Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend Rewind

We had a fantastic weekend and were spoiled again with warm weather!! This week is busy for us, and we have family photos on Saturday, which I need to outfit plan for still!! Fingers crossed I can keep anymore bumps and bruises off the face for the rest of the week! I did manage to get this sign finished, the frame stained and M helped frame it - just in time for Thanksgiving!! I loved making it, so now I need to find another sign to make!! 

Let's look at the weekend!! 
 Saturday morning we hung out at home, got some housework done, both inside and out! I ran into town solo to grab groceries since we knew it would be busy being Thanksgiving weekend!  

We decided to "drive" over to the fruit stand to get some pumpkins and tomatoes, well they didn't quite have what I was looking for with the pumpkins, but the kids were spoiled with strawberries, and mini pumpkins and we bought some tomatoes! When we came home, we realized we forgot to shut the gate and Maggie had gone looking for us! Thankfully she has our phone number on her and right before we were about to go search, the phone rang and she was just across the street with a lady walking her dog! 

 We started the rice for supper and then ran over to the pumpkin farm to see if we could find better pumpkins. We found waaay better pumpkins - they were huge and we had more choice! They also had white pumpkins, which I love! We got a steal of a deal which was another bonus too!! 
 After supper we headed to the farm to grab some corn stalks and straw bales. The sunset was amazing, I wish I had brought my good camera, but my phone took some good ones:

 There is just something about fall sunsets and evening skies! 
 Sunday morning we had Nicole and her family over for a fun visit!! Although it only made me wish we lived closer because it was such a nice visit!! The kids all got along, the conversations were easy. It was great!! 

We made homemade pizzas for lunch, the kids played, we took a trip to the park and found muddy puddles to drive through- which was a bigger hit than the park itself.

Then we sent the guys off with the big kids to the field (because they are working around the corner), while we stayed back with the babies - Em was napping and had some quiet time to chat while snuggling Henry!


 It was soo much fun!

After they left, we had some dinner and decided to go for a family bike ride. Noah was simply too tired to ride his bike, so we put the bike trailer on M's bike and he pulled Noah and Em. Thank goodness, because I ended up wrecking my bike completely. I was changing gears and the chain jumped, bent the gear into my spokes and sent me to a complete hault. 

Soo glad I wasn't pulling the kids and wasn't going fast! So now I need to deal with exchanging my bike... I haven't even had it two months! M had to bike home, load up the kids in the truck to come pick me up, because the darn back wheel wouldn't even turn for me walk it home! 
The update is that I exchanged my bike for the same one, so I am back in the biking fun as soon as M adjusts seat and handlebars!    So we decorated the front of the house for fall:

Monday morning we were sure we were 20 minutes late for Maeve's 3rd birthday party - turns out we were a few minutes early instead!! Can't go wrong with donuts and mimosas!! 

We grabbed lunch on our way home, got the kids down for nap and relaxed for a bit before heading to my aunt and uncles for Thanksgiving! We took the opportunity to snap a few family photos while we were at it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend/Canadian Thanksgiving!


Stephanie said...

Ohmy gosh! Your kids are so cute! Look at how blonde your daughter is! SO cute!!!

Hilary said...

I have the same problem with bruises on the head, lol. Beckett had one right before we did our photo shoot for Easton's newborn photos & then as soon as that one cleared & we did our photos, he fell again and had another one. BOYS!


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