Friday, July 28, 2017

Weekend Rewind

Our weekend was pretty boring from an activity stand point, but productive in a DIY/renovation stand point.    Friday night M surprised with a date night!!! It was nice, just a night out with the two of us, we enjoyed some live music on a patio, then went for ice cream and home!    
 But I will let it be known that M and I are soo over renovating with children around. It all started when we painted the kitchen cupboards during our first week of holidays, we tried to strategize our coats around wake times and sleep times and it took all week. A project that should have taken 48 hours! But it was fine, we kept the kids entertained and all was well. 
When it came to doing the floors in the great room/kitchen all hell broke loose! The biggest problem was this was our main living space and we had to completely disrupt it!! Helping us was fine during the tear out/clean up.... 
 But when it came to laying new floors, there wasn't much they could do. I was cutting the boards and M was laying them. We literally just had to power through, while trying to keep them half happy. 
Pets and kids don't like change. I don't like messes... so the quicker we got through this the better, so we put in a long day Saturday and then finished Sunday afternoon, so we could just have some much needed family time.
Everyone survived, it was chaotic, everyone's patience was running short and we concluded that we will do the remaining floors in evening intervals when the kids can go to the farm for a few hours while we work. The other rooms are also at the front of the house where the bedrooms are!    I will be posting a big reveal when we are done, but we still have some trim work to do and what not!

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