Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Weekend Rewind

We had a quieter weekend at home, working away at a DIY project that M and I are pretty excited about.    
 Friday, we spent most of the morning at the Ivey Eye Institute at the hospital getting Em's eyes checked, well only a small part of that was checking, the rest was spent waiting. I am grateful for toy areas,  but they make my skin crawl all at the same time!! We are in operation keep the kids healthy before we go away next week and of course now Em has a runny nose...  
 But the good news is that Em's vision is great!! No concerns there whatsoever at this point!!! Just the news we were hoping for!! Hopefully the genetics testing we did will give us some answers as to what has caused her hearing loss!       
   We came straight home afterwards, since it was naptime and I am just not willing to budge on naps at this point, because I know Noah will be outgrowing them soon enough and well that is my "mamas sanity time". Both kids went down and M went to work for a bit.         
 The paint I ordered on Wednesday was ready for pick up, so I ran into town to pick that up, stopped at Carter's - dangerous and grabbed pizza on the way home! Before we knew it crazy hour hit the house and it was about time to start bath and bedtime!  

 Saturday morning Noah had swimming and then we needed to pick up a few supplies for our DIY project. Luckily Noah loves Home Depot, he's pretty much the only one. His new favourite thing is fake sleeping in the car:

Except the joke is really on him, because he almost ALWAYS falls asleep....

We couldn't find exactly what we were looking for, so it meant once we got the kids down for nap, I ran back into Home Hardware and well they didn't either, so I bought what I could and we made do! 
After nap the boys went out to work on the headboard, while Em and I worked on laundry and well walking...
I also worked on picking a stain colour!

While I was making supper, Em was making something up of her own too!!! I love that she actually lets me get stuff done for the most part! A luxury I never had with Noah! 

After the kids went down, M went back out to the shop to work on the headboard! 

Sunday morning was made up of a trip to Home Depot - again, just the boys this time, some snow blowing, except M couldn't get the snow blower to work.... so Noah played outside while waiting and we had a little family train building after lunch

During nap, M finished building the headboard and then started sanding it. I'm soo in love with it!!! 

M finally got the snow blower after nap, so the boys were outside working on that while I played wth our 10 month old!! How is Miss Emilya 10 months already???

I made the kids some supper, while M and Noah went to pick up wings from the pub here in the village. 

We of course watched Luke Bryan sing the anthem and watched some of the super bowl before it was time the get the kids in the bath. Apparently when we took Em out of the tub, it meant Maggie could get in... trouble... 

 I was going to stain the headboard, however M insisted on it, so he went and stained it. It looks soo great!!! 

We had a low key Monday, up until post nap when we surprised Noah with going out to have dinner with the Paw Patrol!!! The staff at Eastsides said Noah was the most excited they had seen so far!! He was sooo excited to see Marshall and Chase!! Surprisingly he actually ate his dinner too!! 


Needless to say, we had one happy boy!! 

Today we had a play date at the indoor soccer field, they only charge $2 and from 10-11 is toddler time. They put some balls out and let the kids run the field. Noah loved it!!! 


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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

C has had a runny nose this week too but I think it could be teeth, both girls bet clear runny noses when teeth are coming. But I have been sick so who knows! I am ready for spring haha
Awesome news on Em's vision!
Love the headboard. I have a million projects I want to do that involve wood but Chad is not that into those things haha
Paw Patrol?! Avery would be in heaven too!


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