Friday, July 21, 2017


10 years


We've made it soo far, gone through soo much, and today we are stronger than ever! 

When I look back at our 10 years, I have a hard time grasping that it's been 10 years, it doesn't feel like it! Are you sure it wasn't just last year? 

But let's look at how far we have come... 

10 years has brought us through many hellos and goodbyes of family, friends, and pets.

10 years has brought us through sickness and health and IVF and infertility. 

10 years has brought us to our second home and SEVERAL renovations.

10 years has brought us on road trips and travels near and far. 

10 years has opened new doors and closed others. 

10 years has finally given us the children we have prayed for. 

10 years have given us one hell of path, I don't think we could do that path again even if we tried. No one can walk the same road we did, it's OURS! WE choose the path for our future. We may not know where we are going or how we will get there, but we have each other and there is just something soo calming and relaxing knowing that with my hand in yours, we have got this crazy life we were given.


10 years has brought us to today. Tomorrow is not promised, but what is promised is that I will continue to love you like it is my last. No regrets. 

Our sorries are followed with I love you. We aren't perfect, but what is??

 In my eyes we are perfectly imperfect and I'm good with that. 

Happy 10 years Mike. 

Thank you for asking me to be your wife. I am the lucky one.

Thank you for all that you do and for putting our family first. 

Thank you for helping me be the best me I can be. I couldn't do it without you. 

Thank you for being you. 



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