt a sense of relief for Boston! Soo glad they caught him! I am ever hopeful they will get the answers they need!! Then I played Dr. Mario on the Wii over wifi with my sister! Love that game!

Saturday we went an took down the pool we are getting! It went rather smoothly, just took a lot longer than I expected! I will admit it was weird being in my old house, but it was nice to see all the changes they have made!

Saturday night we hung out with friends, and played Dice Poker. Love that game!!

Sunday I slept in until 9:30 AM, we went for brunch with M`s parents, but stopped at home depot on the way and managed to find THE kitchen hardware! Our marital dispute has been resolved! We finally found the ones and bought them for not a bad price at all! We put some of them up and are happy with how they look! When we get it finished I will snap some pics!

I have my fingers crossed for some nice weather this week so I can get the dogs bathed! I hate having wet dogs in the house, it`s just easier to be able to put them outside!

If you haven`t entered the give away to win this camera strap,

be sure to, it is coming to an end on Wednesday.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

High Five Friday

This week was a happy mail week!!
As I mentioned I received my lululemon headbands, as well as my camera strap.
Oh you want to win one too?
It's not to late!! You can enter HERE!
I also got my scentsy shipment!! Can I just say how much I love the new smells I got!!
They remind me of Spring!!
My newest favs:
- tiare maohi
- jet set go
- honeymoon hideaway
- happy go lucky
I went dress shopping yesterday for C's wedding!! We found the most perfect Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses!!! We also enjoyed a yummy lunch at Jack Astor's afterwards!!
I didn't even get lost heading towards Toronto!! But the traffic home sucked!! Glad I don't live in a big centre like that!
Yesterday's weather was GORGEOUS!! Excuse the capitols but they are well deserved!! It was 27 at one point according to my car! But it felt like 29!! We did get some more thunderstorms, but I don't mind them at this time of the year!
Apparently Wednesday night's hail didn't interrupt our robin's nest! She laid another one!!Wednesday she laid the 3 one but I thought she was done, but then she surprised me! I don't know how many more pics I will be able to snag because she is on the nest a lot more now! I just wish she had it in a more sheltered spot! It is exposed to all the weather.
This weekend M and I are heading back to my parents old house and are taking down the pool and bringing it home! We are friends with the people who bought their house and they don't want a pool anymore, so she offered it to us and we decided to go for it!! I'm not sure when we will put in the yard yet, but I am looking forward to getting it!

I am ever hopeful that they will find the one's responsable for Boston's bombing!! What is wrong with this world we live in? I was also upset to hear about the explosion in Texas! The US is having a tough go this past week!! Praying for all of those affected!

Stay strong!! Stay Safe!!

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I Am Loving

I figure it has been a while since I have shared my loves lately... so here we go!!

I am loving phase 1 of the kitchen:

I made a new recipe last night that I made up!! Chicken Bacon Ranch Quesadilla's! They were a big hit!! Super easy! M was a little concerned when he realized I wasn't following a recipe, but he enjoyed the finished product!

I am loving my new camera strap!!! And remember you can win one as well! Here is the link to yesterday's post just incase! Trust me you do not want to miss out on this!! Ashley makes amazing straps! This is my second one!!

Here is my first:
And here is what YOU can win:

We have new tenants on our property:

A sweet little robin family!! Love seeing these reminders that spring is here! I also can't wait to watch these guys grow up!!

My lulu lemon headbands came in as well!! Love these!! They actually hold my hair back!!!

I am back to work today... that is not something I am loving...
I am also not loving the tragedy that Boston is going through! What a sick world we live in! My heart breaks for all of those involved, but I am also amazed with how many people risked their own lives to help others out!! That touches my heart and is a good reminder of the good we have in life!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Give Away Day!

Today I am excited to share one of my favorite shops on Etsy!!!
Ashley who also blogs over at Corner With Love has agreed to do a give away on my blog. She asked me what I had in mind and I couldn't help to say chevron and polka dot!! My favs!!
She met my needs and made two! One for me and one for one of my lucky followers!!
Here is what is up for grabs:
It even has this cute little lens cap pocket! I am forever losing my lens cap!!
These make great gifts as well!!

