Friday, February 24, 2017

Back From Vacay

Wow, this blog has been too quiet for too long, but a vacation was needed. Here is to hoping next week I can get Emilya's 9 month post up, as well as our vacation recap, Noah's 3 year update and well whatever else I am behind on.   
 I working hard on establishing a home routine and in that, I need to make time for myself to start writing again. I'm still hoping to get 3 posts up a week, with Monday being a weekend recap, Tuesday-Thursday (one of those days) open topic, and Friday being a weekly recap or 5 on Friday. Those are the goals.      
Some other goals are getting my body and health back under control. I've been feeling soo stressed and sluggish lately, then it dawned on me, I haven't been taking my Vitamin Supplements and remembering that I am B12 and Folate anemic, it makes a big difference when my body is functioning properly. I am also going to get back on the work out train, hopefully with the supplements, I will feel energized enough to keep up with it! I've just gotta get back on track!!     
 We will hopefully be starting the mudroom Reno next weekend. We will have the new doors installed next week (hopefully). The plan is to build a new closet, move the furniture around and paint. I'm also hoping to get Noah's room repainted soon, so we can get his room done. I need to get Em's nursery finished as well. Poor second child syndrome... I mean she has what she needs, I'm just adding girly touches, but I would love to get it done.      
 Today I'm heading to sign Noah up for gymnastics for the spring session, hopefully the wait isn't too long!! I also have a few other errands to run while I'm out!! We have a busy weekend ahead!! 

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