Thursday, November 23, 2017

3 Weekend Rewind

I think it is safe to say with adding my own little business, staying on top of blogging has been tricky. I’m still getting the whole balance of everything down.   
With that being said I am going to recap 3 weekends in this post.  
 The first weekend of November was pretty laid back! The kids worked outside with Daddy, cutting the gardens back and trying to get most of the patio furniture away. 

 I ended up with Noah’s cold, but worse and lost my voice, so I stayed inside and worked on orders. They came home from dropping the backhoe off at that farm with dinner and flowers. 

 Sunday was Maggie’s birthday!

We celebrated by loading up the kids and the dogs and headed to the grand opening of Pet Smart. Maggie was actually really well behaved considering how busy it was and how many distractions were there.           

 Later that day we had Mike’s parents over for dinner and then we celebrated Miss Maggie with a cupcake. She doesn’t get fed people food often so she was a little caught off guard, and walked around to everyone when we sang to her. 

 Can’t believe she’s one already!
But we did have fun celebrating Maggie!! 

The second weekend in November started off with a girls night. A bunch of moms from the village, including myself went to see Bad Moms Christmas at the VIP theatre. 
 Something about alcoholic beverages, recliners, good company and popcorn was pretty awesome and the movie was great!

Saturday morning M volunteered to take the kids to run a few errands and I had to do a few of my own, so I managed a kid-free outing! 


 We were both back by lunch. Miss Emilya tried clementine for the first time. It’s safe to say she loves them!


Later that night M went to the movies with a friend. 

Sunday we had friends over for dinner. It was nice the kids played downstairs, and we were able to socialize upstairs. Mike smoked some ribs, which were delicious. We had confetti dip and animal crackers for dessert. Em was clearly a fan...


 Noah was wound for sound by bedtime.

But it really was a fun night. 

This last weekend we had no plans, which meant it finally time to get the foyer floor done. Although with that being said it made a few other projects come into play sooner than we planned. But it will be great when they are all done! 
 Mike started pulling up the floor Friday night and by Saturday morning the kids were ready to help break the tile floor underneath!

 I know we said we were not going to do anymore renos with the kids around, but this was the exception because it was completely gated off and a small space. And actually it went pretty smoothly, just took longer of course.      

 Saturday afternoon I went to a jewelry open house and then later that evening we had an impromptu girls night.  
 Sunday morning we took a quick trip into town to price out the next project and to buy paint for that project.

When we got home I got cracking down on getting orders done. Its been fun, but challenging to find the balance between work-time and family time.      

 We had Mike’s parents over for a pizza that evening.

And that is 3 weekends under wraps. 

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