Friday, February 3, 2017

O Dear Dentist

I seriously cannot win when it comes to the dentist? You know how people say they actually like the dentist, well I don't get it!! Even making an appointment my blood pressure shoots up.   

 It's been a LONG time since I went to the dentist and I made myself a promise after dealing with wisdom tooth debacle, that I would go back to dentist when I wasn't pregnant, well although it was almost a year to date since my issue, I made true to my promise and went in. I knew my mouth was a mess and fear couldn't continue to hold me back.   

I had my teeth cleaned, xrayed and assessed. We came up with a game plan to fix my issues and well here I am going back each month for repairs. 

 Yesterday's appointment was as second appointment getting cavities filled, my first appointment went pretty smoothly, no issues with the freezing, had my eye tooth shaved and reshaped. But yesterday didn't go as planned at all. I got my first needle, got super lightheaded and dizzy, and just wasn't feeling well AT all. Once that passed, turns it didn't completely take, so when he started drilling, I felt it, so he gave me another needle, tried again. We got one tooth done but when he went to the next one, it wasn't frozen properly either, well after more back and forth, I lost count after 5 needles, but there were more after that. Eventually I told him I didn't want anymore freezing, I would tolerate the pain, as it wasn't horrible, just sensitive. He explained my nerve that he was trying to freeze must be hard to access, explaining why I had issues with the wisdom tooth extraction. He also reshaped one of my bottom teeth as well.

   So after an hour and a half, I was done. My whole right side of my mouth is done, aside from fixing my gap, but that is my reward to myself for completing all my work!     

I should have 2 more sessions left. But I sure do hate freezing and after yesterday's session, my mouth actually hurt. But I'm doing what needs to be done! So that leaves me with an overall great feeling. 


Lindsay said...

I have had freezing issues since I was a kid. It rarely if ever, properly takes for me. So 99% of the time if I am getting 1-2 cavities filled, I just bare the pain. I'd rather that then get 6-10 needles over and over in my mouth! Yikes! Hope you are feeling better today! xo

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Ouch!!! That sucks!!! I hope things get fixed for you and you don't have to deal with this again!


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