Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Busy Around the Yard

So, my new patio is well on its way! I have a giant sandbox right now, but Dad, Randy and Mike have been working hard everynight!

My Dad and Randy have been staying with us for a few weeks now, and boy alot of work has been done around here! The patio prep, my dresser was painted, the clothesline (which we had before, and then Mike broke it with the tractor), swinging gates, laundry, housework and well the dogs are pretty content. However, thanks to my Dad's dog.... as previously mentioned.. my garden has been destroyed! However, that will be a project for another day, because my yard is all torn up anyways!

I just found out I have a nice LONG weekend for Canada Day! Pretty pumped about that! The village that I live in does put on a good Canada weekend, and I hate to be away for it, and luckily we won't be! We havent quite buckled down our plans yet, but with Mike being a firefighter in the community, he has a few obligations! The parade is even going down our street this year, which will be exciting!


I know I keep saying I will post pictures and surely I will, once I find them all on CD! Bare with me!

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