Good luck!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Sneak Peek At The Kitchen

Soo remember when I said M had a fire course this past weekend? Well it was cancelled because they had no power!! Soo many people were without power over the weekend! 4 days... flooded basements and all! But we are lucky! The neighbours across the street - not so much:

But on the upside... it is +18!!! Gorgeous out!!
Friday night rolled around and believe it or not my partner and I won the prizes!! I also found this new wine:

Saturday M started to tear up the old kitchen counters...
Here is a look of what used to be:
Gracie and Lily did fine with it all until the vacuum came out... 2 beds... 2 dogs.. 1 vacuum
Can you guess who hates the vacuum more? Lily!!

We had to make a trip to Costco to buy a faucet and you can't buy a new faucet without a new sink. Right?
Well I didn't the faucet I wanted, and the sink is a bit overkill:

Everyone needs an industrial size sink right?
So we had to get an industrial size faucet too. We named her!
Introducing Farrah:
She is soo big she needed a name!
I told M as long as he does the dished he can pick what we get. Overall not a bad deal right? And the prices were right!

Don't worry that curtain came down!
M didn't finish until 11 PM Saturday night and was back at it Sunday and I am happy to announce we Phase 1 of the Kitchen Reno is done!! I will get a pic up of it soon!
M took me to the farm store on Sunday as well because he needed new coveralls for work, so I found these for myself!

Some nice new rain boots!! Its soo muddy at the farm I think they will come in handy!
I got a call today from the vet and Lily's blood work came out excellent!! We were all surprised!! Our vet is going to talk it over with an internist and see if we can cut back on some meds!! I almost feel relieved!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

High Freezing Five

We are covered in ice over here... the worst of the freezing rain storm happened last night and left us without power for a while over night and a lot of flickering last night and this morning. M got a call at 5 AM this morning and could barely get into his truck! It's solid out there! But I guess it's not snow...

 photo H54Fbutton-triangle_zps678b65ba.jpg
1. We had a bank appointment last night! Remember when I said I was working on a budget to go over how much we were spending, well it turns out we are balanced. This was music to my ears! We went over some upcoming changes with our finances and everything still managed to work out. Yay!!
2. Gracie is doing well with the leash training and the doors! Here is to hoping it sticks when we try off leash!
3. Our kitchen counters will hopefully be installed by the end of the weekend!! M is finishing up his fire course this weekend, so hopefully on Sunday we will be saying goodbye to the old ghetto counters and hello to our new ones!
4. Looking forward to spending time with friends tonight for Games Night!!
5. It's the weekend!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thoughts On Thursday

What a "lovely" ice storm we are getting...

We all survived the vet appointment. We are waiting for some blood work on Lily, which will hopefully come with good results!! Now we need to work on losing some puppy pounds!! Not that my vet is concerned, but it would be nice!

Gracie is still being a pin head... she is just soo darn stubborn when she wants to be... instead of walking through door ways she runs... like she has some sort of door anxiety or is too excited to go through them. So we are working on curbing that behavior by using a leash on her when going through doorways...

Insert stubborn face....


Moving on to the kitchen counters... we have them... in the garage! Not sure when they are going to be in the kitchen!! Mike has the rest of his fire course this weekend. So he told me to go buy a faucet... this is what I am thinking:

Oh and it's on sale!! Save 45%!! I'm just a sale shopper, what can I say? I love a good deal!

Well I need to go organize my bedroom... the new duvet will be premiering, as well as clothes being folded and put away. I know it sounds fun...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ugh... It's Vet Day Today....

Today, I have to take the dogs to the vet. I have avoided going to the vet myself ever since this day when I had to leave Lily there! My heart literally broke and continued to break as her health issues unfolded. It doesn't help that the last time I went I had to take Binx and leave her too!

The fact that we almost lost her, and I remained strong and fought back those thoughts, makes me think I just knew it wasn't time. But the fact that we almost Lily still scares the crap out of me! We have our very own little miracle on our hands!

Crazy that it has just about been a year (2 days short) since she was soo sick. But on the flip side, it's almost been a year and she has completely turned her health around! She fought soo hard just to be with us! Dog's don't usually survive liver failure!

But she is here today, she gained her weight back, but she is happy and has energy, is eating, she has finished the hard medications and is pretty much on maintenance now! So here is to hoping she is healthy!!

So I am putting on my strong face and heading to the vets with both Gracie and Lily again today, and I plan to leave with both of the them as well!!


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