Tuesday, October 3, 2017

2 For 1 Weekend Rewind

My plan to get two weekend posts last week clearly failed... these days lately are soo busy!!! So today I will do a 2 for 1 weekend rewind!  
 Last weekend we soaked up every minute we could in the pool!!! The weather was HOT and soo nice!!         
 Friday night swam and played outside:

Monkey see, monkey do!! 
 Saturday morning I went to a mom-to-mom sale with a friend. I only went looking for shoes for Em, which I did find and some adorable riding boots!! But I also got a book for Noah (Llama Llama Red Pyjama), some taco seasoning by epicure, and the best deal of the day - a trike for Em, with a handle and sun shade for only $20 in mint condition!! It was a steal, considering they are over $100!! 
That afternoon we had a surprise birthday party to go to. Turns out they rented a food truck to come for dinner!! Em was a huge fan of French fries and took one bite of each fry!! Such a little stinker!!       

 We decided we would take the kids for one more swim when we got home before putting them down for bed

Sunday morning we tried to beat the heat going out for a walk and bike ride early, but we didn't succeed! It was HOT by 9 AM and we all came home pretty sweaty!!   

 So we went swimming, invited friends over and spent the day by the pool/in the pool!        

 We had a couple different friends come by, and all the kids had fun playing!!        

 We had a busy week and this weekend we had big plans to close the pool, despite this week being semi-warm, it's not going to last and we didn't want to close the pool on Thanksgiving weekend!  
Friday was super chilly, windy and raining on and off! Turns out I have to pull out some fall clothes for the kids!      
 M decided he was going to pull the pool stairs out Friday night, which is always a chilly excursion!      
 After we got the kids down, I decided to start painting my farmhouse sign! I'm soo excited to see how it turns out!! It was my first time working with chalk paint!  
Saturday morning didn't quite go as planned, we left the house later than we planned, we got home home later than we planned, but we got groceries, sold a cabinet, it worked out!  

Saturday afternoon we worked away on house work, M just about finished the closet floor, but only has 5 boxes left, to finish it and the foyer, so he wants to make sure the foyer has enough for sure before he opened another box. We knew it would be close, so fingers crossed we get it done!!  We also got some outdoor stuff done too like cut the lawn, etc. 

Saturday night I went out with the girls, just to tube pub here for karaoke night. This time I sang Play That Song by Train! It was a fun night out!! 

Sunday we planned to get the pool closed, but I also found time to finish a chalkboard order, go through Em's drawers, we bathed Grace, and did laundry.   

 We had the cutest helpers:

We plan on ripping up our grass soon, leveling the yard and planting new grass, but with the dogs and kids, we have to do it in stages. But we also talked about tearing out my lilac bush. It had gotten too big it tame, and was taking up soo much space, so we decided we would get 2 smaller trees to put along the garage, move our rose of Sharon and that would give us more lawn space. So sadly the bush came down, but what a big change it makes! 

It was a busy weekend, but it was filled with these cuties, so no complaints! 

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