Monday, June 14, 2010

So... I am going to try this AGAIN!

So, obviously a lot has happened since I last wrote! The new house is great, we have had to say good-bye to a few family members and we have added a few more as well!

We have been in the new house for just over a year now and we are settling in just perfect! We have pretty much redone EVERY room in the house, with only two more rooms to go, including our Master Bedroom and our Laundry Room (which will be waiting for an overhaul). It is crazy to think of all the changes we have made, but it really feels like HOME!

On the homefront, shortly after we moved in, we had to lay Diamond to rest, which was soooo hard for both Mike and I, as well as Lily, Jazz and Copper. She was having strokes and it just was not fair to watch her suffer, we knew it would have to be done, we just hoped she would bounce back for good, not just for a day or two. Diamond was an incredible dog, who had been through a lot in her life! She lived a good life and taught Lily sooo much, and now Lily is soo much like her!

Incase you haven't clued in, Mike and I have furbaby's! No kids, just pets! But we treat our pets like they are our children! It is crazy to think how an animal, who communicates soo differently than humans can mean soooo much to you! My heart has been shattered a few times, with my old ShihZue Snoopy, the farm dog Ripper, and now Diamond, as well as Copper! But our newest additions have helped heal us!

Copper got sick after we moved in as well, I think the change was too much and his personality had changed for the worst. We don't know anything about Copper's past, as we rescued him from the farm. Someone dropped him off. He was a full-grown adult male cat and he only weighed 1 & a 1/2 pounds, he was completely declawed and fixed.

The day we said goodbye to Diamond, Mike and I had arranged to pick up our new puppy. We have never done this before in this fashion. When Snoopy passed, we waited 6 months+ before we even looked for Lily! I was grieving for a long time after he passed. (He was my first dog EVER and I had never had my heart shattered soo much, aside from when my Grandma passed) We were very nervous to pick up the new puppy, because we were still VERY upset, but felt bad for Lily, because her and Diamond were unseperable. We were stick between a rock and a hard place. Knowing that Diamond could not just be replaced, we still went a head and picked up little Miss Gracie Mae! Another golden retriever!

There she is at 9 weeks! The day we picked her up! We brought her home and her and Lily were instant buddies! Lily's face lit up and our hearts were opening! She has been a great addition to the family! She has come along way, and her training is now almost complete, but not without a few struggles along the way... including some shoes, internet cable and some common theivery (which she still does).
The latest newest addition is BINX! She is Jazz's newest companion. Mike got me a kitten for Christmas, a perfectly tiny BLACK kitten! She was rescued from Brantford SPCA and she is a little fireball!

She is approximately 8 weeks in this picture and now she is almost 8 - 9 months! She has the nick names of "BooBoo" "Mommy's little mistake" and "Kitten"

She is still pretty small, for an almost full-grown cat, but she certainly has personality and has brought us many laughes!
Here is an updated picture of Gracie now as well:

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